PlayStation Mobile: Coming To Tablets, Smartphones and PS Vita Starting on October 3rd

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PlayStation Mobile: Coming To Tablets, Smartphones and PS Vita Starting on October 3rd

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Hello again, PlayStation fans! Today I’m happy to share some big news on the mobile games front that we revealed late Tuesday night at the Tokyo Game Show. PlayStation Mobile (PSM) is coming to a number of PlayStation-Certified devices and PlayStation Vita on October 3rd!

You might be asking yourself, what is PlayStation Mobile, exactly? Allow me to explain: PlayStation Mobile is a brand new platform for tablets and smartphones that offers PlayStation-like experiences on a number of different mobile devices. When PlayStation Mobile launches on October 3rd, we will have around 30 titles available from a range of developers, including games from indie devs as well as our own Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios.

PlayStation Mobile game prices will range from around $2 to $20 and be available in a variety of popular genres, including Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Sports, and Simulation. PlayStation Mobile will also offer an easy-to-navigate storefront to check out and download PlayStation Mobile games, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for quickly. More details to come on where you can start to download PlayStation Mobile games beginning on October 3rd.

We’re also happy to announce that we’re going to begin offering the official version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK this November, which will offer a more streamlined and efficient content development environment. With just $99 for the license agreement fee annually, developers from established game companies, small indie teams, and even one-man shops can easily distribute their content through the PlayStation Store on a commercial basis and market their games to millions of gamers with PlayStation-Certified devices and PlayStation Vita.

We’re excited to offer PlayStation games on the go with PlayStation Mobile. Definitely check out the launch titles yourself and let us know your favorites. Mark your calendars for October 3rd!

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  • This is good to hear. I have a few questions though:

    WIll every PlayStation mobile game work across every platform, or will there be tablet/Vita/phone exclusive games/apps?

    Will PlayStation Mobile titles have trophies or online functionality?

    Thanks, and I can’t wait to play these on the Vita.

    • PlayStation Mobile games will work across all supported platforms.

      I can’t talk about any unannounced functionality, but if there are features you want, please make sure to get them in to PlayStation Blog Share as we use this to guide development.

      Glad to hear you are excited about PlayStation Mobile!

  • new cheap games for Vita sounds interesting. Just hope this isn’t the new version of ‘PS Minis’. >_<

  • Is this coming to the Xperia Play? Will the games support the physical keyboard?

  • No $0.99 or free-to-play apps and games is kind of a bad move. Do you plan on introducing these in the future?

    Also, do you plan on allowing trophies on PSM games?

  • Guys, I’ve already voiced this in the dev forums and I’ll continue to voice it.

    1.) Also C and C++ development. You’re cutting out a huge chunk of devs by making this C#.
    2.) Make a Unix SDK (Mac and Linux). YOU WANT to bring in iOS devs like myself.
    3.) Documentation, tutorials! Push it all. You’d be surprised about how many resources are out there for iOS and Xbox Live Arcade when it comes to making applications and games. You need that push, and the popularity will skyrocked.
    4.) Allow PSN and Trophy support! The majority of PSN users will view PSM as a low end set of games that aren’t worth the time/money without these. What’s the point when you can buy a PSN game for the same price and more value?

  • what are the brands of playstation certified devices?

  • what are the launch titles which you speak of? where may we see the list?

  • I agree, no trophies = no buy. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t game only for trophies but they add a great replay value to games…

  • No .99 cent apps? iOS will still have the upper hand. Unless of course these apps are stunning. As Link01 said, trophy support should be in these (as well as minis).

  • Can this PLEASE be added to iPhone/iPod/iPad Devices!!!!!

  • oh, give em trophy support. like the low prices, but like miniS before this.. no trophys = no buy….
    i like the vita with the free and low priced games, with trophys.

    come on! trophysupport and you will get lots of my money :)

  • Wow… this is great that Sony is being so open to indie developers. It’s like Steam on mobile devices. Can’t wait to see where this goes in the future… this has the potential to be huge.

    • Yes, this could be huge. It has never been easier to become a PlayStation developer. The PlayStation Mobile SDK is just $99 a year!

  • Aren’t these meant to try to compete with ios games? What I call “tap tap crap” to satisfy very casual gamers waiting for a bus or avoiding work. Unless things have changed since the days of my first iPhone, this type doesn’t have trophies. It has a different store, not the PSN store so there’s no PSN ID so no trophies. That’s my guess anyway.

    This will be good for the casual android market & maybe those Vita owners who beat every real game in a few hours & constantly need replenishing.

  • Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!Trophies!

  • @19: The entire point of PS Mobile is to get a unified front for Android developers, because it gives them a way to reach multiple devices including a handheld easily. Since Android is the Windows of mobile. Many different hardware types. iOS is all by Apple, like Mac OS it doesn’t need that. I doubt Apple would allow that kind of thing anyway.

  • $2-$20 isn’t a very good price range. $0.99 cents and FTP should be in your plan as well. You need stuff like Triple Town on your platform.

    Interrested to see what shows up on the platform.

  • I meant @10… damn tablet keyboard.

    Finally, been waiting for this a long time. No 0.99 or free is kind of lame. I hope trophy support is at least an option they can add, don’t mind if it isn’t

  • I’m an indie, so question: PS3 Going to be added as a Certified Device?

    We would like to get onto PS3 and PS Vita at the same time and allow our players to compete with each other regardless of the device they are on along side our PC using friends which is what the game is targeting.

  • Super looking forward to this as well as the new PlayStation Store launch. Now we just need to get Trophies, PlayStation Mobile on PS3, and PS4, and hopefully spoon, an Xperia Nexus.

  • I wish we had more information and maybe a list of titles to look at.
    Please allow us more pages on our Vita, mine is full already and since I bought a 32gb memory card it’s only fair I should be able to add more spaces for games.

  • Trophies would be much appreciated for this and minis, but only if there is big time quality control on the amount and type of trophies included in a given game.

  • do PlayStation Mobile games also include trophy support?

  • Sony has told Developers for PS Mobile that sometime in the future, Trophies will be Supported.

  • @14 Thanks for breaking the page, idiot.

  • Maybe they don’t want free games on there because they don’t want games with ads on Vita. I definitely don’t.

    And trophies? What is to stop somebody from coming out with a “game” were you pay two dollars and just get a bunch of trophies without really doing anything? The developers would keep making those because obviously people obsessed with trophies would keep buying them, and then sudddenly the whole trophy system is out of whack because of so many people illegitimately earning them.

  • So does this mean that now devs can develop Apps for the PS Vita!? Apps like the ones sony wont provide like a firefox browser for the vita? That would be freaking awesome!

    Also wanted to say this…

    No Monster Hunter for PS3 nether PS vita at tokyo game show… FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No News not even a new trailer for FFvs13 at TGS…. FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By “PlayStation-like experiences” you mean PS2 HD remakes available on PS Mobile, right? and PS3 PSN games?

  • MarinoBrea, how are actual Playstation games “Playstation-LIKE”?

  • Will this be rolling out to more devices soon? Also will there be free trial and free/$0.99 games as well?

  • I want to know how strictly this will be policed and what sorts of apps will be allowed on PS Mobile. (hint: freedom is better, Sony!)

    If we can’t even get free Social Media apps or a bit of simple freeware, I’m starting to wonder what the value is in this. Sure, games like Minis are great, but I’m honestly more excited about the possibilities for apps. $2 is a pretty high starting point, and it’s not exactly competitive in today’s market.

  • If I bought some PS One games on PS Store like Crash Bandicoot and so forth will they automatically be free on PS Mobile across those devices?

  • Bring trophy support and some nice racing games like Real Racing 3 and we’re talking!

  • I’m with the trophy support bandwagon. Now that our PSN accounts are Sony Entertainment Network accounts, we should see trophies on all games across all platforms.

  • 25# Phantasy Star Online 2+ God Eater+ Soul Sacrifice >Monster Hunter game.

  • @Draco416 I bet you wouldnt say that to my face! but that ok….

  • All i want is to be able to change my PSN ID and my country,i been stuck on this account forever i have a lot of platinums on it and i don´t want to lose it : (.PLEASE LET US CHANGE OUR COUNTRY AND ID ALREADY!

  • Is the Google Nexus 7 tablet a PlayStation Mobile certified device?

  • @34, jhernandez, isn’t that the whole point of the internet? Where you can act like a spoiled brat “idiot” and Draco can call you out on it? Where neither of you would act like that in real life? In no way is the average person I know or meet in real life like the average crybaby here on this blog.

  • Keep the games at around $2-$10 and im all in. I loved A space shooter for $2/ Who’s that Flying / Alien Zombie Death & Young Thor.. These are the kind of games that if priced right, I will support big time….Looking forward to a list of games…as always, Keep on Gaming.

  • OOOhhhh, just remembered. When will someone Re-release Root Beer Tapper on PSN/Vita…Man I loved that game.

  • Would be great if there were posts for great Share ideas… it would encourage people to continue giving feedback as opposed to how it is going right now where we have no idea if it is even worthwhile. You can keep saying that it is, but talk is talk.

  • For instance those community posts for gaming stories, you could also add a community share post to highlight idea every week that are well written and could help guide you guys in development..

  • @vanwinkle

    If they aren’t PlayStation games…then what’s PlayStation about them? One of the strongest attributes of the PS brand is its IPs. So if I’m not getting current PS IPs, then I will expect they will make strong new IPs to empower the PS Mobile brand, but you know, for starters it wouldn’t hurt to bring some of the most recognizable PS brand to the Mobile platform: Uncharted Golden Abyss, God of War games, Gran Turismo portable, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, PS All-Stars Battle Royale, etc, etc. It would truly make the difference clear between run-of-the mill games and PS Mobile.

  • $2 to $20? HAHAHAHAHA FAIL.

    I want $.99 apps or GTFO.

  • @24: that is a stupid argument. Who cares? Trophies don’t give you any real world value, so if a game did hand them out (and some sorta already do) then it wouldn’t matter.

    Trophies do add replay value, and extra challenges at times when done right. Done wrong doesn’t outweigh done right.

  • I can’t wait to buy Aqua Kitty!

  • @44 what 24 said is anything but stupid. He is absolutely right on, i guess you a trophy hunter! But what game has replay value if trophies like #24 stated? Specially if you mainly trophy hunting.

  • people crying because its 2-20 dollars. What a shame.

  • Will PlayStation Mobile work on PSP devices for like a new service buying some games. Doesn’t have to be cellphone brand. Cause PSN kind of doesn’t sound too Portable if you ask me. Not to mention only comics are only to be bought for Mobile Devices. What if we want to read some on a PS3. Maybe someday SONY 3D TVs will invent a Kindle in 3D?? (Hmm that one may only just be found picture books.)

  • I remember when playing games was all for fun. Replay back in the Genesis/Atari 2600/ Playstation1/ Master Sustem days were about fun games. If the game was fun, it warented being replayed. I do like the idea of trophies, but to put that as a barrier for you playing or purchasing a game, is downright STUPIDITY. Not calling anyone stupid, but if lets say your a HUGE God Of War fan and the next God Of War was released without trophy support. If you choose not to play that game because of a lack of trophy support, I have to seriously question your HEART as a gamer….Keep on Gaming.,

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