Puddle Splashes On To PS Vita Next Week

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Puddle Splashes On To PS Vita Next Week

Hello, I’m Sébastien from Neko Entertainment. We came out with a game earlier this year called Puddle, and we’re bringing it to PS Vita next week!

Puddle on PS Vita

Puddle began as a project by six students of the video game school ENJMIN. It won a Student Showcase prize at the Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010, and was later picked up by Neko Entertainment. There, those same six students were able to turn it into a full-fledged game.

After we released the game on PS3, we worked hard to get a better handle on the game’s mechanics, so we’d be able to deliver a new version of Puddle on PS Vita. We paid particular attention to feedback from PS3 players when working on the PS Vita version — which will have many exclusive features!

Puddle on PS VitaPuddle on PS Vita

We made the game a bit easier (there’s an option to “whine and skip” a level if it’s proving too difficult), there are now tips on every loading screen, and menus have been changed to take advantage of the touch screen. You can change the control setup (tilt the console, use the left stick, use L and R buttons, or even use the rear touch pad). We wanted to make sure you have plenty of options when you play Puddle on your PS Vita!

While we’ve made lots of changes to the PS Vita version of Puddle, the main goal is still the same: get your puddle to the goal by any means necessary. We really hope you enjoy Puddle for PS Vita and manage to finish all the levels… oh, and pay attention to the background on the main menu — it may be more than just a background!

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