Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming to PSN August 21st

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming to PSN August 21st

Since 1999, Counter-Strike has been the standard-bearer for first-person shooters. The driving force behind competitive e-sports, Counter-Strike has showcased the talents of the most skilled FPS players around the world. Beginning August 21st, the classic action is available on PSN.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings the industry’s leading team-based action gameplay and adds new weapons, dramatically improved visual effects, and a skill-based matchmaking system to provide all players with a competitive and engaging experience.

Developing for PlayStation 3 gave us a great opportunity to take advantage of the unique qualities of the platform. For example, we’re supporting a wide range of input devices including the PlayStation Move, PlayStation Move sharp shooter, and even keyboard and mouse.

Naturally, support for these devices means that different players in the same match might be using different controllers. Players using mouse and keyboard might end up playing against players using a joystick or motion controls. Our matchmaking system allows us to support all of these input devices without disrupting the balance of the game – you’ll be matched against players who perform at your skill level, regardless of what controller you (or they) choose to use. The system maintains a separate ranking for each input device, so players should feel free to experiment with each one.

In addition to the standard classic gameplay, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has two extra game types – Arms Race, and Demolition mode. These are fast-paced “gun progression” modes where a player begins with a certain weapon and advances through a sequence of weapons whenever they score a kill. In the Arms Race, players take part in a massive deathmatch with instant respawns, where new weapons are awarded immediately after a kill. Backstab an opponent to take them down a level, and rack up kills as you work toward the final weapon: a golden knife.

Demolition mode provides a twist on the classic bomb-planting formula. Players attack (and defend) a single bombsite armed with similar starting weapons. Get one kill and you’ll receive a new weapon in the next round. Get two or more kills in a round and you’ll be rewarded with bonus grenades. Dominate the match and get a kill in every round to reach the ultimate weapons, powerful sniper rifles!

Arms Race and Demolition mode both come with new maps designed for fast-paced gameplay. These modes provide new players with an opportunity to try out the core shooting mechanics of Counter-Strike in a fun and competitive environment, and provide veteran players with more ways to show off their skills.

As part of the PSN PLAY 2012 line-up, players will have a chance to pre-order and receive a bonus XMB theme during the week prior to launch. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be released on August 21st for $14.99 (PS Plus members pay $11.99).

Grab your friends, and join the action.

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  • Day 1 buy!!!!

  • Never thought the day would come when Counter Strike releases on a console :P.. day 1!

  • Can I create a private match and make it Move only? I don’t want to play with a bunch of pad scrubs. I realize pad is easier to get kills but if I wanted to play easy mode I would get a keyboard and mouse. Play with Move like a real man, and stop ruining my online experience!

  • Keyboard AND mouse? Sold!

  • I heard that the cross platform play with PC was cut, but is there any kind of Steam integration in the game? For instance can you earn Steam achievements in the game along with trophies?

  • Thanks for the update! I hope this takes off.

    I love the attention that PlayStation is getting from Valve. I dream of a day when SteamPlay extends to PlayStation titles (and coud sync, of course). Maybe some day.

  • Why did you change of the name of the GunGame mode?

    Did you really not think people will notice you just took a community mod?

  • But is there a “girlfriend mode”?

  • going preorder this Day 1! thanks valve for making this epic game and discount for + <3 valve

  • I will be getting this since the cost is affordable compared to CoD and BF3. It was BF:1943 at 14.99 that got me hooked on FPS shooters on PS3.

    Can’t wait to try out the Keyboard mouse aspect of the game…

  • should bundle this with pc version like with portal 2

  • Destiny89

    CS released on Xbox 1 in 2003.


    How about ps3 ports of Left 4 dead PLEASE?


  • Are people still mad about that Girlfriend mode? Seriously? I’m not mad. I understand the concept of that skill tree, it’s to help players who are new to it. They dubbed it “Girlfriend mode” but I assume they meant no harm. I already pre-ordered borderlands and can’t wait to use that class.

    Anyways I’ve tried playing on the PC but it just didn’t work for me. I’m not sure about consoles though. I like Valves games syncing with the PS3 version and getting them on both consoles. I trust Valve in whatever they do with consoles.



  • CS Source fanatic. Bought the Valve Collection pack long ago when Steam was born. Sony gamers like myself love you Valve! Please put the word out Brain that we want cross-play (Portal 2 & the incoming Move patch rocks!) for any future Valve produced titles. And please… give us some L4D!!

    Thanks Brain!

  • I second what ccrogers15 says. Left 4 Dead needs to come to PS3 NOW.. with mod support.

    VALVE, Epic did a wonderful thing with Unreal Tournament III, they allowed MOD Support for the PS3 version of the game (something I wish someone at Sony would pursue other developers to do as well). Please do the same for future valve games on PS3. I could definitely see PC Gamers double dip and buy both PC and PS3 version of your games just so they can create mods for the console version.

    An Orange Box Trophy patch would be nice too.

  • @13, ccrogers- oh buddy the desire is real! I love the L4D series on the PC. I see no reason not to buy both versions as I’m one of those that enjoy upgrading components like display cards while spending the other half of my free time on the PS3.

    The demand is REAL! & support the Vita! Half Life 1 & 2. Charge whatever you want (whips out the check book)!

  • LOL, just noticed that a lot of the PS3/Valve support on this page is mostly from Playstation Plus members.

  • I wish valve would take the CS formula and make a third person shooter So tired of FPS. I might pick this up though actually nah I wont lol

  • lol. Everyone here let ask left 4 dead for ps3 so valve can see it!! :D

  • Thank you SO much Valve!!! Im so pumped for CS, definitely gunna pre-order this tomorrow! :D love that im getting cash back come Sept. too

  • Instant purchase I can’t wait until aug 21st you rock valve, but im wondering since console details are next to none can we create private rooms for clan battles?

  • First off, thank you for the chance for PS3 owners to enjoy Counter Strike. I’d hoped it’d come to the PS3 for some time and with the 21st quickly approaching, I’m getting ever closer to that wish. I do have a few questions though.

    1) Will mods become available for the PS3? I know Micro$oft has a closed platform stance, meaning many things like mods and cross platform play will never come to them. Sony has set the precedent in the past of allowing both cross platform play and mods. While I know cross platform play has been axed (Wish you wouldn’t have, but seems like there’s too many whiners and PC elitists on the Steam forums) access to mods would bring PS3 closer to having a complete package and potentially lengthen the life of CS: GO on PS3.

  • Definitely getting this. Played soooo much CS back in the day. Wish it was coming to the Vita as well. Would love to be able to take it mobile. Keyboard and mouse support huh….gonna have to find a good gaming only keyboard and mouse now.

  • I usually buy FPSes on PC, but I may have to get this on PS3 now…Mouse+Keyboard AND Move support? That’s a damn good deal.

  • Continued

    2) Will cross platform play ever be put back on the table? While it might be axed now getting PS3 and PC closer together as far as updates are concerned could bring a new light to the situation, particularly with Sony willing to support it and the peripheral options PS3 players have to choose from as well.

    3) Is Sharp Shooter support full support or just on there simply because the Move is supported? If it’s the previous may we see some gameplay with the Sharp Shooter? If it’s the later PLEASE look to give the Sharp Shooter full support. While yes, shooters do work with the SSA as long as the Move is supported, full support brings a whole different experience to the table. This can be supported by Killzone 3 & SOCOM 4 Sharp Shooter support versus Resident Evil 5 or Dead Space: Extraction support.

  • Is no Demo planned ???

  • Does this support steam works? I mean if I buy it on PS3 can I also play it on PC?

  • @3 VERY well said….Move awesome when it comes to shooters…especially K3.

  • PC Version better VAC system and FACT you can upload your own Costume Sprays TAG’s .
    I PICTURE SONY PS3 would Let Users Upload Pictures into Spray Tags from Cross XMBin PHOTO’s but as always it problemly not happean & Game would be Like Playing TF2 PS3 EA Servers …. DAMD OFFLINE :(

  • If You let user to upload Costume Tags from Photos Get ready to see EPIC Pictures
    If not
    :( EPic Failure PC better

  • Demo?

    Platinum trophy?

    Dynamic theme?

  • I will preorder this tomorrow. I was willing to pay $15 but $11.99 is excellent!

  • Awww yeah Def gonna pre-order it :D

  • @ #17 that will never happen lol not on ps3

  • @#20 Agent_Clutch Most valve games on pc can be turned into third person shooters with a simple console command

  • iill be using my 10$ back from PSN PLAY to put toward THPS HD!!

  • This game has me interested and part of the reason is because Valve usually has really good post game support. I am expecting this game to get the same treatment and will probably pick it up. I do want my voice heard as well when people are saying they want some Left 4 Dead love. I would also like to see Team Fortress 2 get updated at some point, as that game still sees support, even know it probably will never happen. I like the fact that Portal 2 was updated and had cross platform Steam support, but it sounds like this game will not, which is a little sad. I thought that Sony’s more open platform made it easy for Steam support, but either way it looks like it will be a good game.


  • great job VALVE on releasing one of the most popular online games from pc on consoles and on top of that a sweet discount for ps plus members very appreciated,is there any chance of seeing the left for dead series on ps3/psn??in the near future?what better place to release this great series then on a system with free online ;)

  • Guaranteed Sale on CS: Go Next week. Now… L4D and L4D 2 ULTIMATE Collection in 1 Bluray. Make it happen and so you guys can start printing the BiG Buck$$$$. Thank You

  • this would come out the same day i leave for basic training :-/ lol… oh well

  • Is there going to be demo? I won’t purchase it unless I play it before and I enjoy it.

    Also, what are you waiting for Valve? Release Left 4 Dead and L4D2 on PS3, now!

    Off topic, FINALLY, after YEARS, an official YouTube app is finally coming to PS3! It’s about time, it took way too long.

  • I think Valve made a bad move by dropping cross play on this title and I hope they eventually bring official cross play with PC and Mac at least after the PC and Mac versions start to slow down in the number of patches (the likely way) or when Valve realises they made a big mistake dropping cross play ( the unlikely way).

  • DAY 1 !!!!

  • yeah i was a bit disapointed when they said that the Corss platform play Pc/mac VS PS3 was not gonna be in this game and i and many other was gonna or is gonna buy this game cause of the Cross play i hope they to add the feature in at some ponit in the future i woud love to play my Keyborad and Mouse :D :)

  • 1. TF2
    2. L4D2
    3. There is no 3 unless it’s Half-Life 3!

  • Well considering I have a good computer to run this on now, I am debating whether or not to buy this for PS3 or PC. Does the PS3 version come with the Steam overlay, similar to Portal 2 on PS3?

  • can someone preorder it already ???

    and also if i get cs go on ps3 do i get it also on the ps3 ? it would be awesome… because i have also friends on the pc who play cs

  • also valve please!!!! release tf2 on ps3 !!!! i mean the actual tf2 build and not that old orange box crappy EA port…

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