PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

Note: Due to an unforeseen complication, the Grand Theft Auto III PS2 Classic is not publishing with today’s Store post. We will update you when a new release date has been identified. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PlayStation Store Update

PS3 Full Games

RIDGE RACER Unbounded ($44.99)
RIDGE RACER Unbounded gears up to carve its own destructive path on a spectacular collision course! RIDGE RACER is on its way back into the eager hands of gamers and RIDGE RACER Unbounded is coming to add an unexpected dimension to the series and deliver an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Easily create thousands of tracks and share them online.
File Size: 1.46 GB

PSN Games

The Expendables 2 Videogame ($14.99) (Demo Also Available)
The Expendables videogame is a way for fans to experience all of their favorite explosive moments, as their favorite stars, in 4-Player Co-op action.
File Size: 1.15 GB

PS2 Classics

War of the Monsters ($9.99)
Topple buildings and terrorize civilians as a giant creature wreaking havoc. Defeat rival monsters to be the strongest in the world.
File Size: 1.2 GB

PSP Games

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time ($29.99)
Unravel the mystery in this legendary RPG from ATLUS!
Join the enigmatic Crevanille on his journey through Noyeval as he tries to discover why mankind is being targeted for destruction. What power do the mysterious Angels possess? Who holds the key to preventing another tragedy? And how will your choices affect the outcome of world-shaking events? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you experience the legend of Growlanser!
File Size: 919 MB


Crunchyroll (FREE)
Watch the latest Japanese Anime & Asian Drama! Now you can watch new episodes 1 hour after airing in Japan on your PlayStation 3. Watch the latest anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Shugo Chara!, Blue Exorcist, Gintama, The World God Only Knows, Bodacious Space Pirates, Nisemonogatari, Eyeshield 21, Skip Beat!, Beelzebub, Gosick, and more.

PlayStation Store Highlights

This week, make sure to check out the first game to release in this year’s PSN PLAY promotion! The Expendables 2 is a co-op arcade-style shoot ‘em up, and takes place just before the events of the upcoming movie of the same name, so make sure to play it before you catch it in theaters. Up to four players can join up to take part in an action-packed rescue mission spanning a number of exotic locales. It’s 20% off for PlayStation Plus members as well.

PSN PLAY is also offering up Sound Shapes this week for pre-order. It’s also 20% of for PlayStation Plus members, and pre-ordering nets you an exclusive static theme for your PS3.

We’re also seeing the release of a great PS2 Classic in the cult favorite War of the Monsters. If you missed this one the first time around, be sure to check it out.


Anime fans across the nation will be excited to see the new Video Services app Crucnhyroll debut as well! In addition, you’ll also get access to the best in Japanese drama, with new content coming online all the time.

Make sure to check out great Add-Ons for new release Risen 2: Dark Waters, and also adorable new Disney princess costumes for Little Big Planet 2! The rest of this week’s update is below; check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

Click here to learn more and purchase online or go to the PlayStation Store to activate instantly.

Free Content Warriors Orochi 3 – Orochi X Avatar
Mad Riders Game The Daredevil Map Pack
Discounts Sound Shapes Pre-Order (20% Off) – Plus price: $11.99
The Expendables 2: The Videogame Game (20% Off) – Plus price: $11.99
Mad Riders (10% Off) – Plus Price: $8.99
Last Chance (Leaving Plus This Week) PSN Play – Week #1 – The Expendables 2: The Videogame Pre Order


Sound Shapes Preorder Offer (Static Theme Gift With Purchase) ($14.99)
Releases 8/7 as part of PSN PLAY. Play, Compose and Share in a unique take on the classic sidescrolling platformer where your actions make the music. Equal parts instrument and game, Sound Shapes gives everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Additionally, Sound Shapes comes to the PLAY program as a cross-platform title, allowing players to play at home on their PS3, or take it on the go with PlayStation Vita. Create and upload your levels on either platform for others to download and remix on their own.

Game Demos (Free)

Expendables 2 Demo (PS3)
The Expendables 2 Videogame demo is a taste of all your favorite explosive moments, as your favorite stars, in four-player co-op action.
File Size: 1.15 GB

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron (PS3)
Experience two single player levels and two multiplayer modes in the TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron demo!
File Size: 2.1 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 brings the perfect balance of the beautiful game home.
File Size: 997 MB


Cuboid (PS3) (now $4.99, original price $9.99)

PS3 Add-ons

Record of Agarest War 2

Right to the Blacksmith Pack 8 ($0.00) – Here is some good news for those too spineless or too lethargic to Convert! Take the following items and get your bad self to Gordon’s place! Cuprum x 3, Argentum x 3, Stannum x 3, Breunnerite x 3, Galena x 3, Aurum x 3, Iron Roze x 3, Hideralzentum x 3, Shining Fang x 2.
Bonus Point Pack 5 ($4.49) – Thank you for your insatiable appetite for our goods and services. We have put together a package of useful points and cold cash. Included within: 100,000,000G, 1,500PP.
Bonus Point Pack 6 ($3.99) – Thank you for your insatiable appetite for our goods and services. We have put together a package of useful points. Included within: 400,000TP, 1,500PP.
Frensberge Specialty Pack 4 ($1.49) – A collection of items made in the image of Frensberge’s most colorful citizens! If you want to be accepted as a TRUE Frensberger, you’ll need all of this stuff! What’s this? A note from Chloe: I’m making stew tonight. If you come home late, expect the -Queen of Iron Fist Matrimony- Banana Sword x 1, Chickapede Alert x 1, Red Thrusting Hell x 1, Le Crusher x 1, Chloe’s Incense x 1, Merchant’s Charm x 1.
2nd Extra Character ($2.49) – Hark! Allies that will share in your joys and sorrows have come in droves! Now, it is time to overcome adversity together!
Additional Massage Costumes ($2.99) – Here is some truly titillating attire for a lovely lady to wear while receiving a sensuous massage! Get someone to put this on…NOW!
Shaldie Mail Order 2 Pack ($2.99) – One of my experiments went sideways on me and I ended up conjuring up a pile of useless cra– I mean a treasure trove of wonderful items. I owe you a favor or two, so I’ll let you have it all…at a very reasonable price. It’s not like I’m ever going to use it, anyway. Alfa Beld Spear x 1, Rod of Omniscience x 1, Rebellion x 1, Core Elemental x 1, Avian Lapband x 1, Chickapede Charm x 1.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Swap Costumes Note – The following Swap Costumes DLC add-ons are exclusive content for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. These add-on contents can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
Sakura (Swap Costume)($0.99) – In order to attend a cultural festival at Asuka’s school, Sakura borrows one of their uniforms.
Blanka (Swap Costume)($0.99) – After a fight with Hwoarang, the two become friends. Rumor has it that Blanka decided to get some matching clothes as a token of appreciation.
Guy (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that Guy disguised himself as Kazuya in order to infiltrate the G Corporation.
Cody (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that Cody beat Paul in a money match, but after Paul came up short on funds he was forced to pay with the shirt off his back.
Elena (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that Elena met Julia during the latter’s reforestation activities. The two became good friends, and Julia gave Elena these clothes as a present.
Dudley (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that this was a present from a certain dancing Tiger. Dudley was reluctant, but it would be rude not to accept such a thoughtful gift.
Lars (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that after defeating a ninja named Geki who had come to take his life, Lars decided to don his outfit and try to infiltrate his organization.
Alisa (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that after hearing that Juri is working together with M.Bison, Alisa disguised herself as Juri in the hopes of getting to the bottom of Shadaloo’s recent activities.
JACK-X (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that to gain more information about the sumo style of fighting, JACK-X decides to enter the sumo world. He tries to dress for the part, but somehow this makes him even more conspicuous!
Bryan (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Rumor has it that with his powers and abilities being recognized by Urien, the second in command of a mysterious organization, Bryan is brought into their ranks.
Christie (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Brainwashed by M.Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, Christie becomes a member of Bison’s special bodyguard unit, The Dolls…
Lei (Swap Costume)($0.99) – Upon hearing about the activities of a suspicious individual, apparently Lei disguised himself as that man in order to sneak into his Hong Kong dojo. …The pink unexpectedly suits him.
SF DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack($3.99) – A pack featuring the swap costumes for the 6 Street Fighter DLC characters. The SF cast take on the look of Tekken characters with these new outfits. Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley Note: Please be careful not to purchase the same costume twice. This add-on content can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
TK DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack($3.99) – A pack featuring the swap costumes for the 6 Tekken DLC characters. The TK cast takes on the look of the Street Fighter characters with these new outfits. Characters Included: Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei Note: Please be careful not to purchase the same costume twice. This add-on content can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack($5.99) – This pack features the swap costumes for the Street Fighter and Tekken DLC characters. Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei Note: Please be careful not to purchase the same costume twice. This add-on content can only be used if the additional character pack has been purchased.
Additional Characters Pack (12 Chars)($19.99) – 12 new Street Fighter and Tekken characters join the battle! Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei MEGA MAN and PAC-MAN are also included! Note: This add-on is exclusive content for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN.

LittleBigPlanet 2

Snow White Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Snow White! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Jasmine Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Jasmine! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Aurora Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Aurora! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Cinderella Costume ($1.99) – Download this costume to dress your Sackgirl up as Disney’s Cinderella! You must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to download and utilize this costume.
Disney Princesses Costume Pack ($5.99) – Download the Disney Princesses Costume Pack to dress your Sackgirl as a lovely princess! This pack includes: -Cinderella Costume -Aurora Costume -Snow White Costume -Jasmine Costume -Disney Princesses Sticker Pack

The Expendables 2 Videogame

Barney Ross Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Barney Ross skills and weapons.
Hale Caesar Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Hale Caesar skills and weapons.
Gunner Jensen Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Gunner Jensen skills and weapons.
Yin Yang Full Upgrade ($0.99) – Fully upgraded Yin Yang skills and weapons.
All Characters Full Upgrade ($2.99) – All characters fully upgraded skills and weapons.

Bellator MMA Onslaught

Scouting Report ($0.99) – Gain the competitive advantage by increasing your insights into your opponents stats before every online match begins with the Scouting Report!

Max Payne 3

Special Edition Pack ($1.99) – The Special Edition Pack includes the Hammerhead shotgun, G9 grenade launcher, Molotov Cocktail and classic characters like Max Payne, Mona Sax and Jack Lupino. Please Note: The Special Edition of Max Payne 3 includes this content. Add-on content, Max Payne 3 required to play. This content is part of the Rockstar Pass and will be available to Rockstar Pass purchasers in game upon release.

Risen 2 Dark Waters

A Pirate’s Clothes ($2.99) – A set of stylish items for the player including a hat, boots, trousers, a pistol and a special ring which increases the rate the player accumulates experience by 5%.
Risen 2 Dark Waters – Treasure Isle ($9.99) – Journey to an unknown island in a story quest that offers new environments to explore with many puzzles to solve, treasures to loot and mysteries to unravel.
Risen 2 Dark Waters – Air Temple ($9.99) – Uncover the mysteries of the Air Temple in this exclusive story quest line. Explore an additional island with new characters, quests and enemies.

Spec Ops: The Line

FUBAR Pack ($3.99) – Get immediate access to the Officer Class and AK47 weapon for multiplayer, as well as the FUBAR Pack of exclusive character accessories for each class. The Officer Class assists your teammates by giving you gameplay bonuses including the ability to create ammo drops, increased firepower, and increased armor.

Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing song game tracks. For music credits, visit

  • “The End of Heartache” ($1.99) – Killswitch Engage.
  • “The End of Heartache” – Pro Guitar (In Game Only) ($0.99) – Killswitch Engage.
  • “The Arms of Sorrow” ($1.99) – Killswitch Engage.
  • “Starting Over” ($1.99) – Killswitch Engage
  • Killswitch Engage Pack 01 ($5.49) – This pack includes “Starting Over,” “The Arms of Sorrow,” and “The End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.

Rock Band Network – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing song game tracks made available through Rock Band Network

  • “Until I Feel Nothing” ($1.99) – Carnifex. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “Come Now Follow” ($1.99) – Amberian Dawn. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “ Collide” ($1.99) – Anarchy Club. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “Coming Undone” ($1.99) – Shatterglass. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.
  • “Reson-8-R (Pts. I & II)” ($0.99) – Christopher J. Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz.

PS Vita Add-ons

Escape Plan

Underground Pack ($1.99) – Free from the Asylum and delivered fresh from crazy town, Lil and Laarg discover an underground railway. Could this be their ticket home? Pick up this treacherous new DLC pack to discover an entirely new labyrinth of 19 puzzles and death traps, but beware—Bakuki will stop at nothing to prevent your escape! The Underground Pack also delivers even more Challenge Modes, four new costumes, and four additional Trophies. Download it today! To use this download, you will need the Escape Plan Full Game.

Available In-Game Only (Not on PlayStation Store)

Bellator MMA Onslaught

Bellator Mma Onslaught Advanced Xp Boost ($1.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Attack Boost ($0.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Defense Boost ($0.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Stamina Boost ($0.99)
Bellator Mma Onslaught Xp Boost ($0.99)

DC Universe

DC Universe Butterfly Wings ($1.99)
DC Universe Online Runed Gargoyle Wings ($1.99)
DC Universe Online Turbine Jets ($1.99)


Pure Chess Black & White Knights Avatar ($0.49)
Pure Chess Golden Knight Avatar ($0.49)
Pure Chess King Motif Avatar ($0.49)
Pure Chess Staunton Pawn Avatar ($0.49)
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode Ii Avatar Bundle ($1.49)

Game Videos (Free)

Counter Strike Global Offensive Trailer (PSN Play 2012)
Dead Space 3 E3 Announce Trailer
Journey Collector’s Edition Official Trailer (720, 1080)
Persona 4 Arena E3 Trailer
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Aigis
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Akihiko Sanada
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Chie Satonaka
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Elizabeth
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Kanji Tatsumi
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Labrys
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Mitsuru Kirijo
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Naoto Shirogane
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Shadow Labrys
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Teddie
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Yosuke Hanamura
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Yu Narukami
Persona 4 Arena Moves Video: Yukiko Amagi
Persona 4 Arena Tutorial 1
Persona 4 Arena Tutorial 2
Rainbow Moon Dev Diary 6: Conclusion
Red Johnson’S Chronicles – One Against All Trailer
Sorcery Launch Trailer (720, 1080)
Sorcery Story Trailer (720, 1080)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part I – The Magical Technology of Move (720, 1080)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part II – A Hero’s Journey (720)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part III – The Music Behind the Myth (720, 1080)
Sorcery The Making Of – Part IV – The Creatures of Sorcery (720)

PS3 Themes

1970’s Germany Static Theme ($1.49)
Abstract Dragons Static Theme ($1.49)
Abstract Summer Static Theme ($1.49)
Cowgirl Bath Time w/ Rosa Acosta Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
Little Holland Static Theme ($1.49)
Old Mine Shaft Static Theme ($1.49)
Spring Petals Static Theme ($1.49)
Summer Music Static Theme ($1.49)
Magical Toadstools Theme ($1.49)
Neon Lights Theme ($0.99)

PS3 Wallpapers

Counter Strike: GO Wallpaper 2

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  • Sony, and Morgan Haro and whoever else has been running this blog not including Jeff has done a PISS POOR JOB with the announcements of games in recent update etc. This is not the 1st time a store update, and then last minute you guys pull a “oh yeah the game had some issues, and wont make it this week”. You have have done this COUNTLESS TIMES!!! Too many I can have a list that can go on and on. To top that, Morgan keep ignoring the fact that there was suppose to be a Beta for Plus users last month but go pushed back, and still is mum about the whole thing! Sony is not handling anything right it seems. Get your S&*t together, and make sure this does not happen again!

    STOP messing with the consumer, and make sure a game is coming out 100% before putting it on this blog. You guys are quite about other things **HINT HINT** a Beta that people still don’t know what it is..

    • dude; I haven’t been mum on the Beta. I mentioned that it was scheduled to come in earlier, but got pushed back. Games. They need development sometimes =) You wouldn’t want to get access to something and it be totally lame right? But I’m not at liberty to disclose what the Beta is, which is what I imagine what you’re frustrated about. Wish I could do more!

      As for the GTA 3 business. Yeah, it’s hard on everyone. All were cleared to announce by the respective publisher, and we went ahead and revealed on the blogcast that it was coming. But the call came through this Monday and darn if we didn’t leave our time machine back at home! We do our best to keep you guys updated with accurate information and appreciate you rolling with the punches alongside us when things out of our control happen. Many thanks! =)

  • Should we be expecting GTA III sometime today or a later date?

    • a later date, but this hasn’t been confirmed as to if we can fix the issue yet. But we’re looking into it.

  • Aww, Man! After all this waiting and waiting u go and put all that DLC out for Street Fighter X Tekken! WOW!

    I would of jumped on this today! But i Can’t! Arrgg! Why… Well i already Pre-ordered Street Fighter 25th Anniversary box set. And with the Sony Extra’s it was a must even thoe i own all those games already and all the DLC till today for all those games also. LOL! But since i pre-ordered this set and it comes with the 12 New Characters and all the extra DLC for it… I now have to wait for that then!

    I guess i waited all this time i can wait a month or so longer! But i so wanted them now! Oh Well!

    Great to see them added today thoe… Keep Em’ Coming!

  • i’ve noticed how much seemingly endless DLC there is for SFXT, i did not buy the PS3 version but i DO plan on buying the PS Vita version, do u know if there will be a bundle of sorts u know in order to save money, since there is soooo much DLC and I would go broke quite easily?

  • I to am disappointed that GTA didn’t get put up today. i would like to know new release date if there is one.

  • Finally, some Sonic avatars/

  • I also look forward to Sonic Adventure 2 HD especially since it has been rated by the ESRB.

  • How about adding these Games to the Playstation Store?

    1. PS1 Classic Tekken 3
    2. PS2 Classic Dead Or Alive 2 Hardcore!
    3. PS2 Classic Arcana Heart 2
    4. PS1 Classic Dead or Alive 1

    Those Are my Top 4 Wanted Playstation Store Games…. Please Get em’ to the Store!


  • yea@the bun, go play your wii because everyone knows already you played every single game that is playable on vita lol fool

  • The lack of psvita titles is disturbing… I’m starting to feel i made a big mistake buying it x_x’

  • Any word on Ragnarok Odyssey yet? Is it coming on August still?

  • Love the new organization. Much easier to find the new DLC for games I have!

  • Crunchyroll is the real star of the show here.

    Got the Growlanser UMD coming later in the week. Any RPG fan that owns a PSP owes it to themselves to pick it up, it’s a damn good game.

    And hey, we finally got those Sonic avatars. Neat.

  • @su43berkut17
    Me too friend, me too. I can’t recommend it to any of my friends as of now, too weak on software

  • This weeks plus update is a joke. First we never got any new themes for the month of July which is unacceptable. I remember reading that members of Plus will be given free themes and avatars each month what happened this month ????

    I wish I could say plus has gotten better since the instant game collection but really it hasn’t. Why would Gotham city imposters be rotated out when it was just given last month and an older game like Saints row 2 is still given free. I hope July will be better but so far I am not liking what I am hearing.

  • On this week the Drop you guys announced that Risen 2 was going to be available but it’s nowhere to be found in the update!! Also, weren’t Atlus’s half price games until the end of July? they should be on til midnight!
    Would you please try to bring more PS2 RPGs to PSN? and also more discounts on older games for PS+!
    thanks !!

    • The drop covers retail releases as well as digital. Risen 2 is available in Stores, and there is DLC available in the Store as noted above.

  • I think there’s nothing for me this week, but next week looks interesting with Soundshapes coming.

    Morgan, I don’t know if you can do anything about it, but if you have any kind of contact with anyone from Capcom, could you please suggest them to bring Asura’s Wrath (Full PS3 game) and Mega Man X Collection (PS2 Classic) to the PSN? I’m willing to give them my money. =D

  • Hey Morgan,

    The new format is much nicer to look at and early updates are always nice :) The theme that comes with pre-ordering SoundShapes is super nice! Gonna be rocking that one for a while. I have 2 questions that you may or may not be able to answer,
    1. Are we ever going to get the Arkedo! series in NA? I really wanna play JUMP.
    2. I was wondering if there is a way to turn off certain notifications while online (either PS3 or Vita). Im a bit of a trophy whore and I like to see and hear my trophies DING, but Id like to turn off my friend notifications sometimes. I dont really need to know so-and-so is going offline while Im in the middle of a tricky speed run :)

    As a sidenote I was hoping for an HD collection of GTA as well…
    Anyways, Im always glad to see the plus program improving and this blog as well. The evolution shows someone actually is listening! And to those people complaining that they already have the free games offered, maybe you should buy less games. No wait, dont do that! Oh well cant please everyone all the time.

  • I thought there was supposed to be more PS+ stuff this week?

    Also, just curious, is there any chance the PSP versions of Final Fantasy I & II will ever come out on PSN? I don’t know why North America’s PSN doesn’t have them, but they’re up on the Japanese and European PSNs.


  • I was really excited for GTA 3 because I never played it and wanted to experience it, still want a new release date, but I’ll still be getting Expendables 2

  • where the hell is the walking dead for psplus?!

  •! And for the people who want suikoden 2 up in classics, i for one vote no on this because i have a mint condition release day copy thats seems to be worth alot of money and i wouldn’t want anything to upset that value. Thank you!

  • This is an apology letter to Morgan Haro

    I’m Sorry.


    • no apologies neccessary! as long as no one attacks anyone else here, I always encourage people to speak their minds. It’s my goal to inform, and then relay what we can actually change to the top

  • ooooh nothing to see here.

  • I thought The walking dead was supposed to be free. FALSE ADVERTISING FOR PSPLUS AGAIN I SEE???

  • Some of these plus complaints are crazy. It’s like you expect every single new PSN release to be free for plus members. That’s the only way Sony could solve the “I already own this” and “No free games this week?” complaints.

    Of course that’s never going to happen. Sony’s not going to give you a brand new release every week for $50/year. Get your expectations in check.

    Honestly Morgan, you guys messed up when you decided to do stuff like Costume Quest and The Simpsons Game free at launch. You should have drawn a line in the sand that said “If you want stuff at launch, pay full/plus discounted price. No freebies.

    You just enabled the complainers and their nonsensical expectations.

    Personally, I’m going to continue to use plus for that it’s supposed to be used for: Checking out games I passed on when they came out.

  • I hope it gets delayed for the specific reason of a HD update!

    Please R* :)

  • Horrible UPDATE… nothing good at all besides expandables but 15 to steep. TERRIBLE sales. only cuboid for the 100th time. il def get war of the monsters soon atleast. blahhhh update

  • morgan, is Persona 4 Arena avatars coming next week ?

  • Shoot, I may just have to dig out and dust off my PS2 and copy of GTA III. I was trying to avoid that. :p

  • @36Budapesti, Sometimes Pulse skips an entire month. It skipped June. Look at the release dates. It went from May 22 to July 3rd.

  • Here we go again worst update ever went will i see discounts on real good games instead of ones that doesn’t matter to me jesus dnt update the store if is gonna be lame PS plus am starting to think is a rip off

  • Hi Morgan,

    i would like to see games like:

    – Rogue Galaxy
    – Xenosaga 1-3
    – Dark Cloud 1-2
    -´Valkyrie Profile 2
    – And many more….

    And, Where is the huge super utra Summer Sales?

    Only Attlus did a great job so far. I got all the games a like from them.


  • Morgan,
    I have been a member of PS+ since day 1, and in the beginning, it was great. There was a steady stream of not only free games, but free avatars and themes. In the last few months, there have been no themes and only a few avatars. Any clue when the avatars and themes might return?
    I love the Instant Game Collection, but there seems to be no system to when and what games are cycled in and out. Are they going to develop a system, or will it remain random?

    Also, I thought new games were being cycled in today? Are Walking Dead 1 and 2 the only games coming this month?
    I still think it is unfair to those who paid $20 for the season, and now end up paying $5 more than they should. With 1 and 2 free, buying 3, 4, and 5 only costs $15 if you buy each one, but those of us who bought the season got screwed.
    It seems PS+ punishes us for buying games, because shortly after they release they become free. This is the fourth time something I bought has become free withing a month or two. I don’t suppose Plus members with a season pass for WD can get that $5 back as a wallet credit or something?

  • @The_Bunn: just traded my Vita in about half an hour ago. Got enough for a Kinect and 3DS game.

    It’s a shame but there is just no support for us (especially the launch date buyers) and no one from Sony acknowledges the Vita nor its users. Seeing them respond only to posts like “sweet, crunchy roll is out” just proves we were forgotten.

  • is War of the Monsters going to be on EU store TOO ?

  • Oh and i would like to know when is comming the last Dungeon Defenders DLC.

    And a new update for that game, bc i only can play with 2 people the DLC levels, if i play it with 3 or 4 the game freeze :(

  • A toast everyone, to another month of PlayStation Vita not being relevant. Starting tomorrow, it will be 6 months since the Vita was released into North America. Since then in my opinion & other Vita owners, we haven’t seen anything really exciting. No future firmwares, no exclusive games, no bundles, etc. I mean seriously, what is the point of having a new hardware system into your market if nothing is relevant about it. Don’t believe me, just look at the preety low sales so far, or watch “E3” again. Let’s all give PlayStation & Sony a round of applause…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • This is CRAP! the only reason i didnt buy Hustle Kings and Foosball while on discount last week was because of GTA3 being released today. thanks for keeping us ILL INFORMED yet again. Playstation plus membership is proving to be a waste of cash. any game you release for free i’ve already bought on disc at full price. all the discounts tend to be boring as hell games. WORST of all, i bought a vita and theres nothing of value to play after beating uncharted and blob. If another FAILED update comes along i’m selling all 80+ games along with my console, that weak piece of hardware called playstation move and my waste of $300 3g vita and defecting to xbox. at least they bend over backwards to keep their customers happy. If microsoft was in charge of playstation we would have nearly the entire ps1 and ps2 collection available for download, the systems would be backwards compatible and the vita would play ps1 (and probably ps2) without requiring me to remote desktop to my ps3. Why does sony forsaken us? And why is the homebrew hacker community able to get a vita to remote desktop and play full ps3 titles and sony cant figure it out?

  • Still no update on increased PSVita – PSP compatibility? Metal Gear Portable Ops is playable in EU, but not NA. What’s the deal with localizing compatibility? I need something to play on the Vita before Sound Shapes drops!

  • I just pre-ordered sound shapes I bought puddle for the vita and the new add-on for escape plan totally sensationalistic bro

  • Morgan Haro

    I know it’s not your fault that games get last minute delays, but it was just frustrating

    I know there was a Killzone game that got delayed on PSN, then there was a Mickey Game for PSone that got delayed, the a Beta that got delayed, and now GTA III.

    Thanks for understanding the frustration, I know PSN will keep getting better becuase you guys truly try to listen to each fan, and try to reply to everyone. Anyways….

    I have already pre-order 2 games for the Summer Play games,

    I am DLing The Expendables, and Pre-Order Sound Shape for next week., I will also pre-order one more game next week!

  • So Morgan,

    With this comment, “but this hasn’t been confirmed as to if we can fix the issue yet”, are you saying there is a chance GTA III will never be released on PSN because of this issue possibly not being able to be fixed?

    • Yeah, I mean I can’t say for 100% certainty if the gears will be able to move to fix (and let me be clear) this particular edition of GTA 3 (The PS2 Classic version). I don’t have any insight on any development hurdles here, so I can’t confirm; but at the same time, I know that Rockstar is reviewing options with the teams as we speak; so it’s very much possible as well. I’m afraid you’ll just have to stay tuned

  • How about adding Ape Escape to PSone classics and Ape Escape 2 and 3 to PS2 classics. it sold great and its first party. why are they being forgotten? Weve had no new ape escape since 2005 in english countries besides the crappy spinoff Ape Escape Move. Please???

  • great the one thing i cared about isn’t gonna be up on psn today unless rockstar figures out a way fast an i mean fast then we might not get it until next week if were lucky, errr i don’t see how 360 has gta sa for atleast 2 years now an psn has problems getting gta3, also i don’t see why psn can’t get all 3 gtas (gta 3, gta vc, gta sa) they’ll all 3 better than gta 4

  • Yes! Thank you for Sonic avatars Sony.

  • So wait? If Walking dead is free for plus august 7th thats not right. Only 2 games free this month? Not happening. Im done with plus. I want my 17.99 back now.

    • man, you gotta read the Plus posts more carefully! There will be another Plus post in mid August announcing 2 additional games free in Plus. The Walking Dead 2 episodes count as 1 game in our eyes.

  • I heard something about hitman blood money going to be realesed on psn if so is there a release date?

  • This update is beyond bad. A well deserved 1/5. I know the summer is traditionally a slow month ( doesn’t have to be, but for some reason they decide that’s the case) but these slim updates with little to no sales to speak combined with download errors, content access errors, notices of games being released that are pulled on the final day is making you (PSN) look pretty bad. I don’t like to just complain but there is little to praise at this time.

  • You know, I went on the Playstation Store and saw that it was updated, went to the new releases section and saw that War of the Monsters was on it but not Grand Theft Auto III. I search the PS2 Classics section, nothing. I came here, saw it was removed, and I got so angry I couldn’t even remember my password to sign in. Do you guys know I spend an extra $20 on a PSN card yesterday because you said GTA3 was coming today? Kingdom Hearts 3D is coming out today too and I could have used those $20 to pay off the money left on my deposit on it. That’s $20 extra dollars I spent on games this week on failed promises. Next time you say a game is coming, especially one as popular as Grand Theft Auto make sure the kinks are worked out. I am not a very happy customer right now, first I hear The Walking Dead episode 1 and 2 are released on PS+ Whatever Library not even 2 weeks after I buy it with my own money, and now this. Two great video game companies brought down by a company trying too hard to make money off it’s online service. And the more I analyze the game developers in the Instant Game Collection library the more I begin to make assumptions based on why they (not their games in particular) get their games there.

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