UNCHARTED 3 Version 1.13 is Naughty Dog’s Biggest Patch Ever

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UNCHARTED 3 Version 1.13 is Naughty Dog’s Biggest Patch Ever

When we announced UNCHARTED 3 we set out to make the multiplayer component as robust and compelling as any other multiplayer game out there. We took lessons from our summer beta and the Subway Taste for Adventure and used them for our launch. Since launch, new design ideas and community feedback have been applied to every patch we’ve released. Our newest patch is lucky number 13, and we’ve planted some fresh ideas deep into the game. Patch 1.13 for UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer has been months in the making — it’s our biggest patch ever.

Patch 1.13 will be available today, August 7th. If you’re not a fan of reading, check out the patch notes video below for some of the new update’s highlights.

We have unique new multiplayer DLC that will start rolling out to users as part of the PlayStation Store updates, starting on August 14th. The upcoming DLC can be unlocked either by earning the necessary in-game levels, completing specific treasure sets, or purchasing on PSN if you just want to unlock certain items right away. Check out the teaser video below to see a few of our favorite new pieces, out of the 137 we’re adding.

Another major aspect of this patch is a whole new system we’re introducing to UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer. The Tournament System ushers in a points-based competition that has three reward tiers, which grant you special in-game weapons or items based on how well you’ve played. Once you unlock a weapon or item, it’s yours to use until the next tournament period.

You can buy into a tournament using tournament tickets. You’ll always carry a balance of ten tickets per tournament period, but you can purchase more via PSN. A tournament leaderboard will be added to the leaderboards section so you can track your skill level among your friends. For a look at the specifics and rules of the tournament system, we have an in-depth video on IGN alongside a Q&A with Robert Cogburn, lead multiplayer designer, and Robert Ryan, gameplay designer, discussing tournaments, all the new DLC and why multiplayer continues to be so important to the team. We’ll also have a detailed post about the tournament system over on NaughtyDog.com later this week.

While all of this great new content is rolling out tomorrow, we’re thrilled to announce new experimental block mesh maps are coming to The Lab after patch 1.13 releases. Block mesh maps are maps of colored block mesh that have been designed by the imaginative artists and designers here at Naughty Dog to provide some wild and distinct multiplayer gameplay. We’ll be posting a schedule of upcoming labs in the near future, so be on the lookout over at NaughtyDog.com.

While new Labs, new DLC and the Tournament System are the major elements of Patch 1.13, there’s a laundry list of other changes and improvements we made to the multiplayer experience. You can see the full list of features and gameplay changes on the Naughty Dog blog. We’ll also be updating the blog weekly from August 14th – September 4th with the full list of DLC items, as they become available on PSN.

As always, fire away with any comments or questions you might have. See you online!

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14 Author Replies

  • Hey Eric, serious question. I have had this voucher code for an exclusive In-game Pax Prime 2012 Multiplayer T-Shirt for almost a year now and it still isn’t valid on the PSN store. Will this be included on the August 14 PSN Store update?

  • I already bought the game day 1 and paid for the Fortune Hunters Club… that = $85 spent. Please don’t tell me you plan to charge more for the new DLC for Fortune Hunter Club members. That would really irk me.

  • 50 Additional trophies? Great so my completion % will not drop significantly. I love the Uncharted series for the Story not the MP. MP trophies are one of the worst ideas in history IMO, its the one type of trophy that splits the game completely. Micro-transactions, AKA Pay-to-Win again not a fan of this game model especially in a game that began its life without them. While I dont play the MP side of Uncharted adding a micro-transaction system to it gives unfair buffs to people who will just shell out the cash rather than earn something at a later level. Also how does this effect players who have already achieved requirements for these additional items (mostly hats it seems ALA TF2). And I didnt see any mention of the SP side in this patch. Does it even do anything for that or should I just not download it because I have no interest in U3 Multiplayer?

  • Hey I think this is awesome! I was wondering do I have to legend to get the new skins, taunts, and the other stuff or can I stay my level? Also how much money will it cost to buy the skins and the camo for the weapons?

  • The patch is live everyone.

  • I am so incredibly disappointed there is no co-op DLC coming. Heck, just give us back the ability to play just survival, siege or gold rush on their own if nothing else. I do hope there is more co-op coming at some point, it is all I really play for Uncharted 3.

  • Cool patch but I’m disappointed I don’t see any tweaks done to snipers, it’s the most annoying thing ever getting sniped when it’s all quiet and guy is hundred miles away hiding. It should have as much ammo as a hammer.

    I don’t think taunts should cost $$$ either

  • YEAAA! i’m downloading the patch right now
    so excited!

  • Will this update also fix connection errors including when I enter multiplayer and during the gameplay or do I need to update my internet?

  • I just downloaded this patch and it took away my desert drake skin and my red shirt drake skin. Why did this happen?

  • I totally agree with van winkle.

  • i really hate how they screw fans and completionist, i was happy with my 100% platinum Uncharted 3 now what we get its 50% platinum.

    As if they couldn’t add 15, 20, hell even 30 trophies, in order to please those poor souls that enjoy this broken mess and leave the rest of us with a semi-decent 70%.

    What its worse this trophy like UC2 must be PURCHASED and to unlock and complete them its almost imposible… The time it get released should be when the dlc its released not this late…..

    you guys cant learn something like santa monica studio did with god of wart series, uncharted used to be a single player focus game, and trophies should be like that….

    DLC trophies should be optional and should NOT add anything to the percentage…

  • I just downloaded the patch and as soon as I legacied it took away all my skins! I had everything before that so I dont understand why they took everything away. =( And the worst part is when you select the skin *for example Dessert drake* It says UNLOCKED but if you click on it it doesnt let you equip it! I dont get what I have to do to get it back when it doesnt say anything……Also if you legacy with the skins you wish to use, and dont select another it seems to let you keep it. Course when you legacy it gives you a bunch of stuff for custom hero so I lost the ability to use desert drake but not desert talbot which I find even stranger.

    PLEASE please fix this glitch ASAP If we spent all the time an d money for the skins we should be able to keep them through every legacy not just the first ones =/ this patch really screwed up my game play experience……

  • I want those The Last of Us shirts!

  • i played a team deathmatch and wagered with a ticket. our team won and i had 15 kills and 9 deaths. at the end i didnt get any points! WTF!

  • Hey, I’ve got a question regarding the Online User Agreement glitch. Is there anyway to retrieve your level status before the glitch reverted it to level one? I would really appreciate it if you could answer this. Thank you.

  • Wow tournaments cost money too? Get the heck outta here! This is no update, this is shoving DLC down our throat.

  • super great news!!! can’t wait to get back on to UC3

  • can’t wait to get back into UC3. great job Naughty Dog

  • I love my PS3 and the Uncharted series, but add me to that list of those who couldn’t care less about the multiplayer part of games.. Single player gamers tend to get the shaft when it comes to the games (particularly when the campaigns are shortened in favor of adding MP) themselves and most of the DLC.. the original Uncharted will remain my favorite because it didn’t have multiplayer..

  • This must be borderline embarrassing for Naughty Dog. It took two years to go from the top of the heap of developers to charging fans for trinkets and tickets to play a game they already own. Uncharted 3 itself must be pretty embarrassing for them to be honest, its a pathetic attempt compared to Among Thieves.

    They also haven’t got a clue what Season Pass means. I hope they get back to making decent games with TLOU, and gain a little perspective on how to treat the people going out at midnight to buy their new games. They have lost most of the good will gained from their one big hit this gen.

  • Thanks for the patch! Looking forward to playing MP again for the trophies. Is the new DLC, more maps or just new game modes? I kinda wish that the season pass covered it all.

  • I’m still hoping for the day where Girls can finally make Custom Girl Heroes & Villains. I don’t think its fair guys can use so many characters & make their own while the girls are stuck with 2 Female Heroes & 1 Female Villain

  • why did they have to change the G-MAL it’s so annoying to use now

  • @ #53 guitarded: Oh BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAD IN MIND. AFTER RELEASING UNCHARTED 2 with DLC trophies, they said pre-oorder dlc for Un3 and save. NOW YOU PAY MORE FOR other DLC which has trophies, oh nut sorry we couldn’t put trophies in 1st dlc, that was just to robo your money silly. I feel utterly disgusted by this. NO MORE NAUGHTY DOG for me, no uncharted golden abyss for vite, no uncharted 4 and definitely no last of us. NOw we don’t even have freedom of speech?????????????????????? i only posted on the last of us gameplay trailer that i found the littel girl annoying and my post gets deleted for this? Ouch lol… sorry I didn’t mean to express myself. Next time I will make sure i say something nice about the game even if i don’t like it.


  • THE SAD THING ABOUT BALLESTRA AND WELLS is that they are succumbing to the DELIRIUM and DOWNWARD SPIRAL of money and greed!

    You 2 businessmen do not realize that the only factor that put uncharted on the map of the big contenders was a certain somebody you borrowed from Crystal Dynamics called Amy Hennig. Without her, uncharted 1 would have felt more like MW or COD b.s. than an indy jones or tomd raider blockbuster. I mean that is what definitely un3 turned into once you introduced another director…. and now this….?

    I am sorry to witness this ugly theft that happened right in front of our eyes. Quoting my fellow post author above “irked”, i think a lot of ppl who pre-roderd the FH DLC will be seriously “irked” at this…

    so when ppl asked in posts about patch notes releases earlier on this blog, those comments of the form “we are currently trying to integrate trophies with the fortune hunter dlc” but are going through some technical difficulties’ WAS ALL A BIG EXCUSE and LIE. The *DIFFICULTIES* were nothing but BUREAUCRATIC and strictly related to FINANCIAL decisions and NOT technical. I’m sure your programmers could have coded same trophy images and “if-else” trophy code with teh 1st dlc. SHAME ON YOU!

  • dope update – nuff said

  • To be honest im not impressed with the multiplayer for U3 at all. So i dont really care for this patch. I loved the campaign but ND really dropped the ball with the multiplayer by trying to do to much. What ever happened to the good ol days everyone had equal weapons they find on the map with no customizations? customizing weapons to your standards is more annoying then fun. I miss the U2 days when all you had was weapons you find on the map and the skill you have? Not these stupid kickback BS. The only improvment they made was that you are able to run. Everything else ruined the multiplayer. Which is why i stopped playing U3.

  • This is more than just a patch – it’s an entire new pair of pants!

    So, any word on a GOTY edition? I can assume one would be coming soon, but would like to know!

  • Eric, i bought the flashback map pack 1 dlc a while ago and i have never gotten to play them in a ranked match they dont even come up in voting ever, i have dlc switched on, is there any fix for this?

  • This patch sounds really awesome and i’d love to jump back into the uncharted 3 multiplayer again but the problem is its taking reeaalllyy long to download :( why is this? Is it my ps3 connection?

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the new patch and your characters being locked? I did the new legacy and they are all locked again but i had already purchased them previously.

  • Yeah I love uncharted 3 beat game ever made! But some of the lab modes are so dumb they should make we’re u can choose what kind of lab mode u want! I like the new lab map though. But I hate how they messed with the g-Mao! I d like seeing a lot more people using the m9 though!! But still they havnt ruined uncharted 3 yet!!!!!!!!

  • I would like to post my thoughts about what I would like to see.

    1) Opening/End scene in certain maps, like it was in the beta maps
    2) More intro stages or maps with intro stages.
    3) Accuracy AND Rate of Fire on certain weapons
    5) There is a glitch I have been running into where I would spawn and die right away by a teammate’s grenade, even If I am not in that area.
    6) More options on custom hero. I think It would be nice to be able to customize him to be more like the player, with hair, eye color, etc.
    7) Power weapons randomly placed in set areas rather than spawning in one specific area for players to fight over.
    8) Taking off the whole “joining games” thing. That, or allowing us to record joined games.
    9) Making it so being kicked out of a game because you were forced out of playstation network due to bad internet not count as a loss (if that’s even possible).
    10) A mode where no parties can be made, but is still team games. Like the mercenaries lab you did not too long ago.
    11)if it’s even possible, bump the number of players on a team to 6. I say this because This way, each player is guaranteed a buddy, as long as there is a full team.

  • also in agreement with #74, there should be female custom heroes/villains.

    I’m fine with everything else though. Everyone let me know what you think on my ideas. :)

  • Is anybody willing to help me get flynn’s bandit mask ?

    Plus this new update is awesome!! already seen fifth leagcy lvl 75 but we should make some new dlc like custom skeltons ill pay like 10$ for that

  • Is there a way to download the update on the computer than put flash drive in Ps3 like with system updates?

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