Strategy RPG Rainbow Moon Coming to PSN Today

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Strategy RPG Rainbow Moon Coming to PSN Today

For a small developer like SideQuest Studios, it’s really a special event when one of our games finally hits the store following almost two years of development. We have already received amazing feedback from players in Europe, where Rainbow Moon was released a few days earlier, and we are very excited to finally bring the game to the North American PlayStation Store.

As a goodie and to further spark your interest, I have brand new stuff to show you today, including a new launch trailer and another episode of our development diary video series. I will also tell you more about Rainbow Moon‘s main characters.

In total there are six main characters you will come across during your journey. You start your adventure with Baldren, a classic “tank and spank” fighter and the main hero of our story. Not far into the game you will meet Trisha, who has excellent bow skills and perfectly completes your party with her ranged attacks. Trisha can also slow down enemies and has a high speed attribute.

Deeper into the story, you will unlock four more characters. Dozeru, a heavy armored knight, loves to cleave all kinds of slimy beasts in two. What Gorodo lacks in armor, he compensates with massive melee damage and the best growth of hit points in the game. Serena appears a bit weak at first sight, but she is an excellent magician and can learn a number of really powerful skills that annihilate whole groups of enemies at once. Finally, Zelorus is a master of inflicting terrible conditions on his enemies, reducing their attributes and weakening their defenses.

Each character is specialized in his own weapon class, can be equipped with different gear, and learn unique battle skills. Once you have acquired a new character, you can then freely select your party leader and battle formation. Up to three characters will form a battle group and engage together in fearless battles. Choose from more than 20 different deployment grids you can acquire during your journey. The right battle setup and deployment formation can make a huge impact once it comes to fierce battles. Who will be in your battle party? It’s completely up to you to choose…

I hope you have enjoyed what we’ve shown you. Make sure to watch out for Rainbow Moon on the PlayStation Store later this afternoon. Rainbow Moon is our biggest game to date and available at just $14.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy a 20% discount, valid until July 24th.

Last but not least, don’t forget to grab the Rainbow Moon Beginner’s Kit add-on, which is also available today free of charge. We’d love to hear your feedback. Join us on Facebook, visit Rainbow Moon’s official website and drop your questions and comments into the comment box below.

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  • I’m also running into the “This content cannot be accessed on your account” message – is there an ETA when this will be resolved?

  • FINALLY..downloading now!

  • I’ll definitely pick this up as support I want a Vita version.

    just a friendly suggestion, but you should open up a poll on your website to gauge how many people would want a Vita version.

  • Thanks for your replies to all the fans, Marcus.

    I was actually defending your DLC model, saying I prefer it to some other games that charge for exclusive content. Your model of offering what can normally be gained by playing the game normally is a good shortcut for people who don’t like to grind or who want to have an easier time, plus hardcore/completists like me don’t feel left out.


    Picked up a $20 PSN card right after work and started downloading this game. Going to The Amazing Spider-man movie, then playing this as soon as I get home :)

  • Thanks for the fix guys. I’m almost done with work and look forward to playing this when I get home! Woo

  • no demo, no buy, and there is no demo.

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi USRevenge2,

      there will be a “try & buy” version available, but there is no confirmed release date at the moment. Expect that within the upcoming weeks/months. Hope that helps.

  • Loving this so far! Game looks really good and like many here, would love to see a Vita port. Would drop some extra cash to pick up a Vita version as well!

  • Any chance of adding Move support? I think with this strategy game it would be cool to have a cursor with the Move to decide where I am going and what move to make and direction to make it in the battle system.

    Also, I too am really wanting a Vita version. Guarantee buy over and over again just to get one :) Y’all seem to really listen to your community as well, and I must applaud y’all for it. You guys should really get with Sony to expand this game :)

  • This looks like an awesome game, and a great addition to the otherwise slim selection of new releases this time of year! Of the RPG genre, the strategy variety is really all I go for, so I’m glad to see this and the praise it has received. A friend of mine in the UK is very impressed. What went into starting a new strategy RPG like this first – the combat system or the story?

    I will say one thing of what I’m sure you all are sick of hearing by now: when you do receive enough in profit from the PS3 game (best way to show support in this, people) to warrant a Vita version of Rainbow Moon, please don’t just port the existing game over. Allow for cross-game saving. It can and should be identical otherwise, but I’d really like to carry this over from home when on the road.

    Also, I like what you’ve done with the DLC! Get it if you want, but otherwise doesn’t affect the game.

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi FORMIK,

      thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to briefly anwer your questions:

      * Our intention was to make a game with a strong focus on gameplay. That being said, combat, character development and exploration have been some of the most important aspects.

      * If we’ll making a Vita port, we take cross play into consideration for sure.

      * Thanks too for your feedback regearding the DLC. Well, you’re probably the first one who ever said something positive about those DLCs, haha. But although a lot of people complained about this, it’s received very well and we saw a lot of player using DLC.

  • will be getting this next week..
    sent this msg from vita..

  • my problem with the trial coming soon is the game will no longer be on sale, so its risk buying it for $12 which could be a waste of money for me, or could be amazing

    or i can wait for the demo, and if i really love the game I will be buying it for $15, so its a loss of $3 that I could have to spend on other stuff ( maybe DLC on rainbow moon o.0)

    so its sorta a catch 22, risk $12, or risk waiting for the demo, which could turn out to be a game i want right away, the lost sale price being what would have been savings.

    I know I am making a big deal out of $15. but saving $3 adds up over time, i haven’t bought a retail game full price in over a year, and it would be nice to do the same for arcade titles.

    one of the reasons I got PSN+ was the free games and the sales. I might end up getting the game on sale but I am not sure yet.

  • So I bit the bullet an decided to buy a $20 point card and then rainbow moon.
    a few things

    I am deeply saddened by the fact that, when downloading, you download the demo then the unlock ( this means the demo is on the market place it just needs to be OKed and it’s available to all.)

    I played for about an hour and I am relieved that it isn’t so bad so far. the combat ( though turn based) has strange controlls and I find myself moving the wrong way and attacking when I want to move a few times.

    there also seems to be no auto save what so ever, but I cannot confirm it.

    So far the game is pretty good. It seems some of the side quest will be uber grinding though ( first side quest I got was to kill some imps for 3 wins, I killed over 50 Imps I bet and finally got the 3rd wing)

    Hopefully drop rates aren’t so low, but either way I had fun for the hour or so I played tonight. Still disappointed with the lack of a demo. I won’t tell any of my friends to get it because of it, but I can at least say that I enjoyed the game so far.

  • oh my god PLEASE make a vita port! this game looks so amazing!

  • I’ve been very interesting in playing this game. Hopefully, I’ll be able to download and play it sooner than later.

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