Persona 4 Golden Set for November 20th on PS Vita

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Persona 4 Golden Set for November 20th on PS Vita

PlayStation.Blog associates,

BREAKING NEWS! Persona 4 Golden, Japan’s BEST SELLING PS Vita game of ALL darn-tootin’ time, finally has a North American release date: November 20, 2012, in stores and via PlayStation Store.

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of Vita owners screaming in joyous union. They know, as you might too (or will soon learn), that when it comes to a deep role-playing game experience with TONS of monsters to slay; Personas to collect and fuse; areas to explore; well-written characters with which to interact and develop bonds; and a terrific, highly memorable story, there is NO substitute.

Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita

A random short list of enhancements and additions (in no particular order) we’ve only lightly touched on:

  • You can now sneak out at night when your uncle Dojima is out at work (which is frequent, as he’s a veteran police detective). Every conversation and event discovered during this time – heck, even the music that plays – is all new. Moreover, many areas, like Shiroku store in the shopping district, serve a different purpose after dark.
  • You can get night jobs, on top of the clubs you might join after school, that allow you to further advance your character (not to mention roam the city at night without having to hope your uncle is out).
  • The game now offers a Very Easy and Very Hard difficulty option (in addition to the existing Easy, Normal, and Hard settings).
  • You can now easily speed through cutscenes and lengthy exchanges (maybe it’s your umpteenth playthrough?) by holding the Triangle button or by double tapping Start.
  • Load times are ridiculously fast. Almost every load is approximately 3 seconds or less, whether PS Vita game card or PSN download.
  • The fishing mini-game has been expanded to include new fish, many of which are exclusive to the evening, providing yet another layer of addiction and depth.

Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita


…And so much more!

Check out this video walkthrough we did with our friends over at to see many of the above points for yourself.

Pre-orders of the physical release at participating retailers will net you a free protective PS Vita skin (while supplies last). For more info about P4G, visit our official site.

Pre-emptive Answers to Likely Comments

Q: Does Persona 4 Golden have a Japanese language option?
A: No, only English text and an English dub are available. We are VERY aware of many fans’ interest in dual language audio, but it is not possible in every project.

Q: Why can’t I find the Solid Gold Premium Edition for pre-order anywhere?
A: Because the entire production run of 10,000 is just about entirely spoken for via pre-order. There may be a minimal number of units made available by retailers near or at launch (held aside in order to avoid oversell situations), but for the most part, it’s sold out.

Q: Is Persona 4 Golden region locked?
A: No.

Q: Perhaps windmills can cool all this P4G demand?

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15 Author Replies

  • ” but it is not possible in every project.” This would imply they have actually added dual audio before, which they haven’t….It is very possible, and cheap to do so. Rights for Japanese voice overs are cheaper than creating an English Dub–fact! I realize this game is a part of the PS2 game so obviously it has already been dubbed. But don’t lie to us, lying makes you a worthless company. People have also recommended charging $10 as DLC which Xbox 360 did and it sold very well. I get tired of shotty English dubbing when games native in English have great voice acting. SMH, no sale for me.

  • ” but it is not possible in every project.” This would imply they have actually added dual audio before, which they haven’t….It is very possible, and cheap to do so. Rights for Japanese voice overs are cheaper than creating an English Dub–fact! I

  • I’ll buy this as a physical copy, because I actually want this on the RELEASE DATE.
    I’m not putting any more money into the PS Store after the LBP problems.

    They’ve all plodded off home now it’s 5pm and aren’t going to refund us untill Monday.

  • Hahah, we need more postings like this :)

    Are all the pre-order bonuses spoken for as well?

    • Kchow23,

      The Dezaegg Vita skin offer is still live and we’re doing our best to source more and more as pre-orders increase BUT there IS a limit and it is VERY possible there won’t be enough skins to accommodate every pre-order, certainly not later ones.

      CAPS LOCK.

  • I hate you PSblog–always moderating my comments when there are no foul words or insults….<.<

  • Hello, Aram.

    Can you please confirm that NIS America is the publishing partner for Persona 4 Golden in Europe?

  • Will this be coming to europe either download or reatail?

  • Can’t wait!


  • Already pre-ordered the Solid Gold Premium Edition! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Any chance of a PS3 version of Persona 4 Golden or a ps2 classic version of Persona 4 being released so we can play the game on PS3?

  • This sounds like a game to play among the Dutch tulips….

  • Hi, Aram, thanks to your heads up on the blog last time, I rushed to GameStop & got the Solid Gold edition pre-ordered. It sold out ridiculously fast. My new white Vita will look sweet with the Solid Gold swag. Congratulations on the success of this game.

    • lisatsunami,

      We had no expectation that it would sell out as quickly as it did. Glad you could snag a pre-order; you’re always commenting on our posts and being supportive and awesome and whatnot!

  • old news

  • I’ll be there day one. I loved Persona 3 on PS2 and PSP, and only played about 10 hours of P4 on PS2. I can’t wait to go in fresh for a “new” Persona.

  • Omg I can’t wait I per order persona 4 all the way bac in July and still having a hard time waiting omfg anytime I see a blog post that about persona 4 or involved I just have to read :-) I loved persona 3 on PSP I literally spent 175 hours towards completing the game

  • why don’t you region-lock it again? do it. no need to worry about the fans. we’ll buy everything even if it can’t play with our system.

  • I’m too excited! OMG thank you so much team Atlus for giving this to us early! I loved Persona 3, and I can’t wait to fall in love with this one :D

  • I watched you do that little play through on Gamespot and this looks great. The menus are impressive, very stylish and clean.

  • Will the psn version have a reasonable discount? Or just the standard $5 off?

  • I really wish that after you guys break even with the investment of bringing P4 to the Vita, the original game comes to PSN as a PS2 classic.

  • @18, or even better they make a PS3 version of P4 Golden with HD graphics and trophies. :P

  • I’m so there. Can you put the old ones on sale again?

  • Same day as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not cool man, not cool.

  • tried to get it preordered on the 3rd day and was out of luck :( , sucks for me. At least i will have the skin for the basic preorder. Im still working my way through persona 4 arena’s story mode :)

  • @Aram,
    Didn’t realize that, friends that owned it said otherwise, my mistake. But really that just hurts their case even more when it has been in a game. They sell significantly more copies of games with dual audio, it’s worth the small price of the rights. If there is DLC or a patch that adds Japanese VO, I will snag this–but until then I will enjoy Ragnarok Odyssey and the future Instant Game Collection coming to Vita in November for PS+.
    Thank you again for a reply :)

    • ArchAngelMai,

      We’ve had projects where the cost of licensing the original audio was GREATER than the ENTIRE cost of the new English dub. Rest assured that if it was just a hurdle-free “small price,” you’d see the option on more of our titles.

  • Hi Aram, I have a question for NISA

    It’s too hard to do the games compatibles with remote play?

    I’m married, so remote play for me is the heaven, and NIS games are my favorites, I’d love to play Disgaea 4 on Vita, Atelier (all of them) and so many others.

    Best regards.

  • Hello, Aram.
    Can you say anything regarding Europe release of the game? Because I’m troubled right now – whether should I import a copy from USA or wait till the release in my region. If the game will be released months later in Europe, then I’ll most likely just import the game instead of pointless waiting. At least a date to look forward to would be nice to know.

  • Already preordered. I do have a question for Mr. Jabbari if you can answer, though. Is there any chance us vita owners will ever see other SMT games that are on the other platforms? Thanks.

  • it’s a shame the Premium Version s sold out :(

    can Atlus at least make another 100??

    pretty please!!!


    hey i understand your anger(i too feel it) since we RARELY get dual audio from Atlus even though the eng cast in their games are fantastic(Digital Devil Saga is my favorite one)

    i just want to experience both sides of the plate :P

    Persona 4 Ultimate was probably Arc System Works work since ALL of Blazblue games have dual audio.

    but Atlus US did localize it, and if Aram did say it came from them, i believe him :P

  • i was hoping not to hear the stupid voice of Nanako Dojima in english again.i think making the translation without the dub is more economic.

  • Hi when will the special 10,000 only copies limited edition be available in Canada?

    I’ve literally been checking every day, signed up for amazon alert when it’s available etc…

    So far nothing, did Canada not get any copies?

    • boomstickbhg,

      Of course Canada received copies; both and EB Games received a portion of the 10,000 unit production run.

      Demand was, simply put, overwhelming. In the case of the latter of the above, for example, sales occurred so quickly that pre-orders were never activated in stores; all copies were claimed via online orders.

      I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news — and that’s an unintentional Teddie pun, I should add — but I believe both retailers are essentially out of stock.

  • Bring Ys Celceta to NA PLEASE

  • How did the IGN guys get direct feed footage for P4G in that 25 minute video? I thought that wasn’t possible for Vita yet. BTW the game looks awesome, can’t wait to play the new content.

  • Aram, thanks for giving us final confirmation on the release date, been waiting all summer for the final day. Just before Thanksgiving too, sweet I can take on the road with me.

    One question, though will it be available on 11/20 on the PSN as well?
    I don’t want to have to have a cartridge, I want this game with my VITA all of the time.

  • I don’t need to think twice about this one. Definite buy for me.

  • I still haven’t bought my Vita yet!

  • I also went to retailers in person, day after day after day after day.

    So far it still hasn’t shown up (according to my town) in the EBgames or Futureshop systems.

  • ah it was only Amazon and EB… well I checked both daily, in store (eb) and online.

    Someone at your company seriously screwed this one up. So few copies? One of the few things that would make people want a Vita more (when sales/perception of the system is so low).

    I was going to buy a copy of both versions, one as a gift.

    Now I’m thinking I’ll just hook up my PS2 and keep playing the original version.

    • boomstickbhg,

      Allocation of 10,000 units was handled based on sales histories and trends. The percentage of copies allocated to participating Canadian retailers represented a percentage of the total launch similar to allocation here in the States.

      Retailers, just like us, were overwhelmed by incredibly high demand. We’re sorry for your frustration.

  • Hey Aram,
    Thanks for the update. When I saw the facebook post regarding the release date, I died a little. This is essentially the reason I got my playstation vita. And in all honesty, I don’t have any complaints. You guys have worked around difficulties, hassles, and impatient fans, and still come out on top. Needless to say, those that were not able to snag a Solid Gold Edition, my condolences. I’m looking forward to mine. :P Also, Canada did have them, although we only had them online and not for instore pre orders, which was a shame but there were work arounds. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into marketing this game, and looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. :D

  • Any word on digital order bonuses? I see no reading for this to ever leave my vita

    • MisterShine,

      There are no plans for digital bonuses, but it is something we have explored and re-explored. Hopefully, as more and more opportunities for digital bonuses become available, we’ll have more avenues to explore and ultimately execute upon.

      We WERE the first publisher (or among the first) to include a full PSN version of a game (Yggdra Union for PSP) with physical AND digital purchases of Knights in the Nightmare for PSP.

      *pops collar*

  • Congrats on selling all 10,000 copies of the $70 edition of the game. That’s great!

    Now that Atlus is getting a much higher profile here in the US, are you printing larger print runs of your games?

    #32 @ShadowRaiserX: Ys is Xseed, you can request it on their forums. Chances are they will bring it over.

    • Kazriko,

      Persona 4 Golden is on track to fall into the highest echelon of MegaTen/Persona games in terms of overall sales (and in Japan, it is already the bestselling game on the platform EVAR).

      We’re still a small publisher who manages to stay alive through responsible, efficient product launches and inventory management, but finding a physical copy of the standard release of Persona 4 Golden shouldn’t be a problem at launch.

      Of course, with tech-laden platforms like the Vita offering a vibrant digital storefront as well, folks can always just snag a copy via the PlayStation Store.

      Yay for conveniences!

  • I pre-ordered as soon as I saw the Solid Gold Edition available on Amazon last month. Good thing I did, too; congrats on the 10K near-sellout!

    Keep this up, and I might have to move to Atlus USA headquarters, just so I can walk up to you guys and give you my money directly.

  • Did the ps2 version have the Japanese track option?

  • i just wanted to let you know that p4g is the reason why i bought my vita two weeks ago.

    i loved persona 3 fes on PSN and i cannot wait for this installment. you guys are great.

    i cant wait for my solid gold edition to come in.

    did i mention that i cant wait?

  • We need some avatars, dood! I’ll gladly blow up my super awesome Prinny here, in exchange for a Jack Frost, Hee Ho!

  • Hi, again, Aram, I’m just checking back & see that you left me a very nice post. It’s like a late birthday gift, :-)
    Thank you.

    I guess then I won’t say I’m mad @ Atlus for making a “very easy” mode which is no doubt aimed @ my poor JRPG skills, lol.

    To all the disappointed, Aram warned us it was just 10,000. Some of you had the nerve to question his veracity as a marketing ploy. Since as long as I’ve been on here he hasn’t hoodwinked us at all, so I rushed to GameStop that first day, when it wasn’t even on Amazon, & pre-ordered the Solid Gold. Early bird gets the CE, as they say.

  • I’m a big fan of this company.

    I’m a big fan of persona as a series.

    I hope you sell many many copies and make a ton of money to use for future games.

    But underestimating the demand for the limted edition and boning Canada is just not right.

    Within hours of the announcement of the special edition it was up on Amazon and EB US sites (and was available for sale for days, didn’t sell out ver fast), however it took forever to even show up in Canada and by then it’s sold out…

  • @46 unless you’re in a small town in Canada in which case you can rush around all you want and you get nothing.

  • @47: Um, they had separate amounts for each retailer. So each retailer had it’s own ‘pool’ of games to sell.

    Whether we were given a fair amount of the 10,000 I don’t know, but had it’s own. And so did EB Games. had it sold out before I could get it, but I got it at EB Games.

  • @49 yeah it must have sold out country wide in a matter of hours, indicating a very very very small number alotted to Canada, since it took days to sell out in the US by comparison.

    Tried EB games every day for at least 2 weeks after the announcement and they never got in in their system (in store).

    Guess if I really want to play this game there’s only one option left, Ebay over priced.

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