Jet Set Radio Tags PSN on 9/18 (Available Now For PS Plus Members), PS Vita 10/16

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Jet Set Radio Tags PSN on 9/18 (Available Now For PS Plus Members), PS Vita 10/16

Jet Set Radio on PSN

Jet Set Radio is returning in glorious HD on PlayStation Network and PS Vita as part of Sega’s Heritage Collection! Originally launched in the year 2000 on Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio has always been regarded as a true SEGA classic – bringing a genre-bending mix of rollerblading, stylish graffiti, and a soundtrack that people are still talking about to this day.

Set in Tokyo-to, Jet Set Radio is the name of the pirate radio station that fuels the local street gangs called ‘Rudies’. The game follows a group of Rudies called The GG’s, as they challenge the rival gangs for control of Tokyo-to. Powered by magnetically enhanced in-line skates, they grind, jump and tag their way while avoiding the ever present and increasingly ruthless police force.

Our goal with Jet Set Radio (and indeed all the Heritage Collection titles) has been to deliver the closest experience to the original product and, when possible, improve on it. Wait – I know the chill you get when the word ‘improve’ is mentioned in the same breath as your favorite game, and I can assure you that the core of the game is completely unchanged. The levels are just as beautiful as the original, just more so when displayed in full HD, 16×9 resolution.

Jet Set Radio on PSNJet Set Radio on PSN

The music is there, and even more so – we’ve merged the Japanese, European, and North American soundtracks for 28 out of the total combined 30 tracks. We’ve also included all new graffiti by none other than you, the fans! What’s more, we’ve added Trophies to offer additional challenges and bragging rights. Finally, we met with the original art director for Jet Set Radio for a series of interviews you can only get within the game itself!

And for all you PlayStation Vita owners out there, we’ve added some great new features that can’t be found on consoles. The PS Vita version of Jet Set Radio looks stunning on the handheld’s OLED display, and comes with some platform-specific enhancements. Now you can use the touch screen to draw the graffiti in the game, or use the system’s camera to import new tags to the graffiti editor. Both are subtle changes, but add a ton of fun to building new art in the game, or tagging with speed while avoiding the cops. All of these new additions are completely optional, and play off PS Vita’s unique hardware specifics.

We hope you enjoy Jet Set Radio as much as we do when it arrives September 18th on PSN and October 16th on PS Vita! And if you’ve ever had doubts that being a PlayStation Plus member isn’t a great idea, let us give you one more reason to sign up: PS Plus members are getting Jet Set Radio a full week early starting September 11th (THAT’S NOW!) at a limited-time, discounted price. If that’s not enough, we’ll even be throwing in a free exclusive Dynamic Theme and Avatar Bundle to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Jet Set Radio on PSN

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  • Is this game a part of the Cross-Buy promotion? Will I get the PS Vita version free if I buy the PS3 version now? I loved this game on the Dreamcast and am excited to play it in HD :)

  • Oct 16………….. bummer

  • Do i have to pay for the ps3 version and the ps vita version seperately?

  • I’m very frustrated. I just looked into this game and found out that it only has 10 trophies. TEN. Why? Its other console counterpart has 30 achievements, while this version seems a bit gimped. Will this be updated? I mean, it’s a full console title, not like a smaller PSN release or anything. I thought it would have more, and especially a Platinum.

  • I see others asking the same thing, and I’m curious as well if this is something you can buy once and access on both the PS3 and Vita. That would be lovely, if true :]

  • Is it cross buy?

    @Nintendo451; Well when you read the post it says it didnt have ANY trophies so 10 is more then ZERO! #Ungreats! “Im very fustrated”? Are you f#&kin kiddin me?

  • As far as I know this is not a Cross Buy game… far only Sony published titles support it…game publishers should realize how it pushes gamers to buy….It forced me to buy sound Shapes..

  • According to some posts hte on Neogaf, the xbox version not only has 30 achievements to PS3’s 9 trophies, but also runs @ 60fps compared to PS3’s 30fps.

    If true, how sony can allow developers to continue to treat their superior machine as second tier merely because it suits them beggars belief at this late stage.

    ….at the very least this game should have a Platinum trophy :/

  • lol @Polo155. Yeah these kids kill me with there trophy rants..smh. Anyway my question for Mr.Mehlfeld, will we be see a HD remake of Jet Set Radio Future soon, I never got to play that one when it was released on xbox . Any feedback on that will be well appreciated. Oh yeah…NO TROPHIES NECESSARY..LOL

    • Sorry – no info on Jet Set Radio Future – we’ve been hard at work releasing the original Jet Set Radio! If you love and support the series, let us know by picking up the game.

  • ^ its not just trophies – the rumor is that the xbox version runs @ 60fps compared to 30fps on PS3.

    Jest Set Radio Future also ran @ 60fps on the og xbox btw

  • Dear SEGA,

    We want you to know that the Playstation fanbase of beat ’em up game genre is as big as the other competitor’s one. So please kindly have “Guardian Heroes” released on PSN as well. Thank you.

    I also hope that “Outrun Online” will be back on sale on PSN someday. (And please release it in US store. I can’t buy it in Europe stores)

  • The shadow of the character is the first pic is just TERRIFIC……NOT! lol I guess the DC was not really good in rendering/faking shadows.

  • Excitedly waiting for the Vita version!

  • I have som doubts about the Vita version of this:
    1. Do it really was “remade”?
    2. What would be the price of this on vita? It cost 10 bucks on PS3, there some real reason to cost much on Vita?

  • Dear SEGA,

    Either make Shenmue 3 or hand over the license completely to Yu Suzuki.
    Also where’s Shenmue HD?


  • Shenmue HD on Vita?


  • Will the vita version have a more complete trophy list ?

  • Vita port please

    • Jet Set Radio is on the Vita and is mighty fine too. Check the blog above for the differences between the two versions.

  • Please give us Avatars based off the game!! :D

  • This game looks really interesting but the $1 discount is really lame. I would rather it just came out next week for everyone and Plus members get 40-50% off instead. :/

  • just finished downloading it gonna play it soon :)

  • Awesome choice for a re-release/buffed release, Sega.
    Would also like to see JSR Future, Christmas Nights, and (more than anything) Panzer Dragoon Saga.

  • So it isn’t Cross-Buy (is that thing?) but will it be Cross Play?

  • @22 i second bringing Panzer Dragoon. Also when will Sonic Adventure 2 be released on psn? And will it be the gamecube battle version?

  • ok the rumor about the framrate discrepancy seems to be false which is good news, but still very disappointing that the trophies included are so lame -_____-

  • Make that a third for Panzer Dragoon.

    Any possible news you could share on Toe Jam and Earl? they would make great HD releases on PSN :)

  • I can’t play this until I figure out where on the PS3 controller I plug in the VMU… Looking forward to the JSR dynamic theme and avatars, though.

  • Why does the PSN version only have 9 trophies? The 360 version has 30 achievements. Why are you not treating us equally?

    You’ve lost a sale because of this, I’ll just keep playing my Dreamcast version instead.

  • @28 lol that seems like abit much.

  • Would being a PS Plus member make the Vita version cost less when it’s released?

  • It’s too bad the Vita release is too far away. This is a perfect game for the Vita. I guess I’ll have to wait another five weeks.

  • Does this game support cross save???

  • Will sonic adventure 2 come out on vita?

  • Well I didn’t know about the free avatars and theme! I’ll definitely pick this up. Sadly I spent $3 on a DLC and am left with $6 in my wallet. ahhhh I’ll go pick up a $10 card later this week. haha, I played JSRF on the xbox (it was bundled with) and it was an amazing game, even though we didn’t have a memory card and later kept overheating (returned it). Anyways, hope this gets good sales so JSRF might live again!

  • Did Sega manage to get the rights for all the songs?

    • As noted in the blog, we have 28 of 30 songs of the merged North American, European, and Japanese soundtracks. Here’s the full list:

      By Hideki Naganuma (SEGA)
      “Grace and Glory”
      “Humming the Bassline”
      “Let Mom Sleep”
      “Moody’s Shuffle”
      “Rock It On”
      “Sweet Soul Brother”
      “That’s Enough”

      By Guitar Vader
      “Super Brothers”
      “Magical Girl”

      By Deavid Soul
      “Dunny Boy Williamson Show”
      “Miller Ball Breakers”
      “On the Bowl (A.Fargus Remix)”
      “Up-Set Attack”

      Also including such popular tracks as …
      “Electric Tooth Brush” by Toronto
      “Everybody Jump Around” by Richard Jacques
      “OK House” by Idol Taxi
      “Bout the City” by Reps
      “Funky Radio” by B.B. Rights
      “Mischievous Boy” by Castle Logical
      “Yellow Bream” by F-Fields
      “Just Got Wicked” by Cold
      “Dragula” by Rob Zombie
      “Slow” by Professional Murder Music
      “Improvise” by Jurassic 5
      “Patrol Knob” by Mixmaster Mike
      “Recipe for the Perfect Afro” by Feature Cast
      “Funky Plucker” by Semi Detached

  • What size this game?

  • couple of questions.

    1. Will you bring out Jet Set Radio Future @ some point?

    2. Are there rewards for Playstation Home in jet Set Radio Future like there is in Sonic Adventure & Space channel 5?

    3. Does the Vita version of Jet Set Radio have a different trophy set or are they the same as the PS3 version?

  • YAY ^(O_O)^

  • oops ment to say Jet Set Radio in my 2nd question^

  • Cross-buy is simply an intelligent move for any title PSN. Companies not supporting it are either greedy and want people to pay twice for the same game and/or stupid in thinking people will pay for the same game twice.

    I would enjoy playing this on my PS3, but ideally want it for my Vita. So the result ii, I will wait for the Vita version. Hopefully companies smarten up for future releases.

    And on a side note, there will never be a remake for Panzer Dragoon Saga. Sega lost the source code for that title. Without the source code they would need to disassemble a retail product, extract the assets from it and rebuild the source code. It is not worth the time and money to do this.

  • Definitely buying it for my VITA,

    PS guys: Convince capcom to bring power stone 2 (hd?) to the psn with online integration!

  • I like the fact that new Ps3 PSN games are also comming for the Vita :D

  • Keep the dreamcast games coming! Oh and Jet Set Radio Future please

  • @ Julian
    Will the vita version have a more complete trophy list ?

  • Please bring power stone to the PS3 and vita :-)

  • I kinda feel jipped… I bought Jet Set Radio day one thinking there wasnt going to be a Vita version. Now your saying that your releasing the Vita version a month later and its a whole new buy? Thats kinda low. With all the success of the cross buy program, you would think this was given. Kinda disappointed because I been tryin’ to rack up on Vita games and this kinda feels like a set back.

    • We announced the Vita version on May 25th and even had it at our E3 booth, as well as the Vita section of the Sony booth. The news on the Vita version has been out for a bit now and I’m sorry if you just now hearing about it.

  • I think their could have been a deal in which if you buy the PS3 version from the 11th of September to either the 17th or 18th of September, you get the PS Vita version for free when released. It’s true that when you offer a buy 1 get 1 free kind of deal with PS3 and PS Vita games, it can almost become an impulse buy to some people. If not free, maybe offer the PS Vita version for half off? It’s also true that these kind of deals can have an impact on pricing. For example Sega could have sold it for $20 and say you get the PS Vita version for free.

    For sure if Sega is releasing Shenmue, a buy 1 get one free kind of deal would definately give the game some extra publicity. That’s if it’ll be released for both the PS3 and the PS Vita. Sega might as well release as many Dreamcast games for the PS Vita as possible.

  • @46: Well, they’ve talked about the PS Vita version a lot in the past. So unless your only form of information comes from the actual PS Store updates, then you probably should have known about it.

    Still, it should have at least released on the same day for both. That would have avoided your situation all together.

  • The blog post on Sega blogs, and your comments here claim that the song “Dunny Boy Williamson Show” by Deavid Soul is in the game. But it’s not present in the in-game sound test, even though the rest of the music in the track list is, and I’ve made it about half way through the game and it hasn’t been used yet.

    Did you make a mistake, is this a 3rd missing song?

    Also, I have a suggestion for future games in the “Vintage Collection”. I was watching the documentary and got a phone call. I discovered that there isn’t a way to pause it, which would be really nice thing to add. I had to exit out and re-watch the first 5 minutes again just to get back to the part I was at.

  • amazing stuff :)

    thanks Sega!!!!!

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