Blueprint: Home Arrives in PlayStation Home

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Blueprint: Home Arrives in PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, August 1st, Blueprint: Home arrives, Heavy Ink brings new tats, x7 introduces a new freebie, the Midway Ca$h Carnival continues and more. As usual, there’s so much to cover — here’s your must-do list for this week in PlayStation Home:

1. nDreams – Blueprint: Home

The wait is nearly over: On Wednesday, August 1st, you’ll be able to create your own apartment in PlayStation Home using the Blueprint: Home personal space designer from nDreams. With the ability to create and save five different apartments, and a huge amount of customization options included, Blueprint: Home offers an unrivalled experience for user-generated content in PlayStation Home.

Since its announcement there have been a lot of questions asking exactly how this personal space designer will work. Developer nDreams has created a walkthrough video to show you just how easy it is to create your own apartment with Blueprint: Home. Check it out!

PlayStation Home users can use Blueprint: Home to design countless creative new personal spaces, and with Style Packs coming soon there will be even more customization options. Pick up Blueprint: Home this week by visiting the PlayStation Home Mall or nDreams’ popular Aurora game space.

2. nDreams – Summer Bundles

This week, nDreams is offering massive savings on items from some of their most popular virtual items. Their Summer Sale Bundles include the Ultimate Fantasy Fashion Bundle (including the Barbarian and Amazonian outfits), the Ultimate Horror Bundle (with spooky clothing and furniture, plus companions such as the L’il Bling Reaper and Benji), and the Ultimate Party Clothing Bundle (Funkster, Mobster, nSanity and Party prop lines).

Ultimate Fantasy Fashion Bundle_684Ultimate Horror Bundle_684Ultimate Party Bundle_684

3. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus presents the latest episode of his Virtual Item Showcase. From cozy country kitchens to new Heavy Ink tattoos, there are tons of great items coming to the PlayStation Home Mall this week. Which items are you going to add to your collection?

4. Heavy Ink – Hand of Tyr

Heavy Water brings you a new collection of tattoos this week. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall, where you can purchase these tattoos for your avatar, male or female, and with a variety of tones. The designs come in Obsidian and Ivory, so pick the color that works best for you, or buy both colors and mix and match! These tattoos are meant to be worn with your existing clothing, and if you don’t have clothing that works, Heavy Water has provided Bare Canvas torsos free of charge for male and females to proudly display your ink!


5. Granzella – Beautiful Eyes; Mismatched Eyes


Granzella introduces a new option in the Beautiful Eyes series with the Mismatched Eyes five piece set (two colors). With each eye a different color, there’s no doubt that you will make an impression!

6. The Casino Mystery

Digital Leisure’s Casino management sent us this memo this morning:

Dear Hotel Guests,

We don’t want to cause a panic, but there have been some altercations in the Greater Casino Area. Some took place in certain rooms, so do not be alarmed, stay calm and carry on. All the rooms that have been affected are being investigated, so if you come across a crime scene please do not disturb the evidence.

Help us solve the mystery this week by visiting the Digital Lesiure Casino — available from the PlayStation Home Navigator.

7. Lockwood – Cucumber Country Kitchens

Mmmmm, the smell of freshly baked bread, a pot of hot coffee, and the scent of foxgloves and honeysuckle drifting through the open window. All that’s missing is the quaint little oven and English country cottage furniture. Cucumber comes through once again with the Country Kitchen Set! Head to the Lockwood store to find everything you need to create your idyllic kitchen scene. Versatile corner and cupboard units allow for a kitchen as snug or as grand as you please, and kitsch knick-knacks like the kettle and bread bin will make the perfect finishing touches. All items are created in Cucumber’s signature classic-meets-modern style.

Coming soon from Lockwood Publishing: VICKIE is breaking her programming and escaping the Sodium Hub. She needs your help to explore the rest of PlayStation Home. Look forward to VICKIE full body suits and Sodium Companions!


8. x7 – Exclusive Early Access Update

Members of the exclusive PlayStation Home nightclub x7 get access to a brand new bundle — Lockwood’s August Summer Clothes — plus a freebie exclusive to members. See you on the dance floor!

9. The Midway Ca$h Carnival

This week, you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Each green ticket you purchase earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize — this week, it’s a 32GB Sony Tablet S!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000. For official rules, click here.


10. Community Theater Update

This week in the Community Theater: showcases the finalists in their Superhero machinima contest. Head there starting Wednesday to catch all the great community work, and pick up the reward!

See you in Home!

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15 Author Replies

  • I’m so looking forward to Blueprint.Now, can design my own home.Overall, good update.Thanks for the awesome job guys!

  • I know there are some pretty creative individuals within the Home community, so I can’t wait to see what can be done with Blueprint.

    It looks like x7 will have so good items to check out as well (yay for the Big Money cane).

    • I agree, the Home community is very creative. I’ll be interested to see what people come up with.

  • i like the Kitchen accesories, not into tattoos, and the eyes, ……….my friend bought the last bundle and noone could see any difference between the regular eyes and the ones that came out not too long ago , so i`ll pass on these. I like Vickie, however i would have to see the full body suit first , and of course MORE companions …SMH

  • nDreams’ Blueprint: Home is a must have for me. I’ve got some ideas…

    I will be getting the Big Money Cane, too. I have to make a statement.

  • I forgot… If I keep having problems with my hotel room, I demand that I get another room on another floor at the Paradise.

    By the way, great work, Digital Leisure! You are awesome!

  • the Blueprint space looks pretty interesting, how much will that be?

  • Could we get a Walmart shopping center on home.

  • Nice Update info. Looking forward to the Blueprint space.. that sure going to bring much idealistic designs from many on Home. also the Vicky outfit finally this will be so cool.

  • @6 blueprint will cost 7.99 just so u know

  • I’m looking forward to Blue Print, but I find it a little disappointing that there is no Summer Olympics Global Space for Home. We had one for the World Cup.. Why not the Olympics?

  • Nice update Im loving those tattoos :D by any chance do you know the price for the lockwood clothes in x7 Cade? Thanks

  • An update for the history books! nDreams’ releasing the first-ever “create your own” estate. Such an awesome update that VICKIE had to explore this too, that makes sense now. :3

  • isn’t lookwood 2 years old now on home or will that be soon?

  • blueprint can make 2nd floor & basement?? this important bcuz otherwise, all apt gonna be flat… :/ we like to go up & down too.. =)

  • Ok update I guess..I’m still wondering if we will ever see more Marvel items,costumes would be number 1 on my to buy list..please more Tees…I have too many as is and rarely use them.

  • Nice! Vickie costumes comming soon! Excited to see what the X7 previews are gonna be like.

  • Steeler-Nation69

    Wow! I can’t wait to get my hands on BluePrint, This looks SWweeetttt.

  • Will the trophy room ever be coming to home?

  • abornfotballstar

    this is a mad fresh game:)

  • The new Bluprint design your own personal space looks amazing . Was wondering how much it will cost .

  • Question 1: Will Blueprint also be a Clubhouse?
    Question 2. How much will Blueprint Be?
    Question 3. When are we getting the Vickie Costume from Sodium?
    Question 4. Will there also be a Vickie Companion?

    • Answer 1: No, but that’s not a bad idea (nDreams, are you listening?).
      Answer 2: $7.99
      Answer 3: Lockwood is just teasing VICKIE for now, but I would safely assume in the very near future. ;-)
      Answer 4: Not that I am aware of.

  • Sims in PS Home? Yes please! Also can we get a PS Home:Blueprint app for Vita? that would make creating new lots 10x more easy.

  • No museum? :(

  • 1. nDreams – Blueprint: Home
    Excited for it, but wish there was also a Club House version.

    2. nDreams – Summer Bundles
    *Sigh* …. I already own what I want from those so another bundle I don’t need to buy.

    6. The Casino Mystery
    Can I poke a dead body with a stick, please?

    7. Lockwood
    I already entered that Vickie Origins Contest & probably already lost. Still it was a fun poem to write that wouldn’t leave me alone until I typed it down. Now if only their forum didn’t cut my name in half around Assassin….

  • Hello Cade!
    Will we ever see more added bundle specials that are in the Playstation Store, or a sale on older items in Home?
    Would definitely enjoy such deals.

    • Currently, the recent bundles we’ve rolled out have all been x7 exclusives, with a new bundle every week. I believe we’re up to nearly 20! If you’re not a member of x7, I highly recommend you consider it. All of the freebies for members and exclusive bundles are still currently available. Just make your way into x7, and talk to the bartender (literally). He’ll take good care of you.

  • I can not express how seriously excited I am to see something in the way of user generated content. Once I can get my account looked at and fully fixed up (waiting on their call to let me know if they have a fix) I’ll be all over that!

  • What would be a good change from more of the same content being released, half which is old stuff anyways would be to start on a revamp on how home is run. You know, cure the frequent channel disconnects and other disconnections that happen all to often. Or actually have mods present like they used to be in homes distant past, have seen plenty of abusive behaviour in almost 2 years and nary a mod yet, not once. Or even just fixing some of the buggy personal spaces with games like the dolphy place, which randomly deletes peoples dolphies with seemingly no reason. In other words stop treating home like its QVC, stop trying so hard to make us buy things but instead try luring us back to do something instead. Something fun for a change cause that what’s home has been sorely lacking, fun, unless your idea of fun is jerry springer.

  • when is the update coming with the better looking home avatars? They look like soul-less mannequins.

  • Look I’ve had enough. Cade you need to respond to this. I’ve posted FOUR times in the forums and nobody is responding about my issue. I never got an E3 reward. I asked before E3 was removed and got nothing. I’m posting every week until someone gives me an answer. You going to ignore this as well? >;(

    • The virtual E3 rewards only unlocked for completing 100% of the initiatives. We’ve discovered that everyone who reported a missing reward simply didn’t complete the task by visiting all required game interactives AND allowed the background screens with the questions to download fully (a requirement the system checked for). I’m sorry, but at this time the E3 booth is closed. Maybe next year!

  • Wow…. Just wow, Blueprint: Home is so absolutely genius! That is so epic and you’ll bet I’ll be checking that out! I would recommend that you also release different styles for that “concrete slab” under your home (Including no slab) but this is just epic, my jaw dropped at all the options available!

  • So I’m talking it that blueprint isn’t a free download huh? If so I’ll pass!

  • Never mind my last comment lol. I watched your video above and WOW. I am impressed and see you guys really took the time and made something really special and freaking cool here. I’d pay 10 bucks for this cool feature. No need to buy spaces anymore we are in control and have way more cool customization options at free will. The mind and skill is the limit and sorry for my poor comment before. I should’ve watched the video before commenting. Thanks for making this guys I can’t wait to get started on this.

    • I’m glad you took the time to check out Blueprint: Home before making a final judgement. It is another Home 1st, and one that is groundbreaking. Enjoy!

  • I understand the x7 money cane will only be available for males this Wednesday. A few other items released early for males only as well with the item rereleasing for women a few weeks later. How come they don’t release together?

    • We pace out the free goodies, simply because there’s a limited number of them. Fortunately, there’s quite a few left to be released.

  • Great move on Playstation Home. Thanks nDreams. Looking forward to tinkering with a personal apartment. Great video Demo.

  • This is actually a very good thing.

  • Blueprint, the Play, Create, Share, of Home.

  • Sweet!!! How much is the Blueprint: Home personal space cost? When is “Mercia” and “Home Tycoon” really going to be avalible? (next week I hope)

    • Mercia is about to enter a limited beta, but we hope to launch it in the coming few weeks. Home Tycoon is farther out, but still being worked on. I’m personally very excited for both.

  • Blueprint will definitely get my creative juices flowin’.

    since i use male and female avatars, the full body Vickie suit will be awesome to have. surprised it took them this long to make one.

    i’m an RPG nut, hopefully Mercia will come out soon…and i hope it lives up to what i think it will be.



    Blueprint looks nice. Well done nDreams.

  • johnny_toastburn

    I’d get more excited if I could be on Home for longer than 3 minutes without getting kicked off, even with a hardwired connection.

  • Sooo looking forward to Blueprint Home!! The only thing I noticed was there no mention of this being available as a club space?! Should I buy now , or wait till available as a club? hmmm…. are there plans ? Prices? info plz

    • Currently (as far as I’m aware), there are no plans for Blueprint: Home to be released in a clubhouse form, but one never knows. The personal space will be available for $7.99.

  • Blueprint sounds awesome! How much for it?

  • to every one here is the price for BLUEPRINT… Blueprint: Home – £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99

  • At least blueprint won’t cost $10 USD… $8.00 is a little more manageable, as for the extra dlc, please make it less than $1.50 USD each, I gotta have a budget here.. I want to at least get 2 packs a month or more.. and $5 per pack would kill that.. I’m sure Stairs will be in version 1.2 at least I hope so, because who wants a flat home?? Not everyone does.. also, let us create a mansion, with a grand entryway, with marble accents, much like the mansin set, but one thing I hated abot that premium pack was the layout. I want to have everything customized. Thats what i’m hoping this create your own space idea does for me.. Also throw in a speaker set that plays MY HDD music, then I’ll be 1 billion percent sold.

  • I think blue print is good and bad thing.. It depends on how indepth the whole thing is. if it doesnt have the right indepth to create off the bat then its going to stall.

    But its a start of something very good i suppose.


    • The Home Community Volunteers will be offering tours of the space, so if you’re wanting to check it out, hit one of them up starting tomorrow.

  • thank u so much sony 4 everything i wanted this as long as i remember

  • The Blueprint Personal space intrigues me….I will wait on getting it though…however I plan on visiting “Falcon24” when she decorates as she does some incredible interior decorating in her spaces (I have to lol at the fact she was the first to post on this update) as she has been stoked for this space for a while now! Great update!

  • I really liked playstation home, but now i’m in love with it

  • iam pissed whares the f–cking vickie costume

    • She’s coming! Lockwood just wanted me to share a little sneak peek at our beloved VICKIE. Stay tuned!

  • Even though we like to be creative in ps home i do think £7.99 is a bit much . Would love to be able to have more wallpaper choice in the studio and in other apartments that we have already purchased . Think i’m gonna have to ask a few homies if they be so kind as to let me view their creation before purchasing ;)

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