PlayStation All-Stars: Raiden Slices Through The Competition

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PlayStation All-Stars: Raiden Slices Through The Competition

Penny Arcade Expo (also known as PAX) has become one of the biggest celebrations of video games, video game developers, and video game players in the world. We’re excited to attend the show this year to show off PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to the masses. To give you a sneak peek at some of the content you’ll be able to play on the show floor, we’re actually unveiling one of our new characters a little early. Lucky you!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Raiden

We’re excited to finally announce the addition of Konami’s Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series to our roster! Raiden’s appearance in PlayStation All-Stars marks the first time he has been playable in a fighting game, so we hope you’re all as hyped as we are to finally see him in action against the likes of Dante, Kratos, Heihachi, Cole MacGrath and other high-profile fighters. With his high-frequency blade and cyborg ninja abilities, how does he stack up against the rest of the cast?

Raiden is a close-ranged fighter who is capable of building tremendous amounts of AP with various combos and juggles. He uses a special chain-attack system that lets him branch off into different combo attacks depending on the string of attacks input by the player. He has plenty of ways to both start and end combos, whether they be on the ground or in mid-air. Raiden can also defend against attackers attempting to interrupt his combos from behind with reverse stabs and parries, which is useful in a four-player free-for-all. In true Metal Gear Solid fashion, Raiden’s super attacks allow him to take full advantage of his slicing abilities by requiring players to use the right analog stick to perform lethal slices to swiftly dispatch adversaries. Check out our latest character video to see Raiden in action, and let us know what you think.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Time StationPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Time Station

We’re also announcing our newest stage, Time Station! At gamescom we announced the inclusion of Ape Escape’s Spike to our roster, and with him comes this old-school stage where players will engage in battle. Fans might remember Time Station as the central hub that connects the different levels of Ape Escape together. You can also find the diabolical Specter in the background, up to no good as usual. What kind of mischief will he cause for those battling in Time Station?

That’s all for now, but we’ll have even more news for you once we get to PAX, where we’ll be unveiling even more All-Star fighters. Lots of exciting stuff this week, and we’re looking forward to chatting with you at the show. We’d love to hear what you think, so be sure to stop by our kiosks at the PlayStation booth, where all of our new characters will be playable. See ya there!

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  • OMG This is so cool!!! PLEASE have more characters other than Nariko and Sir Daniel for PAX!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Game needs more Ryu Hayabusa! Just saying.I DEMAND HIM NOW! D:<
    but no seriously….I want him lol.

  • Will Grey Fox be an unlockable costume? That would be perfect.

  • So excited to hear the news about Raiden, im happy for another sword character. I have a question though in wondering when or if there will be any more announcements about new stages and talks about the story mode for the game?

  • This is great!!! this game is looking awesome… I have just one question, will the ps3 version be available on the psn? maybe not day one, but in the near future?

  • can you tell us the roster count? like how many characters are gonna be in the game?

    and is it possible that Snake might make it in as well?

  • On another note, Raidne’s level 3 super, truely epic!

  • get Dart from legend of dragoon

  • Please add Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, btw Raiden looks cool :)

  • Raiden is going to destroy Dante in this game lol. Now I just need Nariko and my personal roster for this game is set :D

  • Roster is looking pretty good (would have preferred Snake over Raider, but w/e)…but I’ll say it again SuperBot if you are listening. You probably need a bit more female representation then what you’ve shown so far and especially if the “leaked” roster is correct. Hopefully it’s not. But if it is, the game isn’t out till November! You have time to fix this. :3

  • Still hoping for Snake…

  • Ape Escape <3

  • So that pretty much leaves Sir Dan and Nariko for PAX, making the roster an even 20. I really hope there’s a few more, though. I can’t imagine this game without Spyro & Crash!

  • Saw Raiden, and thought Mortal Kombat
    I saw cyborg ninja and thought, “WTF is Sony thinking?”
    Then I saw it was the Metal Gear Solid one..haha

  • Just give me Lightning and this game will be perfect.

  • This game needs more SEGA characters. SEGA has been good to Sony this gen with a few 3rd party exclusives. Partner up with them and bring in Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza games, or one of the characters from Valkyria Chronicles.

  • Sorry but, I was waiting for Snake, not this.

    Too bad that some publishers want turn this game into PR festival, instead of a tribute to PlayStation brand history.

    I’m still hoping for Kazuma Kiryu and Crash.

  • check it out resistance stage!!!

  • Raiden looks good I’m excited again. SuperBot should add more JRPG characters though because I haven’t seen 1 yet. I suggest Dart, Rudy Roughknight (Wild Arms) or Minato Arisato (Persona 3). Wink wink nudge nudge SuperBot.

  • nuevos quremos mas jaj mortal

  • I would’ve rather have Snake, this is like picking Luigi instead of Mario

  • Will NA get the beta EU is getting? the one that will be playable on the PS3 & the Vita

  • You know the Playstation brand is dying when they can’t even get a classic character like Snake in the game and have to resort to using the lame Rising version of Raiden. Even Super Smash Bros Brawl had Snake and Snake is considered to be more of a Playstation character. This is pathetic.

  • @ freshprincepbg But Luigi is cooler than Mario! =o
    Still hoping for Crash/Spyro/Cloud

  • cant wait for the beta to come out!!

  • Looks like a fun character for me.

    Complained about others, so only fair to give credit here.

    Nice add.

  • what about sora!!! anybody from kingdom hearts??

  • Thanks Superbot, Raiden looks awesome!! Tough call to decide between him and Dante!
    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the other announcements!

  • Nice, since those other guys took Solid Snake.. Be nice if they got Naked Snake/Big Boss, but no complaints really.

  • Anyone notice that when a big actor has a new movie coming out, the TV networks play their old movies like crazy to get people hyped up? Same idea here. Really no surprise to see Big Daddy, Raiden, and Dante (emo Twilight toolbag version) considering they have new games on the horizon. Maybe we’ll see a Resident Evil character to go along with Resident Evil 6! LOL! As for Kratos, I’m sure he would have been included even if he didn’t have a new game coming.

  • Lightning would be very cool for the roster, Ada from Parasite Ev also if they had a skin for dante from devil may cry with the long hair, i think is totally doable since they added kratos brother as one of his skins which is awesome :)

  • Odd, this game is title “PlayStation All Star” not ” PR All Star”
    New Dante and New Radien screem PR BS rather than PlayStation. If this game was truly a PlayStation tribute, we would have these 2 character and Big Daddy.
    When people think of PlayStation, they think of Kratos, Cloud, Snake, Big Boss, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly, Cole, Drake, Sack Boy, Sephiroth, Crash, Spyro, Squall, Aerith, Sweet Tooth, Parappa the Rapper, etc

    What next, you guys will reveal Ghost from Call of Duty to please Activistion, or Commander Shepherd to please EA games?

  • @ 37

    You hit it on the mark. New Dante instead of old Dante, Raiden instead of Snake, and I’m telling you right now Lightning instead of Cloud. Remember Lighting is going to have her own game in FF13-3. It’s not a true tribute game it’s just a bunch of PR crap thrown together. If it was a true tribute to Playstation we would have Cloud, Snake, Ocelot, Sephiroth, Kain, Raziel, R&C, Parappa, Sly, Drake, Sweet Tooth, Cole…etc.

  • Very cool. hope Cloud is next, still want snake though.

  • game looks really cool but im wish it was snake an not stupid raiden, im gonna buy mgs5 but i want buy mgs rising because they of raiden an because the guy that over look the mgs has nothing to do with rising so i already know its gonna be garbege

  • i agree with #18, all i want is lighting an ill be happy

  • I’d still like to see Snake even though he might be too similar to Nathan Drake’s style, but Raiden is a very cool pick.

  • Good update Clock!

  • Snake?! Snake?! Snnnnake?! Nah, jki, .Raiden seriously looks like a good addition.

  • I just have to say he is not a MGS rep. Hes a MGR rep. I laughed my behind off when you guys said “In true MGS fashion”. Raiden doesn’t represent what the Metal Gear solid franchise is about at all.

    Reveal Crash and Spyro.

  • I really like you guys at Sony and Superbot but do I have to resort to calling you guys sexist pigs?

    Where are the female characters? Fat Princess? That’s it? There’s a rumor that Nariko is next. Even so, that’s TWO female characters out of a roster of…how many?

    Get with the damn program. This isn’t the 60’s. Women have rights outside of the kitchen and on the battlefield now.

    With that said, could you please bring in Kat from Gravity Rush :)

  • I was hoping that we’d get Cloud or another character from Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, or Tactics. At this rate, we’ll get Lightning and some generic Call of Duty soldier!

    When Smash Bros came out, I used to talk to my friends about how awesome a Playstation version of the game would be. Now that we’re finally getting it, I’m starting to think that I’d rather not have it! Some of these characters have little to do with the Playstation brand when compared to others.

    I’m going to be really pissed if a Hot Shots Golf character makes it into the game as DLC after seeing characters like Raiden, Fat Princess, and Evil Cole get in on day one.

  • There is a tweet about crash. Hopefully it means something

  • In the private beta – wish I can comment how awesome this game is

  • I have a feeling that lightning will be in the game when the new announcement by square happens on September 1st probably for a promotion . I am fine with that as long as Cloud is in. I think you guys need a really good bad guy and Sephiroth is it, and a really good girl fighter like Tifa. I know I know that’s to many from FFVII.

  • People are so dumb.

    This game has more to do with 3rd party PR & marketing of crappy multiplatform games (which probably run better on xbox), then PlayStation heritage.

    Screw you sony, I’m done with this POS.

  • you know have two maps from resistance and the hedge hog grenade, but still no character announced yet? If you go the choose to feature a human over a chimera, I think hale is more iconic than capelli, plus I can only imagine his lv 3 super…

  • Nice job SONY keep up the good work. Raiden looks awesome.

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