The Drop: Week of July 9th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 9th 2012 New Releases

Update: In this post, we incorrectly reported that Mickey Mania would be coming to PlayStation Store. There are no plans to release the game on the North American PlayStation Store as the game only supports PAL video output, which is incompatible with North American television sets.

With NCAA Football 13 for PS3 and as a full digital download on PSN this week, experience the pride and pageantry of gameday Saturday like never before. Go from high school superstar, to top college player, to head coach in Road to Glory and Dynasty modes. With a new passing system, new team-specific traditions, and the Heisman Challenge, make an impact by leading your team to the National Championship.

PSN exclusive Rainbow Moon is a Strategy RPG from the makers of the hit Soldner-X franchise. Cursed by his long-time enemy, Baldren founds himself warped to Rainbow Moon. Baldren isn’t only stranded in an unknown place – he has also opened a dimensional gate, out of which troops of monsters are crawling, turning this once peaceful planet into a real hell.

Also on PSN, Quantum Conundrum arrives and Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse is a PSone classic, both ready for download on this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

NCAA Football 13 (Also on PSN) — With a new passing system that changes the way quarterbacks and receivers play and respond, combined with a new read and react defensive AI system, NCAA Football 13 delivers greater realism on the virtual gridiron.

PlayStation Network

Rainbow Moon — The residents of Rainbow Moon who have found themselves in this sudden and unpleasant situation react suspiciously and even nastily, which certainly doesn’t make things any easier for our brave hero. There’s only one thing for Baldren to do: he has to seal the gate and warp himself back to his home planet. This is easier said than done, since the gate can only be sealed by a dimensional gate staff and no such object is available anywhere on Rainbow Moon. However Baldren knows that he can create one if he finds the right materials. He needs seven magical artifacts, said to be hidden deep inside Rainbow Moon’s dungeons.

Quantum Conundrum — In the first-person puzzle platformer Quantum Conundrum , players must use the unusual ability to shift dimensions to navigate the twisting corridors of Quadwrangle Manor. Players take on the role of a young kid dropped off on his uncle’s doorstep for the weekend; his uncle just so happens to be the brilliant, eccentric inventor, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Upon entering the Professor’s vast manor home retrofitted with crazy technology to test his latest hypotheses, players quickly realize their uncle has gone missing. Fortunately, players soon gain access to Professor Quadwrangle’s latest invention, the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device, which, at the press of a button, will shift the world around them to an entirely new dimension. In order to find him, players must use the newly found IDS Device to dynamically change the world to and from a variety of different dimensions to progress through the complicated Quadwrangle Manor.

Game of Thrones — Created in partnership with author George R. R. Martin, this role-playing adventure is inspired by the author’s award-winning, international bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (better known under its first book’s title, A Game of Thrones.)

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition — Frogger’s coin-op thrills are back and better than ever in Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition! The arcade excitement of Frogger returns in time for its 30th anniversary celebrations with updates that are sure to delight fans old and new.

Get Up and Dance — Get Up And Dance is the ultimate dancing game for everyone to play, whether you are the star performer or prefer to stay out of the limelight as a backing dancer, Get Up And Dance is for you. Featuring everything from classic funky disco tracks to current chart hits, all complete with their official videos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

PS3 Demos

  • Quantum Conundrum


  • Arcade Pool

PSone Classic

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse — Relive some of the greatest moments in Mickey Mouse’s acting career with Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse. Help Mickey fight a variety of enemies in six of his classic cartoons including “Steamboat Willey,” “The Mad Doctor,” “Moose Hunter,” “Lonesome Ghosts,” “Mickey and the Beanstalk,” and “The Prince and the Pauper.” Disney animators created thousands of frames of animation to bring the look and feel of the animated features to PlayStation. Experience Mickey in a more interactive form with Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse. This CD version features an incredible CD-quality soundtrack that matches the action and mood of each animated feature. The voice of Mickey Mouse also provides colorful commentary throughout the game.

PlayStation 2 Classic

Hannspree Ten Kate Honda SBK — An authentic motorbike racing experience, SBK Superbike World Championship features official tracks and all 14 teams and 22 riders of the SBK circuit. Experience the thrill and danger of high speed motorbike racing along side 21 opponents. Players have control over the level of simulation, starting off with multiple riding aids, then as you grow comfortable, you can crank up the reality and excitement! Race amazing bikes at high speed in variable weather conditions.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Pathetic! Another drop goes by with nothing worth picking up! Where do they come up with these titles to release? Do they just draw names out of a hat? or do they put out all the bad games first, then get the good games out? I mean Rainbow Moon doesn’t look too bad, but the rest of em look pathetic. Hopefully next week has a better drop than this. This is really getting sad!

  • so any chance of suikoden 2 making the classics list sometime soon?

  • Yep, definitely getting Rainbow Moon. Really hoping that the Dust 514 beta opens up to PS Plus members before long.

  • Wow lol, they have one of everything this week! Hopefully we’ll have some nice discounts to continue the summer sale tomorrow!

  • I wish I was able to see my store options and join in on the fun. My PS3 is not allowing me view store options…..what’s up with that. Obviously I have a connection……..HELP ME, PLZ

  • What the hell are you talking about?

  • Where is Chronovault, Mad Blocker, Urban trials, where are these small PSN Vita games that were supposed to be released this Summer? Wtf Sony Content, content, content is all I ask for. Guess my money will be spent on XBOX LIVE Summer of Arcade since My Vita is going through a games drought. This is Sull Bhit

  • I dont care about YouTube or PS1 games, I want Vita games. Why in the world did I pay over 350.00 for the ability to play games released on consoles that had their run. I hate to come off as mean or rude. I would just love to get a little bit more out of this console than what I am getting currently. Games announced for June go missing, months without any content other than dlc for a free game is ridiculous. I currently do not own a PS3 so the only Sony product I own is a Vita. If I had to answer a question from a potential buyer that asks me if it is worth it to pick up a Vita. I would say no and direct them to another competitor. The line is thin when it comes to whining and expressing customer complaints with the Vita. When you visit many stores, there are slips of paper that want your feedback about shopping with them so that Customers needs can be addressed. I feel that no one who is handling the Vita really cares about customer satisfaction and the only answer to the many woes are “The Vita has only been out for a few months” but has been in development for almost what; two years. Give some of that PS3 attention to your PSVITA.

  • Any idea at what time of day Ncaa 13 is going to be available for download i hope its early in the morning.

  • Maybe we can get TouristTrophy for PS2 classics?? I would love to play that.


    Omg still no MAX PAYNE 2 FALL OF MAX PAYNE. how are you gonna release MAX PAYNE 1, 2 weeks before 3 and never release 2. I want that sooooooo bad to complete the trilogy. Come on sony work with me. Also we need mortal kombat 4, mortal kombat mythologies sub zero, and mortal kombat shaolin monks please sony please


    oh also just like the other thousands of people who bought a vita………… dudes we need more content for it, more games. put ps vita n ps3 trophies together… something

  • I just want to inform you guys at the blog team all of ya that read these blogs and block people from commenting cause they are expressing their god given right to constructive criticism and yet we have no voice on here cause what you are doing is blocking people like me from commenting. You have done it so many times on all my psn accounts. I have to keep making new accounts just to comment and this crap is getting ridiculous how you guys mute your paying consumers that are expressing their anger at your company for the lies and deceit you do to us on a regular basis. I have neen saying vita wouldn’t be supported since march and I get attacked by sony drones in this blog calling me a 360 fanboy hahaha very funny. Its like they are your cheerleaders through all the corruption and tricks as well and blind as a bat and must love getting ripped off by your blog team like I was ripped off not long ago on the Infamous 2 crap after E3 that I bought a week before for nothing only for it to be free after E3. We vent on here good or bad making points about things and we get blocked and muted.. well I get blocked. Its getting pathetic!

  • So I’m recording that these post are going through on video camera right now and I bet money your moderators will delete these comments of mine and then block me from commenting for the sky is the limit time. I’ll just make another account and be right back on here if you guys pull that immature crap. I wouldn’t be so moody if you would start listening to us about things that need fixed and treated us with more respect cause you all at the blog team and Sony in general wouldn’t have jobs if it weren’t for people like me that spend a lot on Sony stuff and games and consoles. You promised so much before the vita came out and I bought into the hype and got screwed and then took back my vita already. All the fanboy’s saying E3 would be nothing but vita just wait… oh wait, wait wait and again we here from them its coming just wait. Its been out for over 6 months counting japan and no ps1 support even still and no set date when its coming. All we ever hear is coming soon replys from you. A year down the raod is not soon. Where did you guys get soon is years and months and months I mean 6 months. Its ridiculous man.

  • @Ray Please any update on Burn Zombie Burn DLC “Zombie Sushi” Has been on hold for the past TWO years.
    Is the DLC cancelled ?

  • Off the rant above, Can you guys please get Nascar 2011 and Dirt 2 on the psn store. It has been forever since those games have been out and yet they aren’t on psn. I hate disc versions of games I buy digital only and I’m getting a little sick and tired of waiting years for games that came out since the stone ages to release on psn. I mean I’m pulling my hair out here. Let the developers know I will buy those games on psn but you have to do a little thing called PUT THEM ON THE STORE!

  • Oh and for the love of god almighty, please will you put out a update to fix the store download list. I have over 1,000 items bought on my main psn account and it takes a long time searching through it all to find one item I’m looking for. No search function within our psn download list I mean it needs a sort function as well. A function to sort games into games in order and avatars, themes and demo’s. We need all of that sorted out in our download list cause right now its like looking for a needle in a hay stack. PS3 came out in 2006 and here we are in 2012.. 6 years later and you still haven’t fixed it? Come on already good god. Whats the hold up?

  • @ loveordie04 Man I hear you loud and clear. See I’m not the only person that see’s the vita bullcrap that is happening. I feel like that drunk guy on Independence Day the movie that was always telling people the aliens took him up and probed him lol and everyone made fun of him and harassed him and called his a liar and so forth and its like how I’ve been treated in these blogs for months when I vent rants on the lies and non support on vita. All I heard was that I was a 360 fanboy and I don’t what I’m talking about and just trolling and that the games are coming very soon and the wonderful filled up to our eyeballs in apps are coming to and yet I see the ground still. How many months has it been out? Over 6 months counting Japan. Half a year already and all they release is ps3 ports in ps2 graphics. Where is the vita only exclusive big titles, full psp support and ps1 support and cross play with ps3 away from the couch or house? I mean psp is still more useful than that dang thing that’s more than a ps3 in cost. Heck it took them months to release ayoutube app which isn’t complete either. A ipod youtube app has had a upload video function day one and not on vita still. Can’t link ps vita trophies on ps3 still.

  • PSN needs some REAL GAMES like Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, The NBA & NFL street series (at least the 2nd ones), Ape Escape ORIGINAL, Tekken 3, The ORIGINAL DBZ series (budakai etc) you know? Games i spent HOURS trying to beat or beating friends. I’d be great if you play those online too
    I always want a 8 man match up without 2 Multitaps in CrashTeamRacing. Sadly i’m still undefeated lol

  • I pre-Ordered ncaa football 13 from the psn store i still do not see it for download.

  • i guess we can play Gravity rush and MGSHD until august and PSP games

  • Wow… things are kinda bone dry for the PlayStation Vita. Do we at least have any upped backwards compatibility with PSP games to look forward to? You have no idea how satisfied with life I’d be if we could finally just play Phantasy Star Portable 2 on Vita. At least let the people who have already paid for it play it on Vita!

    Oh, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please drop prices on the following PSP games:
    • Jeanne D’Arc
    • Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny
    • Tekken 6

  • I pre-ordered NCAA 13 and still don’t have the download!!!! This is BS

  • Any idea when Vita owners will get a chance to download Gungnir from Atlus? We’ve been waiting a few weeks now :)

  • @124 Vita owners dont get no stinking chances ok. Enjoy the Paystation Vita’s many other PSP games because until October comes…’re out of luck pal. just kidding bro I am in the same boat as you with this PSP 2 we call the Vita. Not enough content for individual gamers and PSP getting new releases while we wait months to play them on our PSP 2. Be patient you can enjoy SoundShapes in 27 days from now.

  • Sure wish PSN would give a few free games again. I was happy as **** to hear the free games in June of last year sadly hope no more hacking occurs. But I hope they give a few free games away soon.

  • WaveLightning777

    First the Chrono Trigger/FF6 fiasco, and now Mickey Mania’s not even coming. How DEPRESSING. T_T

  • Welp, so much for the PSone version of Mickey Mania reaching stateside.

    Also, any news on any Vita content? …What do you mean “What’s a ‘Vita’?”?!

  • Ah Well.. as far as Mickey Mania is concerned. I guess the game is so CPU intensive between frames that 60 frames a second doesn’t leave enough time for the game to do it’s magic. I wonder how all the C-64 hackers did the PAL to NTSC conversions? (I know how, it’s a rhetorical question).

  • BTW the PSP for USA and Europe are essentially the same, why wouldn’t Mickey Mania work on one and not the other? the PSP just emulates the PsOne hardware right? Doesn’t the PS3 do the same? I’m convinced that it’s something other than PAL/NTSC compatibility. Probably legal stuff. Just my opinion.

  • Mickey Mania is still listed on the website for the North American PSN as downloadable for both the PSP and the PS3. And wouldn’t the whole PAL issue be moot anyway for anyone who has an HDTV, provided that it would actually be an issue on the PS3?

  • Can someone please tell me why NCAA13 isn’t available in Europe!!!

  • PS2 Classic needs more co-op. Local/online. It would be amazing if you guys would figure something out with Snowblind and put up:

    Champions of Norrath

    Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms

    Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance

    Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance II

    I think this would benefit not just fans, but introduce the series to fans of fantasy/ hack&slash as well.


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