Three Ways to Play Starhawk, Available on PSN Next Tuesday

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Three Ways to Play Starhawk, Available on PSN Next Tuesday

As many of you know, the team here at Lightbox Interactive has been hard at work developing all of the free Starhawk Updates to help support the Starhawk Community. With today’s announcement, we’ll help grow that community even more with something that a ton of players from around the world have asked for — a digital-download version of Starhawk, and not just the original version, but one that is packed with all of the awesome updates we’ve made since our initial release!

Starhawk Now on the PlayStation Store

Yeah, you saw that right. We now have three, three ways for you to download the exact type of Starhawk experience you’re looking for on September 25th!

First you can get the complete Starhawk experience by downloading the Full version for $39.99. Another option — and this is an insane deal — is the Starhawk: Multiplayer-Edition for $19.99. This includes one of the best PlayStation 3 multiplayer experiences and all of the updates we’ve released since the game originally launched.

Last, but certainly not least, is a another killer deal for all PlayStation Plus members. You guys get the Starhawk: Single-Player Campaign for free. Yeah, that’s right, free.

And because I’m a tease, I’ll leave you with this: We have something else very tasty in store for PS Plus Members, so keep your eyes on the blog for another announcement very soon.

But wait… there’s more. As you know just about a month ago we released the Starhawk 1.03 Update that had a ton of new features, including two completely new — and free — maps on the planet of Cypress. The team and I were so stoked to see how happy the Starhawk community received it, that we’re excited to release our Starhawk 1.04 Update on September 25th with more free awesome-sauce, including three new gameplay modes!

Okay, so those are the new hella-fun gameplay modes, but there is a ton of other stuff in the Starhawk 1.04 Update as well. We’ve been following all of the community feedback and we’ve made a large number of changes. In my last blog post I wrote this massive wall of text covering all the various new things we added. So this time, I’m going to try and be more efficient on what should matter to you most.

  • 3 New Gameplay Modes: Assault, Deathmatch Arena, Gatekeeper.
  • 5 New “Small” Maps: Cypress Glade, Space Relay, Scourge Junction, Space Flotilla, Scourge Breaker.
  • Updated pre-placed pick-ups on all maps (just like we did in Cypress) as well as updated Rift Barrel placement.
  • 3 New Build & Battle Load-outs: Trooper, Lightweight and Speeder.
  • New Tool-Tips are displayed on various options and buttons in the Uplink. including a display of all the units in each Load-Out and recommended player counts when you create a new game.
  • MAW Rocket Launcher now can lock-on to the Sidewinder Jet Bike.
  • Added four New national clan banners for our players in the Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE.
  • Quit Penalty for players that quit during a game — you get a loss posted and SkillScore hit.
  • New “Up Next” display at the intermission screen of what map, mode and load-out is coming up in the next round.
  • More score-limit and time-limit options when creating a game.
  • All three new game modes are added to QuickMatch for matchmaking.
  • Co-Op Prospector is now supported in Quick-Match for matchmaking into public Co-Op games.
  • New Co-Op Prospector options for creating Private or Public games, difficulty, and game name.
  • Public Co-Op Prospector games now are supported in the server-list.
  • Bug fix that ensures that only Clan Leaders/Officers can edit the clan tag field.
  • Added a PlayStation Store button to the Uplink for accessing Starhawk DLC.
  • Increased starting Rift-Energy in Homeworlds.
  • Slightly increased the Galloway Pistol’s head-shot damage.
  • Removed the “Bruiser” Skill.
  • Added a “Grinder” Skill that allows you to start with a Grinder in your weapon inventory.
  • Grinder wind-up time has been reduced.
  • Max range for the Grinder has been increased.
  • In the server-list, the easy “Cake” and medium “Fist” game icons have been removed. You will still see the hard “Skull” game icons.
  • Refined difficulty tuning on all Co-Op Prospector Missions (slightly easier).
  • Increased XP payouts for all Co-Op Prospector Missions.
  • XP payouts for capturing Tier-2 and Tier-3 bases in the Zones gameplay mode.
  • Integrated Starhawk-specific network scan to help players resolve port issues.
  • Added in-game scoreboard HUD for Dogfight & Arena Deathmatch gameplay modes.

Blurg! Even with my super-effective condensing, the list of new stuff is still looooong — but that’s a good thing for the Starhawk community! If you want the extended version of this list with all the juicy details, head on over to our LightBox Interactive Dev-Blog or the official website at

Oh man, still so much to talk about. Focus Dylan. FOCUS!

If you remember back in May when we released Starhawk, I wrote a blog post about our close partnership with Major League Gaming to put together a major Starhawk Tournament for the community with great cash-money prizes. Well our good friends at MLG have been hard at work and I am wicked-excited to say that it’s “GAME-ON” for the Starhawk MLG Tourney, with $20,000 in cash prizes. Head over to the Starhawk MLG site for all the rules and details! Whatever your competitive level, there is an entry spot for everyone, and a number of different opportunities to win.

Starhawk MLG

The Starhawk MLG Tourney is a two-month long tournament with $20,000 in cash prizes at stake for not only the grand champions, so listen up. The primary tournament will revolve around an official Starhawk MLG ladder. The more you win across all online game modes, the higher you’ll rank on the MLG Starhawk ladder. At the end of this two-month phase, the top 16 ranked players will be chosen to form two “Super-Teams” who will battle it out in a live-streamed grand finale, with eight players crowned the victors of the Starhawk MLG Tournament!

As a secondary option for all players to win, the MLG has also been really cool about planning four mini-competitions along the way for smaller $500 prizes. These “quick challenges” will take place over various weekends and award players with the highest score for a particular stat such as “Most Headshots” or “Most Pod Kills.” This is a great way to increase a player’s odds of winning a piece of the big cash prize.

So, get ready for the Major League Gaming Starhawk Tournament, go hone your skills and keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind!

“But Dylan… what about Starhawk DLC?”

Don’t worry! While we have been focusing on making sure we get you guys all of the free content first, we certainly didn’t forget about the DLC — we have a truck load of it ready to go live for all of you on September 25th as well.

However, as I’ve already established in this blog post, I am sometimes a tease. So… I’m not going to list any of the DLC just yet. We’ll make another blog post about it very soon! Let me leave y’all with this one DLC hint. Here’s a piece of concept art showing a couple different design ideas for our new DLC Build & Battle structure. I’m not going to tell you what it does but I can say it’s awesome.

Starhawk Build & Battle Concept Art

I wonder what it could be?

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  • You just made me soo happy with the single player being free for Plus. That’s most likely going to make me buy the multiplayer package XD

    • Great to hear!

      And yeah, there are so many great benefits for PS Plus Members… just wait to see what we have next for you guys!!!

  • ^ BTW, This is a great way to sell your game and utilize plus. Other devs take heed.

  • Oh, and 3rd XD

  • you guys forgot about the 4th way to play the game: Multiplayer Edition on psvita lol

    • Ha!

      I love my Vita (although admittedly I am a bit biased). Have you played LBP on it yet? Oh man its awesome!

      Sorry though, no plans for a Starhawk on Vita as of yet.

  • Such an awesome game. Hope more of my friends give it a proper shot after this.

  • There is going to be so much going on now, this is great!!!

  • Great announcements! I will certainly download the single player campaign.

  • You guys just continue to please. Thank you Lightbox, thank you Dylan Jobe and thank you SONY!!!

    • You are more than welcome!

      The team here at LightBox Interactive and Santa Monica Studio has been really trying to get you guys some great free updates, great PS Plus Member benefits and some awesome DLC!

      … and we haven’t even talked about the DLC yet!


  • starhawk is mine!!! comin for y’all

  • I get that Single-Player is free for Plus users, but will it be available for sale for non-Plus subscribers? If so, how much?

  • This is an amazing game and an amazing deal unfortunately for me I own the game already but needless to say it still a great deal for everyone else enjoy people I’m sure you’ll like it :-) the campaign is great and the multiplayer is excellent;-)

    • Well guess what?

      There are more awesome PS Plus benefits for Starhawk players that we haven’t even announced yet. So even though you already own the game — thank you for that BTW — we’ve got some more awesome stuff planned for you guys very, very soon!

      Stay tuned!

  • This game is the best MP game since Killzone, i love the way you guys are supporting the game, shame it didnt sell well but im glad you guys havnt dropped the game. DLC or not im getting everything StarHawk. Guys get the MP all the maps are free and these guys dont joke around when they say they are supporting there game. Great job guys.

  • o wow thank u Lightbox Interactive, can’t wait to enjoy this game

  • When you say free do you mean 1 hour free or the entire single player mode free?

  • The patch is incredible the modes seem to be very fun thanks a lot lightbox is the patch available now as I only saw the video?

  • Lock on on jet bikes, Online Co-Op, XP payout for Zones, 3 new modes and 5 new maps. Ill probably get Starhawk MP on PSN just to support these guys. I cant tell what the DLC tease is but i know itll be awsome.

  • Ha now Quiters will have to deal with losing. People with hawks stop noobing.
    I have my hands full KILLZONE MP, STARHAWK MP, TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 and FINAL FANTASY 13-2. Plus i have college.

  • Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!! Can’t wait to try the Single Campaign, would you also be able to tell me if the upcoming Doom 3 BFG will be digital, and even better free on P+?!?!?!

  • This is a great idea

  • Will buy multiplayer as soon as available.

  • ALL RIGHTTTT!!!! Thank you SONY i was waiting for a price drop, but now i can get the Single player for FREE!!!

  • Bought Starhawk Day 1. You guys at lightbox interactive are just freaking Awesome! Can’t wait for the update and DLC to add to the experience. Will gladly pay for more Build and battle parts and vehicles! Thank you

  • why only Campaign? why not full game…?

    • Because that would be more AWESOME than the Universe could allow and we didn’t want to be responsible for causing a universe-destroying-implosion-of-rift-energy-and-ponies!

  • Awesome! You guys over there are doing smart things.

    DLC coming Tuesday!

    I say that weird @#$%ing thing is some sort of drone launching device.

  • This is awesome. I do have a question though.

    For those of us who already own the game, how will this work? By getting the single player for free, and then buying the MP for $19.99, are we effectively replacing the disc? Will it be two separate downloads, or will it be integrated into one application on the XMB. Final question: Will the trophies from these integrate just fine with the same trophy list from the disc version?

    Either way, this is awesome. Thanks!

  • Bring it to the Vita with cross play!!!!!!!!!

  • Great to see a developer who listen to their fans. Keep up the good work!

  • Ok My question is that I am a ps plus subscriber so I know that I will get the single player part of the game for free next week. My question is that if I go and spend the 19.99 on the multiplayer side of the game will I now actually own the entire game or will there be some that I am missing because I did not spend 40 on the game?

    • That is correct!

      Since you are a PS Plus Member, you get the SP edition for free. If you want to play multiplayer, you can purchase the Starhawk Multiplayer Edition for $19.99 and you will then have access to all the same content that is available on the BD retail versions!

      Its important to note though, that the SP and MP versions are separate apps however they do share the same trophy file so you don’t have to worry about lossing out on your points.

  • Can we get a multiplayer DL option for those who already own the disc? Would love this for KZ as well!

    • if you are already a Starhawk player and want the convenience of downloading the Multiplayer Edition, that works just fine.

      We tested to make sure that player who wanted to do that could do so!

  • Question, and I think this echoes what other people are saying: If I am a plus member and I get the SP experience, if I later buy the MP experience, are those two separate executable games sitting in my XMB? Or is it just one?

    Also echoing that this is awesome.

    • Hi There!

      SP and MP are 2 different apps but both together give you the same content as the retail disc. Also, both the SP and MP share the same trophy list as the retail version.

  • Once again I should have waited… early adopters always get the screw.

  • Wait for it….Wait for it….Where are the ” Europe PSN has better content ” complaints ?? Hahahaha. Just kidding. Great job sony. I will be gettin my game on on Tuesday…Keep on Gaming.

  • @KazeEternal Last, but certainly not least, is a another killer deal for all PlayStation Plus members. You guys get the Starhawk: Single-Player Campaign for free. Yeah, that’s right, free. Starhawk is another great addition to the Instant Game Collection that PS Plus members already know and love!

    It clearly says the single player campaign is free and part of the IGC. If it was just a trial, it would say free game trial.

  • I still can’t even play the game online due to some port issue with the game.

    At this point I might as well just trade it in since it seems you won’t be fixing it.

    • check the forums on We can probably figure out your issue and address. Just ask there on the forums.

    • Well you are in luck then!

      As you will see from one of the new features we’ve added to the Starhawk 1.04 Update, there is an automatic port scanner built into the game.

      This will automatically tell you the exact port or port range that you need to open up or have your ISP make sure is open for you!

  • @guirarded77 if it wasn’t for the early adopters this game wouldn’t be getting the support it is getting now.

  • good deal giving us plus members the story mode free. i had no interest in this game when it first came out, but i will try it since its free. if i enjoy the story, i might get the multiplayer.

  • Nice to see the response to @28. Another question when it comes to trophies, does it share the same list as the retail version?

  • What an awesome birthday present for me – free Starhawk single player game. Been really wanting to play this game!

    Do you know what the file size is for the single player campaign?

  • Will the Warhawk paint jobs, collectors edition, and hand of the founder DLC work with the downloadable MP version? Just wanted to make sure before purchasing.

  • If I recall correctly, I think the SP version is approximately 9.5 gigs.


    Sorry, but as someone who frequently checks this blog (and, at the time of this game’s retail release, the PS Home Theater/s, including that “teetering the line of terrible and laughable The Tester), I became SICK of “Starhawk”, not to mention that something about the character/s slapped on its media bothering me, aesthetically (maybe I just expect glowing blue highlight to look techy rather than grizzled).

    I will commend you for not only offering the single-player campaign as its own entity (unlike Killzone 3, which only has a separate multiplayer edition, IIRC), but why…why does it have to take up a slot in my (“my”) Instant Game Collection? The only reason I’ll download this is because I’ve become insistent on putting all my trophy-enabled Plus content on my takes-forever-to-load-or-sync list, but… Oy.

    Thing is, it’s probably inoffensive. But the ad campaign was on the offense so hard that I now defensively recoil from it.

  • @41 lol what are you babbling about?

  • Good to hear about the DLC. I will definitely pick the game up. Starhawk is one of my Games of The Year so far. I can’t wait to hear about the new plus stuff coming.

    Any word on if the trophies fit in the same list as the retail version, or is it a separate trophy list?

  • Very cool, very modern pricing structure. Kudos.

  • @Sony @Playstation

    Have i told you how much i loved you lately? no? ok well here i go. Every week/day i log into my computer at work and check out what new goodies the has in store for me.

    Every day i leave happier then when i last visited. You bring a smile to my face and make me happy.

    Thank you and i love you.

    • I must admit that I have been continually impressed at how much the entire PlayStation team has been supporting PS Plus. It really sweet and you get a lot of perks, free games, etc for your money.

      a very good gamer investment.

  • do you know anything about when the playstation store in europe wil be updated because LBP Vita is out but its not working it downloads but its does not installing ??

  • Any chance of adding 3D support ? You have split screen support.

  • lol starhawk singleplayer?no thx,as much point as giving BF3 singleplayer.

  • About the dlc. If is that i think…awesome!!! Probably part of a hand? Hand of the new…see the end of trailer

  • @42 Ryumoau – I’m just having a recurrence. Thought Starhawk was out of everyone’s system (well, maybe not their game systems, but the hype machine was broken down), and now it’s got some spotlight back on it. I do enjoy seeing AAA-development single-player efforts remain prevalent in this era of multiplayer and online persistence. I’m just…not a big shooter fan (TF2 excluded), so this’ll be an IGC inclusion that I won’t make much use of, even more so due to an overload of its presence pre-release.

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