PSN Day 1 Digital: Get These 8 PS3 Games Digitally On Release Day

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PSN Day 1 Digital: Get These 8 PS3 Games Digitally On Release Day

Day 1 Digital

Click here for more info, and to pre-order PSN Day 1 Digital titles

The month of October is an exciting one for PS3 gamers, with a plethora of AAA titles hitting store shelves over the next four weeks. I’m excited to announce today that eight of the hottest upcoming titles will be available on PlayStation Network the same day they hit retailers through a new program called PSN Day 1 Digital!

To celebrate the launch of this new program, we’re giving you access to participate in “digital game launches,” so you can get your hands on great games releasing in October, without having to leave home. We’re also giving you the chance to pre-order select games ahead of their release date and offering 10% discounts on a number of titles for PlayStation Plus members.

This new program aims to bring you the best PS3 titles digitally through PlayStation Network. Throughout the month of October, we will be offering the following titles for download on day 1:

Resident Evil 6

(Available for download on October 2nd – $59.99)

NBA 2K13

(Available for download on October 2nd – $59.99/$53.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order)*


(Available for download on October 9th – $59.99/$53.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order)*

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

(Available for download on October 16th – $39.99/$35.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order)*

007: Legends

(Available for download on October 16th – $59.99)+

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

(Available for download on October 23rd – $59.99)

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Standard Edition

(Available for download on October 30th – $59.99/$53.99 for PS Plus members, with pre-order UPDATE: Pre-order before 10/30 to gain Limited Edition content for no extra cost)*

Assassin’s Creed III

(Available for download on October 30th – $59.99)*

* Available for pre-order
+ 10% discount for PS Plus members during first week of availability

We have more exciting info on all these titles to tell you about in the coming weeks, so be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog each week for in-depth posts on these games. And let us know in the comments which Day 1 Digital titles you’ll be downloading on release day!

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  • Pleasantly suprised to see 007 Legends will be digital day 1. But $59.99?! Really? Do publishers still not get that digital games are supposed to be cheaper than retail? :/

  • This is good., but I still prefer a retail disc.

  • I hope with PS4, all games will be Day 1 digital, and all have PS+ preorder discounts.

  • This should be the standard with EVERY new release. It would be nice if we could get Atlus, NISA and Aksys to get their hard to find JRPG catalogue on there too (Aksys has actually been pretty good in this regard).

  • It also kinda sucks the Plus members only get $6 discounts on these overpriced games. And not even on all the games listed (like Resident Evil 6).

  • You guys should add Playstation AllStars to this list!

  • @3 i agree, but we need a more substantial discount than just $6.

  • why not go a step further and have the option to preload a day earlier so it is available at midnight to play. that would make this a much better option for hardcore fans. just throwing my 2 cents but this is better than nothing especially with psplus discounts. good going

  • Cool. Coo,coo,cool.

  • i cant belive it , all full game go on PSN , physical copy is going to dead ? i dont want RE6 on PSN :(

    • To be clear, physical copies of all these games will of course be available. So if you prefer these new games on Blu Ray, you’ll have that option.

  • When you guys start offering the pre-order bonuses for games that you get with Gamestop or Amazon let me know.

  • This is cool for people who like digital copies. I prefer having the physical copies…especially when the price is the same. I feel that the digital price should be cheaper.

  • Wow I do like that ps+ members are getting 10% discount the first week. I’m still buying a retail copy of Resident Evil 6 because I like having the option of being able to loan it to a friend after I’m done with it, selling it on Amazon for a bit of money back, or trading it in at Gamestop for a little store credit (which is a poor option IMO).

    10% is still better than nothing though.

  • woohoo! awesomeeeee! all the games i want get day1 psn release. finally my ps3 750gb belly get some goodies. but 1 question. does resident evil 6 get the anthology edition on PSN?

  • I agree with @Ryumoau and why not ps+ discounts on all items? Just please tell me we get the same preorder bonuses as other retailers, but this is a good start keep it up Sony.


  • To number 5 i think its a good deal . Where else will you get 10 percent off on assasins creed 3 day 1 and its probably up to EA or UBISOFT on whether we get a discount or not.

    I think its great

  • I expect the comments to be flooded with people proclaiming how having a retail disc is their preferred method or better way for getting a game and of course the usual idiotic,”WHAT $59.99?!?!?!”. While I am not going 100% digital anytime soon I do like having the option and it seems Sony is serious with Day 1 digital, has been for awhile ever since the Vita came out. I applaud Sony for going where other console manufactures are clearly lagging behind. Looking forward to Need for Speed: Most Wanted with a Plus discount.

  • wow @people complaining about it being just 6$. retailers are not gonna sit by and let sony price the games way lower than them. just be happy you are getting something. gamestop walmart etc will stop giving promotions to sony if they are undercut . even steam only gives 5$ discount on new games day one. the whining never stops around here until every game is free.

  • This is really awesome! A few more questions though:

    Will we be able to pre-load these games so they unlock at midnight?

    Also, will these digital versions come with the same pre-order bonuses as the retail ones? I’d love to get the NFS: Most Wanted Limited Edition.

  • if this is done w ps all stars or epic mickey 2 that would be fabulous….yes im 24 so what lol…aint no rule saying I cant play a mickey game

  • WOW Morgan. You and your team are just killing it lately…Putting a hurting on the nay-sayers here on this Blog. Hahahahaha I love it. Keep up the great work guys/gals. You may not respond to this, but I see the massive smile on your faces…Keep on Gaming.

    • Thanks for the support! My team is the PSN Community team, but Pierre and his PlayStation Store team worked incredibly hard to get all these great options and deals to the PlayStation community. Always a PlayStation team effort here =)

  • About time!

  • You know, how about digital versions of Gran Turismo 5 and MLB 12 The Show?

  • Awesome just awesome. Sony leading the way in day and date PSN releases.

  • This is a great option, just like #8 hope there were an option to preload a day earlier

  • @17 how is expressing concern over a digital game still remaining $59.99 ‘idiotic’? Some of us know when we are being ripped off. Guess you are fine with excepting whatever you are given. :/


  • Time to upgrade my hard drive now!!

  • Bold move here. I’m into it.

    Especially liking that discount, too.

    Also, anyone know if there’s an update on whether or not NFS:MW will be cross-buy with the Vita version?

  • @26 lol meant accepting

  • Will there be a bundle with Assassins Creed 3 and Liberation. I’d be willing to get that since i’m going digital with my vita.

  • Fantastic initiative, especially the price breaks. The industry needs to move in this direction sooner rather than later.

  • This is amazing. I love how Sony does this with all releases on Vita as well. I hope this trend continues onto the PS4.

  • Has anybody else had issues with there PS3 freezing? Mine started doing it last Friday..

  • AWESOME!!!!!

  • Is there any restriction on these with the 2 system rule? Could I be playing my son online with him on his console and me on mine? Would definately make this a no-brainer.

  • I’m curious about the pre-order system though. What is the point? If we could download early and wait till release date to install or something like Steam that would make sense, but it’s not like there are limited quantities for downloaded software.

  • I love having a 1TB drive in my PS3.

  • @16 Assassin’s Creed 3 doesn’t get the discount it says select titles will get them not all so there

  • This would be fantastic if you did two things:

    1.) Updated the store earlier. There’s no incentive to buy it digitally if we have to wait until 6-8PM to get it, nevermind the download times, when we can just go to the store early in the day and buy it.

    2.) Offer a lower price. I’m not sure how much cost is involved in shipping and packaging, but a $50 digital purchase sounds very appealing to me. There is no greater incentive than a lower price.

    • Some of these releases may have midnight releases. We’ll update here on the blog when we’re ready to share which releases can be picked up at midnight on PSN.

  • to anyone who complains about digital being expensive, Publishers still have to cut the sales the same way as hard copy sales. So, please do yourself a favor, sell your consoles and unplug your internet… You don’t deserve any electronic toys, whino’s… I’m happy I don’t have to pay $100 like Australians do.. Think about that before you whine about $60. This is a great selection, and I’m most certainly gonna pre-order as much as I can. I for one am just happy DOOM is finally coming to the PS3 and I can only hope it’s not a poor port of some other platform but a bad a$$ built from the ground up FPS that blows me away. I’ve been a true sony fan, 2 ps3’s (both 60 GB models) Ylod on me, but I didn’t give up on sony, and I bout a 160 GB slim, and put in a 500 GB HDD, try doing that on a EX BOX 3 fix me. Sony’s new Ultra Slim ps3 looks completely bad a$$ and I would love to buy it, and transfer ALL my data over to it. I would give that month PS Plus to a friend because I’ve been a Plus member since day one. And I love having tons of games for free, Borderlands was a great addition to the list.. Don’t care for Dead Space 2, like some whino’s… I am looking for LBP Vita friends too, so add me if you want to..

  • Hey Pierre,

    Is Sony looking into Pre-Order bonuses like you get with Amazon, Gamestop,etc. for Digital Downloads?

    Also, Are they looking into getting more games to Pre-Install? I believe EA had a title or two that did that. But, I’m not positive.

    I really appreciate the Plus discount and have come to terms with full retail price for New Release games. I think alot of people don’t understand. That even though there might not be packaging and related cost to selling online. There are still cost to Developers and Publishers for Content distribution, Server costs, and maintenance.

  • Is it going to be available at 12AM? You can get the copies at walmart/gamestop during midnight releases. No point if it’s gonna be late.

  • Yea i made an error on that but i still think its a good deal for the select games that will be discounted. I don’t think its up to Sony on which game gets a discount though I could be wrong I also like having some game on my hardrive especially multiplayer.

  • This is a good start, let[‘s hope that soon they can lower the price a little and allow us to pre-load them so we can start playing when the game is released at midnight.

    I will still mostly buy games on disc, but I want digital downloads for those games that are mostly multiplayer and that I will hop in and out of, such as Need for Speed, and Playstation All-Stars, which I hope will be available for digital download next month!

  • If only I had a bigger HDD (500gig but only 150 gigs free) … I’d probably go with download. No tax for download in canada, plus lower cost for some pre-orders … really tempting … plus, I know that in the future, PSN bought titles will be easier to play on new console when release … PS vita example, PSP games download and playable on Vita, but not the UMD disks =(

  • Cant wait for Most Wanted!

  • what’s about cross-buy for NFS Most Wanted ?

  • #6 is a really good idea. PSN pre-orders should be downloadable at midnight on the game’s release day.

    I like that digital releases are getting more in line with retail. But in order to tempt me to buy a full-priced game digitally instead of at retail, there would need to be a serious discount. Like no more than $40 for a $60 game.

    A retail disc is always better because you can sell it on Amazon when you’re done with it, and make back at least half your cash if you sell it soon enough. Why would I want to pay $60 and keep a game forever, if I’d never play it again once I beat it in 2 weeks?

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