Puddle Splashes On To PS Vita Next Week

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Puddle Splashes On To PS Vita Next Week

Hello, I’m Sébastien from Neko Entertainment. We came out with a game earlier this year called Puddle, and we’re bringing it to PS Vita next week!

Puddle on PS Vita

Puddle began as a project by six students of the video game school ENJMIN. It won a Student Showcase prize at the Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010, and was later picked up by Neko Entertainment. There, those same six students were able to turn it into a full-fledged game.

After we released the game on PS3, we worked hard to get a better handle on the game’s mechanics, so we’d be able to deliver a new version of Puddle on PS Vita. We paid particular attention to feedback from PS3 players when working on the PS Vita version — which will have many exclusive features!

Puddle on PS VitaPuddle on PS Vita

We made the game a bit easier (there’s an option to “whine and skip” a level if it’s proving too difficult), there are now tips on every loading screen, and menus have been changed to take advantage of the touch screen. You can change the control setup (tilt the console, use the left stick, use L and R buttons, or even use the rear touch pad). We wanted to make sure you have plenty of options when you play Puddle on your PS Vita!

While we’ve made lots of changes to the PS Vita version of Puddle, the main goal is still the same: get your puddle to the goal by any means necessary. We really hope you enjoy Puddle for PS Vita and manage to finish all the levels… oh, and pay attention to the background on the main menu — it may be more than just a background!

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  • About time we got a new Vita game!!! How about a 20% PS+ discount to go with it.

  • Yay for more Vita support!!!

  • I played a demo of this or a game like this not long ago.I enjoyed the demo a lot.I did not get it for ps3 but it would be one to get for the vita.It looks like one that better suits the vita.I will most likely get this one.

  • Great now if we can get Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops working on the Vita I’ll be happy!

    Glad to see more Vita support

  • **Scratches head**

    Whats a PS Vita?? I never heard of this system before, and I don’t think Sony has either….hmm a PS Vita, I will Google this and see what it is….

  • Sort of want :3

  • I’m still waiting for PSOne support >.>

  • Morgan Haro please ask you boss where is GTA san andreas at. i know you got some pull around there

  • Yes! thank you

  • -Vhaeraun

    You and me both =/
    Would at least like to hear ‘at some point’ it would happen

  • how much will this game cost?

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi Bluejays20012,
      The price will be for the US version 7.99$ and for the European version 6.99€.

  • The more vita support the better! May have to check out this game..

    Anyone looking for a psvita communtiy to join? You should try out PsvitaRealm.com! Be sure to put IVIaster220 refered you. =) We currently have a contest going on for a $20 psn card!

  • Looking like a good store update for next week. PS1 & PS2 support on Vita please.

  • Of course sooner rather than later it will also get a PEGI rating and a release on the european PSN, right? right? right? right?

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi limaCAT,
      If you mean the game will be released in Europe as well, the answer is yes !!
      Here are the dates for each version : European version will be released in August, 1st. 2012 and the US version will be released in July the 24th. 2012 !

  • Sébastian, thanks for the release! What’s the price & will there be a demo? Thanks again!

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi luvstoseek,

      Yes there will be a demo of course and the price will be for the US version 7.99$ and for the European version 6.99€.

  • That’s the problem not enough patience & probably more than half of you didn’t even platinum the games you own or get from gamefly.But on another note this is excellent more games to come & for those crying alot try reading you may find out there’s more Ps Vita games coming out.But the people that are complaining are too lazy to find out tragic.

  • Big congratulations to the student developers! I will consider this.

  • glad i held out on the psn version, just too many psn games and i dont have time to play at home. now ill be able to play this on the go.

  • Amazing I love it

  • It looks really cool, I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

    Magnifique! Je suis tellement interesant dans ton jeu, Vita besoin d’autres bon compagnies comme vous!

  • Sounds great! Glad to see there’s now a skip option! Will any of those features comet to the PS3 version? Also, will owners of the PS3 version be able to get the Vita version as well for free like other buy-one-get-both-versions games on PSN?

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi itsNymo,
      There is already an option like this on PS3 version. It is called “skip and whine” if I remember well, you can use this option twice in the game. If you used one “skip and whine” you can get it back later, just by finishing the level you did not finished the first time.
      Regarding your second question, not that I am aware of, but I will let you know in case it would happen !

  • I have one and only one death wish. That is to see PS One classic support before i die. Sony please help me!

  • I’ve been waiting to hear more about this game since the PS3 version and announcement that there will be a Vita version.

    Nice “touch” on all the different control methods. How does the rear touch pad work? Do you direct the puddle where to go?

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi FORMIK,
      Thanks for asking us about the rear touch control on Puddle Vita.
      It is very simple (as the game is quite “hardcore gamer” the control must be as easy as possible to avoid any frustration for the gamer).

      You put your hands on each side of the PS Vita, and with two fingers, one finger on the right side of the the rear touch pad and another one on the left part of the rear touch pad, you press/touch each side to tilt the world, on the right or on the left.
      It is the same way as the “normal” touch screen ! (front)
      But we worked on this special aspect of the Vita because we thought the fingers on the front screen could hide the different dangers in the game. With this special feature, we can play the game (I do it by myself and I can assume it is one of the best way to control the game) without hiding anything on screen.

      To answer to your last question, You tilt the world and so, the liquid goes to the direction yout tilted the world : so you direct the liquid, but not directly !

  • Two cool games – this and Foosball 2012 – coming to the Vita next week!

    (insert routine whining about lack of Vita content here)

  • psone games sound like a good idea to me should patch it up by friday if u ask me

    when will more psp games hit the psvita still have games that want work

  • Will there be new levels?

    Will there be a retroactive “Buy one get both” pricing structure?

    I beat the PS3 version and oh my god some of the levels are insanely difficult. Rear Touch? Tilt? Apart from some very early levels you need a crap ton of precision to clear the later stages. Those features are check boxes only.

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi krae_man,

      There will not be new levels (not for now at least).
      We changed the difficulty of the game by changing the hit you could get from the different “dangers” in the game. So if on the PS3 version you were killed by something, on the PS Vita version, the same danger could hit you less and so you should be able to reach the end of a level you were not albe to do before !
      (and once again, the skip and whine option has been incread from 2 to 4, it could help you as well !)
      And never forget that sometimes, you need to take your time, and sometime you need a lot od liquid : it depends of what level you are playing ;)

  • For all of you guys complaining about PSOne support on Vita, it was already announced long ago that it would be coming this Summer with a Vita update.

    It’s irrelevant to this post anyway.

    Looking forward to trying Puddle out on the Vita!

  • Hat off to anyone who supports the Vita and PS3.


  • I want to buy a Vita (this game is one of the reasons) but I have one major doubt.
    I read somewhere that PSP games aren’t fully supported on Vita. Is that true? If it is, did they announce that they would fix it?
    Never bought a PSP, and there are plenty of games I wish to play from it, and Vita -could- be the answer…

  • Does it have all of the “high-end” graphical effects available in the Tegra 3 version?

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi Enkei-Xpress,

      The game on PS Vita is graphically better than the Tegra 3 version (close to the PS3 version)

  • …… the images look nice ….. but seriously Sony these games need to be announced IN ADVANCE WITH TIME!!! You cant just say oh heres a new game it comes out next week …. come on man thats why everyone keeps on coming here and saying THE VITA HAS NO GAMES lol if you would announce them with more time to spare people would be saying oh this is coming out … not oh this new game comes out next week or what i say DAMMIT THERES TOO MANY GAMES IN OCTOBER!!! :(

  • “We came out with a game earlier this year called Puddle¨

    I never saw this game talked about nor here nor at E3 so I dont know what this person is talking about lol

  • @32 ItaChu

    lol ignorance is funny lol google is your friend lol go to the store and download the ps3 demo then lololol

  • Thanks Sebastion. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I cant wait.

  • “After we released the game on PS3, we worked hard to get a better handle on the game’s mechanics, so we’d be able to deliver a new version of Puddle on PS Vita.”

    Uh what …..this game is on the PS3 …. lol ive never seen it xD

  • Im downloading the Demo now xD

  • PSONE support is slated for late August. Do your research.

  • @29, search the web for PSP & Mini to Vita compatible titles. More titles will be converted; it’s a work in progress. ;)

  • Cool

  • I’m loving my vita now that I finally got one without screen defects aka the weird blotchy spots that show up under dark screens or grey backgrounds and the green menu screen so I’m happy so far. I’ve been searching online on it for cool backgrounds for the main screens and found some cool stuff anyways this game looks cool. That fire effect is awesome in the picture above. Anyways I was mad about no ps1 support but in general I never play them anyways and never did on psp. All I want is all my psp digital psn games to work on vita and I’ll be happy but I got a vita for vita games though. So please bring a vita version gt5 or nascar racing game and my gaming world will be complete. I have the ipod touch 4th gen and now a vita so I’m a happy camper. The best of both worlds.

  • If anyone has a vita and is now a pro at its features and wants to walk me through some cool stuff you know and do add me on my main psn account. My plus paying account the S L I C K _ T. Its not spaced apart like that I just have to write it that way or the comment never will post on here for some odd reason. Anyways vita is a great device I was hard on it but that’s cause I wanted it to best the ipod in all its features and such but with dual sticks it beats its butt right there along. Oh and the huge screen is out of this world. Netflix on this thing is a DREAM. Once vita games starting rolling out I will probably hardly touch my ps3 lol.

  • its about time we get more games,im willing to give sony all my money and they act like they dont want it…

  • @31: Ignorant people complaining about an industry they fail to understand won’t change just because they announce games coming out earlier. The same people will completely overlook these announcements, as they do now and will continue to do until humanity dies.

  • The Vita has been a major disappointment thus far! I expected more console size games such as Shank, Dead Nation, NCAA football, etc. Instead we get these silly games fit for a Ipad! I should have spent my $250 on something else.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “We made the game a bit easier (there’s an option to “whine and skip” a level if it’s proving too difficult)”

    Bad idea! What is going on? Has that horrible “No Child Left Behind” social program spread to the video game industry too? This widespread trend of dumbing everything down in every aspect of life these days is not doing anyone any favors. It’s just turning the current generation of kids into a bunch of pansies. Even in gaming, all this hand-holding is getting ridiculous. It’s a puzzle game! It’s supposed to be challenging! You’re not supposed to lower the challenge for people who can’t get through it! They’re supposed to step their game up, keep trying, keep getting better, and eventually overcome the challenge! And if they can’t do it, then that’s just the way it goes!

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi PrimeroIncognito,

      I don’t think you understood the meaning of “changing difficulty”. There were some levels, for example in the 1st chapter, where the difficulty was not fair.
      I explain : the second level was more difficult than the third one. I guess you will agree with me : it is not fair and not logical.
      We changed the difficulty to have a nice progression in the difficulty.
      I never said the game has changed to be a casual game designed for kids. “Puddle” is, and will always be a puzzle game for hardcore gamers :)
      I agree with you : I like games with a big difficulty, asking me to play better, to increase my skills, but I hate games where the difficulty is not logical and where I could die without understanding why ! That’s what I tend to change in that version of Puddle.
      Regarding the “whine and skip” option, this option has always been there in the game, just to avoid you to be frustrated because you cannot go further in the game (sometimes you can be tired and you could be fed up trying this level for the 50th times !) This options allows you to play the next level, but if you want to try it again later, you are free to do so, and I hope you do so ;)
      I hope you understand better our point of view now.

  • Lara_Croft_GodHD

    for next week anything on the Tomb Raider Avatars comeing to us as will as Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD i can’t wait

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Well, adjusting the progression of difficulty is a different thing entirely. You said, “we made the game easier”, so that’s all I could go by.

    Although I still disagree with the “whine and skip” feature, and especially the increase in the number of times a player can use it. That does make the game easier. Personally, my belief is that a player should never be rewarded for failing, but of course, it’s your game and you do what you want with it…

    Anyway, the post just reminded me about how Evolution Studios just did the same thing with MotorStorm RC; releasing a patch that “made the game easier”. Combined with all the other games nowadays that literally hold the player’s hand throughout, and all of this reminded me of how the schools today are doing the same thing… Dumbing everything down so that the entire class is forced to learn at the pace of the slowest kid in class. The direction that society in general is taking… It’s all just highly disappointing to me.

  • No answer to buy one get both. I guess that means no.

    Oh well, there’s no new content anyway.

    • Sébastian Chipot

      Hi krae_man,

      The game was first released on PS3 and published by KONAMI. For the PS Vita version we are the only one in charge of this build. So we have to check with KONAMI first to give you a final answer. Prices are different, so we have to come to an arrangement if we want to give you this special offer.
      I already answered to this question in the post of “itsNymo”. For the moment I don’t know if it will be possible, but i will keep you informed anyway !

  • this game has seriously flew under my radar, and whats even worse, i never knew about it on PS3…searching the ps store now. ill check it out on Vita for sure :) i like games like this on the go.

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