Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Gamescom Trailer — Buy Once, Get It on PS3 and PS Vita

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Gamescom Trailer — Buy Once, Get It on PS3 and PS Vita

Hello from Germany! I’d like to talk about the cool stuff we’re showing off at this year’s Gamescom for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

First and foremost, we’d like to introduce you to a new Cooper ancestor, Salim Al Kupar. You’ll meet Salim as Sly travels back in time to the enchanted world of ancient Arabia – a land of magic genies, flying carpets and lost treasures. Sly quickly discovers that Salim is nearing retirement and looking forward to taking a little break from thievery, but recent events have put an end to those plans! Now Sly and the gang will need to goad the slightly recalcitrant Salim back into action as they work together to restore his legacy.

We’re also giving you a look at a brand new mission in Arabia so you can see Salim in action. We find him on a quest to free one of the members of his band of thieves from a strange imprisonment. To do so, he must use his signature ability — the Cobra Climb. This technique allows him to rapidly ascend vertical ropes, chains or poles to quickly evade an attack. This comes in very handy as he makes his way through this snake-infested rug shop.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Something else that Salim puts to very good use in this mission is his own personal flying carpet! While Sly has the paraglider, Salim gets his own exclusive flying transport. The magic carpet gives Salim the ability to glide his way across gaps and evade his enemies with ease and Arabian style.

We are also showing off some unique cross-play features for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that will utilize both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStaion Vita versions of the game. We’ve already talked about the cross-save feature, which will use cloud saving to transfer your game from one device to the other. Here at Gamescom, we’re showcasing some pretty cool Augmented Reality features using the PS Vita system to help you collect some valuable items as you play through the PS3 version of the game.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

While playing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on PS3, you’ll need to recruit an assistant in your quest for collectibles, armed with a PlayStation Vita and the PS Vita version of the game. Following true Sly tradition, Thieves in Time is absolutely packed with stuff for players to collect as they tear their way across space and time, from clue bottles to treasure challenges, Sly masks to costumes; but sometimes these items can be quite difficult to locate. You now have a secret weapon! Using the PS Vita system as a set of X-ray goggles, you can look into Sly’s universe to help track them down. Simply point the PS Vita at the TV screen and press the button to lock onto the image, and the X-ray overlay will pop up and highlight all of the hidden treasures in orange throughout the world. The PS Vita player simply taps on the front touch screen to display a pointer on the TV that will show you where to look for the hidden loot!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

You can also use Augmented Reality to help you collect ancient hidden art treasures as you play through the game. There are dozens of beautiful tapestries, paintings, mosaics and other ancient art works scattered through the game. You can use the camera on your PS Vita to snap photographs of these as a way to “collect” them and earn more money. Just point your PS Vita at the TV to aim, press the button to take the photo and bingo – Sly collects the loot!

When we started developing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS Vita, we were looking to create these kinds of new and engaging ways to have the two PlayStation systems interact with another, but you would essentially need both versions of the game to truly experience the entire Thieves in Time adventure. So, we’re really excited about the promotional pricing announcement for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that Sony made this week at their press conference. If you buy the PS3 version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (through traditional retailers or via PlayStation Network), you will be able to download the PS Vita version of Thieves in Time from PSN at no additional cost. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

We’ll have lots more to come on the Sly Cooper front as we head toward our February 2013 release date. Even though Sly officially launches early next year, we are also still hard at work to make sure that everyone will still get a chance to play in the Sly Cooper universe this Fall – stay tuned for more news on that very soon!

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2 Author Replies

  • So buying the PS Vita version of the game will not give me the PS3 version? The promotion has been a bit confusing since it seems like it works both ways on Rachet but it won’t on PS All-stars and Sly even though their twitter accounts are saying the opposite.

    • That’s correct.
      You need to get the PS3 version to get the Vita version for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

  • On the other hand, the implementation of a PS Vita user looks very cool and I am looking forward to playing the game after getting Platinums on the Sly Collection.

  • This game looks awesome. I love the Cross promotional stuff. Being able to take a game like this on the go is fabulous. In the post it says that another person can look for treasures using the Vita. We’ll we be able to use the Vita as the cross controller to search for treasures and play the game with only one person. I am really excited about the possibilities that Sony has with using the Vita as a controller. The cross buy program is brilliant and hope to see it utilized on other games that are on both platforms. Keep up the good work.


  • Sweet. I had been worrying about which version to get, so much so I preordered both just so I could decide and cancel one later.

    Now I can buy the physical ps3 version and get the vita version for free. So great. I’m glad I bought the 32 gb memory card.

  • @Kchow23

    It works “both ways” for downloadable games like Pinball Hall of Fame because both the PS3 and Vita versions are the same price.

    For retail games, PS3 versions are $60 and Vita games are (Normally) $40.

    No you’re not going to be able to buy the cheaper version and get both. How much sense would that make?

  • Dear Sony,

    If there is going to be a lot more “Cross Buy” things where we are getting the exact same games on both PS3 and Vita (like Sound Shapes and Motorstorm RC), PLEASE figure out how to use ONE trophy list for both games. I refuse to earn twice the amount of trophies for one game, it dilutes the value of the trophies. For this reason, I won’t play Motorstorm RC or Sound Shapes on my PS3, because I don’t want two free platinums for doing nothing. I know this seems like an odd thing to complain about, but as a serious trophy hunter, it just feels wrong that people can get two platinum trophies for beating one game. I know you guys have the brain power to figure it out. I believe in you.


  • *Edit* by Pinball Hall of Fame, I mean Pinball Arcade. These comments could really use an edit button.


  • How will you be able to download the other version of the game if you buy the retail version? Do you get a PSN code?

    • It’ll be digital. The PS3 version will not include a Vita game card.
      We’ll have details on how exactly that works a bit later on =)

  • @5 Could mean that both games would be priced at $40, instead of the PS3 ver being $60? and also they shouldn’t say buy once get both if it is like that…. It should be buy the PS3 copy and get the PS Vita copy for free.

  • @Metalmurphy Yes, most likely a redeem code in the physical PS3 game copy and for Digital PS3 version you will just get both digital with one PSN purchase.

  • Can I use the Augmented Reality feature playing alone with Vita instead of dualshock?
    Like the Cross-Controler feature in LBP2?

  • @Kchow23, Possibly since the price of the game hasn’t been announced as far as I’m aware, but unlikely.

    Your second point makes sense.

  • Wow. Utilizing the Vita in this way is awesome. This is what I as hoping to see from Sony when the Wii-U was announced. Awesome. I was already planning on getting this, now I’m getting it this much harder! :)

  • When are the winners of the North American Sly Cooper Treasure Design Contest going to be announced. Originally it was supposed to wrap up around June/July. The European contest winners were announced several weeks ago. What gives? I’ve googled and can find nada.

  • Absolutely wonderful. I had no idea what version I was going to get, the PS3 or Vita version. So happy that I’ll be getting both! Thanks a bunch!

  • I guess the download only option will curb the amount of craigslist resellers that we’ll see.

    Hardcopy all the way!

  • Very good news that you get the Vita version free even with the purchase of the retail disc PS3 version. But February 2013? I was hyping up for an October release :( The beginning of next year is so crowded.

  • ok few questions glen

    1)Why the change of release date, i mean the game has been complete(ish) since February so i figured 6 months of tweaking is enough right?
    2) i know america is getting a sly 4 demo (though R&C collection) at the end of the month, but what about the rest of the world (like me in england). can we get a demo some time in september (because of the delay). because just america getting a demo, and not other people who were looking forward to the game just seems unfair, thanks.
    3) will the alter ego minigame be playable online?
    4)can you tell us anything about the driving minigame that matt hinted at in some E3 interviews?

    thanks in advance

    • Hey there,

      Good questions, i’ll answer where I can:

      1) The date change isn’t a function of game development, but there are a lot of titles coming out in the last quarter so the move should make sure Sly is lavished with the attention he deserves.
      2) Good idea :D
      3) Do you mean online multiplayer?
      4) Did Mat say that? i’ll have to ask him ;-)



  • It’s sad to see this delayed for excitement reason (soo close to the release and boom :(). But still, awesome you guys are supporting the buy the PS3 version get the Vita version free thought process, that pretty much makes this an instant buy for me. For anyone questioning the process, it’s quite simple. If you buy the PS3 version, it’s going to be $60 while the Vita version will most likely be $40. Why would they give you the opportunity to buy the $40 version and get the $60 version for free? Simply put, just pay the extra $20… you’re getting 2 games.

  • Dear Sanzaru Games, Do you plan on going to Pax again this year!?!?!?!

  • I also posted about this in the european blog but i’ll also post here:

    Seriously, what’s with these europe discrimination? First US owners of the Ratchet and Clank Collection get a demo and owners of the european ratchet and clank collection will have to wait(i hope its not too long) and now here it says that the game is coming out in february 2013 but on the ps blog eu it says that its coming only march 2013. Seriously, if that’s true…it pisses me off. Why can’t Sony release things on Europe and US at the same time…geez

  • Think about it this way. PS3 game – $50-60, PS Vita game – $30-50. Would it make sense if you got the PS3 version when you buy the vita version? No, of course not.

  • Well I’ve been thinking this game looks like I wanted to try it eventually.

    Seeing the Vita version will be free with PS3 is almost enough to suddenly make me a day 1 buyer.

    Also like for the first time seeing AR stuff I would actually want to try.

    However, it’s only a free download version? How big is this game on VITA, I don’t have a lot of space on my memory card and buying a new one to make this game fit, would kill the point of getting it for free.

    Will there be any way to get the physical copy as the free one? Or even a deal like MLB did where you get 20$ off when buying both physical copies? I’d rather pay a partial price for a physical copy than have yet another downloaded game I need to find space for/be forced to buy a bigger (100$ish) memory card.

    Regardless, it’s cool that you’re doing this deal and my interest in the game has gone up quite a bit because of this post. :)

  • Thanks for finally giving us an update, Glen. It’s been a while!

    I really like what I’m seeing. I just want to thank you guys for making this game. I honestly can’t wait for it. I live in Europe, so I’m a little sad I won’t be able to get my hands on it until March, but I’ll get it as fast as possible for sure.

    I know it was all Sony’s decision to delay the game, but I want to ask you about this. Since the game is almost finished now, are you going to take advantage of the extra time by polishing the game even more than you thought you would? In my opinion, a game can’t get enough polish, and since you’re fortunate enough to have a few more months before the release, I really think you should try to improve it as much as you can.

    Are you going to do this or just call it a day as you normally would without this delay?

    Once again, thanks for everything, and I’m hoping for a reply.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see the box art! I’m obsessed with box art!

  • the cross play features look great ! Sony can’t hand out retail copies of the Vita game – as then everyone who does not own a Vita will just resell the item …. this way, Sony ensures that only owners of both systems benefit from the cross buy feature. additionally, it is less costly for them to supply the digital version. & consumes memory space …. I will be uograding from my almost full 8 gb to the 32 gb this fall.

    great way to support Vita buyers ! thanks ….

  • Glen, you’re awesome and your team is awesome. This looks like it will such a fantastic game, and although I’m sad that it’s been delayed to early 2013, I’m sure it’s just going to make it an even better game. Huge thanks to Sony, as well, for this absolutely amazing “Cross Buy” service. Made me very happy to hear about that.

  • Thanks for the update! Will you guys be releasing any more artwork for the game? I still have the fantastic E3 2011 artwork set as my desktop wallpaper.

  • I think it would’ve been cool to use the Vita as an actual controller to play the game.

    And what happened to the Sly Cooper Treasure Design Contest?!! Who Won?!!

  • Now that the game is being put on hold until next year , how are we going to celebrate Sly’s 10th birthday this year?.
    Also will the Ratchet and Clank Collection coming out in the next few weeks what kind of demo of the game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be revealed on it?.

  • this game is gonna be awsome i hope it’s gonna be as good as sound shapes :) :D

  • Will Carmalita have a relationship with either Rioichi or Salim?

  • I can’t wait for this game! 7 years in the making!

    Also, if you can answer this, what does the demo consist of?

  • this is so awesome that i buy one i get the other, this is a great move sony. i love you sony haha.

  • with using ur Vita help u find treasures on the PS3 version is an HDTV required? cuz i’m stuck on an SDTV & i’m wondering if it would still work or be compatible

  • Glad to hear from the ever-elusive Glen Egan once again! The trailer looks absolutely amazing, and just makes me water at the mouth even more. Sure, the news about the release date is upsetting, but I’ll take it with a grain of salt and stay as excited as ever for the release!

    In the meantime, how about you let us know who won the US Treasure Contest? The UK winners got announced weeks ago, and some of us are just itching to know if we need to jump for joy or cry ourselves to sleep tonight!

    C’mon, let’s hear it! :D

  • Fantastic trailer, I must say! – A shame for the delay, but if it will be used for more polish then I can’t complain. ^-^

  • The cross buy feature is awesome!!!!

    I was gonna get this for my VITA but now that its buy 1 get both I’m gonna have to go for the PS3 version with the VITA one also!!! So stoked. Can’t wait. I have to say… I am in love with transferring saved files back and forth!!! I’m doing it currently with the MGS HD collection and it is full of so much Win!!! Glad to hear that this game will also incorporate this! Thanks SONY and Sanzaru Games

  • Wow, completely awesome in every way–the cross buy/play/trophies, the beautiful screen shots, the completely innovative use of Vita–just a big, big wow.

  • Really excited for this, shame that most of the games I was looking forward to at the end of this year have been pushed to 2013.

  • can we have a discount on buying BOTH hard copies together? I probably won’t have the room to download it on my Vita memory card

  • Hi, huge fan of the Sly Cooper series. I’m glad you guys are taking your time to make sure this game lives up to the others. I can’t wait! However I’m not really taken in by the animated cut scenes. They’re missing the vibrancy and bold colors of the originals. Hopefully you guys can tweak them in the coming months. Every else is looking great so far and I hope we get to see Clockwerk again! :D

  • I’m all for this. I’m gonna need a bigger memory card.

  • I was really looking forward to playing Sly Thieves in Time this year. Hope the extra time helps

  • the game is looking great!
    by the way those treasures that we can obtain with the ps3+vita can be obtained with just 1 version of the game(i dont got vita)?

  • Wow, this along with the upcoming ratchet downloadable title and Playstation all starts really makes me want to get a vita.

    Wipeout 2048 and super stardust delta are also titles I want to get.

    Killzone mercarnies also looks great but FPS aren’t my thing (with the exception of Insomniac’s Resistance).

    Still, I learned my lesson with the PSP. It may take a couple years, but I ain’t putting cash down on a vita until theres a built in 16gb harddrive at the very least. It may be asking for alot, but I am done with memory sticks.

  • Such an awesome deal for an awesome pair of games. Thanks to Glen & Cristian for the update!

  • Good stuff Sanzaru, this game looks to continue the great sly franchise perfectly! I have the HD collection of Sly that you guys made, and those games still look GREAT thanks to their CEL SHADED clean look, they still hold up very well. Still haven’t finished Sly #3 though, even though I beat it in the PS2 days, I wanted to keep it for later when I had a bad urge to play as a crazy/funny/smart raccoon again.. which I am getting now :P

    The cross play thing might get me to actually get a Vita sometime.

  • Sooo… I have been drinking (heavily) and was just wondering if I dont have a vita, do I get a discount on this game? Because it seems a bit unfair if i am willing to spend the same $60 on a game as someone else, i shouldnt be penalized by not getting a bonus if i dont spend additional moneys on hardware i dont want or need. Dont get me wrong, the vita is great if youre rich, but I already have a very nice tablet and smartphone i play religously. I understand that some MONTHS from now (maybe) you may (finally) expand your software to other platforms, but this pitting fanboys against each other based on how much were willing to spend is getting old. I Love Sony! I just wish you could throw me a bone, like letting me into dc universe using my psn id on the pc. but since i now own an expansion on the pc that i dont on ps3 i hope that never happens? I am so confused … and drunk. Love you sony!

  • *bonus/ advantage*

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