Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming to PSN August 21st

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming to PSN August 21st

Since 1999, Counter-Strike has been the standard-bearer for first-person shooters. The driving force behind competitive e-sports, Counter-Strike has showcased the talents of the most skilled FPS players around the world. Beginning August 21st, the classic action is available on PSN.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings the industry’s leading team-based action gameplay and adds new weapons, dramatically improved visual effects, and a skill-based matchmaking system to provide all players with a competitive and engaging experience.

Developing for PlayStation 3 gave us a great opportunity to take advantage of the unique qualities of the platform. For example, we’re supporting a wide range of input devices including the PlayStation Move, PlayStation Move sharp shooter, and even keyboard and mouse.

Naturally, support for these devices means that different players in the same match might be using different controllers. Players using mouse and keyboard might end up playing against players using a joystick or motion controls. Our matchmaking system allows us to support all of these input devices without disrupting the balance of the game – you’ll be matched against players who perform at your skill level, regardless of what controller you (or they) choose to use. The system maintains a separate ranking for each input device, so players should feel free to experiment with each one.

In addition to the standard classic gameplay, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has two extra game types – Arms Race, and Demolition mode. These are fast-paced “gun progression” modes where a player begins with a certain weapon and advances through a sequence of weapons whenever they score a kill. In the Arms Race, players take part in a massive deathmatch with instant respawns, where new weapons are awarded immediately after a kill. Backstab an opponent to take them down a level, and rack up kills as you work toward the final weapon: a golden knife.

Demolition mode provides a twist on the classic bomb-planting formula. Players attack (and defend) a single bombsite armed with similar starting weapons. Get one kill and you’ll receive a new weapon in the next round. Get two or more kills in a round and you’ll be rewarded with bonus grenades. Dominate the match and get a kill in every round to reach the ultimate weapons, powerful sniper rifles!

Arms Race and Demolition mode both come with new maps designed for fast-paced gameplay. These modes provide new players with an opportunity to try out the core shooting mechanics of Counter-Strike in a fun and competitive environment, and provide veteran players with more ways to show off their skills.

As part of the PSN PLAY 2012 line-up, players will have a chance to pre-order and receive a bonus XMB theme during the week prior to launch. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be released on August 21st for $14.99 (PS Plus members pay $11.99).

Grab your friends, and join the action.

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  • @SpiritThief. Actually, CS itself was a community mod for Half-Life 1 when it first started out. Team Fortress was also a mod, but for for Quake 2, and not any Valve game, but that didn’t stop them from hiring the team and creating a version of it for their own game, again, Half-Life. Valve has been known to use community content since the beginning, difference being, they tend to hire the people that made the original content, not just steal it, sort of like Treyarch did with their version of GunGame in BLOPS.

    This is something Valve practices to this day, hence, DOTA 2 and their hiring of, i believe, IceFrog (?).

  • If the Move controls play as well as Killzone 3, I’ll be all over this!

  • Already got my pre-order bring it on!

  • sony why can’t i preorder cs go on the psn ? i searched for it, but it doesn’t show me anything…

    we can’t preorder it on the german store FIX IT ! :)

  • Day 1 BUY!!!

    And Valve is Left 4 Dead coming to PS3 now that you started making your games in PS3???

  • I have been waiting the longest time for this game to come to consoles. Not just consoles, But the Playstation Community. It should be going live in the next few hours, and ill be staying up to install it first chance I get. I cant wait to start pilling the enemy team with my rain of fire!

  • I preordered it, so is it available for download at midnight?

  • let me down load it already :p hah

  • to days the day CS UP!! LOL..

  • Where???

    I wait for mine

    But is not ready to download

    Some one know about?

  • I’ve pre-ordered the game to show support for a few things:

    1. Valve Software on PS3
    2. Playstation Move support
    3. Keyboard & Mouse support

    I wish that the initial intention of adding Cross Platform play (my favorite feature from Portal 2 on PS3) to this game would’ve gone through and continued, as all of my friends that play CS GO are on the PC. I don’t know if I will play this game much because of that :(

    Also, as previously echoed in this thread, I would love to see both Left 4 Dead games on the PS3, as well as TF2. I really support STEAM on PS3 and would love to see the reationship between Valve and Sony Computer Entertainment grow.

    Thank you for the above 3 listed implementations to this game, I sincerely hope my pre-order for the game has added support for these features, and allows these features to continue to be used in PS3 games.

  • it is worthy ? guys ? idk if i should get it ?

  • I’ve enjoyed my time with it, its exactly what you expect when you think of Counterstrike. Found it odd with the minimap giving away enemy positions when they fire their gun and stuff, but they also added the decoy grenade to throw people off so it’s all good.

    Hopefully they implement larger servers (only 5v5 is possible right now) and splitscreen seems to be missing (thought I read somewhere it would be included in some way) but for now I’m having a blast with whats there.

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