Puddle Splashes On To PS Vita Next Week

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Puddle Splashes On To PS Vita Next Week

Hello, I’m Sébastien from Neko Entertainment. We came out with a game earlier this year called Puddle, and we’re bringing it to PS Vita next week!

Puddle on PS Vita

Puddle began as a project by six students of the video game school ENJMIN. It won a Student Showcase prize at the Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010, and was later picked up by Neko Entertainment. There, those same six students were able to turn it into a full-fledged game.

After we released the game on PS3, we worked hard to get a better handle on the game’s mechanics, so we’d be able to deliver a new version of Puddle on PS Vita. We paid particular attention to feedback from PS3 players when working on the PS Vita version — which will have many exclusive features!

Puddle on PS VitaPuddle on PS Vita

We made the game a bit easier (there’s an option to “whine and skip” a level if it’s proving too difficult), there are now tips on every loading screen, and menus have been changed to take advantage of the touch screen. You can change the control setup (tilt the console, use the left stick, use L and R buttons, or even use the rear touch pad). We wanted to make sure you have plenty of options when you play Puddle on your PS Vita!

While we’ve made lots of changes to the PS Vita version of Puddle, the main goal is still the same: get your puddle to the goal by any means necessary. We really hope you enjoy Puddle for PS Vita and manage to finish all the levels… oh, and pay attention to the background on the main menu — it may be more than just a background!

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  • @ the prime guy above complaining about the difficulty I mean what are you a college professor lol. What this developer did is reduce the mad factor to those of us that don’t feel like having to replay a level a hundred times and get stuck to were we can’t advance if we can’t pass a level. The whine and skip its a welcome feature on my part cause I have 4 kids and I’m sure they won’t be passing levels on the fly when I let them play this on my vita so I am glad they did the difficulty like they did it was a great and wonderful idea and I totally understand why they did it and welcome the feature. This prime guy acts like we all need to stay rocket scientist to play a game and not all of us want a hard challenge 24/7 or a major TEST we just want to play for fun and enjoy the levels to. Respect that and not just want what you only want its not only just about YOU primerolncognito. The levels can be hard if you want that type of thing so why are you whinning they made it easy for those that choose that? It doesn’t hurt your gaming anyways. I love the ideas to this game and its a day one buy for me. Thanks for making the game and giving us the whine and skip feature. My kids will love that feature.

    • Hi RENEGADE-Xx-xX,

      Well I guess you said everything that need to be said.
      Puddle is just a game, so we are not here to talk about society or else. If you guys like this game, perfect ! If not, just don’t buy it :) At least try the demo version, you’ll be able to test it and judge if it is a game for you or not !
      We will never be able to satisfy anybody anyway, but we keep trying everyday !

      Thank you for the support once again !

  • Sebastian u have 2 do me one favour .. be around as u guys release it.. “hardcore gamer” how do u define that? i might get into troubles or stuck.. Sebastian be here on the 24th! (and some days after just in case)

    • Hi B66_butterfly,

      Don’t worry mate, I’ll be there (I will help anyway, I am in the top 10 ranking on the consoles version) ;)
      Regarding hardcore gamer I mean “guys who like difficulty, who like challenges, and who will not “whine and skip” after losing three times ^^”
      But everybody play differently so even a person who does not think he/she is a hardcore gamer, will reach the end of the game as long as he/she got enough perseverance and never give up !

  • Looks awesome! I’ll be picking it up on day one! :)

  • Nice game; played it on the box. Perfect type for handheld. Love you, bye.


    Yeah… don’t wanna be smart or anything like that. That would be bad. Challenges are bad too. Screw all this earning our accolades and becoming stronger/smarter people crap. Let’s just take the easy way out of everything. I totally see your point… (Insert eye-rolling emoticon here)

    And I never said it was all about me. If you read my post completely, you’d see that I said that it’s their game and they can do what they want with it. I just felt like expressing my opinion on the matter. Is that cool with you? Funny you’d say that though… you’re infamous around here for complaining about the dumbest things that you seem to think should be tailor-made JUST FOR YOU.

    Top it all off with the fact that you’re the guy who was claiming multiple times that Sony was blackmailing their customers… Yeah, I think you might need to crack open a dictionary. Hell, maybe if you didn’t take the easy way out so often and instead exercised your brain, you might have already known what blackmail is…

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