Help Come Up With a New DualShock 3 Design

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Help Come Up With a New DualShock 3 Design

Having spent countless hours gaming with the DualShock 3 controller, many of you can attest that it’s the controller of choice for gamers around the world. We’ve heard many of your requests for new DualShock 3 colors, and over the years we have introduced several new ones, from Metallic Blue to Urban Camo.


Hearing what you have to say and getting your feedback on our products is very important to us here at PlayStation. We want to add to our line-up of DualShock 3 colors, but this time we want you to be the designer. Starting today, and ending August 15th, you can go to PlayStation.Blog.Share to submit your idea for the design of the next DualShock 3 controller. Whether your design is based on your favorite game or your ideal color, all PlayStation fans will be able to vote on your idea. How cool would it be if you saw a new DualShock 3 that was inspired by you at your local game store?

You can find more details on how to submit your idea here, or just click below to get right to it. Be sure to select the DualShock 3 category when submitting. If you just want to vote, you can see all of the idea submissions here.

Please note that ideas are manually vetted for duplicates, so they won’t show up immediately. We look forward to your feedback!

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  • The only thing I would want to change about the PS3 controller is the L2 and R2 triggers. Make them like we had on PS2.

    That’s a perfect controller. You’d be the world’s biggest idiot if you tried to change it anymore.

  • Sorry for the double but color wise.

    I want those clear colors, blue and green where you can see the guts in action to make a come back.

  • why ruin a already perfect design? i’ve used this controller for almost everything since it was so easy to handle.. it was the best on PS1 PS2 and PS3 and i even use it for my primary PC gaming controller..

    i’d be curious if anything to know why you guys would come up with such a idiotic idea to change it if other companies are so desperate to get so close to copying this design..

    the dualshock 3 is not only the greatest controller design wise its extremely durable.. i’ve dropped it idk how many times let alone spilled drinks on it, stepped on it and it still works and i still have the one i bought day 1 when you released it

  • The DualShock 3 controller could be covered with all the heroes from the PlayStation 1 era. Including: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Lara Croft etc.

  • I’ve always wanted a classic 1995 PSX gray Dualshock 3. Wish I could figure out how to find that suggestion in the PSN blog and vote it up…

  • I love the DS1/2&3 Pads :P The only thing i am not keen on is the DS3 Pads L2 + R2 buttons :-/ I can’t stand using them really. They need to not curve in when you press them, er if you know what i mean :D It just hurts my fingers if i have to use them in a game to much.

  • Up vote the design to make the controller to look like the back of the Vita. Dat Swag.

  • Quoted from the post
    Starting today till the end of “July”? you sure about that one?

  • Lame.

    Its Special Edition PS3’s that people have been asking for, not idiotic controller colors that don’t match the console.

  • i decided to submit my idea of a Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn DUALSHOCK 3 Controller.

  • See In short, add buttons for music control/settings(invert y)/buddies, a small B/W lcd for text chat/music player/minigames/in-controller xmb, gamecubes triggers

  • Id also buy that boomerang controller

  • This seems a bit limited, wish we can actually submit a visual representation of our ideas instead of describing it.

  • I’d like Hawaiian Flowers on mine! Not sure what colors that would be. Maybe Blue and Red? white? There’s a lot of mixes. I don’t care about Gold or the Digital camo.

    I would love to see more controllers with better decals. They have an Official MLB controller but I’m not a fan of sports. Then they have the basic colors and I’m looking into the Red while my brother has the splendid white. Rockstar recently had a contest for Limited Edition RDR controllers.

    I’ll go share my idea.

  • Oh and yes. That Limited Edition PS3’s (that FFXIII – Lightning – PS3 that Japan has is amazing! I would love it if the West got some love in that area too, like others said.

  • Hey, Blog crew!

    Please link this article to the DUALSHOCK 3 section in specific instead of the main share page, thanks!

  • Oh, my bad, the “PlayStation Blog Share” link is the only one not specifically linked to the DUALSHOCK 3 section, everything else is! Oops! Haha

  • i love the camo one.. but sometimes i cant find it even when its right next to that is 100% true.. i would like different colored camos, that would be awesome.

  • *Types in all caps* DO NOT CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE CONTROLLER PLEASE! It was already a horrific life-changer dealing with the L2 & R2 triggers on the DS3.

    If there’s features that should be brought back it should be the weight of the DS1 controller & the L2 & R2 triggers of the DS2 controller.

    Oh, and the transparent color controllers you guys sold back then. I had all the colors and they were friggin awesome to have and look at!

  • NFL Team Dual Shock 3 controllers to go with our Directv Sunday Ticket on PS3 and with the release of Madden…

    Hurry up and get this going as the season starts soon…

  • You can have a Madden PS3 320gb bundle with favorite team Dual shock controller.

  • I’ll be sure to try to come up with something! Hey is there any chance you could provide some line art of at least the front and back of the controller? A nice template to have people submit visual references.


  • thumbs collide for many. widen the space between sticks by 1/4 of an inch, helps tremendously. extend legs just a little & give the body a little more bulk so hands fit more comfortably. bumpers under triggers will prevent input when setting DS3 down

    simple small fixes will make this the perfect controller

  • So i tried to summit my idea and it wouldn’t let me because I could only have 200 characters. I tried to delete some stuff, and it still wouldn’t, after a few tries of deleting and hitting summit, still no luck so I just gave up.

    So I will just post it here hoping Jeff, Superbot and the Sony people see this.

    I would love to see controllers that are PlayStation All Battle Royale Themed. (Sony’s 1st Party ONLY)

    For Fat Princess have a Pink controller, with a pic of a cake on one side of the controller, and Fat Princess on the other side, with Team Fat Princess above the Start and Select are (replace it with Sony)

    For Kratos have a Blood Red controller, with a pic of his blades on one side, and a pic of him on the other side with Team Kratos above the Start and Select

    For Sly Cooper have a Blue controller, with a pic of his stick that he carries around, and a picture of him with Team Sly above the Start and Select

    and so on and so forth…..

  • I know this isn’t really what you are looking for, but keep this is mind when you guys make the PS4.

    all i would add to this would be the analog sticks obviously.

  • If my idea won will you give it for me for free or 50% discount?

  • I don’t have an idea for colors but a suggestion for new controllers. Allow the D-PAD and left stick to interchange positions. I think it would be more natural to have the left stick closer to your hand than farther from it.

  • It will be interesting to see which ideas materialize. I don’t think there’s going to be a “Winner” of design suggestions.

    It’s just a suggestion pile that will be looked through. It depends on which designs the SONY folks like best. Of this soon-to-be large list, there could be one, two, or none of the suggestions that we will see in stores sometime in the future.

    But still, nice to know SONY is open to suggestions from it’s loyal fans

  • 1. Transparent
    2. Leopard
    3. «Studio» collaborations

    No artworks please

  • It’s a shame, most of the high rated Designs are about the controllers simply having light. I hope you guys over at Sony don’t take them serious :/

  • I post my in the PS forms just follow my link to it & vote for it on PS.Blog Share. Post has the link too so you have to jump to the PS Forms for my idea to see it. Well hope you like the idea and i try my best for what it should have.

    Link to PS Forms:

    PS: I saw alot of great idea’s on PS.Blog Share and i vote up for them, just way to good idea’s then me anyway yea.
    Peace Out

  • My DualShock 3 with Built In Microphone would be a prime candidate to be put into mass production. Imagine more PS3 gamers having mics and not losing them and having them charged all the time.

    Here, I actually MADE one myself:

  • I think a design inspired by Persona 4 Arena would be a great idea for the controller. ^^

  • Don’t get me wrong, but i think it’s time the whole controller was re-designed, I like the Xbox’ R2 & L2 more as they are bigger and your fingers don’t fall off. Right now i have to use extenders on mine, which on the Xbox they are already longer and better, plus are more precise as they are more like springy. I just think that now the D-pad isn’t used much we should change it to a layout like the Xbox but keep how the R! and L! feel. The L! and R! are better on the PS3, and i like them much more than the trigger buttons for shooters.

    Also before the haters come out I’ve had every Playstation and liked all the controllers but this is now feeling out dated and i get cramps in my thumbs more with the Dualshock than with the Xbox one, but i do still prefer the DS3 more, i also use it on my PC even though it would be easier to use a Xbox controller for it!!

  • Alright now just for the looks of the controller, maybe setup a place we can customize controllers? I wouldn’t use it personally but i think that a lot of people would, I am happy with the black controller, it even goes with my room, but as so many people like it different just make a site for custom controllers.

  • i have all the colors thus far. when can i get the system(s) to match?

  • I think this post is misleading the way I read it was that we are getting a resigned of the current dual shock 3 controller. But the way other people are making it is that we are only getting more colors to the current selection. Which is it ?

    I would love a resigned of the current controller i feel like its kinda cramped since the controller is so small. Comparing the Sony Controller to the 360’s controller is a huge difference. The 360’s controller feels perfect in your hands when gaming for long sessions.

  • Instead of changing the just the color of the controller, how about changing the button styles. my biggest problem is the R2 and L2 triggers. could you possibly change them into concave buttons rather than convex because my index fingers keep slipping off of them and have to rely on adding trigger enhancers. thanks!

  • @21-that’s what I submitted! lol hopefully more people will too… I’ve wanted a ps1 grey dual shock for a long time

  • I really hope to god that Sony picks the ones they like. NOT the ones that are the highest rated.

    The top contender right now is a Grey controller? By all means that’s fine….. if they were to publish that, you know, separately … from the pile. Like some other time. Sure a lot of people want it I guess but I’d love to see some of the other designs.

    I’m looking into buying another controller. I love Red and was thinking about it. My brother has the superb white controller which looks amazing. But I wouldn’t want a Grey controller or light up ones to win simply because they have the highest scores. They are orange ones, green ones, ones with the Playstation symbol all over them that could win instead. I don’t want a dull color. I want something more vivid.

    I don’t want to scrounge up the hate-meter or anything. I’d just facepalm really hard if all we got out of this special opportunity was a Grey controller. You guys can publish it separately if fans want it. I don’t care. I would just like a lot of the unique ideas the be given a chance.

  • I couldn’t fit this in the form (200 character limit, wtf?) so I’ll paste it here instead.

    The DS3 is close to perfect, however it could do with some design improvements.

    1) I’d like to see the length of the two palm grips/handles to be extended maybe 2-3cm, it would still suit people with smaller hands and it would also suit people with bigger hands because it gives them something to grip their palm around instead of holding the entire pad with just their fingers.

    2) Hold a DS3 pad right now and you’ll notice the most awkward and unnatural contact with the pad is where the ring finger grips the pad. The area directly underneath the analog sticks where it meets the palm grips is a very narrow and sharp angle, yet this is where the ring and middle fingers wedge between when holding the controller. Shouldn’t this area be more of a small concave curve to seat the ring fingers? these are the fingers that do most of the ‘holding’ of the pad when the middle fingers are either on the L2/R2 buttons or directly behind the middle of the pad when not.

  • How about releasing some colored PS3 consoles in North America in order to match with the DualShock 3 colored controllers? I won’t be buying a colored controller until the console can match its color. Why does Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing team fail at putting out a colored PS3 system in the United States that is different than the common black color?

  • change the left thumb stick and the Dpad’s places, make the triggers good and not crap…. actually just copy the 360 controller since it’s more comfortable. I mean, the airflow ps3 controller is great but it doesn’t have the motion control portion and I can’t turn my ps3 on with the home button =\

  • How about a DS3 with all ps iconic characters on it for the playstation All Stars Battle Royale launch? i mean get sackboy’s face, Nariko’s hair, Motorstorm’s Helmet , Kratos Blades, Sweet Tooth fire, Ratchet’s Wrench, Daxter’s ears lol and so on

  • i take it no one actually READ the post, considering like 90% of the comments are about redesigning the button layout or shape. the judges are gonna have a REALLY BIG ignore pile. anyways, this is a cool contest, im interested to see the results.

  • Try basing is off of the Box art of Resistance 3. Red Controller with a Chimera skull near the left side.

  • I checked at and they have a golden Ps3 Controller Coming out. Heres a Link

  • read more and seems people may have found the post misleading. those who did need to get a brainscan done:

    “We’ve heard many of your requests for new DualShock 3 COLORS, and over the years we have introduced several new ones, from Metallic Blue to Urban Camo.”

    “We want to add to our line-up of DualShock 3 COLORS, but this time we want you to be the designer.”

    it seems prettyy straightforward that its a color design contest. Id like to go through one blog without facepalming at the lack of intelligence of the commentors. seriosly guys, just read.

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