PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita Puts the Fight in Your Pocket

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PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita Puts the Fight in Your Pocket

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita

Hello PlayStation fans! My name is Daryl Allison, Sr. Producer at Bluepoint Games, developers of the PlayStation Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Since Sony’s announcement at Gamescom of their awesome promotion pricing program for PlayStation All-Stars – where gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 version also get to download the PS Vita version at no additional cost – it has been great to see gamers getting excited for the PS Vita version, so it’s time Bluepoint gets into the blogging ring.

As fans of Bluepoint know, the studio has worked hard over the years to give gamers the highest quality remasters for classic titles God of War, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and Metal Gear Solid. Now, for PlayStation All-Stars, we’ve taken our passion to the next level. Our mission: To create the full PS3 experience of PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita.

By that, we don’t mean a game with similar features carrying the same name. PlayStation All-Stars is about showcasing the possibility of true Cross-Play between PS3 and PS Vita. The feature richness of the PS3 version’s arcade mode, online modes, player progression system and its unlockables and customization, etc… it’s all here on PS Vita. The connectivity and gameplay is a frame-perfect, seamless experience.

The only separation between the versions is where players choose to play, not which platform. Four friends can get together with four PS Vitas and battle via an ad hoc connection. You and a friend can grab your PS Vitas, team up online and compete against everyone else playing from their PS3s or PS Vitas. Or bring your PS Vita over to a friend’s house, and while three of them elbow each other and mess with each other’s controllers on the couch, you can lounge anywhere you want, playing against them with a handheld screen all your own. SuperBot serves up PlayStation All-Stars on the PS3 and Bluepoint makes it feel like the PS Vita was always its home. You’ll set down your Dual Shock, pick up your PS Vita, wonder how the PS3 squeezed into it, and continue your progression up the leaderboards.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita

It’s been awesome watching the R&D behind recreating the PS3 version’s high-quality graphics on the PS Vita. We could not settle for a reduced graphical experience – no one should! – so we set off on a journey of crazy problem solving for each character, environment and effect. Bringing the very best out of this portable platform has led our team at Bluepoint to hit back with a combo of high-end math and old-school dev tricks. It hasn’t been easy, but we’re doing it, and all with the game blazing at 60 frames per second. PlayStation All-Stars makes you believe that with PS Vita you have a PS3 in the palm of your hand.

It’s one thing for the graphics to impress. It’s another to ensure the PS Vita provides the genuine experience for fighting game fans. We regularly grab raw HD data and 240 FPS video to check that input latency, rendering fidelity and “the awesome” remains tight. Running at 60 FPS is as much for the smoothness of the graphics as for the controls. It’s important that there are no advantages (or disadvantages) due to the different hardware – no network lag, no input lag, so PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita must be — and is — tuned to have the same tight gameplay responsiveness. From button press to character action, the quality of fighting is upheld to PS3 standards. We also take advantage of both SuperBot and PlayStation being in California – Bluepoint is in Austin, Texas – working with them to tune network code and optimize bandwidth, to deliver the best possible online experience.

There’s much more cool stuff to talk about, but for now, get ready to take the PS3 PlayStation All-Stars experience on the road. As we do not endorse driving while brawling, we recommend you find yourself a designated driver… then have them find the nearest gaming retailer, insist they buy a PS Vita, and kick their butt.

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  • I’m loving the PS All-Stars beta on the Vita, unfortunately I can’t play the PS3 version because it’s saying I don’t have the right video output settings (probably because I got an SDTV) but I was able to play the last beta & I must say i’m enjoying PS All-Stars MORE on the Vita than on the PS3. hopefully these bugs get worked out to because its pretty glitchy

    • As much as we push quality, that is the unfortunate reality about betas. Most of the issues we had to live with to ensure the beta got started yesterday have already been knocked out. You will all see another quality leap from when you get your hands on the final version.

  • I have a Vita and sign up for a beta but never got one :(

  • My birthday is tomorrow Sept 20th..Can you please send me a beta code.Ive been promoting the ish out of this game on several sites and still haven’t even played it but I have nothing but faith and excitement for this game.Would be an awesome bday present to be able to play the beta on either system.

  • Will we recieve any sort of touch screen or cross remote controls(for supers etc) similar to that of Mortal kombat vita or ultimate marvel vs capcom(cross controller).Its always good to let playe have many options and ways we can play a game whether its cross-play,cross-remote,remote-play etc.Having more just sweetens the deal and encourages more playability.

  • can we take pictures in the game

  • Will there be any cross controller additions? Was curious about that.

    Will the full game support screenshots? I know that button input seems to go away during saving (except analog), unless they fixed it or are working on fixing it in a firmware update. But it’s still nice to be able to take screenshots. Especially the results page when you do really well. :D

    Sidenote; I’m in the beta, and I can’t see the forum link where it’s supposed to be. ):

  • Great work bluepoint i can see good things in the future with you guys.

  • hi from New Zealand just wanted to thank you guys very much for giving me a beta code for all stars was playing till 2am last night which was not the plan but just couldn’t believe how good it was. Wanted to ask is it better for you guys if a buy the vita version over the ps3 version or do you guys still get payed? just thought i would ask as you have done an amazing job the graphics and game play are very smooth.

    • Hello to New Zealand. It’s awesome to hear you found the game so much fun that you couldn’t put it down. I recommend you buy whichever version fits you best. If you want to send any extra love our way, be sure to voice your opinion through user reviews/ratings on various sites. Help spread the word on how much you love All-Stars and it’ll all work itself out in the end.

  • This game has a really nice UI. Actually better than the first PS3 beta. Also the fact that you can invite friends to your party to fight together is awesome!

  • Make the damage system similar or like smash please.

  • I’m really unsure with this game as of now, I haven’t been able to try it out so I can’t be sure until I do, but I was and still am a huge Smash fan. I love my PS3 and PS Vita, but I really need to see this game in action for myself to be convinced, but great job making this Cross Buy compatible. Just out of curiosity will you guys be porting the Zone of Enders Collection on to the Vita as well?

  • I want to download a digital copy. But I want the alternate costumes from pre-orders. Can we get extras with DD?

  • Also I plan to put a review for both the Vita and PS3 versions of this game on my MyIGN page. I’ve only done one review so far and that’s for NHL 13 but if people want to see it follow me on IGN the username is Toews1987

  • You guys are gods at what you do. I’d love to see what you can do with your own original IP and seeing as how you have experience with the Vita it’d be nice if Sony contracted you to expand the universe of Infamous, Heavenly Sword, MediEvil, Mark of Kri, Siren, or Syphon Filter

  • BLUEPOINT YOU ARE AMAZING. This is such awesome news! Buying DAY 1 just because of how hard you guys worked on the vita version! I just signed up for updates on the site, is it to late for me to receive a beta code?

  • Great job Sony. Im going to get this game without a doubt. Can you guys create a limited edition that comes with majority of action figures on the characters that will come out in the game? :D



  • I haven’t seen this question posted on here yet, and I never get responded to, but I might as well try asking.

    In order to get the cross-buy package, where do you have to purchase the game from? Do you have to buy the ps3 version of the game digitally, and then you get a vita digital copy, or if you go to a retailer (like Gamestop) and buy the disc copy of the ps3 game, you will have a code to digitally download the vita version inside the case?

    I want to pre-order the game, but I’m unsure of which outlet will supply me with the ps3 and vita copy of the game, since I own both consoles.

    • Since you never get responded to…

      Cross Buy is a Sony promotion. It applies to retail purchases and PSN purchase of the PS3 version. Buy a PS3 version and you’ll be able to download a copy of the PS Vita version.

  • @ Daryl Allison
    thanks for the reply i just had to say something as you guys really have done an amazing job. I pre ordered copy of the ps3 version for myself to get the vita version as well and pre ordered one copy for ps vita :). my friend is getting a vita will his bday in December so will give to him.

  • @papolatte You can buy it both ways you mentioned.

  • Yeah, I just went back and read other’s comments. I’m an idiot now. I had been looking up info on it for the past 2 weeks, found nothing, and now it’s plastered in this thread multiple times.

    Thanks DopeMunky3.

    • @papolatte: I’m glad you found it and read the other responses along with DopeMunky3 helping you. I figured you could still go for an official reply too.

      @DopeMunky3: Thanks for helping out.

  • @papolatte no problem, like I stated before I will be reviewing both games, I’ll need people to play both versions with if you want yu can add me on PSN and that’ll help me out

  • @Daryl It was my pleasure to help him out. There’s no need to leave someone waiting for an answer they might not get. So whenever I know the answer I try my best to help them out

  • Ive had a vita since launch and bought 5 launch games, I have also owned a ps3 since launch when they were 600 bucks but I cant ever get into any of these betas unless they are public.Yet people i know that are only casual users get in what gives?

  • @Poozilla024 I don’t think just owning the console earliest or playing games a lot will get you in, I believe you also need to be active with the community and subscribe to newsletters and such.

  • @DopeMunky3 You think someone would do those things if they were not active in Playstation and stayed up to date with all the news and such?

  • @DopeMunky3 Im simply stating that ive owned both since launch and am a heavy user of both.You miss the part where I said i cant ever get into betas?You think I dont know that you have to apply for these things and be active?

  • @DopeMunky3 And also you forgot where i said I know casual gamers who have gotten into betas.So next time you want to say something about someones comment then view the whole comment or dont comment at all it makes you look like an ass because you have no idea how devoted in the playstation brand I am and all things encompassing or exclusive to the brand.

  • @Poozilla024 Yes I do, because I am one of those people who bought everything on launch day since the PS1 days. I don’t normally go on the PS blog and post stuff, I normally stay active with my MyIGN community as I’m able to write reviews for games I love. I also don’t have a beta key and am upset with that fact, but I respect their decision to not send me one. But I do stay up to date with the news of new games, but active in the community means going onto the PSASBR forums and making topics, that’s what I meant, which is not something I have ever done

  • Well I have posted in the official forums.So you done talking trash for no reason then about someone you know nothing about?

  • I am also a member of IGN. So what makes me less of a real gamer than you?

  • I got on the post.I saw the developers second feedback comment ended with the more players we can get giving feedback the better.Fact is a casual player isnt going to give feedback they will play it once dont like it a never touch it again or they may love it play the heck out if it and buy it on launch.A real gamer will analyze it scour the internet for hours looking for every bit of info they can find.They will stay up til 2am playing or stand in line in the cold at midnight for there game.I am just stating that I feel real gamers like us(if you are as dedicated as you say)miss out on this great opporunity to be a part of making a game that we can help in the way we do best.PLAY THE GAMES thats what we do.

  • @Poozilla024 You are actually annoying me now, I was not belittling you at all. I said that I’m pretty much in the same boat as you and the fact that you are so ignorant and assuming that I’m stupid enough not to read someones whole comment really angers me. I mentioned IGN to say I spend more time there than I do on the PS Blog. I read each of your comments and I wasn’t talking trash if you misinterpreted that way I’m Sorry, it was not my intention. My intention was to give you reasons for why it is possible you didn’t get in, based on the words I once saw Colin Moriarty write when talking about the PS Allstars Beta Ok you’re casual gamer friends I have no clue about but I’m basing it on information from that. But seriously I wasn’t belittling your devotion to the PS Brand, I was just saying it probably isn’t enough to get you in the beta. Also I never said I was a “real” gamer, I just play games I love, whether for PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo consoles I play them.

  • @Poozilla024 sorry one of my comments is awaiting moderation it basically explains why I said everything and that I’m sorry if my comment was misinterpreted as it was not my intention

  • Hey I was on fence about getting PSASBR for my Vita until I found out Bluepoint was handling it. The game looks absolutely fantastic just waiting to get an invite for the beta. Keep up the great work.

  • is the cross buy a limited time only or will it be in every new copy of the game even a year or 2 from now? im not really into fighting games so this probably wont be a day 1 for me but i will eventually buy it. does the code for the vita version expire after a certain time or naw? loving the vita by the way, ive used the vita 2x as much as i ever did with my psp, we just need more games for it.

  • I am really excited about this game! I love the idea of playing on both systems. I travel a lot, so this will be great!

  • how can i get this beta?????

  • I know this is a long shot and you might not be able to answer but is the character roster going to be bigger? 20 characters is good but i was expecting around 30 at least! I know u cant leak info and i dont want you to but i would like to know if there is going to be some unnanounced surprise characters you have to unlock. that would be the best.

  • I know the game hasn’t released yet, but I think there are a few critical characters which need to be in this game. Perhaps dlc?1. Kazuma Kiryu of the Yakuza series. 2. Lara Croft 3. Cloud Strife or Tidus from Final Fantasy (I can imagine some awesome blitzball special attacks) 4. Aya Brea of Parasite Eve. 5. Snake. 6. Crash Bandicoot. 7. Gabriel Logan. 8. TOMBA! 9. Kat from Gravity Rush. 10. Jill Valentine!

  • @Daryl: Oh, yeah, whatever; that too.

    Seriously, though; faic, thanks and praise to Superbot should go without saying.

  • i received via e-mail the cross-play beta invitation, but when i trying to access the forums, i get this message
    “Your permissions do not allow you access to this section.”
    Why is that? can someone help me? T__T

  • Man I want this beta code so badly. My TV fried so im only restricted to the vita and this game is currently number one on my list of next vita purchase.

  • This is too painful T-T Im gonna stop checking my email every 15mns now ( -_-)

  • Oh maaaaan, i want to play this game so much on my vita, i didnt knew there was a beta =( is there a way to get an invitation ?

  • Its getting closer and closer to release. I am not that impressed with the roster so far. There really needs to be at least one Square Enix spiky haired character in the game.

  • I played the Vita version using Cross Play at E3 this year, and it was amazing. It was surprisingly smooth, and I sometimes found myself looking at the big screen/ PS3 version, and using the Vita as the controller. Really cool stuff. I cannot wait for this game.

  • Yeah I’m curious about that too. Is there a way to get into the beta invite list or is it completely random?

  • Had it preordered since it was available for it.
    Please do some new character reveals soon!

  • off topic: will metal gear solid collection get cross buy?

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