Blueprint: Home Arrives in PlayStation Home

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Blueprint: Home Arrives in PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, August 1st, Blueprint: Home arrives, Heavy Ink brings new tats, x7 introduces a new freebie, the Midway Ca$h Carnival continues and more. As usual, there’s so much to cover — here’s your must-do list for this week in PlayStation Home:

1. nDreams – Blueprint: Home

The wait is nearly over: On Wednesday, August 1st, you’ll be able to create your own apartment in PlayStation Home using the Blueprint: Home personal space designer from nDreams. With the ability to create and save five different apartments, and a huge amount of customization options included, Blueprint: Home offers an unrivalled experience for user-generated content in PlayStation Home.

Since its announcement there have been a lot of questions asking exactly how this personal space designer will work. Developer nDreams has created a walkthrough video to show you just how easy it is to create your own apartment with Blueprint: Home. Check it out!

PlayStation Home users can use Blueprint: Home to design countless creative new personal spaces, and with Style Packs coming soon there will be even more customization options. Pick up Blueprint: Home this week by visiting the PlayStation Home Mall or nDreams’ popular Aurora game space.

2. nDreams – Summer Bundles

This week, nDreams is offering massive savings on items from some of their most popular virtual items. Their Summer Sale Bundles include the Ultimate Fantasy Fashion Bundle (including the Barbarian and Amazonian outfits), the Ultimate Horror Bundle (with spooky clothing and furniture, plus companions such as the L’il Bling Reaper and Benji), and the Ultimate Party Clothing Bundle (Funkster, Mobster, nSanity and Party prop lines).

Ultimate Fantasy Fashion Bundle_684Ultimate Horror Bundle_684Ultimate Party Bundle_684

3. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus presents the latest episode of his Virtual Item Showcase. From cozy country kitchens to new Heavy Ink tattoos, there are tons of great items coming to the PlayStation Home Mall this week. Which items are you going to add to your collection?

4. Heavy Ink – Hand of Tyr

Heavy Water brings you a new collection of tattoos this week. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall, where you can purchase these tattoos for your avatar, male or female, and with a variety of tones. The designs come in Obsidian and Ivory, so pick the color that works best for you, or buy both colors and mix and match! These tattoos are meant to be worn with your existing clothing, and if you don’t have clothing that works, Heavy Water has provided Bare Canvas torsos free of charge for male and females to proudly display your ink!


5. Granzella – Beautiful Eyes; Mismatched Eyes


Granzella introduces a new option in the Beautiful Eyes series with the Mismatched Eyes five piece set (two colors). With each eye a different color, there’s no doubt that you will make an impression!

6. The Casino Mystery

Digital Leisure’s Casino management sent us this memo this morning:

Dear Hotel Guests,

We don’t want to cause a panic, but there have been some altercations in the Greater Casino Area. Some took place in certain rooms, so do not be alarmed, stay calm and carry on. All the rooms that have been affected are being investigated, so if you come across a crime scene please do not disturb the evidence.

Help us solve the mystery this week by visiting the Digital Lesiure Casino — available from the PlayStation Home Navigator.

7. Lockwood – Cucumber Country Kitchens

Mmmmm, the smell of freshly baked bread, a pot of hot coffee, and the scent of foxgloves and honeysuckle drifting through the open window. All that’s missing is the quaint little oven and English country cottage furniture. Cucumber comes through once again with the Country Kitchen Set! Head to the Lockwood store to find everything you need to create your idyllic kitchen scene. Versatile corner and cupboard units allow for a kitchen as snug or as grand as you please, and kitsch knick-knacks like the kettle and bread bin will make the perfect finishing touches. All items are created in Cucumber’s signature classic-meets-modern style.

Coming soon from Lockwood Publishing: VICKIE is breaking her programming and escaping the Sodium Hub. She needs your help to explore the rest of PlayStation Home. Look forward to VICKIE full body suits and Sodium Companions!


8. x7 – Exclusive Early Access Update

Members of the exclusive PlayStation Home nightclub x7 get access to a brand new bundle — Lockwood’s August Summer Clothes — plus a freebie exclusive to members. See you on the dance floor!

9. The Midway Ca$h Carnival

This week, you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Each green ticket you purchase earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize — this week, it’s a 32GB Sony Tablet S!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000. For official rules, click here.


10. Community Theater Update

This week in the Community Theater: showcases the finalists in their Superhero machinima contest. Head there starting Wednesday to catch all the great community work, and pick up the reward!

See you in Home!

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15 Author Replies

  • Yes if anyone here would like a tour feel free to ask me. just send a message to me with blueprint tour in the body..

  • @cade peterson. I noticed you yet again blew off another person who’s missing items in home. Please either stop with the cop outs and step or step aside. The missing items has been a well documented problem on home long before this years E3 and you’re well aware of it. This is my biggest beef with this company overall, that is the problems that exist are not acknowledge or ever corrected but instead blamed on ficticious “user error”. Cade this is what you fail to understand, the people your ignoring are the ones who keep you in a job. meaning you need us more than we need you.

  • “We’ve discovered that everyone who reported a missing reward simply didn’t complete the task by visiting all required game interactives AND allowed the background screens with the questions to download fully”

    So basically, this user is claiming it’s an issue on Sony’s end when Cade announced the solution found to every occurrence from two months ago. 99.9% chance it is user error, but if you insist, contact Joystick_Warrior on the Home Support Forums. Joystick is usually pretty good with answering every thread during the week, so I don’t know about this “didn’t get an answer” thing..

    Post in Home Support. Not Home General.

  • Brilliant concept! The only thing keeping Home from fully integrating into the mass gaming population is allowing people to visit their friend’s apartments, with or without the owner being home, and viewing their trophies in their friend’s trophy case.


  • I bought Blueprint and I can’t hang any paintings in the home I build. I find it boring. Also when I decorate a second house the furniture from the first house shows up at the same place. Actually you can only save one blueprint then instead of five.

    I also bought the City penthouse environment for 1,99 ( a bit expensive) and I was dissapointed beceause the graphics weren’t nice of the city buildings. They are all faded. the free environments were alot beter and sharper……

  • The Blue Print Home so many couldnt wait to have , its a Total Fiasco, firstable the city skyline is all faded, you dont see no traffic down the street, heck you cant even see the street.
    You cant place a picture frame on any of the walls,The dusk skyline is Horrible , it looks like a big bottle of orange soda exploded all over it, others say it looks like a nuclear bomb exploded near by, but the end result is the same , it is too damm orange.
    The other background with the grass and mountains, look just as bad and lets not talk about the Space sky , is a big Dome with absolutely no sustance, it just look like you are inside a big weapon .
    Save your Money , dont buy this Mess.
    I Cant believe this is what NDreams have been working for years, boxy walls with no Architectual designs , just plain boxy walls, poor execution, poor design .

  • Special Request : Can you please make all the picture frames NON REFLECTIVE , Im decorating my Mount Olympus Personal space and i put up some frames with some Greek God pictures but the damm frames are sooo Reflective, you cant even see them .

  • yeah i like the blueprint thing but there’s only one flaw that i don’t like and thats how you can only place picture frames around the build area. I feel we should be able to place photo frames in side our created spaces just like the other spaces we own. but in conclusion i like the home blueprint just let us place picture frames in our created spaces :). Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Here’s where all my years of playing sims come into effect: Blueprint: Home! *-*

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