PlayStation All-Stars Gets inFAMOUS With Evil Cole

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PlayStation All-Stars Gets inFAMOUS With Evil Cole
Another hot summer is winding down as we close in on the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and fans have been asking whether we still have more reveals in store for everyone. Well, we’re not done yet!

Today, the PlayStation All-Stars team attended the GameStop Managers Show in San Antonio, TX, an annual event where the retailer gets to check out the industry’s most anticipated video game titles. During the expo’s keynote we confirmed our latest addition to PlayStation All-Stars’ roster — Evil Cole from Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS series!

Players familiar with inFAMOUS know that Cole MacGrath’s fate changes drastically if led down a path of evil, and both his appearance and powers reflect this dark side of him. Evil Cole harnesses the powers of both electrokinesis and pyrokinesis in battle, offering a style more ruthless in nature than his moral counterpart, Cole MacGrath. When you pick up the controller, you’ll immediately notice the differences between their fighting styles. inFAMOUS fans with a taste for destruction need look no further for their character of choice. Check out our newest character trailer to see Evil Cole’s moves in action.

Evil Cole can blast opponents from afar with bursts of fire and electricity, or engage opponents at close range with incendiary strikes. Players can utilize familiar attacks such as the Hellfire Rocket, Tripwire Rocket, and Firebird Strike to dispatch foes. Evil Cole is able to harness the power of The Beast once his energy has reached maximum level, leaving nothing in his wake. He is also able to suck AP out of his enemies using his Ionic Drain, giving him an AP headstart before opponents are ready for the next onslaught. He brings an offense-heavy playstyle to the fight that rivals that of the most fearsome challengers on the roster.

If you’re in the San Antonio area and you’re a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member, get your tickets now to attend the public expo tomorrow (Tuesday, August 29th) from 11:00am to 4:00pm at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. You’ll get to go hands-on with PlayStation All-Stars on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita before we even hit store shelves. Ticket prices and additional information can be found on their website.

That’s it for now! In case you missed the news, purchasing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3 also nets you a digital download of the PlayStation Vita version at no additional cost! How can you pass up a deal like that?!? Our release date of November 20th is fast approaching so be sure to pre-order now. A big thank you to all the fans for your always encouraging support. We have more news and announcements in store for you as we head into PAX, so stay tuned. We’ll see you at the show!

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    evil cole is a completely new character as opposed from good cole becuase everything about his playstyle (close combat, basic melee, powers, and supers) is unique. he is the same person so he doesn’t count as a second person from the same I.P. (even though he is completely different from good cole)

    He wouldn’t be a waste seeing as how don’t think he cock blocked any one from getting on the roster. People would argue that infamous is one of sony’s big first party selling points when it comes to their consoles. don’t call him a waste and a clone if he isn’t one.

  • i for one am excited for the evil cole and am happy that superbot was cool enough to do an evil and good cole to represent infamous

  • The last time I have every been excited for a game was for Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3 where announced and released. Thank you SuperBot for making PSASBR. Is there any seats/slots left for more female brawlers besides Nariko and Fat Princess? Sackboy and Toro Inoue are more geared towards the cute factor. Any hope for Scarlett Blake from Dead Nation and Kat from Gravity Rush? How about making Yorda from ICO brawl give Yorda a ballerina fighting style, incorperate ICO weapons with telekinesis and Super consist of Ico, Shadow Beasts and The Queen protecting Yorda? Give Spike a nose or two dots where the nose should be. Last thing is Ico and Wander suited and booted for PASBR? Sorry so many questions. Exceptional work SuperBot. Sorry to repeat myself.

  • How about Blasto? lols

    Serial, I’m very interested in seeing Kat as a playable fighter. I’ve been watching my girlfriend play and I believe Kat would bring in something interesting for sure.

    Good to see Evil Cole isn’t just a palette swap. Still unsure if I’d want to pick up the game day one.
    Multiplayer fighters lose their fun for me really fast. I’m hoping its not the case with this game.

    I’d love to try it out.

  • Im happy to know they changed up Coles fighting style and supers quite a bit making him a whole different character all together. i actually prefer the evil Cole over good.

  • I think it’s pretty cool, but to really throw people off, you guys should add vampire Cole! That would really make people over react to something that’s actually not a bad thing but have people moan about it like it is!

    Also, I would mind having the Nemesis from RE3 or the Tyrant from RE 2 in the line up. Just a couple of my suggestions.

  • Wouldn’t mind*

  • sexy cole :)

  • Finally i recognize an infamous map.

  • What I don’t understand is why so many of you see Evil Cole as ‘one less character’ and not ‘one MORE character’ –which is totally what he is! Why are you all so hard to please? Look at it from a developer’s point-of-view: here we have a character that we’re 100% capable of putting into the game for the enjoyment of the players who has a unique play style of his own. So why not? Because simple-minded people believe he’s taking up the limited amount of slot space we announced over and over again…. Golly people!

    Anyway, I apologize. I’m not like this at all but I can’t stand ungrateful people. Keep doing a good job, SuperBot–can’t wait for the game! Again, sorry all! Have a nice day!

  • He looks like he has a good move set, and that’s one thing I have applauded you’re team for, you guys have really outdone yourselves with the characters moves, how they play etc. Its all really intuitive. Im just really disappointed that you spent time making a different unique moveset for a pretty generic guy from a series that is not any more important than other series being represented.

    People want to see their favorites, not the same guy twice. Your especially setting yourselves up for a lot of scrutiny if you did not obtain the rights to use Crash/ Spyro/ Cloud/ Snake and have the same character from the same series represented twice. People don’t understand how 3rd party characters work and “Evil cole” is the perfect scapegoat to give fans to hate on for why their favorite did not get in.

    I’m hoping you guys unload the big guns and reveal Crash/ Spyro/ Cloud real soon! PAX!

  • hey PlayStation you know who i would love to see in that all starz that dude from outland i think he would fit in jus great and also lora craft for all who agree post it..

  • Well, another leaked character confirmed… Well, I guess that If he is not taking slots for characters that most fans want: i.e. final fantasy character, assassins creed character, crash bandicoot, spyro, kat, etc. then he is very welcome, but if he is then why not make him a skin or an alternate character like zelda/sheik? :S

  • i’ll still be pissed if you don’t add any final fantasy characters but decided to waste two slots on Cole.

  • Alright if this is the case. I want 2 Jak’s, and everything else can be alternate costumes!

  • I cant wait for them to have nathan hale or a chimera. I wont buy this game ever but it would be awesome to see resistance in it

  • Wonderful, I didn’t care for him when the regular Cole was announced, and now we’re getting another one. This game is majorly lacking in characters which attract the Playstation’s rather large Japanese gaming crowd. Toro, Parappa, Heihachi, and Spike.. Is that all we get? Let’s get some Kat in here or something.

  • I agree with those guys!! Kat from Gravity Rush please ! Why need two Cole when there is no Kat? No Raven? No Yunica? There is still place for other amazing characters like Max , Monica from Dark Cloud 2, Sackboy ( I hate him but I’d rather have him than 2 Coles), etc.
    If you guys listen to the fans to choose good ideas, I think this game will be super awesome!!

  • watching evil cole is pretty pointless, you could’ve used a mix of evil and good powers and use his standard outfit, but that’s not as bad as what his presence confirms: raiden will be in it instead of snake, and probably you are going to reveal lightning over cloud, which along the bioshock additions and new dante confirm this isn’t playstation all stars anymore, i doubt it even WAS , it’s propaganda all stars screw the fans.

  • @61 and instead of those four got big daddy, who’se game was an xbox timed exclusive and came a year later to ps3, yeah I believe that if those four aren’t included superbot is doing a terrible job at making a playstation celebration, but yeah, it’s a perfect propaganda, sorry for being so negative, but you had many of us incredibly hyped to see 15 years of playstation history represented in one game, but recent reveals are geared too much for unreleased games.
    to superbot: If you are really making a game for fans then show it.

  • @68

    Sackboy was already confirmed to be part of the cast.

  • @71 Oh yeah my bad, just found out that Sackboy has already been confirmed :) Thank you :D
    @69, 70: Calm down dude, I know you’re upset with the characters, me too, but at least there is Kratos, Drake, Sly and (first) Cole to enjoy :) I also hope they remove some 3rd party characters ( like Tekken, Bioshock,etc.) and replace them with Sony’s exclusive characters (Max, Monica, Journey dude, Kat,etc.)

  • Really!? A pallet swap? I seriously don’t see why we are giving our opinions. I guess I’m just hoping those suites at Sony actually see our comments and actually think about that freakin’ roster. Fat Princess over Hana from Fear Effect? Well here’s my list of people I want to see. They most likely aren’t going to be there because, Hey! Sony has a very short memory, and don’t even remember how big their characters from previous Generations were. The Boss from MGS3, If we can’t have Snake, might as well get the person who trained him, not his freakin’ subordinate Raiden (basically an advertisement for that new game coming out).

  • Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 (anyone remember his first scene with those 2 mannequins? I sure as hell do!) Agent 47 from Hitman Spy Hunter (don’t tell me you guys never played this awesome game!) You can have the whole car as a player, it already has gadgets to stand on its own and it PS Allstars would drastically get away from the SSBros tag as they never had a vehicle as a combatant and it’d be freakin’ awesome! Lara Croft (the Original Drake); Sora and Riku Kingdom Hearts Series; Titus from Final Fantasy 10; Leon from Resident Evil 4 The main character from Grand Theft Auto 3 Finally, The Wanderer from Shadow of the Colossus. He was an amazing character and I would like to see him alive and well after that sorrowful ending. And also, a Shadow of the Colossus stage would just kill it!

  • Common Sony! At least introduce a new character! Not someone who just changed clothes. I seriously hope Sony looks at all the games they made and actually look at the games that actually was important. I played Fear Effect on the PS1 and it totally blew me away, not graphics wise but the overall story. It’s a shame Sony is using it as a way to advertise other games on the PS (i.e. Raiden, Dante and Big Daddy). Sony, take time and consider what the fans actually want and what the fans can actually relate to and remember. I want this to be the best mash up game ever,

    – Sincerely, A very supportive Sony-head since the first PS

  • Common Crash, Spyro, Solid Snake and Sora!

  • A Shadow of The Colossus stage now that’s gold.

  • Now what’ve Samanosuke of Onimusha this man deserves some recognition and besides it was mainly PS title.

  • @73, 74, 74 Wow nice ideas you suggested there, especially Shadow of Colossus stage :D If only SuperBot and Sony would listen to fans’ wishes TT_TT
    BTW He’s Tidus from FFX ( not Titus XD)

  • Having Evil Cole MacGrath in the game gives balance to his character and if I may I am curious does anyone know how to say Toro’s last name you know Inoue because I sometimes hear it as In-O-Uu-Eh and at other time’s In-New-Eh for some reason I find it hard to hear that announcer when it come’s to his last name does anyone know for sure which one it is.

  • It’s only the first game in the series (assuming that there will be more Playstation All-Stars games) and they’re already resorting to lackluster 3rd party characters and doubles. Why don’t we throw a Delta big daddy in the game? Just give him different weapons, plasmids, and Big Sister or Eleanor!

    Cole takes up two spots, yet Hot Shots Golf–a series that’s been on the PS1, PS2, PSP, AND PS3–has no characters yet. I know that it can be difficult getting the rights for some characters, but take a look at games like Folklore, Silent Hill, Heavy Rain, Demon’s Souls, Monster Hunter, Castlevania, Final Fantasies 7, 8, 9, 10, and Tactics, Resident Evil, Resistance… There are TONS of other characters/games out there. Add just ONE of those other characters for now and have Evil Cole be in a DLC pack. And if your business partners want you to use their new characters for advertisement purposes, then propose the idea that you’ll use upcoming characters in DLC packs or a second game if you can just get the one REAL Playstaion All Star (Example: Cloud over Lightning first, then add a future FF character later in the series).

  • Since some pro evil cole people seem to lack basic reading skills I might as well state my opinion again.

    I think Evil Cole is an annoying waste of an addition, ONLY if he takes a spot that would have gone to another new unique Playstation character of which there are still many not in this game.

    Do I like Cole? Hell yeah. Do I like the idea of good and evil versions in the game? Sure.

    Do I want Evil Cole over a different character if 2x Cole uses up 2x roster spots? Heck No.

    Yes Evil Cole has a different moveset/abilities/etc… Doesn’t make him a different character, he’s still Cole. But yes of course he plays differently.

    Now if Evil Cole shares a spot or doesn’t count towards the roster limit (doesn’t take a spot from another character that isn’t already in the game in some form) then I’m all for it.

  • Yeah, also I would like to see some sports players there too. Through in a USC Trojan and a Derek Jeater for baseball. Throw in some Fitness person perferably Wozniack from Tennis and why not through in a wrestler like The Rock

  • @81 I totally forgot about Heavy Rain and Resistance. I would love to see Nathan Hale back and alive and an alternate costume of infected Hale. That would be sick if they had the map from Resistance 2 where the invasion is happening over the Golden Gate Bridge awesome setting for the Battle Royale

  • @ + boomstickbhg . Oh yeah there aren’t many unique Sony characters in the game at all. Only Sweet Tooth, Toro ,Spike, Sackboy, Parappa, Ratchet, Jak, Sly, Fat Princess, Drake, Cole and from the leaks we are also getting Sir Dan and Nariko too. But no instead harp on about the few odd ones instead and let it ruin it for you.

  • Can somebody please give me a link where SuperBot says there will be a limited number of slots in this game. Why do so many people think Evil Cole is taking up a slot. Why can’t Evil Cole be one extra character and JUST that without ‘taking up a slot’?

    You guys’ perception is all screwed up, seeing Evil Cole as one less character and not one more. There is no such thing as a limited amount of slots! We live in a DLC-gaming world. Am I not making myself clear?


    Ergo: The character(s) that you want in this game is certainly not being left out because of Evil Cole.

    ^If you don not understand this, then I can’t help you.

    *By the way, I’m a huge fan of Heavy Rain and if Ethan Mars or Scott Shelby(*) made it into this game, I’d be a happy gamer. LOL!

  • I can’t wait for a Villians All Stars Collection!!

  • If the leak shows everything there is in the game, this is going to be a major disappointment. No Crash, Spyro, Kat, Lightning… So much wasted potential to celebrate “PlayStation history” like it deserves!

  • If possible, add crash, spyro, gex, Kat, and female characters, and then I will be happy

  • What is Sony/Superbot doing? There are priorities with the characters, first is the most important 1st and 3rd party characters to PlayStation, for example, Crash, Spyro, Sweet Tooth, Robbit, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, WipEout, Snake, Spike, Tekken, Lara Croft, Kratos, Dante (original DMC) Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly and Bentley, Drake, Sackboy, those are just examples of priorities, and the priorities are who are most important to the PlayStation brand.

    After all the priorities are in the game you can add non priorities like Fat Princess, Big Daddy, new Dante and Raiden.

    If Sony/Superbot don’t do this I’m going to be really disappointed and disgusted that instead of doing what’s right and adding the characters with priorities, they add new characters like new Dante and Rising’s Raiden.


  • Can you guys please consider getting Sora from Kingdom Hearts ? KH is my absolute favorite video-game series of all time. I know the last few gaves have been for Nintendo platforms, but KH 1, 2, and BBS were all Sony. I have been hearing rumors of an HD collection, and if that’s true, Putting Sora in this would be a great way to promote that. You guys seem to be perfectly up to promoting games, so this would be awesome.

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