The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Hits PSN Today

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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Hits PSN Today

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - drugstore

We continue to be blown away by how much people want each new installment of The Walking Dead. As soon as we get an episode out the door, we’re immediately hit with people wanting to know when the next one will hit. It’s incredible and we’re so grateful for everyone’s excitement and support. Today we can confirm that The Walking Dead: Episode Three – Long Road Ahead will launch August 28th (today!) on PlayStation Network in North America. We’ve been hard at work making sure this installment will put players through the emotional wringer in this morally grey story set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series.

Episode Three – Long Road Ahead is going to push some truly mind-warping decisions on you. A zombie apocalypse is horrific not only because of the undead, but also because of the depths that humanity will sink to in desperate times. You’re going to have to choose paths that I don’t think have ever really been explored in a video game before. I can’t help but wince with the knowledge of many of the choices we’ve created for you to make. This is our most emotionally turbulent episode yet, not only due to the ongoing terror of living in a world plagued by the undead but also because of the barrage of difficult situations with no clear ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ solution. This won’t be an ‘easy’ episode by any means; emotionally scarring maybe, but definitely not easy. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a single event that transpires in Episode Three – Long Road Ahead that changes everything. Cause and effect can be a terrible thing.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - ChuckBenThe Walking Dead Episode 3 - gun

Something else we’re looking forward to players experiencing in this third episode of The Walking Dead, and as the series continues, is the just how the world has deteriorated in the aftermath of the plague over the months since the game’s first episode. Remember, armed forces and government agencies have already made their attempts to stop the outbreak, and you’ll even see the aftermath of a helicopter crash into the pharmacy in Macon as the result of their failed attempts. That’s in addition to several other mechanical breakdowns and disasters that have occurred across the area, leaving our group of survivors with an outright vehicular wasteland for them to navigate on their way to, what they hope will be, safety.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - pilot

While you wait for today’s Store publish, give the first two episodes another go and try making some new choices to see where the story differs. You can save those games in the other slots available and keep your ‘main’ play-through intact. Also, be sure to head to our new The Walking Dead stats page on the official website to see how your choices stack up with everyone else’s. Then share your choices with friends and talk about it on the Telltale Games forums!

The Walking Dead: Episode Three – Long Road Ahead comes to PlayStation Network today for $4.99, or can be downloaded from within the game’s menu for existing Season Pass owners.

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  • Downloading it now. =) I have season pass and couldn’t dowlnload ep3 from in-game menu. Only through search on PSN =)))…

  • @49 all games will be cheaper if you’ll wait long enough. It’s up to you to decide to pay more and play ASAP, or to wait and pay less.

  • @ 12 – PS one support on vita is available now, go on your ps3 and re download any PS one games onto your system but don’t install keep them in bubbles, then plug in your vita, content manager, ps3-vita, transfer your games, FYI, all PS one games work on vita this way.. playing symphony of the night as we speak

  • @52 I don’t believe ALL PS1 games will work this way, just more than are on the ‘offical’ list – in much the same way that a lot of PSP games that don’t offically run on Vita actually will, if you download them to PS3 first.
    It’s just a case of trial and error really.

  • I totally understand the business side of which games are selected as free games for Plus members (to promote sales of DLC, sequels, and whatnot). And I don’t mind paying for future installments of TWD. I just wish Sony would be a bit more upfront and transparent about whether these will be offered for free or at a discount in the near future (say within the next three months or by the time eps 4 and 5 are released).

  • Cant wait to get Episode 3 I really enjoyed getting the first two episodes free through plus.

  • Looks like now’s the time for that season pass. I was waiting but I can’t hold off any more.

  • being a BIG TWD fan i got the game day it came out so i was mad when it became free for PS plus members lol. dangit i couldve saved a few dollars oh well but im so glad for the next part i cant wait for next season lol hint hint

  • Where is it? Nothing so far: (

  • It’s out right now! Search “The Walking Dead Episode 3” and it should pop up. I’m downloading it right now. Not sure if it’s okay to be downloading it from the store and not from in-game. Eh, I’ll find out.

  • i don’t see it on psn

  • I have the season pass. And I am downloading it now. Go search bar for in on PSN storie. Type walking dead and it will pop up. This game is great. I hope another series come out about woodbury or the prison. Walking dead is the best show on tv.

  • too bad they wont update the store any time soon so we can get it

  • guys the episode’s available go to the new releases in the DLC section!

  • just finished it. Great episode. Short but sweet. Can’t wait for episode 4 in 2 months probably.

  • WHOA. You guys did some great work with this episode, I swear there were times I almost cried. Amazing.

  • ok i have a problem when im on the train and it tells me to look for the map to show clem i leave the engine car and everything goes crazy the trees turn upsidedown and block my whole screen so i cant see lee and cant go any were cept for back in the train please help this is ruining the game for me

  • Wow . Awesome as always
    Just make sure there is no more delay for next episodes ;)

  • I’m done with the new chapter, i was in the 33% with all my decisions. Man am I completely different than everyone else?

    I want 4 and 5 NOW.

  • @dodgedoors – Hey, maybe different is a good thing – Perhaps you are wiser than the rest of us ;)

  • Heh everyone needs to look to the right side of their screen before they post, “Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk”. Some of you guys are mad at TTG/Sony for giving you something for free, that the vast amount of you obviously enjoyed (that’s why you are letting your emotions take over) and quite possibly would have never tried without the promotion. Even if you buy Episode 3, 4 and 5 at 5$ a piece you still save 5$ off of the Season Pass. Now I can understand how some of you can be annoyed if you aren’t planning to keep up with your Plus subscription and you don’t know what will happen if you start buying from Episode 3 on, but just try and be patient.

  • Personally I loved the first two episodes and was really hoping to get the whole season free, but as of now I am going to sit tight and wait until all 5 chapters have been released. I will either buy the other episodes later (likely at a cheaper price) or grab the retail copy that is suppose to hit shelves if it has any interesting looking bonus content.

    This really has to do with a fundamental flaw (as I see it), in the Plus program. If I sign up for a year, I feel like any games/discounts/etc you offer me during that time should be accessible to me regardless of my subscription status after that year. I would even be willing to accept less exclusives if this option was met. When I have the time, I am going to do my best to try and get Sony to come around to my way of thinking (hopefully in addition to the support of many Playstation users).

  • This is a great game. my fiance had it first for the xbox and he’s upset i got the first two episodes free. i’m deff buying the third one though.

  • So bugged when it wasn’t free for Plus members. Hope it’ll be free in the future.

  • Would love to purchase this.. unfortunately BestBuy is currently out of stock for the PSN Downloadable Cards. :(

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