The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Hits PSN Today

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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Hits PSN Today

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - drugstore

We continue to be blown away by how much people want each new installment of The Walking Dead. As soon as we get an episode out the door, we’re immediately hit with people wanting to know when the next one will hit. It’s incredible and we’re so grateful for everyone’s excitement and support. Today we can confirm that The Walking Dead: Episode Three – Long Road Ahead will launch August 28th (today!) on PlayStation Network in North America. We’ve been hard at work making sure this installment will put players through the emotional wringer in this morally grey story set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series.

Episode Three – Long Road Ahead is going to push some truly mind-warping decisions on you. A zombie apocalypse is horrific not only because of the undead, but also because of the depths that humanity will sink to in desperate times. You’re going to have to choose paths that I don’t think have ever really been explored in a video game before. I can’t help but wince with the knowledge of many of the choices we’ve created for you to make. This is our most emotionally turbulent episode yet, not only due to the ongoing terror of living in a world plagued by the undead but also because of the barrage of difficult situations with no clear ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ solution. This won’t be an ‘easy’ episode by any means; emotionally scarring maybe, but definitely not easy. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a single event that transpires in Episode Three – Long Road Ahead that changes everything. Cause and effect can be a terrible thing.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - ChuckBenThe Walking Dead Episode 3 - gun

Something else we’re looking forward to players experiencing in this third episode of The Walking Dead, and as the series continues, is the just how the world has deteriorated in the aftermath of the plague over the months since the game’s first episode. Remember, armed forces and government agencies have already made their attempts to stop the outbreak, and you’ll even see the aftermath of a helicopter crash into the pharmacy in Macon as the result of their failed attempts. That’s in addition to several other mechanical breakdowns and disasters that have occurred across the area, leaving our group of survivors with an outright vehicular wasteland for them to navigate on their way to, what they hope will be, safety.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - pilot

While you wait for today’s Store publish, give the first two episodes another go and try making some new choices to see where the story differs. You can save those games in the other slots available and keep your ‘main’ play-through intact. Also, be sure to head to our new The Walking Dead stats page on the official website to see how your choices stack up with everyone else’s. Then share your choices with friends and talk about it on the Telltale Games forums!

The Walking Dead: Episode Three – Long Road Ahead comes to PlayStation Network today for $4.99, or can be downloaded from within the game’s menu for existing Season Pass owners.

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  • Great can’t wait to get it, I love this series!

  • I was wondering when this was going to come out. Very nice.

  • Thanks Eric. This game is too awesome.

  • wait it!


  • Se we Plus members got the first two episodes for free, will we get this one free sometime in the future?

    I’d hate yo spend money on something I’m going to get free eventually.

    • Hi Cyris! This is Job from Telltale! (follow me: @jobjstauffer on twitter) – the PlayStation Plus promotion was only for Episodes One and Two. We have not announced any additional promotions for the future, but would love for you to check out the latest episode on PSN and let us know what you think!

  • Not that it isn’t worth it, the game is totally awesome.

  • I didn’t even care enough to try The Walking Dead until it was on PS Plus I decided to give it a shot. By surprise these games are very good and I’m hooked. Will buy episode 3

  • Tank ya, Telltale ppls.

  • Please answer my question, as I can’t find a definitive answer:

    I received Episodes 1 & 2 through Playstation Plus, and I want to buy Episode 3 today (and 4 & 5 when they are released).
    However, my Plus subscription lapses on October 4th.

    I have heard that if I buy 3, 4, & 5 after my PS+ sub has lapsed, I won’t be able to play them, as you need to have Episode 1 downloaded and active for the other episodes to register.

    Is this true?
    If so, giving away the first two episodes was a total mistake and a waste of a free PS+ game slot.

    I need to know whether or not to spend my money on something that won’t even be playable in a months time.
    Thank you.

  • imma buy this what times the update though still waiting on ps one for vita

  • this totally made my week ! these games cant come soon enough. i keep throwing money at the tv but nothing happens =(. update already damn you !

  • Hurry up and update so I can play this!

  • Well I know what I’m doing tonight. Sorry Skyrim, you and I needed a few hours away from each other anyways.

  • Yes!!! Finally. I was worried. I’ll be saving money from the ratchet collection and getting this and ME3 dlc instead. Hope the characters are as engaging as the ones in episode 2.

    • We hope so too! We can’t promise everyone will make it out alive though… but such is the way of Mr. Kirkman’s world of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Enjoy the episode! – @jobjstauffer

  • Great news! But you really should let PS Plus members know if they can expect this for free or as part of a discounted bundle for the last three episodes. I’d really hate to buy this now at full price only to find out within the next few weeks I didn’t have to. (I already got stung buying the inFamous 2 Ultimate Bundle three days before it was announced as being free for Plus members.) Thanks!

    • Hi Satnamji. We haven’t announced or decided on any future PlayStation Plus promotions at this time. We DO hope that if you hadn’t already tried Ep 1 and Ep 2 by the time it was made available to Plus members, that you got a good taste of what we’re doing with this series, and we hope you enjoy the Long Road Ahead in Episode Three. – @jobjstauffer

  • Also, was only episodes 1 and 2 free to PS Plus? If i got the other 2, will i have to pay for this third game? I don’t mind since i love what you guys have done so far. I just wanted clarification.

  • Woohoo! It’s been a while since I had my fix. I started playing through again on my second console and picking different choices.

  • Its a Trap! They want you to buy it today,then give to you free next month………….?

  • wooow so yaaaay plz we want the walking dead characters avatars
    thx for episode 3

  • I don’t believe it, but I actually love the game series MORE than the television series! CAN’T WAIT!

  • @20 they aren’t that cynical. lol

  • @21 would be awesome to get avatars of Lee and the little girl.

  • is there going to be a playstation plus update today?

    and everyone just bank on the rest of the episodes to be free in the future.

  • Its $5 and people still want them to be free LOL

    i’m gonna cry.. well not really LOL

  • Haha, looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t just spring for all five episodes up front, but that’s okay; I can’t complain about an extra five bucks for this.

    I have absolutely loved the series so far, and I can’t wait to get home and play it this latest episode! Keep up the good work!

    This is the first TT series game I’ve played, to be honest. Y’all have anything else in your stable that is comparable to this series? I’m a big fan of Back to the Future–is that at all like The Walking Dead in terms of game play?

    • Back to the Future is more of a sci-fi comedy in the adventure genre and a definite must for fans of the film trilogy (like us!)

      The Walking Dead introduces our unique ‘tailored experience’ that we’ve been developing, allowing you to really create your own relationship dynamics and make critical decisions that will either help or come back to haunt you along the way. If you feel like you might want something more… ‘uplifting’ after this episode, BTTF is a great bet! – @jobjstauffer

  • the store updates at 6pm eastern time so by 6 pm or a shortly after you will get it. the psn updates at that time every single tuesday

  • Great News!

    This is why PS+ rocks, I was not interested in this game (and never watched the show either). I decided to try it out with the free episodes and absolutely love the game – and consequently got me to start watching the show on netflix too.

    Now I’m more than happy to pay the $5 per episode to play the rest. Even if they come free later (which I doubt they will considering all the backlash already), it’ll be alright with me since I know I’m now willing to pay the money to play this episode ASAP.

    Keep up the good work TellTale, this episode sounds amazing! Thanks.

    I’m not looking for $20-$60 worth of free stuff every month from Plus, since we pay about $4 a month for Plus, I’m happy to get anywhere around that value in freebies or discounts – which it has given me in spades. But the real value in Plus is getting introduced to games you previously passed on or never considered.

  • Please answer my question, as I can’t find a definitive answer:

    I received Episodes 1 & 2 through Playstation Plus, and I want to buy Episode 3 today (and 4 & 5 when they are released).
    However, my Plus subscription lapses on October 4th.

    I have heard that if I buy 3, 4, & 5 after my PS+ sub has lapsed, I won’t be able to play them, as you need to have Episode 1 downloaded and active for the other episodes to register.

    Is this true?
    If so, giving away the first two episodes was a total mistake and a waste of a free PS+ game slot.

    I need to know whether or not to spend my money on something that won’t even be playable in a months time.
    Thank you.

  • I too need this answered ^^^^^

  • Can’t wait for the store update this game is great. when is episode 4 coming out? jk. . . no but really when is episode 4 coming out?

  • Awesome! The first two episodes blew me away, so bring on the rest!

  • @28. I’m new to these adventure games myself and really enjoyed BTTF, but it is somewhat different from the Walking Dead. In BTTF, the environmental puzzles are more complex (so complex the game offers multiple levels of hints), the inventory management is a bit different, and the dialogue choices don’t really change the story, other than helping you progress to the inevitable conclusion (i.e., there isn’t different endings, relationship building, life and death choices, etc.). It’s very linear in that way, but there is still a lot of exploring and problem solving. The voice acting in BTTF is fantastic as is the story and the game as a whole. I believe episode 1 can be downloaded for free (at least it could last summer when I got it).

  • Holy peekaboo, my poor network connection is going to be getting a workout when the publish hits.

    Something tells me today’s will be a relatively late update…

  • I think we’re sometimes expecting a bit too much from playstation plus sometimes. When they add free games there’s probably a lot of thought going into how it will help the sales of other games, like in this case Episodes 3 to 5 of Walking Dead, or Borderlands right before Borderlands 2 is released. Getting a chance to play a game for free that you didn’t buy when it came out might convince you to buy the sequel because you didn’t have to put up money for the original.

    I find that plus is great if you don’t have time to play all the psn games when they are released, or if you’re not sure if you want to buy them. If you wait long enough it seems like almost all games on psn will eventually be free. For Walking Dead, I didn’t have to wait long at all, and now that I’ve played and really enjoyed Episodes 1 and 2, I have no problem dropping $5 for the next episode and hopefully the last 2 as well.

    Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think we’ll get the last 3 episodes for free for awhile, so I’m just gonna buy them when they come out. I’m still getting the whole game for $15, so it’s cheaper than if I had bought the season pass!

  • on twitter, playstation tweeted “The Walking Dead – Episode 3 on PSN today in N. America: Director confirms event will “change everything.” Any guesses?” but its not showing up on the PS Store? anyone from the staff could help it be greatful becuase i got the playthrough to do for youtube.

  • I hope its not like the first two episodes. I thought this was great until I replayed it & found out my choices didnt really matter.

  • Ha ha, spaceboy21, I think you beat me to the punch. I totally agree with your comment!

  • Oooo, this is gonna be GOOD.

  • now i totally can’t wait for the store update i hope it updates early this week!

  • I feel like a kid on x-mas eve waiting for it to be x-mas morning c’mon and update the store

  • I was never even interested in TWD until I got the first two on PS+. Now I’m hooked, not because of the zombies because I’m sick of zombies, but I love the episodic-video-game concept, and the narrative is fantastic. But when’s the store gonna update?

  • It’s live on the store now (just use the search function). I just bought it! :)

  • fyi comrades….its up! just search the walking dead and it’ll be there. Got it and Tony Hawk downloading now!

  • I know what I’m going tonight!!!

  • Is on psn for anybody yet? its not in SC

  • well good move on you Sony and Telltale.

    You make a deluxe demo deal to get hold out plus users (who already spend much more on sony shiz than anyone else, case in point all the games they buy and never finish)

    Then you release the rest of the episodes at regular price for plus users, aka $5 (fair but i didn’t want your game to begin with)

    That “DEMO SLOT” in Europe was a full highly rated PS3 title.

    and all you duders come on here and say how amazing a deal it was. I will say the characters and story was compelling enough to play through once, but this talk of replaying for hollow alternative outcomes is laughable.

  • Also, here are the facts:

    Monkey Island Bundle $5 dollars with plus (if you waited and $10 prior to that)

    Back to the Future bundle included with Plus

    Jurrasic Park Free with ReUp to Plus.

    Odds of WD being full bundled for plus or sold for cheap later = do the math.

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