The Laugh Factory App Coming to PS3 September 1st

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The Laugh Factory App Coming to PS3 September 1st

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! I hope you’re ready for some big laughs, because there’s a brand new app coming to PS3 called The Laugh Factory LIVE. It’s the first live comedy application available on any console, and it’s coming exclusively to PlayStation 3.

The Laugh Factory on PS3

Comedy aficionados may recognize the Laugh Factory name. The Hollywood-based club has hosted some of the best talent in the business over the years — recent acts include names like Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook, for example — the number of high-caliber comedians who have have performed at the Laugh Factory is second to none. With The Laugh Factory LIVE, you’ll be able to relive some of the best moments of the club’s past, as well as watch live comedy performances, right from your PlayStation 3.

PS3 owners can access The Laugh Factory LIVE application beginning September 1st. Even better, all content and live shows are absolutely free until December! Comedy lovers can keep enjoying The Laugh Factory LIVE for $3 per month after the free period is over.

The Laugh Factory is home to over 30 years of top quality entertainment, and for the first time ever, they’re opening their doors to a digital audience in a whole new way. We can’t wait for everyone to check out the app for themselves, and enjoy hours of comedy gold exclusively on PlayStation 3.

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog for more info on The Laugh Factory LIVE!

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  • WOW, are people really this upset over someone saying something bad about a comedy club app? Really, a comedy club app?

  • Love the people who act like Sony is comprised of two guys in a basement who can only do one thing at a time. Makes me laugh.



    Doesn’t appeal to you =/= not worth it for Sony.

  • @52 I said nothing about sony wasting resources or applejacks or whatever the flip your talking about. Nice one about my avatar what are you 2 years old. I love when people type in all capital letters very dramatic.

  • All i said was i cant believe people are so mad about someone saying something bad about the app.I myself said nothing bad about the app.

  • Please put an IGN app on the XMB. Please

  • @Phillip Rosenberg,

    Can you speak to as how the $3/monthly fee is handled? I’m not willing to put a credit card in PSN, Can it use store credit, or do you directly bill?

  • I’m glad there is more stuff coming to PS3. Stand-up comedy isn’t my thing, but I’ll try it out. Hope more similar apps come out soon.

    And about the SquareEnix games. Final Fantasy: Crisis Core belongs to SquareEnix. But the Kingdom Hearts franchise belongs to Disney, SquareEnix only makes the games, the only thing SE owns are the Final Fantasy characters. Even Sora, Riku, Kairi, and those other original characters belong to Disney.

  • @ everyone riding Sony like a girl after prom

    1. My plus sub literally ran out over the weekend and I’m waiting till August to resubscribe so who cares?

    2. Do I know any of you?

    3. I’m well aware of what they announced at E3. I’m just so happy that all it takes for satisfaction from everyone are the words “soon” for certain promises Sony has made.
    Soon is not good enough when that’s all we hear. I am also not complaining about not being able to play OLD games. The problem is that they were marketed as being compatiable with our NEW systems.

    Last, Square has said the problem for those games being on PSN aren’t on their side. Do you think a company with all of their Final Fantasy games have a problem with digital sales???

    Even Disney has plenty of their content on the PSN so stop making excuses everyone.

    4. It was really fun to read all the “wah” comments considering everyone here might as well be going “ohhh ahhh oooo”

    moaning like Sony’s giving them the night of their lives every night.

  • Ohhh forgot to mention, if the Laugh Factory was the one that created this app then why isn’t someone from their side or their business speaking about the app???
    It’s probably because Sony commissioned the app to made or something along those lines, hence resources.

  • @ IzoGray

    Grow up already! Sony/PS3 offers MORE games than any other console out there right now! Quit whining already!

    Not only are they great with PSN games and exclusive retail 1st party games, with PS+ they offer discounted & free games every month! Does Wii and XBox do that? No, no they don’t!

  • Didn’t see this app coming but, I like it. Will definitely be using this one.

    As for those that continue to Sony bash, show your feelings towards them in the only way that will truly affect them…. Hit them in the wallet.

    Sony doesn’t deserve your money. Take it and give it to XBL or save up for a new WiiU.

    We’ll try to not miss you.

  • @XFRod
    Who are you to miss anyone? Sony will miss all of their customers. I don’t see anyone bashing Sony, only pointing out what they want and what they’re promised.

    The problem with the PS blog lately is that everyone is either LEFT or RIGHT. Meaning that there’s no constructive criticism or feedback anymore. There’s only the Sony lap dancers who make sure that anyone who dissents is called a “whiny kid” or is “entitled”

    Or the actual rude whiny kids who aren’t giving feedback or criticism but rather insulting the blog runners.

    I don’t fall into either of these categories and neither should any of you, so stop lumping me in and calling me entitled or whiny when all I’m pointing out is stuff I’d like to see. Granted, it’s stuff I’D like to see but this is a PSBLOG. Not a “say the best words about Sony you can blog”

    If all Sony wanted to hear was compliments there would be so much heavy moderation on this blog but there isn’t for a reason.

    So what I’m saying is, PLEASE don’t respond to me cause I don’t know any of you and you won’t see me insulting any of you for no reason. Seriously, to the people who said “grow up”, follow your own advice

  • Is this global? Can I watch this from Brazil?

  • @IzoGray

    Don’t think I mentioned your name. However, since you feel I did….

    “Side note- The PS+ sale is so dumb.” – No constructive criticism, just sounds like bashing to me. When I first saw it, I thought, at least he stands by his opinion. He thinks it’s dumb so, he doesn’t encourage them by paying for it.

    Then, I read this….

    “My plus sub literally ran out over the weekend and I’m waiting till August to resubscribe” You think it’s dumb yet, you’re about to re-subscribe… Now THAT sounds dumb.

    Finally, you suggest everyone else to “grow up”… Yet, you have tons of immature lap dance and oooh and ahhh references. Just sayin’.

  • If you want to quote me at least finish the quote. I said the plus sale is dumb because it’s a sports sale. Then I gave feedback where I said they should have sales with variety instead of an ONLY shooter sale or ONLY RPG sale.

    Sorry if you weren’t talking to me in the beginning. Those references aren’t childish so I don’t know what you mean. It’s the feeling everyone gives off so tell me something different.

  • @IzoGray

    How do you know what we want? Complain somewhere else because you don’t speak for everyone. Unlike you, we actually enjoy comedy. Just because you whine for something on here doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Sony is a business they’re not magicians. And also, If all we wanted were games, then we wouldn’t be using all the apps the PS3 and Vita have to offer.

    On topic: this is something really new and interesting. I may check this out. I would like to see Dave Chapelle’s classic moments on here. Sony pumping out all kinds of new content.

  • IzoGray has clearly done extensive market research studies encompassing hundreds of millions of PlayStation customers around the world. That, combined with his decades of business leadership experience, makes him the perfect person to dictate to Sony exactly which projects it should be working on to return Sony to profitability by next quarter.

    It’s cool guys, IzoGray’s got this.


    Now to the topic at hand:

    At $3/mo, I think this is a no-brainer. I’ll definitely be taking a look at this app when it drops.

  • Oh my. I didn’t think many people would have the same conclusion or thought process as me about what IzoGray said… it’s pretty awesome to see a community with their heads on top of their shoulders! Although, I hope I didn’t instigate anything — just wanted to give an informative response. That being said…

    This is just a personal opinion, but I rather have a “soon” than get my hopes up for a certain date and then be told that it was delayed — it’s heart-aching! I’m with you — I know the pains of waiting when you’re excited for something but patience is the key to true virtue!

    Also, they did announced that it was going to be marketed to have backwards compatibility on our Vita systems soon after its’ system launch and it’s only been out a few months. If it was something like Cross-Game chat (after years of asking to get an answer), then I’d understand, but a bit too soon in this case. It’s only a few weeks until then anyway, right? Hang in there and be courteous! :)

    “That’s just my opinion though, no need to go spreading it around.” – Joker

  • I personally don’t agree. I appreciate the dissenting opinion. At this point that’s not what I’m arguing against. I’m just upset at the general atmosphere of ignorance on the blog.

    If a person does not agree with something about a product that they like using, they make their voice heard. This, among getting news out, is why the blog was created used the way it is.

    If Sony didn’t want to hear me they would delete my comments. I’m glad you all think I’m an idiot because of the one line I used including everyone about seeing more compatibility with all of Sony’s products.

    Like I said before, if you disagree here you’re basically a whiny kid or “entitled.” Nowhere have I ever said that I “deserve.” I have always said I “want” which is why I’m here. I’m paying for the wants anyways!

    There’s a clear difference between whiny and feedback. I keep saying this. When I want to insult Sony or the fans or anyone, you will see exactly that.

  • @IzoGray

    It is not that you disagree or are wrong in asking for what you want. It is all about how you present yourself.

    You made it seem like your opinion trumps everyone else and what you want matters most. As you can tell by the many responses to your comment, you came across as a tool.

    I always disagree on here and talk smack about Sony when I feel cheated or want a feature. I don’t however make it sound like my opinion is more valuable then all the comments below me.

  • all apps should be required to be on both ps3 And vita ! just like trophy support.

  • How is it that the kid rockin the negativity bomb always gets first word in?

    Anyway, as a lifelong fan of standup comedy I am absolutely ecstatic at this announcement. Thanks again Sony for continuing to offer great content!

  • @goofey12: I’m using an extreme, humorous, obviously b/s example to point out how ridiculous your actual argument is. The fact you didn’t understand that, comes as no surprise given your ridiculous argument to begin with.

    Poor Bob and Steve. Running Sony all by themselves. ):

    @59: Irony, you’re giving excuses for why Square and Disney’s content isn’t appearing. Instead, blaming Sony. Simply because you want to blame them instead of Square or Disney.

  • @74Elvick What argument? When did i say anything about two people running sony. I said nothing bad about the app or sony. I’m glad their still working on new apps for PS3. I think you need to go back and read the comments again cause your confusing me with someone else.By the way your EXTREME humor is funny stuff you should be featured in this app. I can see it now “Elvick the EXTREME comedian”

  • Awesome! i just recently got into comedy big time. can’t wait to use this app !!!

  • I hope that Sony also release a Crackle App for the PS3. I know that you can access it with the PS3 browser, but I would like its own dedicated App that I can access with the PS3’s remote control.

    This should be easily possible since Sony owns Crackle…

  • this sounds cool

  • oh and can you put some kingdom hearts games on psn possibly?

  • post a video of the app geesh

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