Persona 4 Golden Set for November 20th on PS Vita

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Persona 4 Golden Set for November 20th on PS Vita

PlayStation.Blog associates,

BREAKING NEWS! Persona 4 Golden, Japan’s BEST SELLING PS Vita game of ALL darn-tootin’ time, finally has a North American release date: November 20, 2012, in stores and via PlayStation Store.

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of Vita owners screaming in joyous union. They know, as you might too (or will soon learn), that when it comes to a deep role-playing game experience with TONS of monsters to slay; Personas to collect and fuse; areas to explore; well-written characters with which to interact and develop bonds; and a terrific, highly memorable story, there is NO substitute.

Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita

A random short list of enhancements and additions (in no particular order) we’ve only lightly touched on:

  • You can now sneak out at night when your uncle Dojima is out at work (which is frequent, as he’s a veteran police detective). Every conversation and event discovered during this time – heck, even the music that plays – is all new. Moreover, many areas, like Shiroku store in the shopping district, serve a different purpose after dark.
  • You can get night jobs, on top of the clubs you might join after school, that allow you to further advance your character (not to mention roam the city at night without having to hope your uncle is out).
  • The game now offers a Very Easy and Very Hard difficulty option (in addition to the existing Easy, Normal, and Hard settings).
  • You can now easily speed through cutscenes and lengthy exchanges (maybe it’s your umpteenth playthrough?) by holding the Triangle button or by double tapping Start.
  • Load times are ridiculously fast. Almost every load is approximately 3 seconds or less, whether PS Vita game card or PSN download.
  • The fishing mini-game has been expanded to include new fish, many of which are exclusive to the evening, providing yet another layer of addiction and depth.

Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita


…And so much more!

Check out this video walkthrough we did with our friends over at to see many of the above points for yourself.

Pre-orders of the physical release at participating retailers will net you a free protective PS Vita skin (while supplies last). For more info about P4G, visit our official site.

Pre-emptive Answers to Likely Comments

Q: Does Persona 4 Golden have a Japanese language option?
A: No, only English text and an English dub are available. We are VERY aware of many fans’ interest in dual language audio, but it is not possible in every project.

Q: Why can’t I find the Solid Gold Premium Edition for pre-order anywhere?
A: Because the entire production run of 10,000 is just about entirely spoken for via pre-order. There may be a minimal number of units made available by retailers near or at launch (held aside in order to avoid oversell situations), but for the most part, it’s sold out.

Q: Is Persona 4 Golden region locked?
A: No.

Q: Perhaps windmills can cool all this P4G demand?

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15 Author Replies

  • Sorry to double post I keep forgetting to mention.

    What really P’s me off is the amount of effort I went to for weeks just to try and find a copy in person, online etc… all for nothing and now I don’t even want to play the game because it’s left a bad taste.

    Still I know many will enjoy it and I hope it’s the best selling Vita game.

  • There should be a hidden trophy included in P4G, “Managed to get a solid gold copy of the game” (gold trophy). Although, I don’t think there’s a way to demonstrate you actually got one of the 10,000 available. I would get that trophy 4 sure.

  • Woo! Persona 4: The Golden can’t get here fast enough! I pre-ordered it awhile ago.

  • @Aram:

    Also something that has been bothering me..

    Could you hint at whether Arc Systems and Atlus camps have even discussed porting P4 Arena to the PS Vita? I know I’m a minority customer without a PS3 or 360, but Arc seems to port a lot of their 2D fighting games and I wondered if P4 Arena would get the same treatment?

  • The Japanese voice over could have been inserted…even though the original Persona 4 did not have dual voice, Atlus could have used the original Japanese voice overs as there were English subs present already. Now, I’m crossing my fingers for a team to do the undub for P4G

  • I am very glad this doesn’t have Japanese audio. Wish more games were released with only English audio.

  • In all honesty though, guys, the English dub is excellent.

  • The English voice work in this game was pretty amazing in the original. If you’ve also played P4A and got used to the new voice actors for Chie and Teddie, which I feel did a pretty amazing job, then your enjoyment of the game shouldn’t really be any less than that of the original. I will say that it might urk me to not hear that familiar AHA is this our chance? but that’s honestly just nostalgia for my original playthrough. I would also like to thank Atlus for not gimping out on the special edition, which includes all of the items Japan received at release.

    I am curious if any of the new music in the game will be included on the cart or in a new cd?

  • this game is the reason i got a vita in the first place. nov 20 can’t get here fast enough.

  • Hi Aram, if you don’t mind, can we have confirmation that online retailers like Amazon and GameStop in particular, have been allocated enough copies to handle all the pre-orders done on site? There are some concerns that GameStop had kept their online pre-order for a tad too long., and that some people are going to receive nasty surprises..

    Would be nice if you could use your PR-generated fan to cool some of these rumors down..

    …and by the way, since AtlusUSA is the only company that I know of that localizes Gungnir and the likes, if it’s not too expensive, is it possible for you to suggest to your team to add them to the Asian R3 PSN store? If you have your network contacts for the R3 PSN store, please mention to them that their virtual copy of Persona 3 Portable is a tad too expensive for my liking…SGD $70+!? (That’s roughly $59.99 in US currency).

    Would have like to download both Gungnir and P3P to my Vita….but sigh…looks like I can only wait for now…

  • Oh, I’m a Altus fan from Singapore, in case you need my locationinfo or something. Welp, let’s just hope that I receive my copy of P4G SGE from GameStop just fine when November comes…

  • hey great game cant wait looks very temping?
    is this game have a discount price?
    need to know ok,this game looking very good to play!
    cant wait wait for this to come to the vita!
    i cant wait for all this great stuff!
    this yearis really awsome,you guys at playstation really did it!
    you guys got me this time! thanks playstation!
    im hooked thanks!

  • Aram, I know i’ve asked for this like a bazillion times but PLEASE make/add Persona4G avatars.
    I’m begging you, look, i’m even on my knees :|

  • Now I have a reason to buy the PSVita.


  • *Sleeps till Novemerber 20th*

  • Can’t wait Can’t wait :D

    Though I never played Persona series before but this one was one of the reason I bought PS vita XD

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