Strategy RPG Rainbow Moon Coming to PSN Today

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Strategy RPG Rainbow Moon Coming to PSN Today

For a small developer like SideQuest Studios, it’s really a special event when one of our games finally hits the store following almost two years of development. We have already received amazing feedback from players in Europe, where Rainbow Moon was released a few days earlier, and we are very excited to finally bring the game to the North American PlayStation Store.

As a goodie and to further spark your interest, I have brand new stuff to show you today, including a new launch trailer and another episode of our development diary video series. I will also tell you more about Rainbow Moon‘s main characters.

In total there are six main characters you will come across during your journey. You start your adventure with Baldren, a classic “tank and spank” fighter and the main hero of our story. Not far into the game you will meet Trisha, who has excellent bow skills and perfectly completes your party with her ranged attacks. Trisha can also slow down enemies and has a high speed attribute.

Deeper into the story, you will unlock four more characters. Dozeru, a heavy armored knight, loves to cleave all kinds of slimy beasts in two. What Gorodo lacks in armor, he compensates with massive melee damage and the best growth of hit points in the game. Serena appears a bit weak at first sight, but she is an excellent magician and can learn a number of really powerful skills that annihilate whole groups of enemies at once. Finally, Zelorus is a master of inflicting terrible conditions on his enemies, reducing their attributes and weakening their defenses.

Each character is specialized in his own weapon class, can be equipped with different gear, and learn unique battle skills. Once you have acquired a new character, you can then freely select your party leader and battle formation. Up to three characters will form a battle group and engage together in fearless battles. Choose from more than 20 different deployment grids you can acquire during your journey. The right battle setup and deployment formation can make a huge impact once it comes to fierce battles. Who will be in your battle party? It’s completely up to you to choose…

I hope you have enjoyed what we’ve shown you. Make sure to watch out for Rainbow Moon on the PlayStation Store later this afternoon. Rainbow Moon is our biggest game to date and available at just $14.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy a 20% discount, valid until July 24th.

Last but not least, don’t forget to grab the Rainbow Moon Beginner’s Kit add-on, which is also available today free of charge. We’d love to hear your feedback. Join us on Facebook, visit Rainbow Moon’s official website and drop your questions and comments into the comment box below.

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  • I pre-Ordered ncaa football 13 from the psn store i still do not see it for download.

  • is it psvita compatible?

  • I’m Really not sure if it is

  • Psvita compatible? Spanish language?

  • Stuff that you digitally pre-order isn’t available until they update the store on Tuesday’s.

  • It’s not Vita compatable, but it is highly addictive! :-D

  • I can’t wait to crack into this…would love to have it on the go as well with a cloud save or something like that. But I am super excited for the PS3 version to come out!

  • Can’t wait to download this. Im going the “whimp” mode with normal but ill go adventurous play style. Marcus, please pass it along that we want a Vita version. I’ll gladly double dip for a Vita version, and if and when the vita version comes out, ill go Hard…..wait, that didnt come out right.

    • Marcus Pukropski

      :) Of course we listen to our cummunity and we’re glad for all the input of you guys. I’m really sorry for not having an update for you regarding this topic.

  • Will this game see a Vita port? It looks great, but I really want to see more games for my Vita.

  • Can’t wait until the store updates so I can buy it right away! I hope it sells well Marcus so you and the team can get it over onto Vita as well.

    Who knows, if you go 2/2 with both versions we might get Rainbow Moon 2? =P

    Thanks again! =)

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Haha, that’s a bit early for such speculations. But we will see:)
      At this point, we already would like to thank all our fans for the amazing feedback so far.

  • I too would pay again for a Vita version! This game has consumed my life since i bought it last Friday (I’m in England)


    Looks really cool. As an old-school SNES JRPG player from back in the day I’m really looking forward to this! I’m picking up a PSN card right after work!

    For all those wanting a Vita port, I think by the sounds of what the dev team has said, it’s a strong possibility.

    However porting the game to the Vita isn’t free, so in order to do that WE need to buy lots of copies for our PS3s first.

    But yeah a cross-play RPG with game saves in the cloud where I can continue right where I left off on my Vita when I’m travelling, then switch back to my TV when I get home would be too sweet!

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Well, it might sound a little bit harsh, but buying PS3 copies will indeed increase the chance for a port:)

  • I want to like this, but I can’t stand the art I’m seeing. The 3d models and the bouncing. I just don’t know. Hopefully the gameplay makes up for it.

  • whens the store update? cant wait to buy this game!

  • Finally something that i can give my full attention to for the summer dry spell. Looks great,thank you so much sidequest!

  • Game looks great..but what about add on content, whats the deal?

  • If it comes out on Vita I’ll pick it up – I love strategy RPG’s, but never have the time to play on a home console.

    Looks good though :)

  • This is sort of off-topic but I just wanted you guys to know that in the notification bar on the top right of the screen where you guys post weekly updates, you misspelled “Impostors” and instead wrote “Imposters” with an E. Nothing big, I’m just nit-picking.

    Anyhow, I really appreciate all the hard work you guys must put in to getting us all the great games that you do; it’s definitely a case of quality AND quantity. Been a subscriber since day one and I’ve seen the tremendous progress. Try not to let all the whiny kids annoy you too much when you give them dozens and dozens of free games and they still find ways to complain. Keep up the great work, and maybe find me a job–haha!

  • Just waiting on the store to update, been really interested in this on for quite awhile.

  • The game looks amazing, i need to send ign a thanks for bringing my attention to this game. It really would have sucked if I had missed out on it. And just for more vita support, you can throw me into the group that would buy a vita version as well as a ps3 version.


  • there is no excuse for none of these new games to be ported over to the vita…’s just plane old dumb and lazy….you have the best handheld to date and the devs are lagging with a straight port of these games to vita…man come on………i love my vita to death and it’s just upsetting me that all these new games are not being ported over…….counter strike expendibles2 popo & yo.rainbow moon…..i just don’t understand vita should have just about all the new games that’s comin out now…..these games are too good not to be on the vita……get to work and support the Vita

  • Hello marcus… I agree with the others, this is the perfect game for my vita. I don’t have time to play it on my ps3 so i really hope you guys make it happen.

  • Can anyone tell me how this compares to Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement or eanne d’Arc on PSP? Those are the only two strategy RPGs i’ve played and really enjoyed.

    • Hi Faenix1,

      a lot of our fans have already compared Rainbow Moon with the titles you mentioned. There are for sure similarities, like the art style or turn based battles, however Rainbow Moon has its own gameplay. It’n not a clone.

      If you’re unsure feel free to check some rating sites (we’re really happy the game already got scores up to 90%) or check back our facebook or forum site to read the feedback from our european friends who already played the game:

  • When are we going to see the Vita update to play PS1 games *sigh*

  • Rainbow Moon sounds like an amazing RPG! I’ll be sure to enjoy it once I buy it! You know, with amazing games you’ve made for PS3 so far, such as Soldner X-1 and Soldner X-2, SideQuest ought to be a great part of the Sony family someday! Can’t wait to play the game and the upcoming DLC! If a PS Vita version is in the works, I don’t mind. Oh, and speaking of Soldner X, I would really like to see Soldner X-3! I beat Soldner X-2, and I’ll be really looking forward to Soldner X-3, if SideQuest is developing it, that is!

  • I’m excited about this game but I’m going to wait till it comes to vita. That is if Sony starts supporting it.

  • I love the idea of the optional DLC to enhance the game for some but not making it required to get any further or it being an expansion, great job and concept I can’t wait to get this later.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Although some players posted that they are not happy the way we did it, the DLC is very well received by the majority of players:)

  • I’m gonna get it so I hope it’s great and not a Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

  • I hate this logic “buy the Ps3 version so there’s better chance for a Vita port.

    So basically buy the game now so you can buy it later where you want.

    I don’t care if the developpers get the message I want them to get by not buying the PS3 version, I’m not kickstarting a Vita version, I will buy it when it’s out for the Vita if it’s out for it. If they don’t make a Vita version and don’t want my money then fine, I have WAY too much games to play now as it is anyway.

  • Trying to download it on the store and getting a message saying “this content cannot be accessed on your account” What gives?

  • Everyone it’s available now go to psn store use the search and buy the game I just did

  • Vita ’nuff said.

  • Ok I just bought the game say if there’s a vita version would I get it for free or have to re buy bc of no vita version at launch

  • Not sure if this would be read or answered. I would love to play this on my vita solely. I also would be willing to purchase this now if I was able to get the vita ver for free to help support it commingled to the vita.

    • Hi nikrel,

      thanks a lot for your offer, but a vita version for free is very unlikely. We’ll keep you updated in our official game forum.

  • @32 How exactly did you do that, it just keeps telling me “This content cannot be accessed on your account.”

  • Thanks cecil322!!!!!!!

  • Search rainbow moon, then download everything!!!! Just searched for and bought the gravity rush maid pack dlc too!!!

  • I’ll be picking this up as soon as it’s life (earlier rather than later please). I love RPGs and there are not enough of them on PSN. As far as Vita compatibility, it would be nice but not completely necessary in my opinion. I’ll have fun playing it one way or the other. If you guys do make it Vita compatible at some point, however, is there any way you could make sure the saved progress from the PS3 transfers over as well, and vice versa? I would hate to take it on the road only to find that I have to start a new game. At the same time, I would also hate to take it on the road, continue my game, and not be able to pick up where I left off when I got home on the PS3. Thanks a lot!

  • I have a quick question: I heard that the animations can be turned off. I might get this game, but from watching the videos, the animations like the skill animations during combat seem too flashy/bright. My question is, is there an option to turn the animations off and if there is, what animations can be turned off? Can you turn off all the combat flashiness or only some? Thanks in advance :)

  • SOLD!! and my summer begins! :)

  • Still getting “This content cannot be accessed on your account.”

    Called Sony, nothing is wrong with my PSN account…what gives?

  • How long does the PlayStation Plus discount last?!!

  • So when I select the game on PSN to buy it, it tells me “This content cannot be selected on your account”. What does that mean? Have I been compromised or is this something on their end that needs to be fixed.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • @44 Yep STILL having the same issue…did you try looking at Quantum Conundrum as well? Gives me the same message on both…just waiting to give you people my money and nothing is happening….

  • Haven’t tried any other games. Don’t have time I gotta head out to work soon. I just wanted to download Rainbow Moon and have it ready when I get back, but I keep getting the “You cannot access this content on your account” message.

    I really hope this gets fixed when I get back from work because I really wanna play this game and don’t want to have to wait longer than I already have.

    Help us out Marcus/Sony, what’s the problem :(?

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi guys,

      I’m really sorry to hear about the problems. Unfortunately that’s up to the sony PSN store guys. The only thing we can do is just to inform the PSN store admins and that’s what we have done.

      I’m confident they will fix this up soon.

      Thanks a lot for your understanding and once again sorry for the inconvenience this may hace caused.

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Just want to let you guys know that the download problems should have been fixed and everything is up and running.

  • Please Vita fans stop being so obnoxious. The PS3 need games like this too and yet i see comments of people saying that RPGs are more suited for the Vita. since I like to play on the Big screen should i ask for a PS3 port of every Vita RPG? Ys should look so great on PS3 in HD..

  • Was interested until I saw the ridiculous amounts of DLC you are attempting to hawk to players.
    If you want to push a F2P economic model on gamers, make the game free!!

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi AsiaQatar,

      thanks for your feedback. The DLC is not needed to play the game. To be honest, the whole game is balanced without any DLC. This is just an addition for people who wants the game a liitle bit faster or easier.

      If you don’t like it, just don’t buy any. It’s not required.

      Hope you give the game a chance though.

  • @LordKaiser00 – people aren’t saying the game should ONLY be on Vita, or not on PS3. They’re saying it should ALSO be on Vita.

    As for me, I’ll get the Vita version for sure. I can’t really get both, though.

    Since people are making a hooplah about it, I don’t mind the DLC. I’d rather it be completely optional DLC like that rather than keeping exclusive content out of the game and forcing completists to pay for it.

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi KongWen,

      in fact you don’t need any DLC for a 100% completion. It’s true that there are some unique items but in the end game content you can find very similar items to the DLC ones. The only reason for making the items unique is because it’s a requirement from Sony.

      Personllay I’m not a fan of DLC too, but please let everyone have his own choices. A lot of people complained about DLC but it is actually received very well in the game.

  • Downloaded fine been playing for 2 hours straight love this game

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