PlayStation Plus Update: Borderlands Coming to Instant Game Collection September 4th

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PlayStation Plus Update: Borderlands Coming to Instant Game Collection September 4th

It’s been quite a week for PlayStation Plus since the last time we chatted. Earlier we announced that Plus will be coming to PS Vita and that it will also be getting an upgrade in Online Game Save storage (from 150MB to a beefy 1GB). We’ll have news for you on when these will hit and what these updates will be all about soon enough; until then, let’s take a look at some of the great discounts coming in at the end of the month, and let’s welcome PS3 Full Game Borderlands into the Instant Game Collection in September! It’s a lot to take in so without further ado, let’s get into the preview for the August 28th and September 4th PlayStation Plus updates.

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August 28th PlayStation Plus Update

Lights, Camera, Party!
50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $29.99, PS Plus Price: $15.00)
The essential party game for PlayStation Move owners is getting a giant discount for PlayStation Plus members. Fast-paced, funny, quick to set up, social and full of a variety of mini-games, challenges and Trophies, you’ll find an incredibly fun experience each time you play. Only one PS Move controller is needed to get everyone in on Lights, Camera, Party!

Space Channel 5: Part 2
40% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.99)
If you have yet to experience a Space Channel game, this is a great chance to do it. Space Channel Part 2 was released last year on PSN and took the remarkable rhythmic gameplay and charming story of the original Space Channel, and improved upon it in every way. It’s a steal at $2.99 for Plus members.

Spelunker HD (Game and DLC)
50% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00)
A widely considered classic is remade in HD and is now on the ultra cheap for Plus members. Explore underground worlds, collect treasures, and fend off enemies with Spelunker HD’s addictive gameplay rooted in old-school gaming concepts. While you’ll find the game on sale at $5.00, you can also snag the game’s all new DLC hitting with this update for about $1 a pop. You’ll find all new areas and stages to download if you’re craving more of that Spelunker HD action.

September 4th PlayStation Plus Update

Free for PlayStation Plus Members; Add-Ons 50% off
Just in time to get set for the release of Borderlands 2 on September 18th, we’re happy to deliver the original Borderlands free for Plus members! Visit the wasteland planet of Pandora and embark on a quest for the elusive Vault. Featuring extensive co-op integration that seamlessly blends the single-player and multiplayer experiences, Borderlands allows players to freely join or leave each other’s games at any time for collaborative mayhem or the freedom to choose to play in full single-player mode to experience the world on their own. Borderlands also includes a groundbreaking weapon generation system that offers a near infinite variety of weapons to the player. Borderlands combines these features with addictive non-stop action to form a breakthrough experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters and RPGs. We’re also throwing a sale on all the remarkable Add-Ons for Borderlands as well for 2 weeks. They will be all 50% off, including amazing expansions like Zombie Island and New Revolution. Or grab the Add-On Bundle for 50% off as well.

PlayStation Plus Update: August 27th, 2012
Daytona USA
40% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.99)
Get your rolling start ready and pick up SEGA’s Daytona USA for only $2.99. The original game, redone in HD delivers the classic racing experience, and brings in new features including online play.

PlayStation Plus Update: August 27th, 2012

Greed Corp
50% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)
Greed Corp is an award winning, innovative turn-based strategy game, situated in a world inspired by the industrial revolutions and their destructive effects on the environment. Find the delicate balance between harvesting the land for resources and preserving it to stay alive. Will you defend your territory or sacrifice it to keep it out of enemy hands?
That’s it for now; check the PlayStation Store Updates for more details as they come, and we’ll see you again soon to deliver more PlayStation Plus goodness through September and beyond. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update: August 27th, 2012

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  • Awesome updates and awesome discounts. I guess North America will not be seeing Red Dead Redemption or Deus Ex: HR as a PS Plus free game though, will we?

  • I know this is a bit of a long shot, and I am not counting on u guys to respond to this, but for PS2 Classics, can u re-release the Xenosaga series, i have had soooo many up votes on my idea for a re-release of the series on PS3. It would please so many fans and give u guys some extra pocket money. I don’t care if i have to pay $20 for a digital download for each episode. It’s been on my mind lately especially since I have the OST on my iPod.

    • Make your voice heard on the Namco Bandai forums to have the best possible chance to see this through. They’d need to sign off on it, but there are technical considerations as well (like will it work with the PS3 firmware to emulate this PS2 title)

  • Nice. Maybe I’ll finally finish all the DLC for Borderlands before BL2 comes out on the 18th.

  • I know I got Borderlands super bundle last year I think and it’s worth the money, a great score for the PS+ users! Greed Corp and Spelunker HD I do welcome them into my gaming collection :).

  • Borderland would be much better if it has TPS mode.

  • pretty good update but i want to see more ps2 classics

  • not a lot of free stuff anymore, shocked to see the lacking of free content that plus used to offer, not happy with the next two updates

  • Great update as usual, however there is a problem with the full PS3 downloadable games, they come without a digital manual, I mean we pay the same price for a digital download as the retail version ($60) yet they come without a manual which makes the digital buyers kind of left out and cheated.

    I hope that the officials at Sony will look into this matter and consider including digital manuals with the full PS3 downloadable games.

    Thank you.

  • pretty lame update. why would you guys give us borderlands when last year you had it on sale last year for ps+ for the game and all DLC for 15bucks? -.-

  • An Improvement

  • Sweet! Borderlands! Any discount on the DLC? I know, I know… always wanting more… :)

    I’ll definitely grab Greed for that price!

    Great update!

  • just a game? PSN in Europe have given almost 15 complete games, and we’re not going or 8, which is going on?

    sounds good upgrade, but deverian give more games like in Europe, because it will lose some of the memberships plus

  • Maybe Ill try borderlands again, last time I played it I fell asleep..

  • Not bad, can’t wait for borderlands. I really can’t wait for plus on vita. Finally cracked and bought 32 gig card and put money in my wallet. Looking forward to more releases this month.

  • Hey Morgan I have a suggestion.

    Whenever the cloud storage gets upgraded to 1GB, people will obviously over time if not now, have alot of save files. So what I was thinking is, perhaps in a future system update that there be a “Keyword or Search” function within the cloud storage.

    For example:

    I press triangle over cloud storage, then the menu on the right hand side will pop up. I click “Keyword or Search”, type in the specific file that I’m looking for lets say, “Skyrim” and press enter.

    The system will look for all the save files containing the word Skyrim and bring you to them easily allowing you to save alot of time rather than endlessly scrolling to the top or bottom.

    People will eventually have alot of save files and I think that this small addition would fit nicely. I know I get slightly annoyed that I have to continuously scroll to the bottom or top over and over just to locate a save file, even if I have them in alphabetical order.

    Thanks again for another plus update! =)

  • if PS+ didnt automatically update, I dont think I would of updated, I heard just wait for next month it will be better, I believe its actually got worse

  • Borderlands has obviously been well received and I’m excited to give it a shot since I’ve never played it…

    I’m kind of bummed to not see Red Dead Redemption on here (yet…?) though. I know that SCEA and SCEE are operating separately on PS Plus, but it just seems like Europe’s PS Plus is a bit of a better bargain.

    I just re-upped for another year and will probably do so again next year, so I’m not going to throw out one of the typical empty threats like “I’M CANCELLING!! GAH!” that I always see on here. I’m just hoping that PS Plus for Vita and some future updates start to wow me in the same way SCEE’s PS Plus updates have over the past few months. It seems like they’ve been doing a better job at catering to consumers with more sales on big titles and more tantalizing PS Plus games, at least titles/games that pique my interest.

    Thanks for the update!

  • are we getting a psvita instant collection as well? man Little Deviants, ModNation Racers Road Trip and Wipeout 2048 would be nice to have as first wave of instant collection on the vita, im still waiting on Road Trip online multiplayer patch lol

  • @16 Im pretty sure we still gona get like 2 more free games but that be like the week after

  • great update!! keep it up!!

  • wow, what an insult. borderlands really ?We couldn’t get Deus ex?
    I would even prefer red dead over this and nothing for vita just cloud storage?
    Im getting tired of these greedy Us corporations always taking advantage of its
    own people.I guess i will enjoy my dex ps3.

  • Thanks PS+ Team!

    I already have Borderlands but this is how the PS+ updates should be, at least 1 PS3 Full Game a month.

  • Great PS+ updates!

    Even though I already have Borderlands from last year’s offer, it is indeed a great content for the Instant Game Collection. But I still hope to be amazed with Red Dead Redemption or Deux EX on september.

    Morgan, please, which games will be rotated out?


  • This is more like it!! Even though I already have it. :( But its funny how I predicted NA getting this. I was talking to my cousin about it right after Gamescom and I predicted that Borderlands will probably be what NA gets while Eu gets Red Dead Redemption. I was hoping to hear more about Plus being on Vita. I’m guessing it will be in the next post in 2 weeks on 9/10?

    • No ETA on PS Plus on PS Vita news and details just yet; but we’re all working really hard on our end to make sure it’s a great program.

  • these updates seem to be getting worse all the time. Why can’t we see what the whole month has to offer in one update?

  • Morgan, will the God of war saga come to psn?

  • Space Channel 5 for $2.99!!! Yes!

  • I still hope you add Deus EX: HR and Motorstorm Apocalypse to the NA IGC.

  • Already have Borderlands. I assume we’ll get the next two games later this month. If its a retail game I’ll likely already have it. I wish the IGC would end already. Or at least only be a one month thing so it would be one really good update & I wouldn’t have to live in fear of getting ripped off like I was with Just Cause 2. Sale one week, the next its free. Oh well.

  • Will we see you guys offering awesome discounted prices for “FULL Playstation 3 Games” anytime soon for Playstation Plus Section? I surely hope so. Please take that into considerations… :-)

  • Ok, I love ya Sony, truly and appreciate the free games. However, I would really like to understand why EU and US are not getting the same games? I just cannot wrap my head around this.

    Anyways, I have almost fully dissected Borderlands and achieved the Platinum. I never did get Robot Revolution though so that is cool and a must buy for me at a discount. This is incredible for the 2 gamers in the world that don’t already own or completed Borderlands.

    I would like to see Darksiders, Deus Ex HR, Red Dead Redemption and Dead Space 2 released in the US at a later time. You have to admit it really doesn’t make any sense to give EU and US different free full PS3 games. All it does is make one jealous of the other a true lose lose situation. If you have a reason please share it with us on the blog.


  • Sadly it looks like nothing for me this month. I either already own the stuff or not interested in it.

    • Well one thing to remember is that this is not a month post. It only covers just what’s coming on 9/4. But there will be more in the coming weeks after 9/4

  • Spelunker for $5?!! I know what I’m playing tomorrow…

  • Starting to run out of space on my hardrive for all these full games have 20 gb left

  • I know Red Dead was only confirmed for Europe, but I was really hoping it would be free in North America too. I’m sure Borderlands is alright, I just have no interest in it. Really disappointed in the lack of Red Dead.

    When will we see PS+ benefits for Vita?

    Will we see Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops on Vita any time soon?

  • It figures that after the worst Plus update a couple weeks ago (with Outland and Bloodrayne), we would get a game i’ve already had for years for next tuesdays update.

    Please tell me Borderlands isn’t the only free game for September. :/

  • The only reason why I am asking that is because whenever people’s subscription to this service ended and they decide not to renew that subscription, these games in their collections will simply disappear without owning anything. So, it’s better, in that sense, to offer “Discounted prices” on Playstation 3 “FULL GAME” in order to have the opportunity to own their games in their collection. Rather than hearing you say “F this and get out of my face. Thank you for your loyal toward our service”. You know? I don’t mean to be too harsh in that sense…

  • @2 i second the recommendation for Xenosaga episodes 1-3 on ps2 classic. Though i would rather have an HD remake with trophy support, but theres no way Namco would be willing to do that.

  • @36 i agree. more substantial discounts on full retail ps3 games offered on the ps3 like Transformers or Amazing Spiderman would be great.

  • Very cool been wanting to play Borderlands know that it’s free that was well worth the wait thanks.

  • @2 I feel exactly the same, I HOPE there are going to be more Full games than just Borderlands

  • Boa atualização, gostaria que a plus liberace DLC free alem de avatar e fundo de tela

  • What game is Borderlands replacing?

  • so ps plus is coming to vita. this will decide if i finally get plus. will the vita be getting free games? For example, psp games monthly?

  • @42 hopefully Bloodrayne. That game has no business in the collection in the first place.

  • Borderlands is nice and all and the discounts are really good and Morgan you haven’t answered me about this: When is GTA 3 and Vice City coming out and when are the PS2 classics being added to the instant game collection?

  • So US finally gets a retail game, nice. But is this it for the month? I was expecting more

  • Daytona USAfor Plus members now costs the same amount as getting just the Hornet in Ridge Racer Vita.

  • I’m kinda disappointed. I was excited to renew PS Plus so I would get to play Red Dead Redemption. Very unhappy that we’re not getting that. Getting a bit annoyed that the European PS Plus games are significantly better. They already have Borderlands and Dead Space 2 along with getting Red Dead soon. Not happy at all with the lack of content we’ve been receiving.

  • Nice update, but I have a question that may not be related to plus… is prototype 2 or the amazing spiderman gonna get a price cut? I really want to play a free roam were I can have superpowers, and I love spiderman, but I also love the gore of prototype, sooooooooooooo.. any updates on a price cut in the near future? I would hate to buy any of them at 60$, then two weeks after it gets down to 40$ -.-

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