See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

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See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

If you’re a PlayStation Vita owner – or if you are a Call of Duty fan looking for an excuse to become one – you’re going to want to see this. The first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified just debuted at the Sony PlayStation press conference in Cologne, Germany, and now it’s on your internets. Look!

See the First Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita

If you want to watch it again, I’ll wait. There was a lot to see in there.

Developed by the team at Nihilistic Software, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is what Call of Duty fans have been waiting for: the game they know and love, authentically translated to handheld. “One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified’s compelling features is the fact that you can take the established gameplay everyone knows and loves and bring it to the PS Vita,” says the game’s producer at Activision, Neven Dravinski. That means you can look forward to familiar elements like Create-a-Class, Perks, Prestige Levels, and of course, dual analog stick controls.

Black Ops Declassified’s single-player campaign offers covert missions that help bridge the story gap between the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and the soon to be released Call of Duty: Black Ops II, while the multiplayer offers mayhem for up to eight players over Wi-Fi connections. “We’ll have a variety of game modes and maps, including some that are custom made for PS Vita and others that leverage fan favorites from the Black Ops series, but tailor made for PS Vita,” explains Dravinski. Multiplayer game modes include 4v4 Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Drop Zone, but Dravinski says there will be other modes as well.

The dev team is making sure that Declassified takes advantage of key PS Vita features, too. The game will use the touchscreen for melee attacks, and for chucking grenades at your foes, and will even let you share loadouts with your friends via Near technology.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is due out this November, so you don’t have too long to wait to try it yourself. We’re working on a limited-edition PS Vita hardware bundle that comes with the game as well — keep an eye out for details on that! In the meantime, watch the PlayStation.Blog for more info – a deeper look at the game is coming soon.

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  • I hope we don’t see the usual deluge of the anti-COD chorus regurgitating the same mantra of accusing COD of “repetitiveness.” (Although it would be very ironic).

    At any rate, Dan, any news on a Zombie mode? That’s what many people really want! But so far so good! :)

    • I hope not either. Some games, they are either of interest to you or they are not — really not much point in roasting the ones that don’t appeal to you. Better to simply support the stuff that is of interest instead!

    • Oh, sorry — no zombie info yet, this is clearly a week where MP is the star. The zombies will have their day before too long, but I don’t expect any info on Zombies this week.

  • I hope NS learned their mistakes from Resistance. This looks cool. Can we expect Zombies or any kind of co-op?

    • I don’t know if zombies is part of the Vita experience or not yet; I don’t see anything in the trailer, and right now that is what I have to go on, like you. :) SP and MP are confirmed elements.

  • omg!!

  • finnaly a proper handheld game first person shooter

  • I was happy for this untill i saw the bad graphics on this trailer. Sadly m$ wins again..

    • Please see #2. :) If it doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine, other games surely will. But suggesting that Microsoft has any influence over a PlayStation-exclusive handheld game is just silly.

  • zombie mode pls

  • But seriously Nihilistic Software ?, We all know that Resistance Burning Skies didn’t turn out as expected. But now they’re are developing another FPS game for the Vita ? Don’t you think they’re not fit for the job ?
    Clearly the game doesn’t look impressive ( graphically ) and the sound is horrific Resistance BS had the same problem too.
    COD is a huge title which can move a lot of Vita units, Sony be careful with this game.

    • Don’t know, have not played it myself — I’ve only seen the trailer. So “don’t you think they’re not fit for the job” is not a question I can answer. I accept that by asking it, you do not feel they are, though.

  • people complaining about the graphics already??? Looking at the wii and what it achieved with call of duty, i can respectfully say that sony looks like it did a good job with declassified..for a handheld the graphics look good, but again its not proper gameplay its just a reveal

  • “Developed by the team at Nihilistic Software…”

    stopped reading there. lost all interest…

  • Can you confirm if the framerate is 60fps? That’s pretty essential to the CoD experience.

  • question ? what red white and blue all over..?

    A. the american flag

    b. Smurfs in bloods bath

    c. activision beating dev and milking the cod franchise like G hero and player of it blue inthe face becuase the unfair dont stop or get fixxed.?

    Questioniarre number 2.

    If had a ps vita would you buy a cod game? .

    A. no..

    b. Yes

    c. undeiced

    d. if my mommy and daddy buys on a whim and my rally cries . who am i to complain, so all the above

    How do you feel about cod bo 2 .

    A. omg it freaking awsome
    B. what happen’d, was the dev drinking moonshine and burst a liver watching battle of La to many times
    c. omg it boring, it like watching a leaf play the violin and paint drying and a snail and turttle getting a sun tan in amongt a solar eclipse.

    Ty for your time. this questionaire will help them a better: “cough cough” cod game after they have your money for the ps brand cod product.

    vp- psn legionairre group

  • Dan Amirich wins again.

  • Nihilistic Software… jajaj not thanks. Other game for not buy, Thanks Sony for safe my money.

  • Never liked or bought any COD game but ill buy this for sure on the Vita.

  • I was REALLY excited for this game until i found out Niihilistic is making it.SMH.

  • quick question does the limited ed. vita come with a memory card??? btw is max player 4v4?

  • You probably shouldn’t have mentioned Nihilistic was behind it…

    • Well, facts are facts; how you feel about them is up to you, of course, but I don’t see the point in omitting things or not giving people proper credit.

  • @5 paulcarrillo226 What do you mean finally? This game is being developed by the same studio that did Resistance: Burning Skies just three months ago lol. So far it doesn’t have anything that Resistance didn’t have. And, until they reveal zombies, it doesn’t even have what Black Ops DS had.

  • LOL This looks like black ops 1
    rehash much?

  • Wow.

    This was one of the biggest reasons I purchased a Vita, just to wait for this game.

    Thanks for the biggest letdown of the year. I stayed away from purchasing Resistance: Burning Skies because Nihilistic Software, one of the most mediocre studios in industry, made the game.

    Reading the words ” Nihilistic Software” in this blog saying they are developing this Call of Duty, I already know what to expect. No chance giving at all, this game will be so bad sadly.

    A mediocre studio ALWAYS equals a mediocre title. Thanks for giving me more hope to lose on the Vita, Sony.

  • I can’t believe Nihilistic is making it. I won’t get this one for any price. I could tell from that terrible graphics engine that it was from the same guys that made the completely disappointing and sub-par Resistance Burning Skies. This is perfect example of how much Activision cares about this platform. This means that it will be sub-native res, it will be 30fps, likely even struggling with that, and just general mediocrity. Probably shouldn’t have even said that Nihilistic made it (although some of us could already tell from the trailer).

  • Game looks really bad. Hopefully Nihilistic closes down soon so that we don’t get any more bad products from them.

  • So sad so sad. Needs to get delayed and worked on some more. I enjoy my Vita but come on guys the game could look ten times better than this. For 50 bucks I cant see myself buying this. Just some constructive criticism is all. I really think this game needs work, alot of it too.

  • lol do people really expect to see HD graphics from a Vita…on a big screen??? please…for the love of god think about that for a second…………every game shown on a big screen that is for Vita will ALWAYS look weird… are people really that dumb?

  • “Dravinski says there will be other modes as well”

    Please let there be zombies!

  • Mad hate for Nihilistic in this thread. Personally, I think Burning Skies gets a bad rap- shame on you if bought into some of the awful reviews about this game. I thought it was a great first effort by a studio who has never made an FPS before, much less on brand new hardware. They’ve got room to grow. This won’t be a stellar game, but I think it will certainly be a better game than Resistance was.

  • 4v4 is really the best you could offer with multiplayer?

    8v8 or no buy. Also, there should options to let you configure the controls any way you want because I kept accidently knifing in Resistance whenever my finger lightly touched the screen. It was annoying.

  • I enjoy Call of Duty games occasionally so I might just pick this one up.

  • To everyone whining about Nihilistic and comparing to Resistance BS already…this is clearly a different team working the game, yeah…it’s probably the same engine, but Resistance BS didn’t have bad gameplay…it lacked all storytelling depth and had some audio issues. If they’ve had time to smooth out the graphics engine a bit (this DOES look better than Resistance BS did) and beef up the audio for the weapons (it doesn’t sound like it in this trailer) then it could be a decent game. Resistance BS was a competent shooter with functioning multiplayer. If you add in some of Call of Duty’s more famous elements, that could be just the kick in the pants Resistance BS needed in the first place. Give it a chance is all I’m saying…

  • Totally agree with you kilburni86.

  • Is this a PSP or PSVita game? This game look terrible for a vita game to be honest

    @ xCh0z3n-0n3x
    Uncharted on the Vita says Hi

  • I dont think I like 4v4 it should be a bigger multiplayer, but thats just my opinion.

  • Question Dan, this being the first true FPS on a mobile system, does the cross play feature seem a little closer to reality with games such as COD or are we looking at a next-gen feature?

  • It’s not about the graphics it’s about the engine….if you played COD like me since COD 2 on the pc…you know what I’m talking about….

  • Co-op is going to be the deciding factor for me. Resistance Burning Skies was decent so I will give this one a shot.

  • Oo sweet nuke town on the go ^_^ I don’t mind the reuse of burning skies graphics in this game, what matter is the gameplay… Also crossing fingers for zombies mode. Because that’s all I care about… I skipped out on me,mw2, and mw3.. And own was, black ops, and the iOS versions just because of zombie mode

  • Guess this explains why we had little to no information, let alone footage of the game. I’ve seen prettier looking PSP games. I wasn’t interested initially because it was a Call of Duty game. Now that I’ve seen it in action, I definitely know I’m not touching that game.

  • @BlooodyCow…yea Uncharted also looked “ugly” as many of you like to say when it was shown on TV and on youtube videos…now when you look at it on the Vita in PERSON is a whole different story…and it goes for ALL vita games. same goes to console games as well….the graphics you see on internet videos and TV are not the same as when you look at it in person. Declassified might look like crap now, but i am sure it will look better on the Vita’s OLED.

  • I have suggestions to make this game amazing so I hope you pass this information along.

    There needs to distancing audio. If someone is firing a gun from across the map, it can’t sound like they’re firing it near you. You guys have to make the audio perfect. I need to be able to tell where the gunshots are coming from.

    It was a major problem in Resistance multiplayer. There would be shooting somewhere in the map and you couldn’t tell if it was from behind you or nowhere near you.

    The controls need to be customizable. I couldn’t stand how the melee was the on the screen next to the right analog stick.

  • looks like an iOS game, even graphically looks terrible, i can only hope that there is Zombies on it and it is fun, but i doubt even that, way to let me down, i was looking forward to CoD on the Vita, now Killzone: Mercenary will have to do it for me(which btw, looks 50x better than this obvious iOS port)

  • There should at least be a few multplayer modes. Things like Sticks and Stones, Ground War, Domination, Capture the flag, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (obvious). I’d really love Sticks and Stones to be portable.

    If you guys want this to sell a lot (which you’re probably not worried about because COD will make money regardless) you need to delay it and include zombies. Black Ops is known for zombies and I know people who want a Vita for COD because they think Zombies will be on it. If it’s not then you could probably kiss some of those sales goodbye.
    I wouldn’t spend $40 on this for an undoubtedly short campaign and 4v4 online. Zombies is eternal though. People spend 2 hours getting past 30 rounds and you guys cannot afford to keep this out. Do the right thing and make this portable COD the greatest thing next to frozen coffee.

  • Looks pretty bad,infact I got ipad/iphone fps that looks better,whats with ps vita first person shooter looking that bad?Killzone on the other hand looks good,maybe after killzone for ps vita released developers will take their time to work on graphics.I can already tell that sales will be bad.

  • Well this is going to be interesting. I red about the storyline preview from Playstation Lifestyle. The game is going to take place after Black Ops 1 and before Black Ops 2, so basically the Vita version is a inter-quel between the 2 games.

  • Gonna boycott this since nihilistic is the devs..

    • Hi Craig. This is one of the only things I can respond to at the moment because the rest just seems to be opinions and reactions. No reason for me to chime in on most of it!

  • 4v4 is not enough at all. 8v8 seems to be the acceptable minimum for me. But now I’m confused, because I still don’t know if it’s a Vita limitation, or a Nihilistic limitation. Either way, it’s a huge disappointment, and I hope Killzone does it better.

  • For those who Don’t like it we don’t care so don’t most anything. Now my question is what is the release date for this game?

    • They have not stated a specific date, but it’s supposed to be this year, I believe. Certainly if there’s a hardware bundle as stated in the media briefing, I am expecting a release this year.

  • It just resembles BS too much. Change the color palette a little, animations look too familiar ..BS. Constructive criticism is a good thing as it helps creators to deliver a better product to the masses. When you ask someone to pay 50 bucks for a game, the game should almost be on par with the console versions. Just my opinion. Good luck to Nihilistic but I think the game needs time.

  • NIHILISTIC???!? Wow, who made the absolutely bone headed decision to get them to make COD for vita?! resistance BS is literally the WORST vita game i have played so far, and you’re getting them to make the most important vita title of the year. Lost for words….
    I was looking forward to this game until now, looks like another sub 30fps, sub par shooter from an z-tier developer. p*ssed!

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