PlayStation Mobile: Coming To Tablets, Smartphones and PS Vita Starting on October 3rd

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PlayStation Mobile: Coming To Tablets, Smartphones and PS Vita Starting on October 3rd

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Hello again, PlayStation fans! Today I’m happy to share some big news on the mobile games front that we revealed late Tuesday night at the Tokyo Game Show. PlayStation Mobile (PSM) is coming to a number of PlayStation-Certified devices and PlayStation Vita on October 3rd!

You might be asking yourself, what is PlayStation Mobile, exactly? Allow me to explain: PlayStation Mobile is a brand new platform for tablets and smartphones that offers PlayStation-like experiences on a number of different mobile devices. When PlayStation Mobile launches on October 3rd, we will have around 30 titles available from a range of developers, including games from indie devs as well as our own Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios.

PlayStation Mobile game prices will range from around $2 to $20 and be available in a variety of popular genres, including Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Sports, and Simulation. PlayStation Mobile will also offer an easy-to-navigate storefront to check out and download PlayStation Mobile games, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for quickly. More details to come on where you can start to download PlayStation Mobile games beginning on October 3rd.

We’re also happy to announce that we’re going to begin offering the official version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK this November, which will offer a more streamlined and efficient content development environment. With just $99 for the license agreement fee annually, developers from established game companies, small indie teams, and even one-man shops can easily distribute their content through the PlayStation Store on a commercial basis and market their games to millions of gamers with PlayStation-Certified devices and PlayStation Vita.

We’re excited to offer PlayStation games on the go with PlayStation Mobile. Definitely check out the launch titles yourself and let us know your favorites. Mark your calendars for October 3rd!

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  • At 99 cents i wouldnt really expect much i think these games will be more for gamers than casual gamers.And come on every complaining about another dollar?If your that broke you probably dont need to be buying a game.

  • And Playstation requires a certain amount of content to allow for trophies so those saying they want trophy support for minis the gameplay just isnt there to support them.

  • Pretty much what #14 wrote.

  • @46: Yes it is. Potential easy trophies isn’t a reason not to have them at all.

  • Hopefully that old God of War: Betrayal cell phone game could be re-released through PS Mobile.

  • @32: You are absolutely right. They should offer trophies for the “playstation Mobile” platform. People are gonna buy the games from a PS store, so they require a SEN account. Each game should have an “extras” menu so you can see there which trophies you have, and from that menu be able to synchronize the trophies with your account.

  • the games that cost less should have 3 trophies. 2 bronze and 1 silver for example. And as the game gets bigger (and expensive) it should have more trophies; and if the game cost 20 bucks it should have maybe a plat who knows XD

  • I have an HTC Desire Z with FW 2.3 …is this going to be compatible, or do I need a newer phone?

  • iOS support is a must.

    We need Dual Shock 3 support for Android and iOS.

    Gaikai on iOS and Android as well….

  • No trophy = no buy

  • Since I really support this move, and I’ve been in the market for an Android tablet (gave my iPad 2 to my folks), I just bought Sony’s new Xperia Tablet S. I was able to buy the 16GB version with a cradle and 64GB SD card for $430 from Newegg.

    The reviews are positive on everything except the WiFi performance, and this has been addressed (and still being improved) via updates (see While this was a foolish issue/oversight, I’m glad to see it being fixed so quickly.

    On a side note, you guys really need to promote your own products better. You have this unique tablet that just got released and you are launching this awesome service for it, but I had to dig through press releases to confirm that it was supported. You should really have mentioned in this blog post.

  • The SDK is Windows only and based on Mono and all Microsoft tech.

    What about the Linux devs who love Scala and Haskell?

    I don’t mind seeing Sony give devs the choice, but mandating an absolute all Microsoft tech chain is pretty obnoxious.

  • Give it trophys!! I mean some people didn’t buy the awesome game Velocity(mini game) because it didn’t have trophys. It’s a selling point and should atleast be an option for devs to include.

  • Will playstation mobile come to ios?

  • Is it coming to the Kindle Fire?

  • Will this work for Sony Tablet S (first version) and PSP Go?

  • onslaughtree:

    I agree 100% with your post at #49.

    People who only want trophies aren’t real gamers. I don’t know what the hell they are, actually. Maybe they’re posers trying to fit in with a certain crowd or something.

    Whatever it is, they sure are confused as to what this thing called “gaming” is all about…

  • “Playstation-like” experiences has the same ring to it as “cheese like product.” Meh. Does this mean we weren’t having Playstation-like experiences on the PS Vita already? Sheesh.

  • Anything that brings games to the Vita is great news.

  • Unless the PSP/PSPGo is supported, I will be passing.

  • Trophies, as we’ve seen with their absence from the minis platform, are crucial to attracting core PlayStation gamers.

  • Xperia _ ?

  • Now will my iPhone 5, iPad (3rd Gen), HTC Thunderbolt (Android), HTC Trophy (Windows Phone 7) all be supported?

  • So now PS Vita Owners we will have 2 stores?? PSN & PSM right? just to be sure.

  • Is this just for Sony Branded tablets or maybe you might bring this to ones like The Playbook from RIM. That would sweeten the deal for me.

  • I have a sony ericsson xperia pro and I will like to know if there’s a place where I can look for a list of certified devices to know if I can use my xperia phone ?


  • the only i want is metal gear solid: peace walker on ps vita`s ps store, and more psone classics like crash bandicoot series :( i dont have a PS3 for transfer these titles

  • Here’s hoping that most of those PS Minis trasnfer over to PSM games. Angry bird as a Mini is more expensive than it would probably be as a PSM game…. then again, that’s a bad example given it will be available as a 0.99¢ app on those certified tablets and smartphones. But hey, I’m sure theirs a logic to maintaining Minis as a separate section. :)

  • Is there a hockey game? If I buy it on my Vita can I download it on my Tablet S at no extra cost?

  • Wow, I’m really excited about this considering I have two devices that can support Playstation Mobile. Just to know, is there any official lineup of games for Playstation Mobile?

  • sorry, jack and sony…i notice the list of supported platforms is missing fruit.
    no fruit on the device = no play for me.
    my sister has a vita…but all of our other devices are apple.

  • everybody is crying about trophies WHEN THEY SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT 99 cent games and apps AN free 99 cent games an apps JUST LIKE THE IPOD AN IPHONE. you CAN BUY AN IPOD RIGHT NOW AN DOWNLOWND 100s of apps FREE! APPS FIRST TROPHIES second GUYS COME ON

  • What smartphones that come out in this october 3rd timeframe or in the near future will be Playstation Certified? I am looking to upgrade my phone December 23rd and would love to upgrade to a Playstation Certified phone!

  • Hi Jack,

    I am interested in getting a device certified. How would I go about doing that? I cant find any contact info or details on the process. Please let me know who to contact. Much Appreciated

  • @84 lol. Does not work like that. Just look for a list of Sony products preferably phones, tablets, vita that have the PlayStation certified tag. Or you could just buy a Vita and join the club.

  • Oh my bad lol. You have a product you want to add to their list. Sorry disregard the comment above.

  • I’m very split between being happy and sad about this playstation mobile idea. I am a proud Vita owner since day one and I love my Vita even more than I loved my Psp ( Which I thought impossible ) but mobile gaming is what’s causing ALL this problems for dedicated handhelds across the table. Basically I dont see how sleeping with the enemy solves the problem. I want to have a long lasting relationship with my Vita and would not like to think that support for it may be dropped to focus more on phones and tablets because they’re easier to market to consumers/development cycles or whatever.. I understand the business part of the situation but being on the consumer end of this one I can’t help but be alittle alarmed. I’ve been a Sony loyalist from the jump ( beginning ) and know that my machines are always cared for even years after their newer counter-parts arrive but I would still like some reassurance to lay my uneasiness to rest.. Sony 4 life FTW

  • I don’t know why but I really thought this was coming to iPhone. I guess that’s probably outside the realm of possibility considering it’s a different platform. Or is it ? It would be nice if you could bring Playstation Mobile to IOS

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