Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Gamescom Trailer — Buy Once, Get It on PS3 and PS Vita

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Gamescom Trailer — Buy Once, Get It on PS3 and PS Vita

Hello from Germany! I’d like to talk about the cool stuff we’re showing off at this year’s Gamescom for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

First and foremost, we’d like to introduce you to a new Cooper ancestor, Salim Al Kupar. You’ll meet Salim as Sly travels back in time to the enchanted world of ancient Arabia – a land of magic genies, flying carpets and lost treasures. Sly quickly discovers that Salim is nearing retirement and looking forward to taking a little break from thievery, but recent events have put an end to those plans! Now Sly and the gang will need to goad the slightly recalcitrant Salim back into action as they work together to restore his legacy.

We’re also giving you a look at a brand new mission in Arabia so you can see Salim in action. We find him on a quest to free one of the members of his band of thieves from a strange imprisonment. To do so, he must use his signature ability — the Cobra Climb. This technique allows him to rapidly ascend vertical ropes, chains or poles to quickly evade an attack. This comes in very handy as he makes his way through this snake-infested rug shop.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Something else that Salim puts to very good use in this mission is his own personal flying carpet! While Sly has the paraglider, Salim gets his own exclusive flying transport. The magic carpet gives Salim the ability to glide his way across gaps and evade his enemies with ease and Arabian style.

We are also showing off some unique cross-play features for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that will utilize both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStaion Vita versions of the game. We’ve already talked about the cross-save feature, which will use cloud saving to transfer your game from one device to the other. Here at Gamescom, we’re showcasing some pretty cool Augmented Reality features using the PS Vita system to help you collect some valuable items as you play through the PS3 version of the game.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

While playing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on PS3, you’ll need to recruit an assistant in your quest for collectibles, armed with a PlayStation Vita and the PS Vita version of the game. Following true Sly tradition, Thieves in Time is absolutely packed with stuff for players to collect as they tear their way across space and time, from clue bottles to treasure challenges, Sly masks to costumes; but sometimes these items can be quite difficult to locate. You now have a secret weapon! Using the PS Vita system as a set of X-ray goggles, you can look into Sly’s universe to help track them down. Simply point the PS Vita at the TV screen and press the button to lock onto the image, and the X-ray overlay will pop up and highlight all of the hidden treasures in orange throughout the world. The PS Vita player simply taps on the front touch screen to display a pointer on the TV that will show you where to look for the hidden loot!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

You can also use Augmented Reality to help you collect ancient hidden art treasures as you play through the game. There are dozens of beautiful tapestries, paintings, mosaics and other ancient art works scattered through the game. You can use the camera on your PS Vita to snap photographs of these as a way to “collect” them and earn more money. Just point your PS Vita at the TV to aim, press the button to take the photo and bingo – Sly collects the loot!

When we started developing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS Vita, we were looking to create these kinds of new and engaging ways to have the two PlayStation systems interact with another, but you would essentially need both versions of the game to truly experience the entire Thieves in Time adventure. So, we’re really excited about the promotional pricing announcement for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that Sony made this week at their press conference. If you buy the PS3 version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (through traditional retailers or via PlayStation Network), you will be able to download the PS Vita version of Thieves in Time from PSN at no additional cost. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

We’ll have lots more to come on the Sly Cooper front as we head toward our February 2013 release date. Even though Sly officially launches early next year, we are also still hard at work to make sure that everyone will still get a chance to play in the Sly Cooper universe this Fall – stay tuned for more news on that very soon!

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2 Author Replies

  • aww my other one is being moderated :( poo

  • Loving the cross buy. It is truly a god-send. But is the free vita version gunna be enormous? Because, for example, Sly 3 on psn was 9 gigs and Thieves in Time is supposed to be even bigger. Thats a tad large for my vita especially considering I’m gunna want Ratchet and Clank FFA and PS All stars. And i don’t need those to be huge as well.

  • Do you know how large the Vita version of Thieves in Time will be? I got an eight GB memory card thinking it would hold Thieves in Time and Playstation All Stars and thats it besides game saves.

  • I’m not sure I like it being only for buying the PS3 version. The Vita is VERY limited in space whereas the PS3 really isn’t. Having a bunch of cross-buy games that have to be digital on Vita only forces us to buy a crapload of overpriced Vita memory cards, so in the end we’d actually save money just buying both physical if this becomes a trend.

    Yeah i know someone is going to be all like, “Man people even complain when it’s free”, but think into the future guys. At first it will be a good deal for sure, but it’s going to eventually shift the other way around due to memory card expenses.

  • Not to mention how tedious it is switching memory cards because it resets your pages every single time. It just becomes a horrible chore that really needs some sort of resolution.

  • The end credits say ‘COMING EARLY 2013″, Amazon has it released 1st October 2012!!!!!!

  • why cant they have a ps3/vita retail bundle of the game, buying a 32 gig memory card cost about the combine price of both versions of one game and i have a 16 gig, and only have 10 gig left

  • Good to see Sony is finally getting around to doing this with retail games though it should have been this way from the start as I nagged and nagged and nagged months ago.

    Now hopefully you guys can get other publishers on board like EA with Need For Burnout: Paradise Most Wanted.

  • Hey Glen, not sure if you are still responding to comments, but is there any word on a collector’s edition? I know it’s not up to you guys and it’s up to Sony, but if one is not in the works how do we bug them to make one? There is now 6 months to put one together. :)

  • To get both copies for the PS3 and the Vita, do I have to buy it through the PSN? I prefer having solid copies vs. digital ones.

  • hey glen i got three questions for you

    1. how many levels are we expected to see in the game?

    2. is it possible to reveal a level each month leading into the final reveal because i don’t know how many cons coming up beside pax.

    3. how many hours is this games not counting the side stuff and if we do the side stuff

  • Are there going to be any other plans to celebrate Sly’s 10th birthday now that the game will not be coming out this year?.
    I was thinking that it would be cute that maybe a plushie of Sly Cooper could be created.

  • Heh Glen, would you mind to tell us about the 2 villains in the 2 new artworks, about who they trapped?

  • P.S about which ancestor they got trapped.

  • Since we get a free copy for the PS Vita (being digital) that means we have to download it. How much space is it going to need on the memory cards?

  • hey great game any word on a release date or price need to know ok thanks!

  • If I buy Sly 4 for the PS3, could I recive a Vita card copy instead of a digital copy of the Vita version; or do I have to get the digital copy?

  • A fair number of people are concerned over the free copy being digital only.

    A lot of people can’t afford the large/expensive Vita memory cards and many games take upwards of 4gb.

    Are you going to address the communities concerns regarding this?

    Don’t get me wrong, a free digital copy of a Vita game with a PS3 version is fantastic and I thank you for this.

    But for me and some others, the free version being digital either means a)spend a bunch on a new big memory card (I already have 16GB and am constantly running out of space) or b) buying the retail versions of both despite having a free digital version.

    MLB did 20$ off when you bought both physical copies. That kind of deal makes far more sense and is something you should consider for those of us with memory card/space issues.

  • I came back hoping to get a few answers.
    To whom it may concern,
    Today PS posted a pre order bonus for Persona 4. The bonus allows you to have a pretty vita. This got me thinking, “What ever happened to the Sly Cooper Treasure Contest”? For US, the winners were supposed to be announced months ago. Instead we were left in the dust with no response. Whatever happened to the contest? Were the winners picked and announced? Can we get a bit of news concerning this? Like a trailer or a few pictures of the prizes? Maybe a date?
    I entered and at this point, I’m thinking there is still a possibility I could win. Instead of getting a white ps vita from an Assassin’s Creed bundle, I could own a pretty Sly Cooper Vita

  • wow using vita as x-ray goggles on the tv sounds more like a wii u rip off if you ask me.Way to be original sony!

  • I actually almost went with a pirate theme for my treasure, but I could draw it good enough!

  • Can’t wait for the results to the treasure design contest! Even if I don’t win I want to see all the cool treasures that did!

  • Bdp985, I was also wondering about this! And looking through the comments it they say they are announcing it this or next week! YAY!

  • hello again glen- reply to those responses from earlier
    1) makes more sense, you guys gotta get paid well for all your hard work on this masterpiece of a game :)
    2)lol i like how you evade the answers to my questions with stuff like “Good idea :D” which just makes me wanna know more.
    3)yes online multiplayer, oh and can we get and sly based online Multiplayer level of capture the flag?
    4)im just hoping racing will be better then in sly 1, the van needs proper handling so it fells like a proper car.
    5) a new question here how many hours can we expect per episode? with colecting everything, and story mode an shtuff.



  • oh my god an sly based online multiplayer level of capture the flag would be so kool!!!! and yes racing needs to be better than sly 1

  • Do you need to buy the PSN Version of a PS3 game to get the PSN version of the Vita game?
    Or is it also possible to get the retail boxed version?

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa. So the retail versions are also part of that cross-platform promotions (for those that have a retail version)? That’s excellent news for me. I was bummed it would be psn only. So I’m assuming the retail copies come with psn code to redeem?

  • I only wanted to buy the PSVITA version, but now I will gladly spend 60 bucks (or so) so that I can have both versions :D

    Thx a lot! Hopefully 3rd party companies will begin to do this :D

  • is there gameplay of salim al kupar of arabia if there is send me th url

  • 1)If u preorder the game do u get Sly’s cane cuz that would be the best

    2)Is the demo on the ratchet and clank collection the same one that will be on the PSN store(if there will be one on PSN)

    3)Is there a video of salim al kupar

  • No reply? Must be my fault for asking spoilers, OK how about this, you know the names that pop up when you enter a level are those the names of the episode segments? The places inside buildings and outside a place that isn’t where your safe house is?

  • There’s something I want to know with regards to cross buy and the PSN pass. Will retail games that are part of the cross buy program be exempt from the PSN pass?

  • ***Hello SANZARU GAMES, the game is looking excellent! Thanks for making our dreams come true with another Sly Cooper Game! All the levels so far look fantastic! I really hope you guys can answer my question PLEASE. Have you all seen the Sly Cooper COLLECTOR’S EDITION VOTE on PLAYSTATION SHARE BLOG? We’ve been voting on it and hope that SONY will see it. I really feel that this series deserves a Collector’s Edition. Please let us know the update on that. Especially, since the game has been further delayed. Thanks! =)

  • Can’t wait for this game! Played the originals on the ps2 and bought the collectors edition. I’m glad you guys are. Ringing back bottles and treasures :) Can you please please please make a collectors edition. I think it would be cool if you put slys calling card and maybe the thievius raccoonus? Just a suggestion but whatever you do please make a collectors edition! I think it would please a lot of people!

  • Please answer!!! ^

  • will it be 4 players or 2 players on sly cooper thieves in time

  • hey Glenn I am the #1 fan of the sly games they were my 1st games i ever played and its killing me inside and out when will it come out please reply

  • i have seen that you have not replied on this entire page 2 so please start replying i’m not tryin to b mean but you left a lot of people hanging i saw on page 1 tht you would at least reply with a :D so can u please start replying just to keep us updated

    thanks x_MeGaSqUiRReL_x

  • Questions:
    1: Will the game be available on psn?
    2: Will there be any form of online play for mini games like alter ego
    3: Will Dmitri be in he game? We have seen him in the E3 trailer and the play station magazine but that is all.
    4: (You don’t have to answer this one) Who are Grizzle B and Ms. Decibel?

  • I’m one of the few people who never had a chance to play Sly Cooper and will buy the HD Collection to familiarize myself with this series. I was told by many this series is great. Being a Dad makes it difficult to keep up with games but having it on the Vita (which I will buy as a gift to myself) will be great. I’ve seen the trailers, read the story of Sly & Co and I’m really hyped about it. Keep up the good work.

  • When will the next updated livestream be coming?

  • i really like how sly looks in thieves in time

  • i know right i really want it to come out and i’m surprised to see how many people love sly i’m so pumped it killing me i want it to come out alredy

  • *already*

  • sly collection for vita? release date? Other anscestors? treasure contest winners

  • Ps vita bundle with thieves in time? ps3 bundle with thieves in time?

  • OK Can I just say that you guys at Sanzaru are doing an AMAZING job? I’m a little bummed about the pushed back release date, but if we waited several years, then we can wait a couple more months right? I just have one question regarding Carmelita’s role in the story. Is she there by accident, or did she agree to team up with Sly?

  • To Glen Egan,
    I’m very excited for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time! I often blog about it on I have some questions for you:
    – I heard that somebody who visited Sanzaru Games saw a picture of a shadowy character. It’s almost for sure Sly’s Dad, but I was hoping you could confirm or upload a picture?
    – Is Sly’s Dad named Conner Cooper?
    – I love the posters of Sir Galleth! I saw that you have one in your office. Could I get a PDF?
    – Will there be more than 7 levels in SCTiT?
    – Will Heinriette One-Eye Cooper be in the game? Do you have a basic sketch of her?
    – Is there going to be a collectors edition of the game?
    – I make green lantern variations of Sly Cooper’s gang on the wiki. ( I want to make one of Dimitri, but I can’t find a big enough picture. Could I get a high quality picture of Dimitri looking like this:
    – Are you planning on any meet-ups with SCTiT as a playable game?
    I know that you probably won’t be able to answer all these questions, but I would really appreciate it if you could answer some. Thanks!

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