Sackboy Popping Up Early on PS Vita

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Sackboy Popping Up Early on PS Vita

Hi everyone – production on LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita was completed earlier than expected, and due to the excitement from our retail partners, some have decided to put it on shelves as soon as the product was received. You’ll still be able to fully enjoy all the offline features of the game, but the servers will not go live until September 18th. We apologize for any confusion this may cause and will keep you posted on any further updates.

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  • And with this, we hit post 100.

    Balls in your court, SCEA. Do the right thing for your customers… either release the digital LBP alongside the DLC and servers opening, or wait to open the servers and give DLC until the game is released digitally.

    I think everyone would prefer the former.

  • @canadianrogue

    I agree with you, but look at SCEA’s PSN store, every major retailer in the states is selling Hot Shots Golf & Wipeout for $20, why on earth is the digital version still $35?

  • Simple, shb23. We both already know the answer though.

  • PSN And Xbox Arcade are slowly going to get shafted by Steam and Hell even Nintendo’s Eshop, they seem to get the idea having all their games digital the same day as physical when the game releases. AND Nintendo is allowing you to actually Sell your digital copy to a friend (With a certain price cut) that IMO is a huge step and shows how far behind Sony And Microsoft are. Sony wants people to embrace Digital Games yet shafts those that do buy digitally, don’t understand.

  • Just release it on the store this Tuesday and be done with it. This isn’t acceptable. I’ve been waiting for this game since June when it was supposed to come out. If it’s ready it shouldn’t have to wait. I read Sony gave the stores the okay to sell it so they can do the same and put it on the store.

  • Does Sony realize it is losing money it could be making by digital markup/lack of stocking fees by not putting this out on Tuesday on PSN? People (like myself) will go buy the physical version even though we planned to wait for the 25th and buy digitally?

  • I really don’t understand why they won’t put it on PSN on the 18th. Making their Digital customers wait so long to purchase the game, only hurts them. I’ve gone 100% digital since I bought my Vita. If they are going to make us wait until the 25th (probably late night too), I honestly think I’ll have to stop getting my games digital. Because at this point, the negatives seem to far out weigh the positives. I really hope they change their minds about this.

  • I love this game. A full lbp experience.

    This isn’t fair. Logically, Digital version would come out first since it would be available right after the game goes gold. Now, we are the last people in the world to get it.

    Please release it Tuesday.

  • I do feel a bit cheated about this; I was quite happy that England was getting a new game before America, for a change. However, like always, they are now getting it before us!

    NOT HAPPY!! Release it early for everyone or release it on time!

  • How much space required digital version??

  • I have a question that I really need an answer to; did Sony send LBP PSV in few numbers across GameStop stores in America, with no intent to give them more copies until the 25th? Or are they actually giving each store new copies each day? I’m not trying to troll, if the answer is obvious, I’m sorry I didn’t see it before. An answer would be much appreciated!

  • @swweet
    Common, it is a bit disappointing it won’t b digital released tuesday, but you sound so immature. Your saying that you are missing out on what? About 10 days of playtime? How can you say that. They games official release is 25th of sept. Also you choose you path. I was going to get it digital because of its surprisingly small size of under 1.2GB. But I want the game asap. So I’m getting it physical. And later down the line ill switch to digital, simple. Your mqking it sound like you are entitled to having the game before its official release. But truth is you can’t complain qbout them accepting retailers choice to sell it early. I’m sure they weren’t expecting this so w.e. BTW you’ll have like 100-500+ extra stages to play when it releases so no complaints are really necessary. And again it does suck but sony didn’t break dates they just excepted it.

  • This is great for GAMESTOP customers, but (no offense) I feel a little screwed for buying the largest, most expensive SONY memory card I could for my VITA so I could DOWNLOAD my games ON DAY ONE and not have to swap out Vita cards all the time. Now third-party customers are getting the game early, and PSN-DIRECT CUSTOMERS like myself are being told to just sit tight for another couple of weeks WITH NO WORD YET AS TO WHETHER OR NOT WE WILL EVEN SEE THE PREORDER CONTENT FOR BUYING ON WEEK ONE? At least throw us that bone. If you give me the option to preorder on the PSN to receive exclusive content, I will gladly do it! I hate this waiting around and hoping we will see the content if we buy early and direct. We are usually not let down, but the waiting game is a disservice to LOYAL PSN CONSUMERS.

    Give PSN customers Little Big Planet Vita early, too! Or at least promise us the week-one DLC!!!

  • Eric, I’d love to hear the official stance behind this decision.

    I am amazed at how ineffective and slow the guys are whom are in charge of the playstation store. If you want it to be taken seriously as “THE” game marketplace for Playstation products then you have to learn to adapt more rapidly here. My main concern is the digital game pricing doesn’t reflect the low pricing of retail thus far however I’m still perturbed at the thought that you can’t get a small game on the live server given the broken release date.

    Please start acting like you want and deserve my money otherwise I have a perfectly good PC that I could spend my gaming money with instead.

  • Seriously people, quit whining. If you want to be mad, then be mad at GameStop for breaking street date. Sony tries to play nice, by not sending out cease and desists and this is what they get. No other retailer was selling this early. Amazon still isn’t shipping it’s copies out until the 25th. If you want to play that badly, then go to GameStop and pick up a copy there, the $40 you had in your psn wallet for this will still be there, just use it for something else. The plan was always for this to be available on the 25th. How was Sony supposed to know that GameStop would break street date? It’s not just “flip a switch” and it’s up. That’s not how it works.

  • @Destinys_Memory

    This is why games go “gold” before release. It gives all parties adequate time to prepare by uploading the game to the server and for retailers to stock shelves. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was already hosted on Sony’s servers. Take Steam for example whom allows users to pre-load big release games far before release date.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to for sony to adapt to this situation, get their tech guys to ready the game for digital release. It will generate customer confidence and goodwill for a low man hour cost and show the community that they are to be taken seriously. I’m not saying Gamestop are not complacent in this but since they are one of sony’s biggest retailers, sony has a responsibility to ensure product parity for their consumers.

  • This is my first comment on these forums. Sony NEEDS to put this game up for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. It’s unacceptable that this game isn’t being released day and date with the retail version. Doesn’t matter what the original date was. The fact that I can walk down to any Walmart or Gamestop and buy this game means that I should have the ability to purchase the game digitally through PSN. I didn’t spend $100 on these overpriced proprietary memory cards to be DENIED the ability to download new releases. Shame on Sony for treating their loyal customers this way.

  • ^
    This guy gets it!

  • Are you extending this too European distributors such as GAME… I realize this was probably a mistake by the retailers in the states and instead of trying to contain Sony have just let it go ahead too not disappoint who haven’t gotten an early copy.

    I just wonder being the awesome company that you are will you extend this “solid” too us games in the UK that original where supposed to get the game first?

  • SCEA the community has spoken, we want LBP digital version to be on PSN tomorrow if possible, thank you.

  • Teflon, I wouldn’t be upset if they were waiting until the 25th for the DLC and servers to be uploaded. Thefact that they WiLL be up on the 18th, really hurts your argument. If they are putting up the DLC and the servers, why the hell not put the game?

    Plus – buying physical isn’t an option even if I wanted too. I put $40 in my PSN walet for this game, and I’m not gonna spnd another $40 to get it on the NEW release date. I bought a 32GB card, and am buying directly from Sony. Why should I be getting it a week later when they said downloads would be available day and date that the game is out… which is now, since they aren’t stopping the retail sales.

  • @swweet
    What you said is completely INVALID.
    If you didn’t know, most the time games are released, they open the online servers approx a week ahead of time, because of reviewers and so on. That’s not a reason to be mad, every year I have a friend playing the new CoD days before release and check youtube it happens alot. As it stands the DLC registery was a part of the game update 1.01 so to make it available through PSN is nothing.
    Now the $40 PSN issue. Yes thats not a good issue BUT. Look at all the close releases Digital. New Little Kings Story, Dokuro, Ragnarok, Jet Set Radio and so on. Buy one of those or get something like Dissidia 012 Duodecum.
    Your forgetting PSN goes by OFFICIAL release not STREET date. Also not every retailer is selling it yet, hell not one gamestop by me has it yet. And I gotta wait til late monday or early tuesday.
    You want something to do with the $40 I can give you ALOT of options. I have about 25GB worth of content for my Vita and not one regret.

  • Store USA???

  • And you miss the point entirely.

    Whoever bought physical got the game 10 days early, and come tuesday… will have access to every feature in the game.

    Whoever wanted to buy digital now has to wait another week, due to the fiasco. AmI mad at GameStop? Yes. SHould I ignore SCEA not taking charge of the situation for digital users? Hell no.

    I already bought a mem card with 300% mark-up. I already was ging to give my money directly to Sony. Do NOT say I have no right to be angry, when they are shafting some of their biggest fans. I’m not gonna spend $40 extra to fix Sony’s mistake,

  • + MidgardDragon

    they wont lose money at all, people who want it digitally will still buy it that way. you could have sony handing our cease and desists to all the retailers but that would get them nowhere…they would just stop carrying vita software which would put the vita in an even lower situation then it already is. sont cant afford to cheesy off retailers with the vita.

    look at the big picture, not you own small words

  • rego00123.

    Sony gets more money from digital downloads.

    This fiasco is certainly making people want to not go digital, or buy the game at all.

    THAT is how they could be losing money.

  • @swweet

    who’s fault was it for putting their money in their digital wallet 14 days earlier than the games release..

    thats’s right.. you.. unless their slogan “it only does everything” means they also dig in your pocket and take your money..

    now explain to us again how is it SCEA’s fault.

  • @swweet You are just wrong on all accounts and but hurt In the UK we where scheduled to get the game on the 21st of September as of right now theirs no news on whether The UK businesses will be allowed to break street dates but that’s not my point my point is….

    Are you entitled to get the game on the 21st and not the 25th just because the UK gets the game on the 21st? Your not entitled to anything! if your upset go buy a copy otherwise shut up and wait. More the fool you for buying digital versions of games… As you know doubt no digital copies don’t actually belong to you.

    The same can be said when you no doubt get Persona 4: Golden way before anyone in Europe, Just because it’s available on the PS store in the US does that mean we should also get the digital copy of the game then? No!

    Like i said stop acting all entitled just because you already but $40 on in your wallet again fool you for putting money in the wallet BEFORE the game is even out.

    Sony don’t need to do anything for you period.

  • It is GameStop’s fault for selling early.

    It s SCEA’s fault, that they are allowing the retail sales to continue – even going as far as to put up the DLC for the US, on tuesday. If they are already adding LBP content this tuesday, and the physical game is out, why the hell are they holding back the digital game? It does nothing to make people happy. Sure, some people are indifferent, but pretty much ANYONE who was planning on buying digitally, is mad that we now have an extra 1 week wait. For wanting to support Sony directly. Even though they said we would have the game available digitally the same date it would be available retail… which is now.

  • @swweet: Again, your anger should be directed at GameStop for breaking street date, not Sony. LBP is being released on PSN the same date as the physical copy was supposed to be released. The issue is GameStop started selling early. You can’t expect Sony to know that GameStop would do that, and therefore be ready with the digital version two weeks ahead of the scheduled date. Retailers can get severe fines for breaking street date, but Sony clearly decided to be nice, and opened it up to other retailers. But that doesn’t mean that the servers are ready yet. If they’d throw everything up when it’s not ready, and the servers would crash, then people would be complaining about that. They’d be spamming Amazon with a bunch of illegitimate 1-star reviews saying the game is broken. You shouldn’t be blaming Sony for GameStop breaking date. No one told you to put $40 in your PSN wallet this early, anyway. There’s no digital pre-order up (that I’m aware of).

  • I fully understand the situation manic, I am not angry because I’m not getting the game early. I’m angry that despite the game being widely available in the US right now, I will have to wait until the 25th to download the game. Day and date is the phrase here, because that is what Sony promised digital buyers.

    The fact that they aren’t holding back LBP at retail, is a move that acknowledges in all but words, that the 15th had become the new release date. And therefore should have been put on PSN.

  • The servers are going to be up on tuesday. The dlc is going to be up on tuesday. The european digital download will be up on wednsday. Alongside it’s physical release.

    I am mad at GameStop for starting this, but I am also mad at SCEA for not sticking to their day and date promise, especially when they are allowing the game to have full functionality on the 18th.

  • Europe gets the game on the 21st (which is a Friday) thats why the DLC and servers are being prepared, the digital copy however is probably not ready and why should it be? This was an unforeseen circumstance like i said buying digitally is a fools game anyway.

  • Sony is sticking to their day and date promise. It will be available on the 25th. GameStop broke date. Why is this difficult to understand?

  • Manic. The european download will be up a day later. The download is obviously gonna be ready by the 18th.

  • They have SAID that it is now available at retail, itis already available now. Not 9/25. How is that hard to understand? If they were trying to curb the sales of the physical copies, I would understand. But they aren’t.

  • A day? The European release date is the 21st!!! That’s four days after the server goes live those first four days would originally been used to test stress on the servers etc before anyone (apart from a few who get earlier from places like Amazon by accident)

    Seriously do you cry when people get games early when they order of Amazon? This whole thing is ridiculous your angry about NOTHING!

    So what the street date was broken theirs still an official date and thats when you’ll get your copy of the game and Sony will stick by their promise of delivering the game on the date of release.

  • Amazon customers aren’t getting their games till the 25th either and i’m not getting mine till next Friday i’m not crying about it or acting like a self entitled jerk.

    Maybe you should got out and enjoy the sun or something?

  • reason he doesn’t understand (he’s 12)

    there is no ranking system so stop crying. it will always be available its not gonna leave. they cant delay it anymore

  • …It’s like arguing with monkeys.

    The game is out now. No one can deny that.

    I am angry, because while I wanted to give Sony mone directly, I’m getting a week-long shaft for going digital.

    I’m not 12, I am a grown adult. The people sounding like children, are you guys. I am just upset that physical buyers get a full week early, and SCEA doesn’t seem to care what digital buyers think of that.

  • Good god the whiners have the worst argument ever. Grow up guys, it is a game. Waiting to play isn’t a big deal. Getting a “head start” doesn’t matter. Even if it was, it isn’t Sony’s fault.

    Tons of games have been sold earky by retailers, but I had to wait for release. Deal with it. Sheesh. Cry more.

  • I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand why dd people are upset about this. There are enough negative aspects with DD. Sony should appeasing their DD customers. If they believe DD is so important, they are not acting like it. If Sony can’t make DD customers a priority, then it should at least treat them as good as its retail customers. Yes Gamestop may be wrong about this, but Sony is equally responsible. It also really works against there own best interest, to wait so long to release it on PSN so long after it’s been, exclusively, in retail.

  • Sony is willingly allowing the game to still be sold, which is breaking their promise to digital consumers – that games would be available the same day they are available at retail.

  • hey Sweet forget it, just wait till sep 25th to get the digital version, i know how you feel because im waiting on lbp DV too but there is nothing we can do, i think you should stop asking for it and just wait or go try to get the retail copy.

  • @103: lol, the eShop is trash. And LBP Vita will be day and date physical and digital.

    You just fail to understand that retailers breaking street dates happens, a lot. Including 3DS software.

    Ya’ll need to get out more.

  • Good lord the awful arguments. Dude what are they going to do? Challenge one of the biggest retail partners for selling the game before they were supposed to? No.

    The release is still the 25th.

    Next time Sony, just ignore when a retailer breaks street dates, because all these children clearly wouldn’t notice otherwise. Because then they would understand it for what it is.

  • I wanted the digital version :( Why can’t it just be released already?

  • There is a difference in a store simply breaking a street date, and Sony lifting the street date to accommodate retailers who wish to break them. While at the same time holding back their DD customers.

  • I understand it for what it is, but if they aren’t going to curb the sales, and allow the full game to be available, they should let it be available for digital customers too.

    Again, I am mad at GameStop, but Sony isn’t innocent here. They were at the beginning, but the handling of the digital release has lost them that luxury.

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