Three Ways to Play Starhawk, Available on PSN Next Tuesday

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Three Ways to Play Starhawk, Available on PSN Next Tuesday

As many of you know, the team here at Lightbox Interactive has been hard at work developing all of the free Starhawk Updates to help support the Starhawk Community. With today’s announcement, we’ll help grow that community even more with something that a ton of players from around the world have asked for — a digital-download version of Starhawk, and not just the original version, but one that is packed with all of the awesome updates we’ve made since our initial release!

Starhawk Now on the PlayStation Store

Yeah, you saw that right. We now have three, three ways for you to download the exact type of Starhawk experience you’re looking for on September 25th!

First you can get the complete Starhawk experience by downloading the Full version for $39.99. Another option — and this is an insane deal — is the Starhawk: Multiplayer-Edition for $19.99. This includes one of the best PlayStation 3 multiplayer experiences and all of the updates we’ve released since the game originally launched.

Last, but certainly not least, is a another killer deal for all PlayStation Plus members. You guys get the Starhawk: Single-Player Campaign for free. Yeah, that’s right, free.

And because I’m a tease, I’ll leave you with this: We have something else very tasty in store for PS Plus Members, so keep your eyes on the blog for another announcement very soon.

But wait… there’s more. As you know just about a month ago we released the Starhawk 1.03 Update that had a ton of new features, including two completely new — and free — maps on the planet of Cypress. The team and I were so stoked to see how happy the Starhawk community received it, that we’re excited to release our Starhawk 1.04 Update on September 25th with more free awesome-sauce, including three new gameplay modes!

Okay, so those are the new hella-fun gameplay modes, but there is a ton of other stuff in the Starhawk 1.04 Update as well. We’ve been following all of the community feedback and we’ve made a large number of changes. In my last blog post I wrote this massive wall of text covering all the various new things we added. So this time, I’m going to try and be more efficient on what should matter to you most.

  • 3 New Gameplay Modes: Assault, Deathmatch Arena, Gatekeeper.
  • 5 New “Small” Maps: Cypress Glade, Space Relay, Scourge Junction, Space Flotilla, Scourge Breaker.
  • Updated pre-placed pick-ups on all maps (just like we did in Cypress) as well as updated Rift Barrel placement.
  • 3 New Build & Battle Load-outs: Trooper, Lightweight and Speeder.
  • New Tool-Tips are displayed on various options and buttons in the Uplink. including a display of all the units in each Load-Out and recommended player counts when you create a new game.
  • MAW Rocket Launcher now can lock-on to the Sidewinder Jet Bike.
  • Added four New national clan banners for our players in the Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE.
  • Quit Penalty for players that quit during a game — you get a loss posted and SkillScore hit.
  • New “Up Next” display at the intermission screen of what map, mode and load-out is coming up in the next round.
  • More score-limit and time-limit options when creating a game.
  • All three new game modes are added to QuickMatch for matchmaking.
  • Co-Op Prospector is now supported in Quick-Match for matchmaking into public Co-Op games.
  • New Co-Op Prospector options for creating Private or Public games, difficulty, and game name.
  • Public Co-Op Prospector games now are supported in the server-list.
  • Bug fix that ensures that only Clan Leaders/Officers can edit the clan tag field.
  • Added a PlayStation Store button to the Uplink for accessing Starhawk DLC.
  • Increased starting Rift-Energy in Homeworlds.
  • Slightly increased the Galloway Pistol’s head-shot damage.
  • Removed the “Bruiser” Skill.
  • Added a “Grinder” Skill that allows you to start with a Grinder in your weapon inventory.
  • Grinder wind-up time has been reduced.
  • Max range for the Grinder has been increased.
  • In the server-list, the easy “Cake” and medium “Fist” game icons have been removed. You will still see the hard “Skull” game icons.
  • Refined difficulty tuning on all Co-Op Prospector Missions (slightly easier).
  • Increased XP payouts for all Co-Op Prospector Missions.
  • XP payouts for capturing Tier-2 and Tier-3 bases in the Zones gameplay mode.
  • Integrated Starhawk-specific network scan to help players resolve port issues.
  • Added in-game scoreboard HUD for Dogfight & Arena Deathmatch gameplay modes.

Blurg! Even with my super-effective condensing, the list of new stuff is still looooong — but that’s a good thing for the Starhawk community! If you want the extended version of this list with all the juicy details, head on over to our LightBox Interactive Dev-Blog or the official website at

Oh man, still so much to talk about. Focus Dylan. FOCUS!

If you remember back in May when we released Starhawk, I wrote a blog post about our close partnership with Major League Gaming to put together a major Starhawk Tournament for the community with great cash-money prizes. Well our good friends at MLG have been hard at work and I am wicked-excited to say that it’s “GAME-ON” for the Starhawk MLG Tourney, with $20,000 in cash prizes. Head over to the Starhawk MLG site for all the rules and details! Whatever your competitive level, there is an entry spot for everyone, and a number of different opportunities to win.

Starhawk MLG

The Starhawk MLG Tourney is a two-month long tournament with $20,000 in cash prizes at stake for not only the grand champions, so listen up. The primary tournament will revolve around an official Starhawk MLG ladder. The more you win across all online game modes, the higher you’ll rank on the MLG Starhawk ladder. At the end of this two-month phase, the top 16 ranked players will be chosen to form two “Super-Teams” who will battle it out in a live-streamed grand finale, with eight players crowned the victors of the Starhawk MLG Tournament!

As a secondary option for all players to win, the MLG has also been really cool about planning four mini-competitions along the way for smaller $500 prizes. These “quick challenges” will take place over various weekends and award players with the highest score for a particular stat such as “Most Headshots” or “Most Pod Kills.” This is a great way to increase a player’s odds of winning a piece of the big cash prize.

So, get ready for the Major League Gaming Starhawk Tournament, go hone your skills and keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind!

“But Dylan… what about Starhawk DLC?”

Don’t worry! While we have been focusing on making sure we get you guys all of the free content first, we certainly didn’t forget about the DLC — we have a truck load of it ready to go live for all of you on September 25th as well.

However, as I’ve already established in this blog post, I am sometimes a tease. So… I’m not going to list any of the DLC just yet. We’ll make another blog post about it very soon! Let me leave y’all with this one DLC hint. Here’s a piece of concept art showing a couple different design ideas for our new DLC Build & Battle structure. I’m not going to tell you what it does but I can say it’s awesome.

Starhawk Build & Battle Concept Art

I wonder what it could be?

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65 Author Replies

  • Please tell your colleagues at Naughty Dog to release a downloadable version of Uncharted 3 Multiplayer! Thanks in advance.

  • I’m really thankful that PS Plus exists. I don’t regret getting it at all. I wanted to try this game back when it came out, but I couldn’t afford it at the time then naturally I forgot about it. Now I can try the campaign and see if what I think of the game. I might buy the Multiplayer is I like the game enough. Thank you guys once again for taking good care of PS Plus members :)

  • Amazing! I’m 3 months in on my 12 month sub. Too early to renew? lol

  • Hey,
    I have multiple question, please respond to this!

    1. Will the Single Player offer for PS plus members have trophies? If so, will it have a platinum?
    2. Will the single player campaign count towards next month of the Instant Game Collection, or is it just be an “extra” for this month?
    3. What’s the GB size of the Single Player Campaign?

    Please respond to these questions, as I’m very interested in this!

    • Hiya BlazingAce197!

      #1 — Yes, it uses the same Trophy list as the BD retail version. So if you want to get the Plat, you will need the Multiplayer Edition as well to unlock all the trophies.

      #2 — I honestly don’t know. That’s not my department :-/

      #3 — It is approximately 9.5 gig

      Hope you get a chance to check it next week!

  • @49, oh i understand now. i kinda feel there are games taking up the IGC that i’m not interested in either (Double Dragon, Scott Pilgrim, Outland, BloodRayne….basically all of the side scrollers).

    I would rather there be more variety in the IGC, which is why i’m strangely interested in seeing a shooter added after so many side scrollers.

    • I’m glad to hear that you are strangely interested!

      Starhawk is not like most shooters so It should be a breath of fresh air!

  • @53, i’m also curious about your second question. I thought we were only getting Borderlands, Scott Pilgrim, and Double Dragon for this month. Its nice to see a new free game, but i hope this isn’t taking a slot for October’s games. I’m thinking its an extra.

  • I’m not going to give you guys brohugs just yet and cry and say how sorry I am for what I have done but this looks more like the team we once knew.

    • uhmmm…. thanks?


      We’re still the same ‘ol team that does our best to look-out for the player!

      But as always, check it out and make up your own mind. We don’t want to “hype” players into liking it, we want to give players real value and updates so they like it because it is truly worth liking!

  • I just took this off my wishlist a couple days ago, now its for good reason. Will download the single player and when im done with it buy the multiplayer, great job guys!

  • This is just great all around. My brother’s blu-ray drive died so he can only play digital games. I’ll be sure to hurl this information in his face the next time I see him.

  • Please look into a CTF mode toggle at some point and don’t forget team balancing. Also, pilfer Sony for more map money any way you can.

    • Ha! I think the term “pilfer” should become an official term when doing business in the game industry ;-)

      We were actually having a conversation today about updates to improve team balance — we’ll keep you posted!

  • Truly amazing! You guys took care of most of the problems and my friends problems too with one update!

    I can’t believe bruiser is gone! And I loved the grinder, now you guys are promoting it! A+ work! A+

    I hadn’t played starhawk in a month, (sorry guys, I had a huge backlog of R&C collection, Infamous collection, SotC). Gotta come back now! To see all this action!

    AND 3 new gameplay modes! 3! You guys are the best!

    • No need to apologize!!!

      Those are some damn good games there in you list. And I too know what it’s like to be facing a pile of games and not enough time to play them!

  • I’m so glad that LBI supported this game!

    I was originally contemplating either getting Starhawk at launch of Twisted Metal, but couldn’t decide. I only had money for one.

    Putting down $67 is alot when your unemployed :(

    I chose Starhawk because I loved the beta. It was the most fun I had on my PS3 since I got it, and got me into TPS since starwars battlefront.

    Regardless, I got twisted Metal anyways for the Sweet Tooth skin, but I’m just glad that devs like these support the game.

    Other companies could learn alot from you guys!

    I’m so happy you added in matchmaking for co-op. Now I’m gonna be able to play with my friends and finally convince them to buy this game.

    I just have one last request. Homeworld servers? Please?

    I’m so lonely :( Nobody is ever on echo scrapyard .

  • Starhawk Single-Player Campaign for free??? So much win!!!!! And I´m absolutely buying the MP for that price ;)
    Thanks SONY, keep making the Plus subscription worth every penny.

  • Now that is an awesome PS+ freebie. Thanks Sony!

  • Naughty Dog dropped the ball with that awful Fortune Hunter Season pass with skins, avatars and recicled maps.

    When multiplayer comes to the table, LightBox Interactive is the best dev team with Sony right now! I know you all are doing the best you can, and I know for sure that Starhawk will become the best online multiplayer for PS3, easy. For me, it already is!

    I’m playing since the first beta and I bought it day 1, and I’ll keep supporting LBI, amazing job!

    My only request is: please consider a Vita cross-controler DLC. The uplink already happen in a tablet equipment, there is no other game in PS3 that fits better this feature than Starhawk with all Build&Batle system, it would be a perfect fit. Maybe a quick chat with guys at Bluepoint Games? :)

  • Will this also be for the europen plus useres? If not im going to be sad :(

  • I just bought this new right now on amazon even though i am a plus member. hope you’re happy

  • Also, can you guys take over the servers for Twisted Metal and fix those up and add dlc to them?

    You guys used to be part of Incognito and have probably worked on Twisted Metal before so it only seems fitting if you guys fixed up the game where Eat, Sleep, Play lacked.

  • Is there still lots of baserapings in this game?

    • There are far fewer than there used to be — for sure!

      But as with any shooter, theres always more “base-ravaging” that we’d want… because we want ZERO!

      We are always working on ways of getting closer to that goal!

  • Well, Dylan

    I think the new B&B structure is gunna be a base Evolution type feature or should I say DeEvolution
    the concept art looks great
    Starhawk has been my go to game since beta .. and I look forward to all the
    goodness that you guys have in store for us.

    So looking forward to losing in the MLG tourney . .It’s gunna be Awesome
    (So many great players gunna be rollin . .and I imagine Orsen is already a finalist)

    Thanks for the update, it really wasn’t to long at all ..

    All that is left is to figure out how many sick days I have at work and start my
    Set up for time off to play STARHAWK

    cough. . sniff

    You ROCK


    • Hey HEAVY7666!

      Thanks for the kind words and continued support!

      You — as PS Plus Member — should definitely keep your eyes on the blog for more tasty Starhawk stuff ;-)

  • Ok, like that there is new B&B…perhaps one day there will be some vehicles that require more than one player (the old boss vehicle idea of yor). I know that some did not like the dropship, but some did and that APC was in high demand.

  • All games should come out with these options. There are some of us that only want the multiplayer experience and will skip on even trying a game if the cost is $60 or don’t buy it.

  • This is great! I’ve been wanting to play the single player campaign of this game! :D
    Perfect for the fall/winter! Thanks!

  • Noice!!! Ever since I got PS+ I have more games than time unfortunately. =( But you can rest assured i’ll be getting the single player and more than likely multiplayer down the line once my game queue shrinks. BTW, I agree with you Dylan. LBP Vita ROCKS!!!! And also, being part of the PSASBR Beta on Vita I am stoked with the amazing games I am starting to see on Vita. Definitely don’t regret being a day 1 Vita owner. Thank you guys and Sony for listening to us gamers. Keep making great games! =)

    • Oh yeah — this round of Vita games is just sick!

      I’ve been fortunate enough to get my little paws on PlayStation All-Stars on Vita and PS3 and it’s crazy fun. And the Vita version is every bit as tight as the PS3 version!

      Its another great game to drop this holiday!

  • Hoooooray!!!!!

  • Wow this is great!
    I wish I would have known though, that it was gonna be for download, and for $20 less then I pre-ordered it for……just saying.

  • Awesome news Dylan ,and everyone at Lightbox. I played the beta back before the game came out ,but i had a hard time swallowing the fact of buying 60 to even 40 bux for a game that was just mainly multiplayer.

    But i’ll definitely be grabbing the mutliplayer edition for 20 since the single player is free. Wish more games would take this sales model. I rather be given the option to buy what i want out of the game ,or buy the whole thing. This is what should of been done with KZ3 ,but oh well hopefully when KZ trilogy comes out all 3 games will be PSN downloads as well.

    Now you guys just need to get some Vita & Move support into this game ,and i’d be a real happy camper

  • With the trend toward downloadable titles on the rise, I really hope to see more of this separating the single player from the multiplayer, regardless of whether any part of it is offered free to Plus members.

    As a casual gamer, I usually can’t keep up with other players in online shooters, so I avoided this game when it was released (though the look of it and gameplay interested in me) because there seemed to be a big emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game, which I’m sure is great–just not my cup of tea.

    Looking forward to the SP campaign. Keep it coming, Sony! And thanks!

  • Holy Dynamite rolls! I’ve been saying Sony should do this for ages now! I hope to see this happen to all games released on the PSN/SEN eventually. More options to play games how you want to. Also, free single player for PS+? That’s just amazing.

  • Wow this is crazy.

  • The single player is all I wanted to play.

  • Will there be a discount price for Playstation Plus Members ?

  • This is brilliant. A great way to get more people into the game.

  • So I can basically get Starhawk for $20 with the PS+ offering of the campaign? That’s great. I haven’t played the game in a while, so I’d love to have the PSN version to more easily get back into the game.

  • Hell yes! Keep it up PS+.

  • Although you cannot tell us what the DLC is, could you tell us the price of the DLC is on Tuesday?
    So that i know whether or not I will be buying the DLC or another game?
    (I intended to get Borderlands 2 tomorrow, but if SH DLC is more than $10 then i’m getting that instead)

    • I can’t talk about the price but I *CAN* tell you that SONY has done an excellent job with the pricing of the Starhawk DLC and our approach to how we handle DLC to keep the player community together is going to be a hit with players I think!

  • “Its important to note though, that the SP and MP versions are separate apps”

    So if you’re a Plus sub. and get both, are you basically downloading the game twice and having it take up twice the space on your hard drive? Because obviously there’s a lot of shared content between SP and MP. Or are the separate versions smart enough to share content files?

    Keeping them as separate apps seems inefficient – especially given PSN’s less than desirable download speeds. Why wouldn’t you just offer a Plus member only $20 discount on the proper full version so we just have one download? It’s great that you’re giving the SP campaign away for free, but for people who want the full game, you’ve actually made things LESS convenient for Plus members. That needs to be addressed.

    • Hi 0-Sweetz-o!

      The SP and MP versions do not share content the way you outlined. That would certainly be a very efficient way to do it but unfortunately that kind of functionality is not available to us :-(

  • Also is the digital version the same trophy list or a different trophy list similar to KZ3 Digital Multiplayer trophylist?

  • So why would anyone buy the full game, when they get the campaign for free and just have to pay for the multiplayer?

    • that’s a good question!

      Not everyone is a PS Plus Member — crazy i know!

      So they may want to download the full game.

  • Awesome!!! But how can we play any other games if you keep added awesome free content?!??

  • How much memory does the Single Campaign of Starhawk require?

  • Very generous, thank you. I will pick up the single player campaign.

    But, Dylan, not nice reminding us digital buyers that we don’t have LBPV yet.

  • This is great!!! I already had the game from day one, but with these options, the community will grow faster! And not to mention the new updates to play with. Thanks LBI!!! Please keep supporting us!!!

  • How do you guys make any money if everything is free?

    Dylan thank you and the entire LBI team for the great job you’re doing.

    • Good question!

      We always put a lot of thought into the business model, because it is after all, a business. But we firmly believe the best business is to provide the player with good support and a good game — that’s job #1.

      So if you like the solo campaign — which you get for FREE because you are a PlayStation Plus Member — maybe you’ll give the Starhawk Multiplayer Edition a try or some of our super-tasty DLC!

  • This is how its done, thank you Lightbox and Sony for working together to do something that makes so much sense. This is a great value also 3rd person shooters are my favorite, but never got to pick this up though I loved the beta. Sometimes “There can only be one” lol. I commend you guys and gals, and can’t wait to be apart of the Starhawk community.


  • Is this a taking up a spot in the Instant game collection? I’m glad Plus is actually giving me something I’ll play, but I prefer full games over half games

  • Also what are the trophies like in Single Player?

    • The Trophy list is the same that we used for the full retail version. They reward stuff for mission completion, how you complete a mission, etc.

  • Crap, I saw this earlier on the EU blog and was really hoping it wouldn’t come over hear. I played the beta and hated it. Now it’s going to take up a slot in our instant collection and not even include they only reason anyone plays it,the multiplayer. Do you really think anyone plays online shooters for the story? This might as well just be a demo and should not take up a spot in the PS+ schedule .

    Frowny face :(

  • Some can tell me if the multiplayer is region lock? I live in brazil and a have some credits in UK account, if it is region lock I won’t be able to play it because the lag :(

  • I have kind of boycotted the game…I love seeing all the things that have and are coming out for it, but I am disappointed I never received the items for playing/owning warhawk or the beta of Starhawk…tried to fill out the form from the website multiple times and no answer. I Don’t know how else to contact anyone except via here. Would be nice to here ssomething, my roommate is the same, never That his in game items but it hasn’t stopped him from putting in countless hours since he is level 50

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