PlayStation Plus Update: Borderlands Coming to Instant Game Collection September 4th

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PlayStation Plus Update: Borderlands Coming to Instant Game Collection September 4th

It’s been quite a week for PlayStation Plus since the last time we chatted. Earlier we announced that Plus will be coming to PS Vita and that it will also be getting an upgrade in Online Game Save storage (from 150MB to a beefy 1GB). We’ll have news for you on when these will hit and what these updates will be all about soon enough; until then, let’s take a look at some of the great discounts coming in at the end of the month, and let’s welcome PS3 Full Game Borderlands into the Instant Game Collection in September! It’s a lot to take in so without further ado, let’s get into the preview for the August 28th and September 4th PlayStation Plus updates.

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August 28th PlayStation Plus Update

Lights, Camera, Party!
50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $29.99, PS Plus Price: $15.00)
The essential party game for PlayStation Move owners is getting a giant discount for PlayStation Plus members. Fast-paced, funny, quick to set up, social and full of a variety of mini-games, challenges and Trophies, you’ll find an incredibly fun experience each time you play. Only one PS Move controller is needed to get everyone in on Lights, Camera, Party!

Space Channel 5: Part 2
40% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.99)
If you have yet to experience a Space Channel game, this is a great chance to do it. Space Channel Part 2 was released last year on PSN and took the remarkable rhythmic gameplay and charming story of the original Space Channel, and improved upon it in every way. It’s a steal at $2.99 for Plus members.

Spelunker HD (Game and DLC)
50% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00)
A widely considered classic is remade in HD and is now on the ultra cheap for Plus members. Explore underground worlds, collect treasures, and fend off enemies with Spelunker HD’s addictive gameplay rooted in old-school gaming concepts. While you’ll find the game on sale at $5.00, you can also snag the game’s all new DLC hitting with this update for about $1 a pop. You’ll find all new areas and stages to download if you’re craving more of that Spelunker HD action.

September 4th PlayStation Plus Update

Free for PlayStation Plus Members; Add-Ons 50% off
Just in time to get set for the release of Borderlands 2 on September 18th, we’re happy to deliver the original Borderlands free for Plus members! Visit the wasteland planet of Pandora and embark on a quest for the elusive Vault. Featuring extensive co-op integration that seamlessly blends the single-player and multiplayer experiences, Borderlands allows players to freely join or leave each other’s games at any time for collaborative mayhem or the freedom to choose to play in full single-player mode to experience the world on their own. Borderlands also includes a groundbreaking weapon generation system that offers a near infinite variety of weapons to the player. Borderlands combines these features with addictive non-stop action to form a breakthrough experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters and RPGs. We’re also throwing a sale on all the remarkable Add-Ons for Borderlands as well for 2 weeks. They will be all 50% off, including amazing expansions like Zombie Island and New Revolution. Or grab the Add-On Bundle for 50% off as well.

PlayStation Plus Update: August 27th, 2012
Daytona USA
40% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.99)
Get your rolling start ready and pick up SEGA’s Daytona USA for only $2.99. The original game, redone in HD delivers the classic racing experience, and brings in new features including online play.

PlayStation Plus Update: August 27th, 2012

Greed Corp
50% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)
Greed Corp is an award winning, innovative turn-based strategy game, situated in a world inspired by the industrial revolutions and their destructive effects on the environment. Find the delicate balance between harvesting the land for resources and preserving it to stay alive. Will you defend your territory or sacrifice it to keep it out of enemy hands?
That’s it for now; check the PlayStation Store Updates for more details as they come, and we’ll see you again soon to deliver more PlayStation Plus goodness through September and beyond. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update: August 27th, 2012

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21 Author Replies

  • that’s a good update, but not when you have the game and all the DLC, my 2nd month like this T_T thinking about not renewing my ps+ membership till I can actually get something worth my money..

  • I don’t mean to be one of the naysayers…
    But that space channel video looks absolutely terrible.

  • @50 thats the problem with the games they pick. Most are top sellers that most of us have already bought years ago. I think they should instead just give us discounts on any games Plus members decide to buy themselves. That way no one will have to worry about getting a game they already have.

  • I hope we’re getting more games this month, because EU got Borderlands, Just Cause 2, and Dead Space 2 in the same month! This is our first retail game since E3! US has a lot of catching up to do.

  • Good update. For sure I will be getting Borderlands. :D
    Thanks Sony and Gearbox.

    Only one question: any news regarding Okami HD launch date? Please, say something.


  • The Borderlands dealio is cutting it really close to Borderlands 2’s release. This should have happened weeeeks ago.

  • @53 would have been nice to have gotten Dead Space 2 next week, since i already have borderlands. but i guess they are trying to help promote Borderlands 2 later this month. Though they didn’t give us Darksiders weeks ago, which could have helped promoted the sequel to that. :/

  • Borderlands free for PS+ is an awesome update for anyone who may have not bought it during a prior sale. However, I am much more interested in information for the PSVita right now. When will we get more information on PS+ for the system? When is the firmware update to play PS1 games coming?

    I am getting married this Friday and leaving for a 2 week vacation to Japan after that. I am really hoping to get all of this installed on the Vita before the long flight.

  • I would hate red dead Ive already Plated the game

  • I really hope you guys will have Resident Evil 4 on sale soon, I want to buy it soo bad!!!

  • @57 The update for PS1 games is releasing tomorrow.

  • @57 congratulations!!

    The PS Vita firmware update for PS1 classic capatibility is scheduled to come out tomorrow, the 28th.

  • @59 they already had it on sale when it first came to psn last year. I don’t want them wasting a discount on a game like that.

  • Did I seriously see someone complain that Borderlands is now free compared to the previous sale of it? what in the world? Like they said, it’s in honor of the arrival of Borderlands 2! I, for one, am enjoying my yearly subscription to PS plus. Im not gonna like all the content, but we’re human.

  • Positive feedback: I really like how you guys announce one game at the beginning of the month and the 2nd (or 3rd) game in the middle of the month. It makes me feel like Plus keeps on giving! I know it’s all psychological, but those’re my thoughts.

    Also, people should stop complaining about Bloodrayne. I just beat it yesterday, and it’s a solid and challenging platformer.

  • @53, we already had Just Cause 2

  • You guys know you can just purchase the games and download them whenever you want right? So why does it matter what games get replaced?
    Also, all you people whining for Read Dead go buy it and support Rockstar.
    But this is kinda weak. Why dont you give us something that not everyone has already played the crap out of? Maybe some cool JRPGs (and not FFXIII) or a discount on Legasista would be great!
    I also notice all these games being given away can all be picked up used for super cheap…

  • Not so happy though I own more than the half games we got in PS Plus, I would’ve liked to see Dead Space 2, I never had my hands on that game. I also would like a PS Plus discount on Rock band Blitz maybe 10 bucks sound reasonable for PS Plus.

  • Yeah I’m glad I’m not renewing come the end of the month.

    Because of a Game Trial error I got this year (I got the $15 bundle for Borderlands last year) I lost my game and all the DLC. Not buying the DLC again even though I didn’t finish it. I had to refund my game too, but just the game.

    I’m going to get Borderlands 2 when it comes out, I mean this is good for people who don’t have it, heck I was very happy just to see Plus get an Excellent for once….

    But Plus is just not for me, I barely play the games you offer because I’m too busy playing the games I bought or watching Netflix (OR I probably already own the offered games).

    I like the fact that the DLC is half off but I’m not going to pay for it since I’m moving on to BL2 soon.

    I would like to see different versions of PS+ (yes I know about those secret surveys you handed out showcasing different plans). I’d like to see the plan where we get discounts on all the DLC in store and/or Free DLC. It’d be good to have different options as the Game-a-palooza plan just isn’t working for me.

    • Regarding that Borderlands issue: it’s a super rare case, but contacting CS can get this resolved so you can get the game enabled again. sorry that this rare issue affected you

      800-345-SONY (7669)
      7 Days a Week 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific

  • @52 I totally agree with you!!!

  • Looks like a good update for the discounts alone. And I’ve played borderlands back before borderlands 2 wasn’t coming out in less than 4 weeks and this wasn’t as useless as a Frisbee…err, freebie

  • good update.

  • hell no i already got borderlands when it was on sale for 15$ and all dlc . this game is full of hacks n glitches with the power shields and weapons. can finish dlc because if a hacker jumps in your games it bugs your trophies , watever hope the 2 other games are good.

  • Meh update,wonder if someone still playing borderlands.Could you do some ps1 discounts since you next update for Vita lets you play ps1 titles?or make some ps1 titles free for plus users?

  • Nice update I have Borderlands on PC, but that version has no split screen coop, so this is great. The big things for me, though, is the Vita stuff coming up (plus and otherwise). It will be awesome if/when cross-play games can synchronize through the cloud, and I’m looking forward to playing all of those free (for PS+) PS1 classics on my Vita.

  • Bleh, another shooter. I was hoping for some PSOne games to go with the new Vita update. :(

    You should give out PSOne games and minis on the weeks without PSN or Full PS3 games so there is something free every week.
    So you could get a PS3 or “Big” PSN game the first week ,then a Mini the next. The week after that you get a lesser PSN game and then a PSOne game at the end of the month. I think a scheduled like that where you always have something to look forward to every week would be much better

  • Sweet, now i get to finally get to finish Borderlands. My GOTY Borderlands disc got stuck in my fat ps3 when it YLOD, and is still in there.
    Hey PS Plus management, can we have more split screen games(not that there has not been any), Me and others live with there Girl friends, wife’s, or partners. Which are gamers too,and it is great when we get to go on an adventure together playing games. :)

  • SWEET – Borderlands Add-ons for 50%. I have yet to play those and i’m totally getting them!!! Thanks.

    • glad you’re excited! i played borderlands, but never got around to the DLC, so i’ll likely jump back in to check that stuff out at the lower price

  • I played Borderlands partway on PC, but never got around to getting it for PS3, so this is a very welcome game.

  • @ #74 – WilburMonkey
    If you mean you would like to have PsOne and Minis save data sync between Ps3 and Vita I totally agree. It’d be great to be able to pick up playing where you left off without having to manually sync with a cable.

  • Borderlands? Wow. Nice to see a blockbuster game finally. It would be nice to also see Red Dead, Deus Ex, and Dead Space 2 come here as well. However, this is a good start. Let’s keep those blockbuster titles coming. Good preview.

    • we’ve heard the feedback on the gamers wanting more ps3 full games; the goal is to get introduced to the plus lineup on a more regular basis

  • Wow, our free game is a 3 year old game that everyone has already played? Great, thanks.

    What happened to giving us newer games for free?

  • nice update , now this is all we want FULL PS3 GAMES . NOT PSN GAMES WITH NO ACTION !!

  • Borderlands! Fantastic…although I just bought it a few weeks ago…great game though if you haven’t played it. 3 games I suggest that would be awesome additions down the road.

    Red Dead Redemption

    Castlvania: Lords of Shadow

    Deus Ex

    Keep up the great updates!

  • Awesome! Borderlands is right on the money for me. Great update. Very happy. I think I’ll be picking up Spelunker too. Someone is always going to own the free game, but this was right on the money for me. If we would have gotten Red Dead Redemption like Europe then I would have been disappointed b/c I have it, but that’s going to happen to someone every month. I’m just happy it wasn’t me this time. Next time I’m still hoping for Dead Space 2 or Motorstorm Apocalypse. Thanks for the update!

  • Really Borderlands for free? I bought that game months ago, actually on Halloween. I might get the DLC for it but that’s just bs for that deal, and I wished for a discount for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD but no. Why can you guys give a discount on Sega Bass Fishing or Crazy Taxi?

  • There’s a good ps+ sale this month GREAT. I love plus but it WILL end one day. When it does i’d like to keep some of these games so if I had to give my 2cents it’d be MORE GREAT SALES. Love the sale and Borderlands is gonna rock!!. And more cloud space is always a good thing great week for a great service!

  • You think everyone would realize by now that they will never be able to please every single situation every time and stop whining.

    I got the GotY RDR last year for the sale on plus but passed on the Borderlands one. I also snagged DS2 and Deus Ex for 15 at Target.

    If they had done RDR, DS2, or Deus Ex I would have lucked out this time, but oh well – that’s how this service works and some months are better than others. Its still a great deal.

    Understanding the frustration though, I would like to make 1 suggestion. It would be great if Sony collaberated with some publishers to offer some pre order stuff through plus or discounts on day 1 DLC. For example it would have been cool if any plus player could have gotten the G1 fall of cybertron pack just for being a plus member and maybe a 20% discount on the havoc pack. Stuff like that would be a nice, more timely treat.

    • it’s a great suggestion, thanks for that! would take time to implement on the regular, but it’s a solid idea and a neat perk to entertain for plus members.

  • Red Dead Redemption or Deus Ex: HR, please.

  • Can I just say that I’m probably in the minority but for someone who has gone form a “hardcore” gamer to a more casual one (saving for a house will do that), PS+ is one of the best purchases I have made. I love getting games that I would have never thought of playing i.e. Bloodrayne/ Space Marine, or games that have been on my radar Borderlands/ Infamous 2, but never had the chance to buy. Its also something that gets me excited for Mondays. Sure I became a member in June but I wish I would have done it sooner.

    I understand there are people out there that get every game that comes out, and are dissapointed with what comes out, but for some of us PS+ is a great bonus to an already great service. For 50 bucks a year, this service is a steal.

    Another great update!

    • i don’t think you’re in the minority at all. looking at all the feedback across the community inside and outside of the blog, overall, the vast majority of gamers are loving Plus. But it’s our toughest critics that we work to make sure to work extra hard to get and keep happy on Plus and PlayStation in general.

  • I would have liked another free game option for my little nephew to play on. Something like Jak and Daxter or something else age appropriate.

  • And here I was recently considering buying Borderlands! Guess I won’t be doing that! Thanks, PlayStation!

  • does anyone know if borderlands co-op has voice chat?

  • Why not replace Choplifter HD and Sideways already they need to be rotated out.

  • What about Red Dead Redemption??? :(

  • Although, I like free games… I don’t think that it’s such a great idea to give out an old game when the new one is coming out. Sure people who missed it will catch up and hopefully they pick up Borderlands 2, but those of us who are already planning to buy it should be getting something for having Plus. I think currently, PS Plus is a great service for people who don’t have many games, but it doesn’t offer much to those that do buy them often. I think it would be a great idea to give free or discounted DLC on newly released games for PS Plus users who buy new games like Borderlands 2.

  • I really have loved Plus but these last few updates have been really disappointing. You just keep giving games that I already own or did own. You really need to give us something newer once in a while. Like maybe a launch day release. It would please many people as none of us would have it. I’m still hoping one of these updates is going to just blow us away again.

    Oh well guess I won’t be visiting the PS Store this week.

  • I dont care for Borderlands but Im happy to finally see a free full PS3 game in the collection.. I hope it happens more often (like EU is getting lol) speaking for Borderlands wasnt it offered for free before?

    Also walking dead didnt stay free for long before getting replaced lol not popular enough or somethin? (though im hoping i dont like borderlands much as then Id be tempted to buy the DLC an i already have enough stuff to buy a sit is lol)

    Im disappointed to see no discount for tony hawk HD tomorrow… but this update only speak of Sept and TH comes out tomorrow (which is still august) so who knows.. theres still a chance there might be a discount right? Speaking of games that come out in Sept.. no Double Dragon Neon discount? :(

  • Moreover, it would also be a great incentive to pick up a membership of Plus when you are about to buy a new game like Borderlands 2 as you would know that you are either covered or will be getting discounts for any upcoming DLC.

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