PlayStation All-Stars: Raiden Slices Through The Competition

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PlayStation All-Stars: Raiden Slices Through The Competition

Penny Arcade Expo (also known as PAX) has become one of the biggest celebrations of video games, video game developers, and video game players in the world. We’re excited to attend the show this year to show off PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to the masses. To give you a sneak peek at some of the content you’ll be able to play on the show floor, we’re actually unveiling one of our new characters a little early. Lucky you!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Raiden

We’re excited to finally announce the addition of Konami’s Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series to our roster! Raiden’s appearance in PlayStation All-Stars marks the first time he has been playable in a fighting game, so we hope you’re all as hyped as we are to finally see him in action against the likes of Dante, Kratos, Heihachi, Cole MacGrath and other high-profile fighters. With his high-frequency blade and cyborg ninja abilities, how does he stack up against the rest of the cast?

Raiden is a close-ranged fighter who is capable of building tremendous amounts of AP with various combos and juggles. He uses a special chain-attack system that lets him branch off into different combo attacks depending on the string of attacks input by the player. He has plenty of ways to both start and end combos, whether they be on the ground or in mid-air. Raiden can also defend against attackers attempting to interrupt his combos from behind with reverse stabs and parries, which is useful in a four-player free-for-all. In true Metal Gear Solid fashion, Raiden’s super attacks allow him to take full advantage of his slicing abilities by requiring players to use the right analog stick to perform lethal slices to swiftly dispatch adversaries. Check out our latest character video to see Raiden in action, and let us know what you think.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Time StationPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Time Station

We’re also announcing our newest stage, Time Station! At gamescom we announced the inclusion of Ape Escape’s Spike to our roster, and with him comes this old-school stage where players will engage in battle. Fans might remember Time Station as the central hub that connects the different levels of Ape Escape together. You can also find the diabolical Specter in the background, up to no good as usual. What kind of mischief will he cause for those battling in Time Station?

That’s all for now, but we’ll have even more news for you once we get to PAX, where we’ll be unveiling even more All-Star fighters. Lots of exciting stuff this week, and we’re looking forward to chatting with you at the show. We’d love to hear what you think, so be sure to stop by our kiosks at the PlayStation booth, where all of our new characters will be playable. See ya there!

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  • Raiden….. eh. I was hoping more for Snake.
    And THIS specific Raiden isn’t a representation of metal gear SOLID… He’s a representation of metal gear RISING.
    If you want to rep MGS in this game, you need Snake.
    Please, don’t smear the MGS name that Kojima created with the milking of the franchise that Konami is trying to with MGR.

  • I thought this was suppose to be all about the Playstation…maybe you guys are holding back on some greats…? Hopefully!

  • Yeahhh! you guys are. You better!!!

  • @38 I aggree and a lot, as i said before it’s not playstation all stars anymore, it’s just cheap propaganda for 2013 multi-platform titles, Omar should’ve ashamed of saying this was a game “for fans by fans”.

  • GUYZ CRASH WILL NOT BE IN…apparently sony & microsoft own a piece of bandicoot and the contract states he CANNOT BE IN ANY EXCLUSIVE TITLES i.e ps3 only same for spyro btw sorry

  • *arm raised, fist clinched with cash* That’s it. Take my money Sony and SuperBot. Just don’t make us wait ten years for PSASBR II.

  • One more thing. Thank you for attempting and aquiring Third Party Characters. Amazing work. Trust.

  • you know what will reverse a lot of this negative comments? an announcement of crash.

    can you all confirm that there is more then 20 characters that were leaked


    Please!!!!! Nice on getting raiden now I know snake will definetly be in this game!

  • good news, although the raiden used in PSABR is the metal gear rising raiden. MGR isnt a part of the MGS series.

  • Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary + Final Fantasy XIII-3 + PSASBR = Lighting announcement

    A Perfect Storm. One can only hope folks.

  • What is Sony/Superbot doing? There are priorities with the characters, first is the most important 1st and 3rd party characters to PlayStation, for example, Crash, Spyro, Sweet Tooth, Robbit, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, WipEout, Snake, Spike, Tekken, Lara Croft, Kratos, Dante (original DMC) Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly and Bentley, Drake, Sackboy, those are just examples of priorities, and the priorities are who are most important to the PlayStation brand.

    After all the priorities are in the game you can add non priorities like Fat Princess, Big Daddy, new Dante and Raiden.

    If Sony/Superbot don’t do this I’m going to be really disappointed and disgusted that instead of doing what’s right and adding the characters with priorities, they add new characters like new Dante and Rising’s Raiden.

  • I want wesker in this

  • nice, but still waiting to see CRASH& SOLID SNAKE along with SPYRO AND MEDIEVEL.

  • No one is ever happy about anything. You guys complaining are ridiculous.

  • Awesome! Although, I still want to see Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil series, Regina from Dino Crisis, Lightning from FFXIII, and Dart from Legend of Dragoon. I also want to see Nariko from Heavenly Sword.

  • are the revealed and leaked characters the only guys in the roster or are are there more? cause some people say that the revealed characters and the leaked ones are the only guys

  • Nobody wants sora?! Ethier way i hope sora is in the character list. Like come on kingdom hearts started on ps2. Maybe sora cloud and lightning could be shown at tgs and i think square enix has there own thing so maybe there too. would be awesome.. i heard a rumor saying sora might be a dlc :/

  • Sephiroth. nuff said

  • As long as Snake’s in Battle Royale, then I’m perfectly happy with, and in fact welcome Raiden with open arms to the All-Star roster. Otherwise I’m pissed

  • I had my doubts about this game, but it is looking brilliant.

    BTW, can someone at SONY explain why PSN prices for many Vita games are so much more than the MSRP of retails games? I want to buy a bunch of PSN Vita games, but I’m not paying $36 for Wipeout when the retail price is only $20. I have a 32GB card, but I won’t buy any games until prices change.

  • Still no jrpg characters? thats strange considering how much that genre was present during the PS1 days.

  • I like the roster so far but it is severely lacking in the female department, as in none besides the princess,maybe Nariko, Katt, (Gravity Rush)Lightning( although that is a stretch) also highly unlucky at all but any female lead from the PS3 Atelier series and Since you have Parappa how about Lammy.

    Some more PS 1 reps as well Tomba for one and as people said Dart from Dragoon are the only two i can think of right now

    I would guess it would be hard to get some characters because of legal stuffs but just thrown stuff out there.

  • where is Sir Daniel Fortesque? he MUST be on PSASBR if this game is about celebrating playstation history oh and sony i want a new MediEvil game on my psvita / ps3 with move support thanks.

  • @IzoGray

    I have been saying that, too. They could use Nariko and Jennifer Tate from Primal; both women with good amount of movesets.

    I also want to see JRPG characters. From FF3, FF7. Maybe Yuri from Shadow Hearts; he has been a cameo on another game outside SH, so…

  • 2 Things
    First: The reason there are so few female characters in this game is because there aren’t many HEADLINING female Sony characters. Fat Princess, Nariko, and Kat are the ONLY headlining female SONY characters that people recognize. If they decided to add in more then one rep per series I’m sure we would have seen Carmelita (Sly), Yumi(Ape Escape), Talwyn (Ratchet), Elena (Uncharted), and Dollface (Twisted Metal). Also before you get down on me about inFamous having two reps, they did that because they HAD to. They needed both Karma’s and if you played inFamous, you know NOTHING you do, short of destroying the world, can shift your Karma from Hero to inFamous (And if SB did that fans’d be ticked.

    *Gets off Soap Box*

  • Second: the PR thing. Snake was already in SSBB, why bother recycling him? Raiden also has a game coming out, yes, but Raiden’s look came from MGS4, so do his moves. Dante has a redesign, like Sonic 4, they used the redesign over the classic because he’ll be much more identifiable. If Issac Clarke (Dead Space) is in here I want him to have his Dead Space 3 look. I’d prefer Connor over Ezio as Connor will be the freshest in my mind. Yes, who doesn’t love nostalgia. But, Spike was in his AE: MM garb and no one cared. Sweet Tooth is in his TM (PS3) not his TM2 and no one cares. Sly looks like Sly: TiT not Sly:TR. I could go on forever, but the main thing is these are the character’s current looks. Also, Lightning, Laura Croft, Connor, Issac Clark, Chell, and Jack Cayman would make the most since for third parties as they all have games coming out and are also great chanters that represent our favorite series. Thank you

  • I demand/request/suggest

    Kat from Gravity Rush
    Tifa from FFVII because she’s all fast melee.

    I know there are more male characters on the way. 21st century dudes. No women in Superbot?

  • Raiden se ve muy bien,la verdad no se de que se quejan…Ami gusto faltan estos personajes (Final fantasy = Cloud) Kigdom hearts = Sora Crash bandicoot = crash xD… ¿¿Mujeres?? Acaso se olvidan de Tom raider?Kairi?Tifa?Yuna?

  • And i agree with above. This game is a HUGE cut into history for playstation. CRASH AND SPYRO NEED to appear.

  • I wonder who is next?

  • oh my god there is video of Sir Daniel and Nariko joining the game!!!!!! now i must buy this game those were the 2 characters i was waiting for to get on board!!!! if they can get Nathan Hale or a Chimera then it would be beyond amazing!!!!!

  • I need Nariko in my life, and in this game, nao! My neighbor up above this post, remanutd5, can vouch for me. lol

    I can’t wait!

  • he looks clunky :\

  • He looks crap to be honest. How Platinum Games and/or Kojima Productions approved him this way is beyond me.

    He looks like someone cast slow on him. In the game you’re cross promoting (while throwing PlayStation All-Stars out the window and making it a PlayStation Marketing: Battle Royale), he’s fast. Very fast.

    Doesn’t even look like the same character in terms of speed. It’s like you were making some other generic sword character and then reskinned them as Raiden.

  • @81: You are borderline crazy if you think Fat Princess is a headlining character in her franchise. She’s not, it’s the peons that matter. She’s just the core gameplay mechanic, and Fat Princess is not as recognizable as… say, Legend of Dragoon (has plenty of females), or Dark Cloud 2 (Monica, who has tons of amazing abilities btw)…

    Your logic is flawed.

    Nevermind the fail argument that they HAD to have two separate Coles. lol bish please.

  • wow awesome

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