Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition Tech Tour

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Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition Tech Tour

Just before E3, we announced the all-new Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition, one of the latest PlayStation 3 (PS3) accessories to join the PlayStation family.

The only headset to feature BassImpact technology, Pulse – Elite Edition offers gamers the ultimate audio advantage. Its sleek industrial design makes it a perfect fit for gaming while at home or on the road.
Last week we sat down with Glenn Black, an engineer on the Research & Development team. We wanted to give you an in-depth walkthrough of Pulse – Elite Edition so you can see what makes this headset reign over the competition.

We hope you enjoyed the video; look out for Pulse – Elite Edition in retail stores nationwide this week for $149.99 (MSRP)!

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  • This would be pretty interesting if i didn’t already have a Turtle Beach. I also try to get headsets under $100 if possible.

  • I picked up mine yesterday and i’m already in love with them. They’re freakin amazing! Besides my PS3 i’ve tried them with my iPod, PSVita, and my Mac and they work beautifully with all these devices.

  • Nice overview of the product, thanks.

    I own the first edition of this Wireless headet and one of the problems I’ve had with it is it’s inability to ouput audio to other sources while the headset is in use. Even though multi audio output was enabled, once the headset is powered on it prevents all audio from being output out over HDMI or any of the other audio sources such as the toslink port, etc. This can be a problem if I am recording gameplay to a PVR unit. It means the headset can’t be used in cases like this

    Will this headset rectify this?
    If I have the Headset powered on, will is also restrict the multi-audio out feature?

    I noticed the dongle now seems to take audio-in via a 3.5mm port, what would be an example of its use for this?


    • In terms of multi audio output, this headset functions the same way as the first edition headset.

      Using the headset to watch TV shows is a great example of a way that you can take advantage of the 3.5mm audio jack on the wireless adaptor. The user manual shows you how you can use the included audio cable to connect the audio jack from your TV to the wireless adaptor enabling you to listen to TV audio wirelessly.

  • I have to second #3 (Apocwhen’s) comment in its entirety.

    This is the ONE feature that would absolutely cause me to not buy this seemingly amazing headset. I often do live commentaries and i record my voice on my laptop while using the same headset to listen to the game audio. The first sony wireless headset would not allow you to do this in anyway – so, is that addressed here?

    Thank you.

  • I’ve been eyeing this for a while now, and really want to give it a try. I’m hoping the music sound is really good, as I’ll be using it for that as well as gaming. I like the idea behind the actuators, it will be interesting to see how that pans out. I do wonder what battery life is like.

  • Can someone kindly answer these questions:

    How does it works with an iPhone? Will the mic work? Does it works in a wireless mode (ie Bluetooth) with iPhone and other bluetooth compatible devices?

    I have a Sony Bravia TV, which has an analog out and USB connections. I assume the USB port will not work (it’s data only). Do I have to connect the analog out via a male-male cable with the wireless headset (thus transforming it in a corded headset)?

    Thanks for your attention,

    • This headset was designed with gaming in mind. We are thrilled that we were able to make the headset compatible with many mobile phones increasing its overall utility. In general, when the headset power is off, the headset mic will work with your mobile phone, When the headset power is on, your phone will determine if it will use the headset mic or use the phone’s mic.

      Bluetooth capabilities are not available for this headset.

  • I was looking at the new Afterglow Wireless headsets (only $89.99) but now I am intrigued by this latest Sony product. Decisions, decisions….

  • How did people get these before release date? Is there some place I can go to get them??

    Also, for those who have them, how is the 7.1 virtual surround? I was thinking of getting razers “real” surround (with discreet speakers), but really like the other features of this headset.

  • This headphones will arrive to southamerica?

    This headphones use bluetooth technollogy,right?

    awnser these questions please.

  • I asked my girlfriend to get these for me on my birthday! Can they be used for my vita or mp3 player?

  • Please make a bluetooth wireless version for mobile users, cant deal with the cords anymore an i hate earbuds.

  • Does the virtual surround only work with games?

  • Does it do digital surround sound?
    It’s not mentioned here but it was mentioned in the announcement video.

  • been looking for a good all-around headset, im glad this has finally arrived. time to give away my old ps3 wireless headset to my brother

  • $136 on Amazon. Also… Does this mean the old headsets are going to be discontinued? Or is there going to be any sort of price drop on them?

  • Come on Maya, we have a really important question up at #3 / 4

  • I will love that one!!! but I get the one at 100$ last year headset for ps3!! But it still good yet :)

  • God i want this headset lol.

  • My GameStop informed me yesterday they will be getting them in this week. Look’s like I will have to purchase me this nice wireless headset. Great job Sony and PS3.

  • I want to be excited, but I feel that the price range will make these partially cannibalize the Vita sales.

    Also: why doesn’t SONY support the Vita with software these days?

  • Looks good. But don’t expect the majority of us buying it at that price. Jesus, sony… always stir crazy with the pricing on these things.

  • Official release date ? :)

  • Does it come with the stand now? That would be quite helpful.

  • I do not like the first wireless stereo headset. I constantly have audio interruptions, as if im walking out of range from the USB dongle, when in fact I’m sitting 3 feet away from my PS3. which is how i need to play with the headset on because i am constantly getting scrambled audio in my headset as if im going out of range, when im sitting next to the dongle…
    Will the new headsets be using the USB dongle, cause those sucked.

  • So…did he just say that I can listen to my mp3 player while I’m playing a game??

  • Yeah, so I was wondering when this would be coming out in Germany/Austria. I currently live in Austria, and I’m really planning on buying these. I would probably order them off of amazon.de. So, yeah. Just wanted to know when they are released in this area.

  • is this new headset is the same as the xbox turtle beach

  • Well. They solve the 1 problem I had with the original. The unability to use it with devices that use 3.5mm jacks. Too bad there is no upgrade program! Can’t really justify spending as much as I spent on the PS3 on headsets……

  • I have the original wireless headset now, can I use the new one with the old one at the same time for two players?

  • Oh I hope for $150 bucks you can include a charging cable and extension cable this time! The extension cable is needed since at least for me the headset completely blocks my wifi if it’s just plugged straight in regardless of my wifi’s channel.

  • Where are people buying this from? Best buy says it won’t have this headset until October but I want to buy it now.

  • Does anyone know if the pulse headphones are bluetooth compatible? I would like to try them with my ipod device.

  • Will you be able to connect 2 of these headsets at the same time for multiplayer gaming and movies?

    I was very disappointed with the previous version of the headset when I found out those pretty small letters in the user manual stating “You can only connect 1 headset at the time”.

    Please answer this question… and you will take my money..

  • Wait Wait, I didnt understand that very last part about the dongle… was that an audio input on the dongle so that 2 headsets can run simultaneously….. because that is a feature i definitely want, be able to watch movie or play a game with my gf while both wearing headsets.

  • P.S…. Where is Abby Reyes? I miss looking at her…. yowzah

  • Can we purchase multiple headsets per PlayStation? how many can connect simultaneously?

  • They look great and i’m shure the sound will be great, can’t wait to buy them. But why they arent bluetooth?? Or you are waiting till PS4 reach and then there will be a bluetooth version?

  • What kind of wireless technology does this headset use if its not bluetooth?

  • i want these so bad, but im low on money. plus i have the first one already. its gonna have to wait unfortunately, but id definitely jump on board sooner if there were some sort of upgrade discount where you turn in the old one and pay less for the new one. gamestop does it with new systems, you should talk to them about it, i know sony and gamestop are good buddies.

  • i will definitely need to get me these. it will be a lot better to play my vita with than having to fight with a wire all the time

  • Man those look AMAZING!!!…i will picking these up for sure…good thing i didn’t get the first ones…and i thought about it but i held off for some reason….im defffff picking these up for sure….sound is VERY important in video games….specially on shooters…and the features that were said on the video is just what i am looking for.

  • hiya can i ask something can u use that to ps vita or maybe phone something like that?

  • :( i got my sony headphones for 175 and it does most of the features but i was bummed out that it wasnt wireless. they are amazing but now i know that there is a wireless version and its cheaper. just my luck. i still love them to death though, even without the pulse thingamajig. i just wish i saved my money for this one

  • it would be nice if they made a wired headset.. or if this had the avibility to go wired and wireless.. not a big fan of wireless because of all the wi-fi connectivity issues specially if your neightboors have wi-fi it can start making your headset doing sounds like the voice will go on and off or gameplay sound as well… i’ve had this issue with the official wireless stereo headset which i bought and own. $99.99 it’s still a very nice piece of hardware for it’s price, the sound is outstanding. but the issues wiTh the sound going off from time to time.. makes it annoying to play with.

    you guys think you’ll be relaleasing a WIRED HEADSET with 5.1/7.1 surround sound any time soon?

  • Will it be available in Europe?

    I hope you disabled the “white noise” from the First one. I testet severeal Units and all suffer this problem. I work at a Local Electroincs Store so tetsing was no problem ;)

  • where do i get this now, you should have a play station shop where you can buy this stuff

  • I’d like to know where to get these today as well because i’ve been stalking them online for a good week now waiting for them to come out! GameStop didn’t have them (my last resort to visit) and neither did other stores including the one i work at ugh!. I agree that $150 is pretty expensive though.

  • I called my local GameStops and they don’t have them. :(

  • Does anyone know if the original Sony Wireless Headset can be connected to the PS Vita? I might have to buy these if I cannot do that. Just love Sony headsets!

  • No one got this or the new PS3 super slim in stock —- how come they release yesterday but no one got them in yet?

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