Borderlands 2: Return to Pandora on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow

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Borderlands 2: Return to Pandora on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow
Borderlands 2: Return to Pandora on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow

Hey Vault Hunters, the wait is nearly over! You’ve seen all the gameplay videos, you’ve read all the previews, you’ve possibly even played our demo at PAX, now it’s time for you to finally get your hands on Borderlands 2 for PlayStation 3 when it hits store shelves everywhere and PlayStation Network in North America Tuesday, September 18th! The development team at Gearbox Software has worked tirelessly over the last few years to make this game live up to the mantra “bigger, better, and more badass,” and we’re all so excited for you to experience the shooting and looting mayhem for yourself.

Borderlands 2 has 870 bazillion guns! According to our team’s math wiz, that’s approximately 800 bazillion more guns than the 17,750,000 that the Guinness Book of World Records said was in the first game!

From everyone at Gearbox Software and 2K Games, we’d like to thank you for your support, enthusiasm and encouragement while we developed this game. It’s been a wild ride and this Tuesday the mayhem begins — bring some friends!

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  • Not to mention the Creature Slaughter Dome!

  • If your looking for folks to play with …add me ! Enjoy Borderlands 2 it will be huge !

  • no extra char via digital? =[

    this sucks =[

    Y U no gimme mechromancer? I PS+… PS+ good…. very legit … very very

  • That trailer is amazing! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!

  • how much space will this game take?

  • Will PS3 get veteran bonuses, if I have first game?!

  • Btw mine already few hours on the way lol can’t WAIT!

  • I think you Americans didn’t get a chance to preorder because Gamestop or Bestbuy made a deal with Gearbox to have exclusive rights to take preorders for the Premiere Edition for NA. Europe does have EB games which is part of Gamestop but I guess it would’ve been an expensive deal to make for them to pay for exclusivity on both NA and EU regions, which is why EU got the opportunity to preorder on PSN and not NA.

    If it were up to Sony of course they would let everyone from all regions preorder, it means more money for them, but if Gamestop made a deal with Gearbox then I doubt they can talk about it publicly.

  • This game will be 60 bucks? Very overpriced if it is, i spent 78 dollars on a 50 dollars psn card to get this game and its 60?! Now i need to pay 21 bucks for a 10 dollars card f*** you gearbox you wont sell s*** if its 60$.

  • @supvic The bonuses is available to everyone who preorders, from all the online retailers that ive checked so sony needs another excuse. Gearbox made deals with everyone but sony?, Ha sony is slow and sometimes backward thinking they dont realize that they are an online retailer and to be successful they need sales on items, discounts, customer service, competitive prices, and new releases. As well as trailers, pictures, and demos for any item they expect someone to buy. This is just another reason why digital and sony online services takes so long to mature. Anyway not trying to bash them just stop sitting around a table talking, there’s an obvious want/need get it done!

    @megadrixfire What are you talking about? why would you need to pay $78 for $50 card? lmao

  • It’s my understanding that if you preorder, you get all of that stuff except for the little arena/colosseum thing, which is exclusive to GameStop preorders.

    Collector Editions and other such nonsense notwithstanding.

  • When on the 18th will Borderland 2 be on PSN? I am looking right now and I can’t find it to buy!

  • Good question willie…I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little impatient about playing Borderlands 2

  • Will the Borderlands 2 Season Pass for DLC be available on the PlayStation Store today after update?

  • wat time are they puting up the game

  • @69 Whenever the store updates. I just hope they don’t run late and end up updating at 7pm.

  • Awesome news!

  • @DaZetheMaZe thats the price for a 50 $ psn card in uruguay, and yes, the cheapest of all, no, im not kidding you can check uruguay web pages and see the price for yourself.

    at the end will this game be 60 $ or 50 $?
    pleasee someone confirm me asap…

  • It’s been confirmed to be $59.99 USD on the US Playstation store.


    People are upset that the EU has the ability to pre-order. While EU used to be treated badly by the PSN it is no longer the case. US is now the bad child. People are up in arms over what they consider fair treatment.

    I suspect there is more at work then retailers as to why they didn’t offer the Pre-Order for PSN.

  • when the heck am i going to be able borderlands 2? been waiting all morning

  • Can anyone confirm that the digital version allows for 2 copies? My husband wasn’t a big fan of the first game but I’d like to try and convince him to give this one a go and it might be easier to use our own PS3 units rather than do it split screen.
    If I buy the retail version, I get the trade in value later on… if I buy the digital edition I want to confirm that I can download it to our 2 PS3’s and that we can both play online at the same time with no restrictions. I won’t get the trade in value, but it might be worth it if I can get him playing the game online with me and a few friends.

    … also is there definitive confirmation that the voice chat works this time? So many games seem to pass Sony’s quality control with either non-working or crappy voice chat that makes the online experience miserable. If voice chat is solid, I’ll buy the game right away, if it’s only partially functional, then I’ll pass and buy the game when it hits the bargain bin as a solo experience with no online component. (I’m a bit tired of getting burned lately by bad voice chat).

  • Is this still being released on PSN? I got home from work looking forward to downloading it and it’s no where to be found.

  • IDK when i’ll be able to get it. No money right now. :(

  • im thinking of buying BL2 as a digital copy, but, more and more sony is letting me down at every turn.. my ps3 stopped reading disks, so i researched it.. found out the bluray lens is likely dirty or broken. instead of spending $150 + s&h sending it to our benevolent benefactors, SONY inc., i decided to fix it myself.. cost less than $25 for the lens and nothing for my own labor.. and now im reading they want to limit the number of times you can use a digital copy? indefinite use with your bluray copy till the lens breaks as opposed to 2 uses as digital? when my lens died, black ops became corrupted and i had to DL all the map packs again.. what i’m understanding about having 2 DLs per account means i’d have to pay to download the DLCs again since they had become corrupted? ugh, so many smart people out there and yet the corporate personhood of SONY inc. can’t figure out a way to tie a copy of a game with 1 or 2 machine’s MAC addresses or something? hopefully i am just not understanding what i’m reading.. my toilet’s water line broke and got everything wet, so i’m flummoxed, angry, and ready to shoot expletives in borderlands 2.. which isnt on PSN yet… ugh!

  • Uh, it’s the 18th. Where’s the download?

  • @Regalstorm… It’s not “uses”, it’s activations. I can buy and download a copy of a game on my account, and I can download the game again under my account on a second activated PS3. The second PS3 can then generally use a different User ID to play the downloaded game. With my purchase I can play the game and my husband can play the same game, at the same time on two different PS3 units. With a retail copy it can obviously only be used on one PS3 machine at the same time (
    I can delete and re-download the game as often as I wish (I don’t think there is any restriction on that, especially given that the PS3 units break so often and many don’t have the large memory that the current units have). There was a restriction of 5 activated units, but it was being abused by “gamesharing groups” so the current restriction is on two activated units.

    The reason I asked about this game is that there were some games that came out with restrictions. Some games can only be played under the ID of the person that purchased the game (so 2 units could not play the game at the same time). I was just double checking to see if BL2 had such a restriction.

  • @Elsa.. right, i hear ya.. my machine can download those DLCs numerous times as long as it’s the same machine.. i was kinda rambling too, lol..

    i still want to play BL2, but all i have is a psn gift card.. while everyone is playing it today, i’m waiting to wait while it downloads..

  • Please put the game on the ps store asap.

  • How come the PS store is taking so long to update? I am waiting to buy the digital copy of Borderlands 2 and my friends who have opted for the physical copy of the game are already playing it! If Sony wants to sell more games over the PS store and move more toward digital content, they’ll have to be more efficient with this! I don’t see why the store can’t update at midnight when the game is released so that digital sales can actually be more convenient than going to the store and picking the game up. It would be sensible and would make digital sales more competitive.

  • why can’t we pre-load borderlands? i just read that europeans have this option!

  • … what slazar0427 said. If digital copies are to be competitive on release date then they need to be on the store sooner than the usual late-in-the-day updates. There are few enough advantages to buying digital (2 copies if people have 2 PS3 units is about the ONLY advantage, because there’s certainly no trade in value) so unless they drop the price on digital copies, Sony needs to bump up any other advantages – like having simultaneous release (or at least putting it up on the morning of release day rather than the usual evening update).

  • @Elsa That’s certainly why I opted for the PSN download. I guess having two units play the game is worth the wait but when the hype is this big the wait is almost unbearable.
    @Relgstorm Yeah! I almost wanted to get an EU account just so I can download the game but it comes out on Friday for them. It would be great if Sony can make all their new games up for pre-order before they are released.

  • It sure would be cool to have some patience right about now, or be playing BL2 one. I regret ever letting myself decide to buy it online. Where I live the stores will not have the game for a few hours so by then the store should have it.

  • Regardless I think Sony needs to up their game and to have these updates ready beforehand so that when the date comes around the releases are readily put up. I can imagine that’s not asking too much of them.

  • LOL US PSN Store is LOL =))))))))……… I can’t take it anymore =))).

  • should change the september 18th release to around the 19th maybe we wont hate so much probly not though there will always be hate

  • @92 yeah if they would have changed the release date on psn to the 19th the reactions on here would still have some whining about being one day after the hard copy launch but I bet there would be a lot less complaining overall because we would actually be getting it a few hours early. But instead theyre making people like post #93 go crazy

  • i had to pay more than 100 $ to get a 50$ and a 20 $ card to buy borderlands 2 (yeah thats how expensive it is in my country) and now you sony dont update the f”c”i”n” store!!???
    friends from other country payd less than the half i did and i probably will play the game tomorrow because of the late time the psstore updates and mi internet beign crap because where i live???? stupid sony

  • hope they don’t pull a gta 3 and say they couldn’t post borderlands 2 because of clearance issues.. they’re taking mighty long’s 6:00pm on my side

  • Wow….first no preorder, now this huge delay? Cmon, is it that hard to get the store software to be release in a timely (early) fashion?

  • here its 7:12 and im waitiigngg bordllernads 2 sonnyyn bring it ;:);));); oskssko+¡spslsssss updaqte store siobnyyyyyyy plss

  • Well if you are getting impatient just know thta people are already posting lets plays on youtube of them playing the game on PC and hard copies..I cant bring myself to watch it and spoil it for me

  • At this rate I might not be able to actually play until tomorrow, once the download and install are finished.

  • It still is not as worse as was store update with Gravity Rush. But it’s never too late =))).

  • At least they have the Street fighter 25th Anniversary Collection up. Screw Borderlands….good to see Sony has their prorities straight for once.

  • borderlands 2 is already in the u just have to search for it.

  • touche…I wonder how long it’s been up there while we have been complaining

  • Just went up on the store hopefully ill finish the download and install before i fall asleep lol

  • @107 thanks, if it wasnt for you i would have still been waiting for sony to f@@#@@ tell us it was there!!!! stupid sony.

  • Megadrix, why don’t you buy your US PSN codes on ebay? they’re only $55 for a $50 card at the most. I hope you’re not really paying $78usd for a $50 card.

    The cheapest site I know for US PSN cards is and they email within 2-3 hours.

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