Jet Set Radio Tags PSN on 9/18 (Available Now For PS Plus Members), PS Vita 10/16

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Jet Set Radio Tags PSN on 9/18 (Available Now For PS Plus Members), PS Vita 10/16

Jet Set Radio on PSN

Jet Set Radio is returning in glorious HD on PlayStation Network and PS Vita as part of Sega’s Heritage Collection! Originally launched in the year 2000 on Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio has always been regarded as a true SEGA classic – bringing a genre-bending mix of rollerblading, stylish graffiti, and a soundtrack that people are still talking about to this day.

Set in Tokyo-to, Jet Set Radio is the name of the pirate radio station that fuels the local street gangs called ‘Rudies’. The game follows a group of Rudies called The GG’s, as they challenge the rival gangs for control of Tokyo-to. Powered by magnetically enhanced in-line skates, they grind, jump and tag their way while avoiding the ever present and increasingly ruthless police force.

Our goal with Jet Set Radio (and indeed all the Heritage Collection titles) has been to deliver the closest experience to the original product and, when possible, improve on it. Wait – I know the chill you get when the word ‘improve’ is mentioned in the same breath as your favorite game, and I can assure you that the core of the game is completely unchanged. The levels are just as beautiful as the original, just more so when displayed in full HD, 16×9 resolution.

Jet Set Radio on PSNJet Set Radio on PSN

The music is there, and even more so – we’ve merged the Japanese, European, and North American soundtracks for 28 out of the total combined 30 tracks. We’ve also included all new graffiti by none other than you, the fans! What’s more, we’ve added Trophies to offer additional challenges and bragging rights. Finally, we met with the original art director for Jet Set Radio for a series of interviews you can only get within the game itself!

And for all you PlayStation Vita owners out there, we’ve added some great new features that can’t be found on consoles. The PS Vita version of Jet Set Radio looks stunning on the handheld’s OLED display, and comes with some platform-specific enhancements. Now you can use the touch screen to draw the graffiti in the game, or use the system’s camera to import new tags to the graffiti editor. Both are subtle changes, but add a ton of fun to building new art in the game, or tagging with speed while avoiding the cops. All of these new additions are completely optional, and play off PS Vita’s unique hardware specifics.

We hope you enjoy Jet Set Radio as much as we do when it arrives September 18th on PSN and October 16th on PS Vita! And if you’ve ever had doubts that being a PlayStation Plus member isn’t a great idea, let us give you one more reason to sign up: PS Plus members are getting Jet Set Radio a full week early starting September 11th (THAT’S NOW!) at a limited-time, discounted price. If that’s not enough, we’ll even be throwing in a free exclusive Dynamic Theme and Avatar Bundle to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Jet Set Radio on PSN

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  • Hey since this is a SEGA rep, can you please get me some info on the PS Vita version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Like screens from the PS Vita gameplay, or a gameplay video. I just want to know the graphical differences because i know its the exact same experience for ps3 and vita but i highly doubt they but have the same graphics with no compromise. Not that it can’t but i would expect Sega to say something about it atleast. I asked a few times about the vita version on the sega blog but there usually isn’t replies on there

  • i guess my money will go to a cross-buy option. I will get this when it go on sale or you decide to make it cross-buy.

  • New to Playstation can’t wait to play this!

    Brings back old times.

  • Julian, please thank everyone involved for me that worked so hard to bring this title in its purest form by working so hard to get so much of the music back in this release. It was an integral part of why this series hold a dear place in my heart. I’m also happy to hear we’re getting a Dynamic Theme and Avatars, so happy I made the Day 1 purchase.

    Do you mind if I ask which 2 of the 30 tracks didn’t make it in?

    • Thank you for your kind words, I’ll be sure to pass them along to all involved.

      The two songs that didn’t make it:
      O.B. One – Many Styles
      Deavid Soul – Yappie Feet

  • This is a great game. I’ve gotten rusty over the years but I am having a blast polishing up. I am very happy to see this game get re-released and updated so nicely. A very big thanks from me.

    Now if we could only get the great Panzer Dragoon series 1, 2, Saga.

    A few more that I would LOVE to see as well get a re-release (Panzer Dragoon is at the top of the list though):
    Enemy Zero
    Bug & Bug 2
    Jet Set Radio Future
    Burning Rangers
    Toe Jam and Earl
    Nights/Christmas Nights

  • Any word on why the PS3 release has 9 trophies and the Xbox 360 get 30 Achievements? I was looking forward to getting all of them (and maybe a Platinum) on PS3. Now I’m probably going to get the 360 version instead. As someone who has played this game several times over, I was happy the achievements would give me some other goals to shoot for.

  • 9 trophies sounds kinda weak.

  • I have to agree with a few of the posters here. My typical routine for the week is to listen to the blogcast when it’s released to give me a heads up for the following Tuesday releases. Then on Tuesday, I buy stuff. So as far as getting a heads up that there was also a vita version, I had no clue because it wasn’t mentioned. My only sources for psn releases are the blog cast and the actually playstation blog itself. That being said, I really hope the good folks at Sony/playstation decide to make it cross buy or at least give a severe discount for vita version for those that have already purchased the ps3 version.

    Additionally, I’d have to agree that the trophy list is a little lacking, especially in comparison to the Xbox version. Take note devs, trophies may be intangible, but they do matter. One poster on the blog has already said they would end up getting the Xbox version because of the difference. That’s money that didn’t go to Sony.

    Anyways, keep up the good work guys.

  • OK, there’s no Cross-Buy but you should make a bundle to get both versions at a discounted price and have “transfarring” or something similar to share game saves

  • i hope you guys will remake Jet Set Radio Future in HD! lots of people will be glad ! bcs the ‘Future’ one is way better than the first one! ><

  • Sony has got to be kicking themselves in the face now. They should have known that announcing Cross-Buy would make people cry, whine, and feel entitled to a free copy of EVERY PS3/Vita release. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • @55

    Toe Jam and Earl is coming to PSN, the Sega Genesis games to be apart of Sega’s Vintage Collection. Not sure when it’s gonna be released though.

  • + R-O-Ofaliss

    cross buy does not extend beyond sony products. third party games are still up to the specific developers discretion.

    im not sure why people are still unaware of this.

  • this is amazing news! Jet Set Radio was one of my favortie games on the DreamCast, it’s great to see this game re-released in HD on the current gen consoles. Bummer to have to wait until 16Oct for the Vita release though… Honestly it would be amazing if we get a feature later to play PSN titles on the vita.. there are some amazing titles like “Shank 2” that would be perfect on the go. Make it happy Sony! we all want it!!

  • I have a really stupid question concerning plus. my question is: I just tried renewing my subscription the day before my subscription runs out tomorrow. Should I have waited until tomorrow to renew? Or is it okay to renew the day before it runs out? Also, when I renewed today, i looked at my free games’ information to see if the date changed and it still said it expired on 9/18/12 at 7:58am. Why is that?

  • Also, I received no confirmation email sting that my plus subscription is renewed. This worries me to say the least. Thank you for your continued plus goodies and hope more excellent free games are coming our way. i look forward to the coming months of plus and will continue to be a plus subscriber as long as plus keeps on giving. lol

  • wheres warriors lair?

  • I think im gonna wait on purchasing this game since im more interested in a PS3 version of Omicron the Nomad Soul that came out on the dreamcast so many years ago.

  • @66 i wondered about this too and tried it out myself once and its ok to Renew ahead of time and dont worry the expiration date of the games will renew also once your first set of PSPlus runs out and you play the games

  • i’ve been waiting for this game for months and today september 18 when its suposed to arrive isnt there (for the ones that dont have psplus) whyyyyyy??????????? i gonna dieee!!!!! lol but really why?

  • what about JSR”F”!!?? the sequel has to on there if the original is because the sequel was even better!

  • Is the Vita version only downloadable?

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