The Laugh Factory App Coming to PS3 September 1st

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The Laugh Factory App Coming to PS3 September 1st

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! I hope you’re ready for some big laughs, because there’s a brand new app coming to PS3 called The Laugh Factory LIVE. It’s the first live comedy application available on any console, and it’s coming exclusively to PlayStation 3.

The Laugh Factory on PS3

Comedy aficionados may recognize the Laugh Factory name. The Hollywood-based club has hosted some of the best talent in the business over the years — recent acts include names like Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook, for example — the number of high-caliber comedians who have have performed at the Laugh Factory is second to none. With The Laugh Factory LIVE, you’ll be able to relive some of the best moments of the club’s past, as well as watch live comedy performances, right from your PlayStation 3.

PS3 owners can access The Laugh Factory LIVE application beginning September 1st. Even better, all content and live shows are absolutely free until December! Comedy lovers can keep enjoying The Laugh Factory LIVE for $3 per month after the free period is over.

The Laugh Factory is home to over 30 years of top quality entertainment, and for the first time ever, they’re opening their doors to a digital audience in a whole new way. We can’t wait for everyone to check out the app for themselves, and enjoy hours of comedy gold exclusively on PlayStation 3.

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog for more info on The Laugh Factory LIVE!

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  • @ Philip Rosenberg // Senior Vice President, Business Development, SCEA

    Please don’t waste precious resources on stuff people aren’t asking for. I’ve been asking for PS1 compatibility on the Vita since it was announced.

    I’ve also been asking for KEY franchises to make their way to the PSN. Games like Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

    You should have your people working to get these things up and maybe you guys would make some money this quarter instead of playing around with stuff no one cares about.

    If this sounds like a personal attack, it isn’t. I’m just so severely upset at the way Sony thinks sometimes.

    Side note- The PS+ sale is so dumb. Who decides that sales should be ONLY sports games one week or ONLY racing games the next and ONLY shooting games another week. Get some damn variety in your sales kid

  • To the inevitable response that will say something like
    “We feel like many of our users will appreciate the comedy offerings, yata yata yata..”

    This is false. Your most loyal consumers keep buying your Sony labeled products and what we want are GAMES. go figure.

  • Goddess_Katheryn

    Just to let you know, there are different departments and sections of their corporation that handle other tasks. This being one of them and they’re not in charge of that and complaining here won’t help; however that being said, I do feel your pain but they did say that they will at least implement Playstation 1 compatibility on the Vita somewhere around August so have patience.

    Anyway, thank you for this and the free subscription up until December! I’ll be sure to make full use of this app! Keep up the good work!

  • I was afraid I was going to be the only positive comment here. I logged in specifically to say thanks for this app! I’m a huge stand-up fan. If there’s any Louis CK, Pablo Francisco, Bill Burr, Megan Mooney or Dave Attelle then I’m in. $3 is chump change for something I’ll probably OVERUSE.

  • Sounds like a good app & nice to see something different for the Playstation. It also has a very good free period, well done.

    It’s a shame I can’t use it as I live in the UK. Ah well, maybe one day?

  • Thanks, I guess??

    Let us know when Sony is gonna update the Youtube app on the Vita so we can view our channels. Then let us know when said app will be developed for the PS3. As long as these two things go down before September 1st you can have all the support you want for other apps like these.

  • I love Stand up and I definetely will be checking this app out….Thanks Sony

    BTW…any word for 2012 Directv Sunday Ticket for PS3 pricing?

  • This sounds interesting and I will definitely check it out. Keep up the great work Sony!

  • Nice, thx Sony :D

    @1: How you know they are not working for that to happen? Just because it is very requested it does not mean that it will magically happen. It requires time, money, and lot of work you know. For example look at the MGS4 trophy patch, it took them 4 YEARS!!…..obviously Sony wont take that much time, but you got the idea. While they are working on it, they are offering new cool stuff, and I think that it awesome.


  • @9 – exactly.

  • @IzoGray: Holy shlt, whine some more. Just like you’re not interested in a comedy application and sales on sports games, not everyone is interested in Final Fantasy and PSOne games on Vita. This application sounds really cool, and it’s great that there’s such a long free period. And it’s pretty cheap after that, too. I’m excited for this.

  • @1 Sorry, but you sound off like a whiny kid.

    “Please don’t waste precious resources on stuff people aren’t asking for. I’ve been asking for PS1 compatibility on the Vita since it was announced.”

    They’ve already announced they are working on PS1 compatibility for the PS Vita. Can’t you just wait for it? And just like @3 said, different departments works on different things.

    “I’ve also been asking for KEY franchises to make their way to the PSN. Games like Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. ”

    Those Key franchises you mentioned are both published by Square Enix. Did it never occur to you that it’s partly up to SE to allow them to be published digitally?

    “with stuff no one cares about.”

    Next time, please speak for yourself. Judging from the comments after yours, there are people who cares.

  • @1 PlayStation Vita/PSOne compatibility is already available through remote play. Plus it was already announced that an update will be coming that will enable PSOne downloads this summer on the Vita.

    Further, Sony is not in charge of Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts, that is Square-Enix. If you want to have downloadable versions of those, take it up with Square-Enix’s proper departments.

    Lastly, the PS+ sale is not dumb just because you do not like the particular one.

    You’re making yourself sound like a really spoiled and self entitled brat. Just saying….

    Gaming companies worldwide work hard to provide what fans want. However, they can’t do EVERYTHING asked for. When they do take on the task of making things happen, it takes time to go through the processes of funding, development, testing, legal channels, etc. You can’t just snap your fingers and everything you want happens.

    Now, that’s out of the way. I think I’ll check out this app. It’s actually quite unique. I didn’t expect something like this to come, but hey, more variety is always good to me! I’m hoping we will see some of these apps make their way over to the Vita as well bit by bit. It would be great!

  • Also @#1.. I love Plus, and you cannot satisfy everyone. It’s like owning a TV channel and complaining because they moved your show to a day you can’t watch it. Get over it.

  • Hmm, I think these posts are being filter. To reiterate since my last post did not go through, #1, get off of your consumer high horse. There are multiple IT departments in Sony…. it wouldn’t be very smart to designate EVERYONE to one device like the Vita. This has NOTHING to do with priorities.

  • YouFromTheFuture

    well played Sony… well played


  • Okay…so where is the NFL Sunday Ticket announcement? I like to plan ahead and I don’t want to assume that it will be available this season just because it was available last season.

    Laugh Factory is slated to be released the first week of September; so is football season. Thanks-

  • Will we see an IGN app or a G4tv app come to the xmb. This is an good app we just need more then this.

  • Is this for the US only or will it be available in Canada as well?


  • @18 DCamerica

    You are going to have to wait for Tony Hawk HD. Blame greedy M$ and Activision for that since they signed a month month exclusive contract for that game…

  • Same as #21:
    Will this be launching September 1st in Canada too?

  • Is this app will be available abroad? Let’s say in Mexico, it’s frustrating that I download an app and I can’t use it because of my region.

  • well thank for your response on 22 DZORMAGEN guess ill be playing my 360 unfortunately.

  • @1

    Dude, please start talking to yourself cause no one else wants to. I love these new apps. I wish there were more of them. Additionally, why would you want to play PS1 or PSP games? If you really want to whine, whine about not being enough PS Vita games.

  • This is great I love to have different offerings, thank you!

  • Glad to see a new app even if it doesn’t interest me.

    The only app I don’t have on PS3 that I really wish I did is Pandora. (The web browser version just does not cut it on a console).

  • @1-Hears a clue…people like CHOICES. Dont want it, dont get it. I myself[and from what l can see lm not alone]think this is a great idea…l love having Netflix, Amazon, Vudu[just got another free movie thank you very much]…more the merrier l say.
    With these apps l closed by cable account months ago and saved a bucket load of cash cause of it.
    And who the hell doesnt want a good laugh now and again?

  • @1 and 2 – IzoGray

    “I’ve been asking for…”

    “I’ve also been asking for…”

    “I’m just so severely upset…”

    You sound like a entitled brat. Yes, Sony as a company will stop all teams and divisions from working on other projects just to make IzoGray happy.

    PS1 compatibility for Vita is coming. Sony adding the Laugh Factory app does not prevent that from happening any sooner. are you really that dimly lit?

    If you don’t even have Plus, how can you say “Your most loyal consumers keep buying your Sony labeled products and what we want are GAMES.” so you are a loyal customer yet don’t have Plus which gives you, you know, GAMES.

    I am a user, and I appreciate the addition of the Laugh Factory app. there, again, you are proven wrong.

  • wont say I’m cray about this but I do like it. sometimes I need comedy w no commercial and either find myself ordering a movie off cable or vudu…this can get pricey

  • @1 I hate to get on the bandwagon against u with everyone else already doing so but… do NOT speak for me. U don’t know me nor do u know what I like. Star using words like “me” and “I” not “we” and “us”.

  • i’m definitely going to check out this app and new service/free trial to see how good it is.thank you,sony, for bringing apps like these to the ps3.

  • and that being said, this app sounds interesting. Me like.

  • Considering the PS3 is our central hub for any and all entertainment in our household, this is great news. We own it all; PS3, 360, Wii, etc., but the PS3 is connected via DLNA and streams all of our content from all of the devices on our Network, we watch a ton of Blu-Ray movies, play all the games we can, and utilize the service applications available.

    Now while I can’t say I’ll be paying for this, I will be taking advantage of the grace period to see how it works, the services it provides, and we’ll make a call from there.

    That said, thanks go to Sony’s Network team for continuing to push the services list and offerings to all consumers, not just the ones with the big voices and double post points.

  • This should be free or how about a youtube app so we can watch all of these for free on there. NO ONE WILL PAY FOR THIS CRAP!

  • I’m with the majority here. It’s an unusual idea for an app & I didn’t expect it, but I will get it, at least for the trial period. I love gaming but I also love laughing & 3 bucks a month is dirt cheap.

    I agree with @26. We need more new Vita games, not old stuff. I didn’t grow up gaming so I’m not blinded by nostalgia for old gen games. Every old school game I’ve tried is tiresome, boring & looks & plays like crap. Unless it’s an HD remaster. So they can divert every penny & minute spent on PS1 & PS2 compatibility for Vita to new games made for Vita.

  • @36 Miggy11 – killer feedback, bro!!! youz da bomb!!!

  • Nice app! Also, a good way to introduce people and not too much afterward – depending on the amount of content, of course. Hey, it’s much less than one ticket to a comedy show! Though, you lose the experience.
    I just hope the camera doesn’t move around too much. I can’t stand when comedy shows are filmed like summer blockbusters.

    With all of these shows, and even the most recent tab to better organize, do you think you can still tweak the TV and Video tab some? There are apps that cannot be deleted, like the Amazon Prime app, and the list of downloaded apps takes a while to bring up. Maybe instead just display a screen with all of the apps, like the PS Store does for games and videos? I can scroll down to choose what I want, and doing so eliminates that orange placeholder app.

    Don’t justify the #1 and #2 posts with a response – this guy must think one guy is behind the panel of buttons at the PlayStation warehouse.

  • Who wants this? Why is time, money and resources being put into video apps that will serve no purpose outside of a niche market? You have a floundering portable system was launched 6 months ago that has next to zero support outside of first party and even that first party support is more or less shovelware. You have a home console system that has taken the reputation and prestige that the PlayStation 2 had and drove it directly into the ground to the point where it is 3rd place behind the competition in installed user base.

    The solution is to invest in apps like a streaming comedy club?

    Come on guys, I still have some faith in Sony left. I still invest in my PS3 and my Vita when I can but I am really losing faith in you guys to be able to actually turn your games division around by the end of this generation let alone whatever is coming in future generations.

    Please invest in technologies that will better your platforms. You are not going to sell units or systems based on streaming college sports or comedy videos.

  • Izo: RELAX.

    PS1 BC is coming to the Vita in the next month.

    The Vita is getting plenty of games if you bother to look up the release list. There’s a ton.

    As for Kingdom Hearts and Crisis Core, Sony doesn’t own those franchises, so it’s completely and totally up to Square-Enix to work out their deal with Disney in regards to KH. Disney is notoriously difficult to deal with, and they are the ones keeping BBS from PSN. Crisis Core is up to Square-Enix. Why they haven’t released it on PSN yet is beyond me, but it’s not Sony’s fault. I’m sure they’d like to put on there, because it will make them money, but they don’t have any control over that.

    Laugh Factory sounds pretty cool, and something that me and my wife would probably get some enjoyment out of.

    None of this is taking away precious resources from the gaming side of Sony. They’re a big company. It’s not like they have Naughty Dog working on this app, while Last of Us is forgotten and pushed to the corner.

  • @1 IzoGray

    I’m guessing you don’t pay much attention to this website and you didn’t watch this year E3 Sony press conference because if you did you would realize that they already announce that ps1 classics will be coming to the vita this summer and also they different divisions working on different stuff that there are people that wants this just because you don’t want something doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t want it and also just because you don’t like that games they giving a discount doesn’t mean it is a bad move or nobody wants them and about the games you want to come to psn Sony has no control over that only the publishers do and since Sony didn’t published them they have no control over them

    anyways this is going to be an awesome app and I hope they bring it to the vita

  • Two comments:

    1) Where does anything in this announcement say it’s Sony that’s been working on this application? Maybe Laugh Factory themselves decided to make the app. Does EA making endless baseball games have anything to do with Sony’s system software update cycle? No, of course not.

    2) With this app can we see Michael Richards’ famous meltdown?

  • I want this!

  • @40…I think Ghost just answered your question.

    As l said, people like choices,….what people dont like, is someone else speaking for them.

  • I love how all of the core members have a + above their head and are talking positively about this and Sony in general and then you’ve got @1 claiming to be a core gamer and complaining about + when he’s not even a member. PS Plus is one of the best things in gaming stop complaining about it cause it’s not EXACTLY what you want. I for one was not asking for this but am very glad that Sony went and did it anyway cause this sounds awesome and I can’t wait to try it out. I’m married and have 3 very young kids and it’s hard for my wife and I to make it out to the comedy club so bringing the club to our living room is awesome! Stop thinking that you are the voice of the community and let Sony do their job and just enjoy it!

  • @Miggy11 “This should be free or how about a youtube app so we can watch all of these for free on there. NO ONE WILL PAY FOR THIS CRAP!”
    Did you even read the article? this isn’t YouTube clips of your favorite comedians these are LIVE comedy performances at the laugh factory as in stuff you wont see online new comedians new material… This is totally worth my $3

    I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to say something about this. most likely Sony did NOT develop this themselves or they were PAID to develop it from the laugh factory and this has NO impact on other Sony development.

  • Sounds like a good app especially for 3 bucks, I love comedy. I hope the comedians are great.

    I don’t want to be this person but I’m going to ask anyhow. Since you guys are adding all these different video apps, are you guys considering an app for Youtube? It would be awesome watching Youtube videos in full 1080p.

  • Looking forward to this. Good job!

  • @izo gray speak for yourself kid. i love comedy and this is good stuff.

    will we see this on the Vita as well Possibly in the future?

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