PS Vita System Software Update (v1.80) – Take The Tour

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PS Vita System Software Update (v1.80) – Take The Tour

As most of you know we are releasing a pretty hefty System Software Update (v1.80) for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), which will enhance your experience and also allow you to play PSone Classics on your device.

Before the update becomes available, I wanted to take the opportunity to walk you through some of the highlighted changes and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect.

PSone Classics

We are working hard to ensure that all of your favorite PS one Classics titles will be available for download directly on your PS Vita via PlayStation Store (PS Store) as soon as possible.

Here is a list of PSone Classics titles that will be available for download on 8/28:

  • Arc the Lad
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Jet Moto
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tomb Raider
  • Twisted Metal 2
  • Wild Arms

For those of you who have already purchased these titles, you will be able to re-download those games directly from your PS Store account or transfer them to your PS Vita directly from your PS3 at no extra charge.

I hope you enjoyed the video; for any additional information on PS Vita System Software Update v1.80, please visit this page when the update goes live.

As always, we appreciate and look forward to your feedback and questions below.

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  • ccrogers15 :

    No Spyro 1+2+3 Are Not Transferable Or Able To Play At All But Lets Keep our Fingers Crossed

  • 1.80 also locks your memory card to one PSN account.

  • I wish I had a European address this is so disrespecting how can they play all psOne games I mean how come 9 games no crash no spyro no metal gear no resident evil no silent hill but what I hate the most of all is no symphony of the night that hurts

  • One thing I forgot I can’t play no cool ps1 games but I can play rockman 4 a japanese classic that alone confuses me like crazy

  • I believe Calypso is controlling the North American market.

    He makes promises at every convention.

    when it is a time to grant us the promise/whish >> he ruins it permanently =/

    We were promised Cross-buy recently >> now they are holding or limiting the NA market of it

    We were promised PSone support >> now they are ruining it with claiming of legal rights YET I don’t see those claims on smart phones filled with wanted PSone titles,

    We were promised Corss-play >> I fear it should ruined like the others.

    I hope at Sony’s Next meeting, we would bring all our questions to them and demand public answers =/

    Com’n Sony, Today I want to buy a game from u, if u hide it thinking it is a smart marking move, THEN sorry steam will get my money next even with a random daily deals.

    This marketing reminds of a country I knew of … SA LOL and it is always a failer at the long run

    again, it is time to take a stand and unlock every game on PSone classic to vita and fix anything problematic
    ” don’t forget the PSP titles and pricing, we will soon after ask for it”

  • @#$%!!! I STILL need a vita but got only got $205!!! so im giving up til i obtain a job since im underage… just gonna spend it on console titles sign* . man it really sucks cause i dont have those parents that buy me a 250-500$ electronic on christmas day cause they’re as broke as i am. man…

  • I want back the ability to copy youtube vids to my vita using the javascript glitch

  • i dont like the download thing ok please change it back to the download bubble ok thank you

  • Sony you’ve made a lot of people happy with this update. Myself not included. Since I don”t own a Vita nor will I at it’s current price.

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