See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

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See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

If you’re a PlayStation Vita owner – or if you are a Call of Duty fan looking for an excuse to become one – you’re going to want to see this. The first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified just debuted at the Sony PlayStation press conference in Cologne, Germany, and now it’s on your internets. Look!

See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

If you want to watch it again, I’ll wait. There was a lot to see in there.

Developed by the team at Nihilistic Software, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is what Call of Duty fans have been waiting for: the game they know and love, authentically translated to handheld. “One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified’s compelling features is the fact that you can take the established gameplay everyone knows and loves and bring it to the PS Vita,” says the game’s producer at Activision, Neven Dravinski. That means you can look forward to familiar elements like Create-a-Class, Perks, Prestige Levels, and of course, dual analog stick controls.

Black Ops Declassified’s single-player campaign offers covert missions that help bridge the story gap between the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and the soon to be released Call of Duty: Black Ops II, while the multiplayer offers mayhem for up to eight players over Wi-Fi connections. “We’ll have a variety of game modes and maps, including some that are custom made for PS Vita and others that leverage fan favorites from the Black Ops series, but tailor made for PS Vita,” explains Dravinski. Multiplayer game modes include 4v4 Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Drop Zone, but Dravinski says there will be other modes as well.

The dev team is making sure that Declassified takes advantage of key PS Vita features, too. The game will use the touchscreen for melee attacks, and for chucking grenades at your foes, and will even let you share loadouts with your friends via Near technology.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is due out this November, so you don’t have too long to wait to try it yourself. We’re working on a limited-edition PS Vita hardware bundle that comes with the game as well — keep an eye out for details on that! In the meantime, watch the PlayStation.Blog for more info – a deeper look at the game is coming soon.

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  • I wonder how black ops 2 differentiate from black ops online. I’m actually really looking forward to this, also I wonder how call of duty elite will play into black ops 2? If it doesn’t that would be pretty sad. Now I know elite was part of inifinityward, but will it coincide with treyarch at all?

    • I think you are asking about the console games, so let me just double-check that you know that Declassified is developed by Nihilistic for the Vita and Black Ops II is developed for PS3 by Treyarch. Related games, but different goals and different teams, so they don’t necessarily follow each other’s rules.

      That said, there is a lot of info out today about how Black Ops II MP will differ from that of the original Black Ops (or even MW3). I have posted a bunch of it on my blog here: http://bit,ly/1oSBlackOps2MP

      Elite will work with Black Ops II, but the info on exaclty how they will work together hasn’t been released yet. I suspect that stuff will be its own sort of news event when it is announced. But yes, Elite integration is in Black Ops II; Elite was built with the intention that it would continue to be supported by future CoD games, no matter which studio builds them (remember that Elite itself is the work of Beachhead Studio, a different team altogether that works with Treyarch, IW, Sledgehammer, Raven, etc). That said, I do not know if Elite works with Declassified at all; I will ask.

  • PS Vita’s got a lot of horsepower but this game looks so bad in terms of graphic, it feels like I am looking at PS1 graphic :(. I hope the gameplay makes up for it.
    Modern Combat 3 on iPad looks a lot better than this :|
    Really disappointed :|

  • Zombies, and I’m sold.

  • Yeah I’m pretty disappointed to see it is made by Nihilistic Software sadly they just don’t have a great track record for making great titles. That is not to say Resistiance Vita wasn’t just a decent title. It had very sub-par multiplayer and single player story telling. It looked decent for a first attempt at the VITA engine. Hopefully this game has some more tweaks to the system but if it this doesn’t do well either Sony needs to dump this company and not let them be the moving force for vita FPS’s

  • I’ve never been a massive FPS fan, though I enjoyed UT back in the day, and Halo 3. I have to say the graphics are pretty poor here. I’m not a huge CoD fan but was willing to try this due to a lack of other titles in the pipeline; sadly nothing in that video appealed.

    I hope it has something for CoD fans and it does well, but if the trailer is any indication I can’t see it doing anything to help the Vita.

    I get the feeling it’ll be the Japanese studios that keep the system alive for a niche hardcore, just like the PSP :(

    • There is some really great stuff coming out on the Japanese studios, but for the record, I don’t think a game as big as CoD is ever going to be for the “niche hardcore” audience anyway. I think you will always have cool games that appeal to the niche hardcore crowd, but I rarely expect them to be part of the megafranchises.

  • I was really wanting to get this until I heard the MP info and saw the gameplay footage. 4v4 is a huge letdown. The game also looked like crap. With it coming out in November I sure hope that video was at least 6 months old. I’m also not to excited about hearing Nihilistic making this. Just makes it seem like it will be a mediocre title. I’ll be watching more on this but as of right now you have lost my sale.

    @ xCh0z3n-0n3x: Did you not see the AC: Liberation trailer earlier in the conference? That sure as hell looked great on the big screen. So did Tearaway and Killzone.

  • Nihilistic Software should never have made this game. They do not show the Vitas potenital and they are not taking the time they need to to create cutting edge games.

  • was that nuke town?

  • Not to thrilled that Nihilistic will be making this. I thought another COD developer like Raven, Sledgehammer, or Neversoft would be developing it. I have no problem with Nihilistic because I did love Resistance: Burning Skies and PlayStation Move Heroes, but I just hope you guys at Activision make sure that this will be exactly like Call of Duty. Quick question, are they using the IW engine for this or the Resistance: Burning Skies engine?

  • single player missions = Story mode?

    Does the game have a proper story mode or not??

    • Quoting from the article: “…single-player campaign offers covert missions that help bridge the story gap between the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and the soon to be released Call of Duty: Black Ops II”

      So, yeah, a campaign that bridges the stories of two other games can, in my mind, only logically do that with its own narrative.

  • OMG! why Nihilistic again, they ruined resistance, and now they’re going to ruin COD, im a huge fan of playstation and cod, but im not getting this, unless i see a better gameplay cause this i’ve just watched made me feel really dissapointed..

  • I will not be running out to buy a vita for Call Of Duty. I haven’t seen one game yet coming out this year That will make me go spend 300+ on a Vita. Because its all on PS3. Remote play is over rated I can control my PS3 games with a duelshock 3 and a 50” LCD in 1080p. witch vita can’t do!!!

  • Looks alright so far, hope it turns out good

  • Also will this take advantage of Call of Duty Elite and will there be DLC released regularly? And will this in any way interact with Black Ops II on PS3 such as exclusive content.

    • Too early to tell on any of your questions, I’m afraid. See #51 for Elite, and I don’t know anything about interactivity with the console game. They live in the same story universe, but may not necessarily tie together that tightly.

  • developed by nihilistic? well i hope it turns out to be very good, but honestly, (and you cant blame me), I don’t have any faith that it will

  • @ dan amrich- if not this, what are you qualified for?

    • I’m not sure I understand the question. I’m sorry if I failed you in some way, but I’ve shared the information I have. I don’t always get to see the games as they are being developed, particularly if it’s by a third party developer in a different city, so that’s why I have not played it.

  • Uhhh Zombies?

  • Before you blow me off as some CoD hater, Dan, know that i really am not. I like the CoD games, i thought MW3 was a bit weak, but Blops was awesome and Blops 2 looks just as good, i already have it pre ordered and if there was another 150€ Limited Edition for it, i’d no doubt get it just like i did for MW2 & Blops.

    This? …Surely you’re joking. Look at those visuals, there are 1 Euro iPhone games that look better, and of course its from Nihilistic Software, the discount devs. Now i’m always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, maybe Burning Skies was blip, maybe this will be awesome, but those visuals are outrageously poor compared to other Vita games.
    And in the end it all boils down to how Activision treats their Playstation CoD fans, these visuals and the choice of dev seem like another slap to our faces. I got all of the CoD games on 360, but now i’m sick of paying to play a ridiculously small amount of games online so i’m getting Blops 2 on PS3, now the question is will i be able to play it online? See, from what i’ve heard not only was Blops an inferior port, but the online component was broken and MW3 didnt fair much better. So how will Blops 2 run?

    • Never take a business or creative decision as an insult. I do not know why Nihilistic was selected as the developer, but I know it wasn’t to slap anyone in the face.

      If you do not like what you see in this trailer, that’s something I can accept and understand. But it’s not a personal vendetta and I don’t think that’s the right way to take it — nor is extending this to “so does this mean Black Ops II might not be any good?” I think you are linking two unrelated situations; the Vita game’s development is not linked to the console game’s development.

      I know that Black Ops II for PS3 is still in alpha; the Vita game is not scheduled to come out any sooner than that (same month) so it’s plausible that you are seeing a work in progress. I have no way to predict how it will change between now and release. If you still don’t like the way it looks when it’s done, your choice should be clear. If you think it’s improved by that time, then you have something to consider.

      And really, that’s the same choice I face with any game preview: Do I like it enough now to know that I want to get it, or do I want to wait and make up my mind later? That’s gaming, really.

  • ^ Continued:
    Dan, could you please pass on the message to Acti, tell them to stop screwing the PS fanbase with rush job ports and shoddy work. I get that Acti are in a contract with Microsoft when it comes to COD, but as far as i’m aware the sales split really isnt that great, its not like 80% of sales are on 360 alone, i mean does that contract say that the PS3 versions have to be broken or something?

  • Lol Nihilistic Software….oh boy…

  • I would have loved for this to be good but my interest is completely gone after seeing Nihilistic as the developer. I’m sorry, Activision and I hope you pick someone competent to develop next year’s game.

  • I have a bad feeling about this…

    I hope it turns out good nonetheless. I like to be optimistic. Never been a real fan of CoD but was going to buy this one due to the low amount of games. Here’s to hoping!

  • Nihilistic? We’re gonna make that decision again? Why in the world do good devs keep geting shut down, and Nihilistic gets some of the most important and popular properties around? They’ve shown time and again that they can’t make a good game. Their entire back catalogue is full of bad games. I don’t mean to be a jerk, and I’m sure the people at Nihilistic are good folks, but that doesn’t cut it when you give me a game on Vita that looks like it came out on the PSP. Especially when Uncharted for Vita can look almost identical to Drake’s Fortune in terms of visual quality. I’m not a COD fan, but this was supposed to be an important flagship game for Vita, and now it looks like an unfinished PS2 game. Okay, I’m done ranting. I hope the game will be better than Resistance Burning Skies, but if it’s not, publishers HAVE to stop giving Nihilistic these kinds of properties.

  • The ball was definitely dropped here. This is the most popular video game/fps franchise in the last 5 years and an opportunity was provided to them to create an amazing shooter forthe Vita. Why would they not want to put in the time and effort to make a product that would blow our minds and make us want to buy yet another one of their titles?

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Anyone who says that graphically, this game looks fine, then you’re on crack because that’s what you would have to be on to think that this game “Looks” good. The last 5 seconds of the Killzone Mercenary trailer looked so good and so polished that the COD folks were probably embarrased to have their trailer show in the same press-conference.

    After all that, I may still buy the game, but probably not until it’s in the bargain bin. I’ll spend my time playing Blops 2 and Halo 4 which is too bad, they could have had me dish out the money for their game too.

  • Why on earth did zipper get shut down and this company gets to exists?

  • Why is everyone raging over graphics and the fact Nihilistic Software are developing the game?

    Ok Burning Skies wasnt great but i enjoyed it, it gave me my first platinum trophy (Lame i know leave it out ok) but R:BS wasnt that bad.

    This is Call Of Duty. This is mobile. This will be a fairly decent FPS experience for the Vita much like R:BS was. Stop moaning about the graphics this is just a reveal to keep all of us interested (or not as the case might be). You can imagine that the graphical Quality will be spot on a little closer to release when another reveal will probably be made alongside another Black Ops 2 reveal.

  • Im not going to lie but it almost looks like the graphics are the same as Resistance Burning Skies on the Vita but even do they havent shown anything of zombies in the trailer i really hope they do have zombie mode on Call Of Duty Black Ops Declassified

  • Nihilistic?…I see *wink* I’ll buy Killzone Mercenary.

  • Worst part of it – CoD was supposed to raise PS Vita sales,Sony just shoot themselfs in the leg.

  • Looks okay. I mean this could be a soldier on-the-go shooter like the MGS games on the PSP. I can imagine some good times for this game. Graphically looks bad, but I am accepting to it because it could be a good Vita game just to play when you are out.

    I would suggest some sort of Vita bundle for this, like they did for the star wars PSP. That would definitely draw people to the game and buy a vita. I wish the development team luck, hopefully they can do better than what they did with Resistance: BS, I am willing to give them a chance to redeem themselves.

    • Sony’s Jim Ryan did confirm a Vita Declassified bundle during the media briefing at which this trailer debuted. He did not show it or talk price, but I would count on the PlayStation Blog having more information on that in the future when the info is available.

  • zombie killing on the go I LOVe it and cant wait

  • It doesn’t surprise me that the official people that make COD isn’t making this game. They got there hands in M$’s money. God forbid if they make something only PlayStation. They’ll loose that m$ for sure.

  • Nihilistic absolutely destroyed Resistance Burning Skies. Why did the cutscenes look look all grainy and like they were being stretched from a small resolution?? It wasn’t artistic direction from the Resistance 50’s.

    On top of that, you expect people to pay $50 for this trash that doesn’t even look like a 1/4 of the COD experience.

  • I’ve never been a fan of the COD franchise, and some could easily call me a hater of it. But as far as this game goes, I’m going to leave it personally tagged as a “let’s wait and see” sort of title.

    While yes, I do remain cautious that Nihilistic is the developer of it, I feel this is not a huge concern for a COD title. When it came to their last title, Resistance Burning Skies, I felt the biggest lacking of it was an in-depth story to draw me in (putting aside the silly chimera running animations XD). Now this may be my “I don’t like COD much” side talking, but when was the last time COD had a meaningful and deep story to it? The past few haven’t, and since COD is mainly an online based game, I don’t think we’ll get a bad experience.

    Again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Seriously, what can you expect from this game when the ACTIVISION community manager has seen as much as anybody else : just the trailer! LMAO. Really? So Activision couldn’t be bothered doing a game for Vita, they are that deep into Micro$oft’s pockets. Their own community manager doesn’t know crap about the game! LOL. Activision wasn’t involved at all in this…thing! LMAO, omg this is hilarious.

    • I am allowed to see games usually when the media gets to see them. Nihilistic is located in Northern California and I’m down here in Southern California, which is a good six-hour car ride. It is not unusual that I would get information on a game and not have played it myself — it was that way when I was in the media, too. Sometimes you just get a fact sheet and some screens or a trailer. That’s basically where we are now; more info is going to come out. But yeah, I don’t work at any of the studios where the games are build, and I certainly don’t work at any of the independent developers that work with Activision to develop games — so don’t take “he hasn’t seen it!” to mean anything more than that.

      If you don’t like what you see, I respect that. But your opinions about Microsoft are really not relevant here. I think you’re connecting dots that aren’t on the same piece of paper.

  • + cweastman on August 14th, 2012 at 12:22 pm said:
    Hi Dan.

    + Dan Amrich on August 14th, 2012 at 1:00 pm said:
    Hi Craig. This is one of the only things I can respond to at the moment because the rest just seems to be opinions and reactions. No reason for me to chime in on most of it!

    I have a question you could maybe answer:

    How old is this trailer or could you find out for us? If this is an old trailer than I could understand the horrible look of it. Also could you try and find out why it’s only 4v4 mp please? This doesn’t make sense since it’s over a wifi only connection.

    • I saw the trailer for the first time this week; I don’t know how far along the game is in the footage seen in the trailer. I will ask if it’s alpha, beta, what percentage, etc and see if I can find out.



    • Yes, Sony’s Jim Ryan mentioned this during the media briefing. No price or release date, but he did specify about 15 minutes into the presentation that a bundle with Declassified would be released.

  • I feel bad for the guys at PlayStation. Besides from making money, they just want to make the coolest handheld platform out there, and to be honest, they really have succeeded in creating a piece hardware that does the job and does it well. It is just really sad to see that GOOD AND ESTABLISHED console developers (BioWare, Bethesda SW, R* and so forth) don’t want to develop games for the tiny market that is PlayStation Vita owners, and that Sony doesn’t have the kind of cash to convince them. Instead, POOR developers such as Nihilistic Software gets hired. The result? BAD review scores for PlayStation Vita games, POOR consumer support for the platform and LOW sales for both hardware and software. This despite a great piece of hardware.

    I’m not saying that the game is doomed. Maybe Nihilistic does something they never have done before: a good game. But without zombies and, most important of all, CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY between BO2 and BO:Declassified, this game will most probably fail in doing any kind of impression on the handheld gaming market and will certainly not convince the established developers that the PS Vita is a console to be reckoned with.

  • This will probably be the same result as when Slant Six made Socom – the worst thing to happen to a franchise…

  • If someone could save the great platform that is the PlayStation Vita, it would be Call of Duty. Now, if not Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation does something really spectacular, the days of the Vita might be numbered – less than a year after the launch of the console. It almost makes me cry.

  • Can you please confirm as to how long this game has been in development?it was announced in january 2011 btw.I’m sure activision is an honest publisher and will not let sony announce their games unless they have the development started,right?

  • Sorry Sony, I love ya, but this is a huge mistake, HUGE! Look at KZ Mercenary and then look back at Nhilistic’s CoDBOPD! It is like looking at two completely different time periods in video game history. I am just thrown back at how bad and washed out the game looks. Why with low textures is the MP only 4 vs 4? If the game looked like Killzone then I could understand why. I was all over this title but will not buy this until it’s under $20.

    It’s not to late for you to delay this game and let it cook for 6 more months. Wow, what a great conference, but this is a huge let down.

  • It does resemble BS a lot… and as someone that liked the game, but realizes it was mediocre at best… it’s disappointing they’re handling what is arguably the biggest 3rd party exclusive that the PS Vita has. This is going to be a big blow in that regard.

    Thankfully, Killzone looks wonderful sans the touch prompts… hopefully those are rethought. And Media Molecule is doing their magic on it too.

  • The reason people mention microsoft is because cod games especially treyarch’s always run and look far worse than their xbox counterpart ‘other console’ that kinda thing…and 360 gets the dlc early due to microsoft ya know…………

  • @91: 3rd party wise maybe, but Sony is still doing their thing. Killzone looks great, Media Molecule’s new game looks amazing. I haven’t been that excited for a new IP since LittleBigPlanet. And I was hugely excited for that game, you have no idea.

  • @ Dan Amrich

    No offense to you sir, but you’re clearly the one NOT RELEVANT in this forum. You shouldn’t be responding to the comments if you are so ignorant.

    • Wow. Why on earth would I take offense at that? :)

      So…the folks who are relevant to this forum know even LESS than I do? Got it! Carry on!

  • One thing i’m sure you’ll agree with though even a handheld cod which we not know much about brings out the massive hate,goes to show how popular this game will be for the vita….i’mm hoping there will be zombies,even the ds ones had that mode

  • i like it:D

  • No offense to the people developing this game but I’ve seen better looking fps games on the ipad ex: Nova 3 and modern combat 3…

    But if the developers making this game announces zombies mode then I will buy it, because so far I don’t want to make the same mistake with burning skies

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