Malicious Awakens on PSN July 24th

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Malicious Awakens on PSN July 24th

Malicious, a new, original action game for PS3 from Japanese studio Alvion, is coming to PSN July 24th. That’s in less than two weeks!

Malicious on PSN

In Malicious, you’ll take control of a “Spirit Vessel” awakened by prophets to defeat Holders, evil giants bent on destroying The Kingdom. You’re armed with the Mantle of Cinders, a magical artifact that takes the form of weapons or a shield.

Rather than crawling through lengthy dungeons to find and defeat enemies, this game gives you the power to select whichever stage you want and jump directly into epic boss battles in whatever order you please. Upon defeating each boss, you’ll absorb its power to obtain new and unique abilities, so the choice is yours as to how you’ll progress. In the end, however, you have one goal — prepare to face the ultimate evil, Malicious!

Malicious on PSNMalicious on PSN

Malicious will be available for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network starting July 24. We’ll be announcing more information in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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  • Awesome, always wanted to play this XD

    On other news: MGS4 is getting trophy support!!!!

  • Also, I know this game is getting a PSVITA version in japan, so can we expect the same here?? XD

  • Is this the Vita version or just the PS3 version?

  • Vita version? Please reply… I’m craving more vita games. Where is retro city rampage? Zen pinball 2 and jet set radio for vita?

  • The description of the game, being able to jump into any level you choose, sounds like the way the early MegaMan games were. You could choose any level to play, then you game the bosses powers after beating him. Looks/sounds fun.

    As stated above, it would be awesome to have this for my Vita!

  • Will Malicious Rebirth for Vita also be released in the west?

  • Barato, compra certa!

  • Finally! Since my Japanese is pretty poor, it was hard to tell what the story was. Very enjoyable game, although pretty short.

  • Wow, I was wondering why it was never brought over to the US. It’s only been what, nearly two years? There was a rumor that SCEA was waiting on the Vita version so they could do a cross-buy with the PS3 one, but I don’t think the Vita version is out anywhere yet.

    Better late than never, I guess.

  • Nice finally it was about time I have bean waiting for this game y was very sat when was announce for Europe and not America.

    BTW: the game is coming for ps3 and the vita too or joust the ps3 version ????

  • I’d also like to know if this is playable on Vita since I’ll be getting the white Vita bundle come October.

  • Please say this is the Vita version as well.

  • its coming for teh PSVita just wish it would be in physical format too :3

  • I’ve never heard of this game before, but it sounds really interesting. Those screenshots look pretty cool too. I’ll definitely be checking this game out when its released.

  • Please bring the Vita Version!

  • The name alone sounds cool, the concept even cooler. With the $10 price tag does that mean its not going to be lengthy or are you guys just making it really affordable? Basically how long is the game on average?

  • Will avatars for this be in the store the day this drops as well? i know euro’s have them.

  • Instead of asking for Vita versions of everything, we should be asking for NEW, ORIGINAL Vita games! Come on, Sony!

  • When can we expect to see a gameplay trailer or something. The game sounds interesting but the screens don’t sell me gameplay does.

  • OOo ive been waiting forever for this.. I almost made an EU account just to get it.. and its only 10 bucks? (i thought it was 15) I was thinking of getting expendables as part pf PSN play.. but screw that now… Malicious FTW!!

  • This game is looking interesting hopefully we will see a demo.

  • This looks like a game I can definitely get into and if it’s for my Vita that is a big added Plus.

  • Finally. I Can’t wait to play this game.

  • I would also like to know about Malicious Rebirth for Vita.

  • Telllllll me theres gonna be a demo. Looks like a really fun game tho

  • Freaking finally!

  • Since the Japanese vita version of Malicious isn’t even out yet, its safe to assume this is going to be the english PS3 version.

    DAIS, Still is this a direct english localized port or are there enhancements within this version?

  • YouFromTheFuture

    $10? SOLD.
    @3 hopefully it works for both; as part of Sony’s buy one get both…

  • @26: I think most people here realize that this is about the PS3 game.

    That’s why we’re asking about Rebirth.

  • YouFromTheFuture

    It would be so amazing if they gave this to PS+ members (since they technically still owe us a psn game for this month). Speaking of $10 games. If you haven’t already, GO buy Shadow of Colossus HD. I missed out on this game during the ps2 era… One of the best $10 I’ve ever spent. The game looks amazing! … to the point where I forget it’s a ps2 game.

  • VITA VERSION please!!!!!

    My vita is starving for some action this month!

    No new games in july for vita, please sony, make it happen!!

  • Everyone not every game is going to be for vita. i dont understand everyone flood the every forums with make it for vita. I own a vita. i dont want every single game that comes out to be for vita and ps3 .. Its 2 different formats. MOst of these where in production before vita was even announed or made. Please dnt just flood the fourms let the guy reply back about his game, IF flood with make for vita wont he is reply so much or at all , they have limited time onthe foums, let them reply about the game. Not every single blog thread make it for vita.

    Agn i have a ps vita myself but i dont want every single game for playstaion ps3 games on vita. Not every want to do that or have time, they games all ready contracted to make. plze understand that much.

    vp= psn legioniaree group

  • Well, McButtz, I’m going to have to side with the Vita whiners on this one since every one of them so far has been polite about it. As is your comment. We do need & certainly want more new Vita content & as one blogger yesterday? Said, if it sells well on the PS3, that would boost the chances of getting a Vita version. But of course you’re correct, games that were already in production may not have a vita version for another year or maybe never.

  • Love how you call it “new.” New for NA, maybe, but it’s an older game since it’s been out on JPSN for however long now.

  • @31 This is a public forum. If people are crying out for Vita versions of everything, maybe that means people want to support Vita software but aren’t being given the opportunity. It’s important that we keep doing it, so Sony knows we’re still out here, waiting, feeling under-served.

    And yes, I want every game on Vita. I like the system that much.

    Anyway. I’m grateful this game is finally coming to North America; I’ve been looking forward to it since 2010. It looks gorgeous and fun. And would look great on an OLED screen. ;)

  • @31 well there is an unreleased Vita version in Japan.

  • Please bring the Vita version too I’d love to have this game portable!!

  • @35, pipking- I also love the Vita & the more content the merrier. I think the interest/investment for devs to produce content for the Vita is cautious at this point. This should slowly change for the better by the holiday season. I find myself using the PS3 less because there isn’t that much free time when I get home. Unless we can start warping to our destinations, I KNOW my commute takes up XXX amount of time. Ether I read on my Nook or game on the Vita.

    Let’s hope Malicious does well enough to consider a Vita port!

  • It’s a great game. We did a video review of it last year over at GigaBoots.

  • Thank you so much for this. 2 years ago i was very sad that this beautiful game never made it to the US. but now that it is I am very happy. This is why i chose the PlayStation 3 its the only console that has all the unique, artistic. innovative and fun games in the whole market.

  • @33 yes i agree 100% vita need more content. but the point i was trying to refer was not people are whining or complaing , WHat i saying was let the dev comeout and speak about the game.listen toi his// her replies. ask question about the game.. not make it for vita..

    Im excited about vita too its a case not flood the forums with make it vita every dev post, They may not have that kinda contract to do that. If it was in in vita in japan , they may not have not had a choice in the route for usa, couldve been that way or not at all(ps3).. Im not saying dont support vita with voice on the frums I own a vita. i do it too,

    . They wont replie to flood of vita demand post ..He can only replie to about the game on hand/ That all im saying. And your 100% correct i aggree

  • @32 i understand its a public forum : , I was not saying dont support vita with your voice onthe forums.. i was kindly asking dont flood it with make it vita. becuase the op cannt discuss a vita version he/she is not making for the usa region.. Yes 100% It ok to ask for vita version..

    But at what point does it get to where we never ask about how the game. Why buy a game most no nothing about, we need be more assertive, aggressive in asking about the game before we jsutr flood make it for vita . yes it good game i suppose and all but if vita is greastest gem. let see if these games are worthy of vita game before we say flood let make it for vita.. that all im saying;)

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • Well in this case mcbuttz the game was announced for vita in japan. I just want to make sure it’s being localized here too just like the ps3 version.

  • I’ve had this game for awhile now from JP PSN, will my trophies overlap it? Or will it be considered another set of trophies? Also, the will my save data transfer? (Like Elemental Monster Online Card Game)

  • Also, will it come with avatars like the JP version?

  • hopefully we get the ps+ discount like EU did

  • @43, hrm that’s a good question about the trophies. I think you’ll receive another set as this title is region specific.

    Not sure about the saves though. They could be protected- meaning you cannot copy/transfer them to another acct.

  • Has this NA version been updated to compensate for the game-breaking issues prevalent in the JP version?

    More specifically, frame-rate dips that disrupt the flow of combat (timing is everything in this type of game), camera glitching through both terrain and people, certain bosses barricading players into a wall and refusing to move before time expires, and rubble/subtle change in elevation abruptly stopping your character’s movement (with only 3 lives in Malicious this can bring about terrible consequence through no fault of the player).

    Without these issues this game would be so fun and remarkable. Please tell me Alvion has worked on them throughout the course of porting Malicious. I’d hate to have to walk away from this hidden gem because of a few overlooked blemishes that could have been remedied.

  • Thanks Dais! I can’t wait to play this game! Looks very cool!

  • looks very interesting and for only 10bucks that’s a good buy, any plus discounts on the horizon for this though?

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