PSN Day 1 Digital: Get These 8 PS3 Games Digitally On Release Day

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PSN Day 1 Digital: Get These 8 PS3 Games Digitally On Release Day

Day 1 Digital

Click here for more info, and to pre-order PSN Day 1 Digital titles

The month of October is an exciting one for PS3 gamers, with a plethora of AAA titles hitting store shelves over the next four weeks. I’m excited to announce today that eight of the hottest upcoming titles will be available on PlayStation Network the same day they hit retailers through a new program called PSN Day 1 Digital!

To celebrate the launch of this new program, we’re giving you access to participate in “digital game launches,” so you can get your hands on great games releasing in October, without having to leave home. We’re also giving you the chance to pre-order select games ahead of their release date and offering 10% discounts on a number of titles for PlayStation Plus members.

This new program aims to bring you the best PS3 titles digitally through PlayStation Network. Throughout the month of October, we will be offering the following titles for download on day 1:

Resident Evil 6

(Available for download on October 2nd – $59.99)

NBA 2K13

(Available for download on October 2nd – $59.99/$53.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order)*


(Available for download on October 9th – $59.99/$53.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order)*

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

(Available for download on October 16th – $39.99/$35.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order)*

007: Legends

(Available for download on October 16th – $59.99)+

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

(Available for download on October 23rd – $59.99)

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Standard Edition

(Available for download on October 30th – $59.99/$53.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order UPDATE: Pre-order before 10/30 to gain Limited Edition content for no extra cost)*

Assassin’s Creed III

(Available for download on October 30th – $59.99)*

* Available for pre-order
+ 10% discount for PS Plus members during first week of availability

We have more exciting info on all these titles to tell you about in the coming weeks, so be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog each week for in-depth posts on these games. And let us know in the comments which Day 1 Digital titles you’ll be downloading on release day!

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  • Couldn’t we have some XCOM love as well? :)

  • Will this be live the LittleBigPlanet Vita same day release? I’m still waiting for the download after it hit stores 9 days ago.

  • @42 i agree that we should at the very least get the preorder bonuses awarded to retailers. If not, then the really is no point in getting it digitally.

  • Once you start giving us BONUSES for Pre-order, then I start buying games on DAY 1 from PSN. Whats the deal with FULL PRICE of $59.99. They are Digital COPY not HARD COPY! They should be cheaper.

  • @26 It is idiotic. Look at every other digital platform and you will see, when compared to their retail counterpart, there is a small discount or none at all. While Sony, and any other company for that matter, would love to give us a great value while still making a decent profit they still have to be friendly with big box retailers. They can’t tell the Wal-Marts and Best Buys of the world to sell their games for $59.99 while they sell them for $30 on their own store. This dynamic will be here until console manufacturers no longer rely on retailers to move units. Also selling the game though the PSN store at a regular or slightly discounted price isn’t a “rip off”, selling it for more than the competition would be. Get over the mentality of thinking digital copies are less valuable than physical. There are pros and cons to both that weigh each other out.

  • Wow, great initiative on your part Sony! Now, just kick it up a notch by taking IGN’s GameOverGreggy’s advice and offer pre-release day downloading of the games so we can activate and play them at midnight of release day. Love the Plus discounts too!

  • @49 publishers don’t seem to get that. I’ll even take the crappy store credit Gamestop gives me over paying $60 for a psn game and not being able to do anything with it once i’m done.

  • Nice almost competes with my Amazon Pre-Order:

    1) $52.86, release date delivery ( it usually arrives before PS Store Updates)
    2) Exclusive Amazon DLC
    3) Free Shipping (I’m a prime member so ya)
    4) Doesn’t unnecessarily use Hard Drive space that I can use for games like Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault and game installs.
    5) No Annoying DRM system or waiting to download the game.

    The 2nd, 5th, and maybe 4th can be resolved. Obviously PS Store exclusive DLC would be nice, but not necessary. Discs could also be sold through the store, I don’t know why they aren’t. DRM can be fixed, but the download time can be mitigated with pre-release downloading with activation upon release at 12:01am PST/PDT (I’m on the east coast btw) or an automatic download earlier in the day for PS+ members.

  • $6 Discount, no sales tax, and people are still complaining about it being to expensive. The lack of sales tax can be saving you upwards to an additional $5.40, assuming that sales tax in an area doesn’t exceed 9%. Then you add the discount on top of that and you’re knocking $11+ altogether in some areas of NA. Guess nobody bothers to see it that way though.

    Nobody promised you cheaper digital licenses either. The pricing model has been set and PC games are starting to come out at $60 for a game as well (retail or not). If you have a problem with it, you might as well not buy it. It’s really all that simple.

  • This is exactly what I want. Kudos to Sony. Love the all-digital library on the Vita and I hope that this trend continues. No reason that brick-and-mortar retailers like GameStop should have a stranglehold when we have the technology to deliver content straight to the home and put a larger share of the profits in the hands of the people making the games.

  • nice… i just wish this would work on all past games…. oh well… at least i won’t have to pay tax… so retail disk can **** it now.

  • @54 blah…blah…blah. We get it. Its my right to disagree with terrible pricing practices. You can insult me all you want. You aren’t important enough for me to care sorry.

  • Too bad that AC3 doesn’t have a discount for Plus though.

  • WHAT? $59.99 for a digital download? I rather buy a physical copy.

  • I like this and I hope that this becomes the future. All games should be release digitally on day 1. I am okay with the price. Please now release Street Fighter x Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as digital too.

  • Digital sucks.

  • Great job Morgan and the rest of the team you guys are really stepping it up and delivering some great stuff digitally. I hope our instinct games collection doesn’t suffer for it?
    Next month

  • Definitely awesome but yes, I do agree, digital games need to be less than the boxed, retail version… that’s the only thing turning me off from this. Well, and my small ps3 hdd, lol.

  • nice move for Re6! thanks alot ;)

  • Finally! Awesome! I would
    love to see XCOM: Enemy Unknown on here as well.

  • there is a reason why these games are still full price for digital is because it has to compete with its retailers. Publishers are forced to match their retail price or the retailers/partners will not be happy and possibly lose their partnership to sell their games. A huge part of the market sales are still sold on retailers and publishers cannot cut the price.

    Games that are only available for digital download you can get discounts or if its PC game. But STEAM is the only platform that can get away with huge discounts.

  • @40

    Preloading ala Steam would be helpful as well.

    Also, quack

  • Given the size of these games, do you guys plan on letting us pre-download these titles and activate them on release date similar to what Steam does? That would be awesome!

  • This is pretty cool, and the 10 percent discount on some tittles is especially awesome, but I’m sure this is going to give some people an excuse to complain if the game they want doesn’t come up for download. Ugh, I can see it know.

  • you mean day 1 like you did with little bigp lanet vita? we’re still waiting on the store update whereas other people been playing the game for days O.o’

  • This is a great step forward; I’d really like assurances on two things:

    1. Preordering a game gives access to relevant preorder bonuses.

    2. (And I think this requires a firmware update) Preordering a game allows it to pre-load, or pre-download. On the day of release, the game simply unlocks and is able to be played.

  • I really have a hard time deleting things off my HDD even when I am done playing it. So seeing these deals makes me wish I still had some space left on my HDD. I really dont want to spend the money to upgrade again and I don’t want to go through the hastle of transfering over all my stuff again, because the last time I tried that it didn’t even work, and it took forever!

  • This is great news but it will be better if you guys read the article Greg Miller put on IGN about the rumored new PS Store. It would be nice if when you pre-order the game, the system starts the download so when the game releases on launch day, all you have to do is turn of the system and play the game. Not only that, we have been saying the PS Store should have a set time for updates so we know exactly what time the store updates, just like how I know when Best Buy opens, when Target opens etc, etc. Just go read the article Greg Miller wrote about the rumored new store update, and tell me what you think. It will make the store that much better.

    The article is called:

    What We Want in a PlayStation Store Redesign
    Five seemingly simple things Sony should add.

  • I’ll never pay the same price for an digital copy than a physical and i’ll never pay more than 30$ for a digital copy…

  • the games i would love to see be digital are

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
    Street Fighter X Tekken
    SoulCaliber V
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Persona 4 Arena
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    i’m glad Dead or Alive 5 is going be on PSN so i’m going buy that along with MVC orgions so please sony make that a reaitly and i’ll be your ***** forever!!

  • Is it true that Playstation Store to get new design in October?

  • Please tell me the price on Doom is a joke…or a typo…? I’ve read up on everything included and have yet to see anything to justify a $40 price tag.

  • Couple question?
    1. Why not all DAY 1 have a 10% discount?
    2. Where are the Pre-Order Bonuses?
    3. Why aren’t all Day 1 a midnight download?
    4. Why full price for digital copies?

    I want to get Resident Evil 6 but with no pre-order bonuses, and no 10% discount, I’ll pass. I’ll get my copy from Amazon which offer lower price and bonuses for pre-order. Plus free shipping.

  • What else you get for pre-ordering? you know, there’s always some bonus stuff at retailers for pre-ordering, so what bonus do we get for pre-ordering these digital titles?

  • Assassin’s Creed III really should have at least a 10% discount for PS Plus members.

    In fact, all of these PSN Day 1 Digital titles should have some type of discount or DLC for PS Plus members.

  • there will be some sort of pre-load for these games?

  • Will these come with preorder bonuses and will this also apply to PS Vita preorders?

  • Moreover, any chance that the preordered games could be automatically downloaded and installed for Plus users with the Auto downloads.


  • Does Day 1 mean we have to wait until the PS Store updates at night, or do we get to download it at midnight? If PS Store could do what Steam does, pre-order the title and let us download it early, then at midnight the game unlocks. That would make everyone happy and more people would buy games digitally from the PS Store. I don’t know why people wouldn’t just go to a store at 11AM and buy the game instead of waiting until 7PM to start downloading the game and maybe get to start playing it at 10PM.

  • I like the idea, especially the discount thing… but maybe I’m old fashioned… but I like to have a physical case and disc over a digital copy, especially at full price (or even 10% discount).





    Do any of you still buy CD’s?

    Soon people will own both movies and games digitally.

    My body is ready.

  • jummm…. nice strategy lol it tempts me to go plus again …but no, none of the game i want are discounted lol sorry sonny maybe next month xD …. or november when i see whats coming to vita

  • I’ll buy Re6 if i can preload it and unlock it at midnight otherwise I can walk across the street and buy it at best buy 9am release day. Download speeds are way to slow for me to wait until the store updates in the evening.

  • oh wait no … i have a terrible internet now … i cant download big games, id have to wait weeks to play them …im sticking to my BR discs thanks :) but these are good offers

  • and you cant pre-order AC3 or RE6 …. THE BIGGEST GAMES OF THE MONTH?! ….seriously sometimes i just dont understand what you people are thinking …. totally crazy

  • Eight games same day digital releases on PS3? Really?

    Just like how Chris Norden of SCEA said that “all PS Vita games released at retail will also be available as downloads on the PlayStation Network on the same release date” back in Oct. last year?

    Still don’t see LBP Vita on PSN even though SCEA announced it’s official launch as of yesterday on this very site.

    Day and date releases, just like full PSP and PS1 backwards compatibility for the Vita? Just like remote play for all PS3 games and Vita as a controller for the PS3? Just like GTA III being released on PSN or Wake up Club?

    I would take anything SCEA and Grace Chen say with a grain of salt as almost everything announced from this group has been and is a lie.

  • indeed agentCero i couldnt have said it better myself :)

  • It’s funny how people complain they only get $6.00 off games for Plus. It only costs $50 a year for Plus. If you buy four games and get $6.00 off each that’s almost half the cost of Plus. Plus all the other stuff you get. Do you expect $20.00 off each game? I wish Assassin’s Creed III had the $6.00 off though. That’s probably the only game on the list I’m buying.

  • I just don’t understand the same pricing as a retail copy… don’t even make the game disk or booklet or ship it to stores. That issue needs to be addressed… is great, but certainly not worth the same price tag as a retail copy.

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