Malicious Awakens on PSN July 24th

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Malicious Awakens on PSN July 24th

Malicious, a new, original action game for PS3 from Japanese studio Alvion, is coming to PSN July 24th. That’s in less than two weeks!

Malicious on PSN

In Malicious, you’ll take control of a “Spirit Vessel” awakened by prophets to defeat Holders, evil giants bent on destroying The Kingdom. You’re armed with the Mantle of Cinders, a magical artifact that takes the form of weapons or a shield.

Rather than crawling through lengthy dungeons to find and defeat enemies, this game gives you the power to select whichever stage you want and jump directly into epic boss battles in whatever order you please. Upon defeating each boss, you’ll absorb its power to obtain new and unique abilities, so the choice is yours as to how you’ll progress. In the end, however, you have one goal — prepare to face the ultimate evil, Malicious!

Malicious on PSNMalicious on PSN

Malicious will be available for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network starting July 24. We’ll be announcing more information in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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  • I’m gonna wait and hope for the Vita version. I really want more software for it.

    Looks good though.

    it’s definitely been on my radar for a while now.

  • Is this gonna be apart of PLAY deal?

  • Thank you for bringing this to the US store! :)

  • lets hope this comes out for vita!!!!!!!! cuz we need it

  • @32: Dude, it’s already being developed for Vita in Japan. Google Malicious Rebirth.

    We just want them to bring over a game that’s being made already.

  • Another game coming but not for my Vita …
    I’m happy for my Ps3 but crying out for Vita :(

  • Im looking for the Vita version. Not getting for ps3.

  • Bad move. Quit it with the Japanese ports. We are two different cultures with different wants in our video games. I don’t know what they’re saying in most games. Yes, I quit watching cartoons when I was 10. Frankly, I have had enough fireball throwing and double kick-flip jumps, and whatever other crap they do.

  • for the love of god please have a demo on release for this -.-
    the one thing holding my back from rainbow moon, and order up is no demo.

  • As you can see, there are a lot of people out there who would buy this game up instantly upon its release, especially for the Vita… which clearly is badly in need of more of these great smaller budget Indie-type games. Just look at how popular games like Superstar Dust Delta and Mutant Blobs Attack are.

    So please, PLEASE do everything in your power to bring the Vita version of this game over to the US?!?!? It really would make a lot of people very, VERY happy! I’ve actually been watching gameplay videos of this game on Youtube for quite some time now fully expecting this title to never see the light of day here in the states… and every time I watch them, I’m tempted more and more to want to do anything to get my hands on this game.

  • ^^^continued^^^

    Based on what I’ve seen of this game, trust me when I say that this is the type of game that will sell very well over a long period of time on the PSN. I mean come on, $10!!! How could someone NOT want this game? I know I know it’s not at all a well known title (probably even in JP), but given a little time and patience, it has the potential to become one of those great ol’ cult-classics. Don’t believe me, simply go to Youtube and watch some gameplay vids of this game in action! You’ll quickly see what it is exactly that I’m talking about. ;^)

  • Are you Japanese Dais? Why did you delete my Japanese comment Dais? That wasn’t very nice. You know, it says not to be a jerk on this blog Dais.

  • Oh, nevermind; found it.

  • Finally!

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