Help Come Up With a New DualShock 3 Design

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Help Come Up With a New DualShock 3 Design

Having spent countless hours gaming with the DualShock 3 controller, many of you can attest that it’s the controller of choice for gamers around the world. We’ve heard many of your requests for new DualShock 3 colors, and over the years we have introduced several new ones, from Metallic Blue to Urban Camo.


Hearing what you have to say and getting your feedback on our products is very important to us here at PlayStation. We want to add to our line-up of DualShock 3 colors, but this time we want you to be the designer. Starting today, and ending August 15th, you can go to PlayStation.Blog.Share to submit your idea for the design of the next DualShock 3 controller. Whether your design is based on your favorite game or your ideal color, all PlayStation fans will be able to vote on your idea. How cool would it be if you saw a new DualShock 3 that was inspired by you at your local game store?

You can find more details on how to submit your idea here, or just click below to get right to it. Be sure to select the DualShock 3 category when submitting. If you just want to vote, you can see all of the idea submissions here.

Please note that ideas are manually vetted for duplicates, so they won’t show up immediately. We look forward to your feedback!

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  • This is something i’ll for sure have to try out.

  • Can’t wait to see the next Dualschock 3, already excited for the gold dualshock releasing in the fall :3

  • How about you just release the Uncharted 3 DS3 in America? Can that be my idea :)

  • Very cool contest. I must admit that I thought the controller itself was getting a make over. I like the controller, just sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger. I’ve gotten used to it so it’s cool that the contest is a paint scheme.

    I liked the pink by the way, Purple would be cool. I’ll vote for that.

    Question, for example. I’m sure we could ask for a pattern that resembles sack boy’s “skin/sack”. Could graphics be used too like the image of a sack boy?

    • Everything is on the table at present – as long as it doesn’t mess with the form factor of the actual Dualshock 3 controller.

  • I’ve always preferred the classic black

    but don’t you DARE ever think of redesigning the actual controller itself. We’ve had the Dual Shock controller since 1997. If you ever change the button layout we will never forgive you

  • cant wait for the gold controller. this is very interesting indeed, would love for someone to change the L3 +R3 button scheme, i somehow manage to use those buttons more then i desire to on games, it’s always been to sensitive

    so controller designer…change the L3 +R3 layout, make it it’s own buttons smaller and convenient

  • I like the way letherclad thinks. Uncharted 3 controller for America would be brilliant!

  • release the Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One LIME GREEN controller!!!

  • Great idea… next time do this for the PS3.

  • I agree with TwinDad, purple would be cool.

    But I think I would like a Playstation logo design controller similar to the back of the Vita. I would buy that.

  • Whatever. I dont look at the controller when Im playing.

  • I think the Grips need to be redesigned on the controller can I submit that :-P

  • Boomerang.

  • I guess ‘besides colors’ my only request is for curved triggers that are EXACTLY like the ones on the navigation controller.

  • I think the controllers and everything is good the colors are good, i would love to see the controllers stand out though. SONY should add some LEDS to the controllers make the PS logo light up. Might drain the battery faster but I’m sure we can all deal with that, the controllers need some life. Also a SEE THROUGH controller would be great! those were my favorite on the PS2. I just hope SONY makes a good decision and we have a great controller come out! :)

  • fans in the controller to keep hands cool! and rubber grips!!! have them come in multi colors, black red and grey mixed. or just red and black!

  • The only thing I would change on the current Dual Shock are the R2 and L2 buttons. My fingers slip off of them way too easily, making it hard to keep them pressed down when needed.
    Other than that, it really is the best controller out there.

  • I just want that in the next PlayStation (or even on this one, bluetooth is for data :D) your profile and saves be stored on the controller. Imagine how useful it would be to go to a friend’s house and keep working on your profile, save, trophies, XP on a game and so on. Make it use a memory stick or provide around 8 GB of internal storage, it would be AWESOME.

    It sucks that when I go to my brother’s house and when he comes tom mine we have to start with different characters than the ones we were playing together online. It would be an amazing differential

    A man can dream.

  • PS1 grey DS3

  • Bring back the boomerang shape and make L2/R2 triggers! Keep the face buttons large and flat.

  • Yay, I will participate. Yes, get a clue that there are female gamers who would like better color options, namely purple, or rather, violet. I have been playing a few hundred hours with your competitor’s controller & that is just awful. Too big, too heavy. My hands hurt from using it. The Dualshock is so much better–lighter, ergonomic, well-balanced. The triggers need to be longer,that’s all.

    And, where have I been? I didn’t know about a gold controller. If you want to make money, have one for your biggest franchises, namely Uncharted, GOW & LBP, bundle them with the next installment of each.


  • I took my Urban Camo DS3 and my Black DS3 and switched the faceplates so they are half and half. It looks awesome.

  • Haha not surprised. Its amazing how ripples in the industry create waves throughout.
    Seems to me that this could be the beginning of a response regarding Apple’s latest patent for their own “Dualshock” controller.
    Also one could argue that apple is accelerating movement in that direction as a result of what OUYA and its android/console could be capable of in the near future ;)

    I could be wrong but all of this (to me) smells like adjusted marketing strategy.
    Sony doesn’t necessarily have to re-invent the wheel (controller in this case) due to these circumstances so it makes alot of sense that they would initially approach the faithful community for ideas/suggestions.


  • Yeah wait a minute…
    Are we designing the new controller…
    Or are we painting the current controller?

    That is to say, are submitting changes to the shape/layout/size/etc of the physical controller, or are we just suggesting ways to color the current controller?

  • If your fingers slip of the L2/R2, you are pressing way to hard. It would be cool to take the PS Move trigger and put it on the DUALSHOCK 3 though.

  • it would be nice if u made a redskins dualshock 3 wireless controller im a big redskins fan

  • I would like Sony to make a premium controller with better parts and higher construction and assembly standards, if they are not willing to improve the current version. I will also be very dissapointed if they try to release the same DS3 with the next console as there are flaws.

    I don’t know if it is an issue with the manufacturing of the various colors from different regions but there is unfortunate variation on how the Analog Sticks and R2/L2 buttons function, and the dpad and face buttons to a lesser degree. I do not find the buttons wear as well as some competitive product and I especially want those R2/L2 buttons vastly improved.

    It would be nice to have some more colors, namely Purple and Gold, however the usuability and durability of the controller is far more important to me. I’m on my 4th DS3 and frankly i’m getting tired of the controllers letting me down. (I take good care of my things, they just wear poorly) certain games really put a strain on their shortcomings which doesn’t help.

    I shouldn’t have to buy an overpriced warranty to cover a Sony controller.

  • Why not new PS3 colors? Why just black all the time for the US?

  • If I were to change the DS3:

    *It would need to be more comfortable as in “ergonomically correct”

    *Something to make it personal “as if were designed specifically for me (not sure how to do that or what that would look like)

    * Agree with everyone else L2/R2 trigger hooks (non slip)

    * Back lights, Back lights, Back lights on buttons. subtle not over powering.

  • @ DeathGazer we do have many diff colors in the U.S. maybe just not @ your store?

    How about a Playstation HOME Blue color controller with a few Home logo’s on it?

    Also a controller with symbols from all or most of the 1st party games, like something from Resistance, KZ3, GT5, UC3, etc…

  • I was hoping for a concave analogue sticks for better grip instead of just adding a new color.
    Also, the controller needs to be smoother at the joint connecting the two covers.

  • Concave thumb sticks (I bought 2 attachments but I only use one on the right stick, fits on original stick but has concave grip, it is so much better, it gives me more leeway in terms of turning/aiming)

    Extended triggers( I also bought 2 of these attachments and use both, its so much better as my fingers don’t slip and I have better feedback)

    Now if those things were there from the start then I wouldn’t have to folk out more cash to another company ;)

    A brand new official DS3 can go anywhere from $65 to $95 here in Australia, that needs to change, I can get one online for $45 with free shipping.

    One last thing, maybe a DS3 power button that switches the DS3 off on its own, instead of holding down the PS button pausing the movie/show, then scrolling down one to ‘turn off controller’, I love watching movies but I like to conserve my batteries when possible, so a quick off button would be awesome.

  • Some great new design ideas so far on the Blog.Share:

    – God of War Kratos tattoo
    – Covered in the PlayStation shapes like the Vita’s rear touchpad
    – Original PS1 gray

  • The Uncharted controller sounds like it won’t be happening as it was a $150 / 4000 limited release. They can’t issue it now as they charged crazy money under that premise already. Not to mention the controller doesn’t look that nice, at first glance it may as well be a Lord of the Rings controller, with that map and ring on it.

    People should be demanding a better more consistent product, not color plastic that they only look at when they pick it up to play or to “show off”

    There is an MLG Pro Controller

    There is a premium 360 Controller

    There are other third parties making premium controllers, like Razor, and Madcatz (specifically fighting sticks)

    Sony is all about Accessories and are really missing an opportunity here.

    Make a 65 – 90 Premium, durable well designed controller for poeple that play often. It will sell well.

  • You can buy R2/L2 trigger hooks at Amazon and some other places for $2 or $3. Look it up.

    My DS3 is starting to lose the ability to hold a charge. A removable battery would be nice so I could just buy a replacement battery instead of buying an entirely new controller, which are a bit on a pricey side unless I wait for a sale.

    I don’t care about different colors because I never look at my controller what when I’m playing. It could be pink or puke yellow for all I care. LOL.

  • Fix the R2/L2 triggers so they have some grip!

  • If NEW colors…Purple and Gold would make a pimpin’ controller or i could settle for Playstation All Star version DualShock..BUT please, Don’t dare change the DualShock controller design. There’s a reason the Dual Shock has won an award and after owning/playing with the competition’s controllers I find the DualShock 3 hands down the BEST controller for fighting, adventure games. Thank you

  • well the colours idea is fine. but skeetlejuice is on to something i’m sure many of us have wanted. make the DS3 more durable. The design as it is is decent just more reliability with the outer casing, I’ve had mine drop off the couch on my thin carpet and had one crack. The thin plastic is very tangible. An alternate idea is a translucent DS3 with internal LED’s like that certain aftermarket controller. I think someone already mentioned that idea.

  • Hire Razer

  • Could always make it more snake friendly. ^_^

  • @Cyris That is exactly what I thought. PS1 gray and incluce the PS1 console and controller in black graphic.

  • So I submitted an idea of the same controller but with a beautiful glossy black with silver accents and edges, along with transparent buttons, much looking like the PlayStation Vita – If you like the idea of that, please search “Glossy Vita-Like Controller w/ Transparent Buttons” in PlayStation Blog Share and vote mine up!

  • I’d like to see a larger version of the controller.
    One size does not fit all.
    I’m 6’5″ and at times find the controllers awkward, causing cramps.

    We don’t have to go crazy, offering S-M-L-XL (etc), but how about normal, and large. Large being… I dunno, 120% compared to the original. (That’s off the top of my head, some research would be necessary for the exact scale-up.) Nothing outlandish like ‘twice as big’, just a little bigger. And to clarify – I mean the controller, not the buttons. The larger one would just be spaced out a bit more to accommodate larger hands.

    Anybody else interested in something like that?

  • i dont care for any other colors, make PS3’s in the current colors that are controllers are already in.

  • It seems this has already become a contest where people vote for their own and downvote everyone else, which is pointless in my opinion.

  • Change the left stick with the D-pad buttons. Make it more like a boomerang, a little less than the Sony 2005 model. Left and Right sticks need to be concaves for a better control.

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