A Message from Sony Santa Monica Studio’s Newest Employee

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A Message from Sony Santa Monica Studio’s Newest Employee

Hello PlayStation, I’m Seth Killian. A few of you may know me as a familiar face in the world of fighting games, but I’m writing today to say that I’ve joined Sony as the lead game designer for the external group at the Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.


I was excited to join Santa Monica Studio in particular because of the chance to work with some great individuals, but also because of the incredible range of projects they take on. If you head out of my office and turn right, you’ll run into the “God of War: Ascension” team. If you turn left, you’ll find the Giant Sparrow crew working on “The Unfinished Swan.” There are other amazing studios in the world, but nowhere else that I know where you can find that kind of diversity combined with such a deep commitment to greatness–which also happens to sum up what’s so exciting to me about Sony overall.

The external group works with Sony’s outside studios — teams like Queasy Games (Sound Shapes), Fun Bits Interactive (Escape Plan), thatgamecompany (Flower, Journey), and… SuperBot Entertainment, makers of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!

Fighting games are very close to my heart, and as someone that’s spent much of my life with traditional fighters, All-Stars has been a great opportunity to take a step back and rethink fighting fundamentals from the ground up. The entire team was put together from scratch to create this game, and they are loaded with fighting game superstars (including some impressive tournament credentials–I’m not even the first EVO finalist to join the team!) who love great combat just as much as I do.

Seth Killian

All-Stars is also a total love-letter to Sony fans. From the characters, to their special moves, to the incredible level 3 supers, and the stages themselves, I’m not sure there’s ever been such a giant dose of fan-service in Sony history. Beyond great character designs or all the ingenious little ideas that make combat feel great, the real test of a great game to me is that “just *one* more game!” feeling. If it’s 3am and you have to work the next day, but you’ve still got the urge to play again, you know you’re doing something right. You only have to walk through SuperBot’s studio and see all the staff being scolded to stop playing their own game andget back to work to know that they’ve really got something special cooking.

You don’t have to take my word for it, however–we’ll be taking All-Stars on the road and making sure you guys have plenty of opportunities to go hands-on, starting with PlayStation’s first official presence at EVO this weekend. More details soon.

For everyone that’s already reached out, thank you so much for the kind welcome into PlayStation Nation, and for everyone else, I look forward to doing my absolute best to give PlayStation fans the great games they deserve.

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  • So, college professor finally makes good, ;-) ?
    See padawans, spend many years studying hard, earn your phD & someday you can end up with a really really cool job doing something you love.

    Fantastic news, Seth. I hope you’ll contribute many blog posts because you’re very funny.

  • I just remember not to long ago I was reading Capcom Unity on your farewell goodbye. Now I guess Hello. Congrad Seth.

  • As a fighting game fan myself i won’t get All-Stars as it’s not a fighting game at all.

    If it was it be a must… But it’s not a Fighting game So Pass!

    oh Well! all i can say is try try again!

  • i have to say congratulations to Sony Santa Monica for having such a great person in their team now. Now we’re sure that Playstation All-Stars will be in great and more than capable hands.

    And of course congratulations to Seth Killian for coming on board!

  • One of Jeff Rubenstein greatest hirings to date! Haha.

  • First of all, congratulations, Seth. I first knew you in Evo 2011(Yes, it was my first Evo viewing), and it was cool to see you again in Tester Season 3.

    When I think of the word “Playstation”, it’s hard not to think of the game franchise, “Final Fantasy” because we all know that it’s one of those franchise that has heavily contributed to the success of the 1st Playstation console. So, not including at least one FF character in the Battle Royale would be devastating. Having Chocobo only would be fine as well, if Square Enix is too evil to grant you Cloud or Sephiroth for the time being.

  • Welcome aboard, Seth–you’ll be a huge assent to Sony’s Santa Monica team!

    Please ask them to create more Vita exclusives, too :-)

  • So Ummm PlayStation Exclusive Fighting game that isn’t a cluster of Sony Properties coming our way? Need a Game Programmer? :-D

  • I love your profile icon Seth. I see you brought some Ono-san troll behavior to Santa Monica.

  • NO WAY!!! It was heartbreaking to see you leave Capcom but this was unexpected!!! This is so cool and I wish you the best Mr. Seth Killian! Much respect, I hope you stay at Santa Monica for a very long time, forever if that’s possible. :)

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Congrats Seth! I have this strange sense of a Street Fighter character being announced for All Stars at EVO…

  • Didn’t see that coming…congratulations!

  • This is nothing but extremely positive. Welcome to the team.

  • Awesome! I hope S-Kill can influence bringing more fighting games to PS3/PSN. Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code anyone?

  • Hi Seth,

    I know it has been said in many comments before mine, but I am happy to know you’ll still have a hand in the FGC. Congratulations on your move, and I truly look forward to seeing you “level up” at Sony.

    Best of luck!!

  • Dear Seth,
    Please get Kat from Gravity Rush into All-Stars.
    And have fun with the new gig.

  • welcome to the team!!!! were all passionate about sony over here, and its a joy to have you on our team. ohh..the thought of an exclusive fighter coming to the ps3 made by seth killian…..oh the thought :)

  • I’m stoked to hear this. I was already super excited about PS All Stars, but having you check it out and add input just adds another high caliber designer to make me extra pumped for this game. Your the perfect person to get this game out there and make it a serious contender and add some hype. Thanks ahead of time. Really lookin forward to everything you guys put out.
    Contrats man!

  • As far as Im concerned you were the last likeable guy at Capcom but Im glad you left that company. As much as I was a Capcom fan they have really ruined their reputation and relationship with the community. Im glad you left when you did, and Sony Santa Monica is very lucky to have such a talented person join their team.

    Congratulations man.

  • Congrats Seth! I Can’t wait to play your fist project from Sony :D

    I was disappointed when you left Capcom, because you were part of the driving force that helped bring fighting games back to the spotlight. But after hearing this news I can rest easy knowing that you’re still contributing to the industry with your deep knowledge of games. This industry needs more people like Seth, I hope to see you at EVO this year. :)

  • Welcome Seth, I am fan of your work as well as Santa Monica Studios. Keep creating and showing your passion for games and “we” the gamers will be richly rewarded. Congratulations!!!

  • Seth,

    Congrats on the new job. I imagine you may have even taken a salary cut moving to a company with a bit less focus on profit margins, and more focus on doing amazing works and at least TRYING to cater to what fans want and ask for (though what people today on the internet ask for seems to grow exponentially by the day. People’s expectation today are akin to the Hydra. Meet one and two more take it’s place). Shows your character, and I feel your character is a better fit at Sony.

    Now a question. Common sense says one of the reasons you were hired, or at least what your first “mission” is, is to put your vast fighting game experience to good use giving feedback for All-Stars. Can you maybe add this to your feedback. I get wanting to do something diferent with only Supers killing, but I really think they need to at least put in a mode with health bars and damage accumulation deaths. It will give the players the option to decide what they like best, and gives the media lesss of a chance to tear apart the game in reviews.


  • This is great news ,i’m sure Seth Killian will make a great addition to Santa Monica Studies.

  • I came into the FGC with Melee and now I am a huge fan of SF (3S is the best). I wasn’t sold on All-Stars but, the talent working on the game will probably make it awesome and fun. I hope the best for you S-Kill and I hope to see you commentate at EVO.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    To the bigshots @ capcom:

    KO. You Loose.


  • Great new addition to the Playstation Family!! :D

    Hopefully we can expect another AAA quality fighter from SSM studios XD (without the DISK LOCKED CONTENT LOL).


  • reflectidentity

    Hi Seth, I’m REALLY hoping you can do some commentary at EVO. I’ve always considered you to be the best commentator the FGC has ever had. 2(UltraChen) = Seth Killian

    I hope to meet you one day, shake your hand, and thank you for all you’ve done. Well here’s a digital handshake ~handshake~ and thank you for all you’ve done. Your voice guided me from the advent of SF4 and I’m still playing AE2012 when I can.

  • I was already in when I first read clockwork was working on this game but now seth? man can’t wait. now just give me solid snake or raiden :D


  • Seth, I was sorry to hear the news that you were leaving Capcom, but now I’m very happy to learn that you’ve joined the fold at Santa Monica Studio. Congratulations!


  • Welcome to the world of playstation and i am happy that you joined my favorite studios Sony Santa Monica

  • Seth, I can’t wait to see what you and the team in Santa Monica come up with. Best wishes. ^.^

    Keep it gangsta. xoxo.

  • This is great news,I’m sure Seth Killian will make a great additiion to Santa Monica studios.

  • Vinland_Krauser

    Congrats, man! I’m sure you can make a great difference in the team.
    Also, you got the privilege to live forever in the SF games as a baldy annoying dude with a big ball for a stomach.

  • Congrats to you Seth. You couldn’t have joined a better team. You showed you always cared about the fans at Capcom and I’m sure it won’t be any different at Santa Monica Studios. I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do.

  • Well, now!

    This is definitely a surprise! Congrats Seth!

  • I’m so pleased by this. Couldn’t have happened to a better person or studio. Had a lot of fun with this game at E3, so now consider me doubly excited to have you on-board the team making it. See you at EVO, Seth.

  • Seth… Welcome to the Playstation World!!! BTW… no DLC for Sony pwease ;) lol jk

  • Congratulations and Welcome to the PlayStation fam!!

  • Awesome. Welcome Seyh.

  • Seth…my bad.

  • All I wanted to say is congrats on your move to Sony’s Santa Monica Studios and here’s hoping for better years to come.

    Just a small wish: If you could ever squeeze it in, try pitching in about resurrecting Battle Arena Toshinden! ^_^


  • Great day for Sony games and great day for Sony gamers. Congrats on being able to join such a wonderful studio. Green with envy here. I remember reading a wonderful article about you in Game Informer several months back and thought what a great story and how this is the type of personality I want working on all my favorite games. And now here you are. Good luck…you’re living the dream :)

  • Please for the love of all that is gaming, include Kat (from Gravity Rush) in Battle Royale.

    Anyhoo, congratulations Seth. It’s weird to say that, given we share the same name. Like talking to yourself. D;

    Santa Monica just gets better and better.

  • That’s a really good story.

  • Good on ya Seth for not taking any downtime. Keep fighting!
    So, All-Stars DLC costume variants confirmed?
    Just joshing, eh…. (but I bet they totally are!) ;D

  • MorningGlory2011

    @ SETH

    You’re only welcome to the SONY community, if you use your strong influence with CAPCOM to release Megaman Anniversary & Megaman X Collections, as PS2 Classics!! Also, CAPCOM Classics Collections Volumes 1 & 2 with trophy support etc! ;)

    Welcome Seth & i hope your ideas & feedback are listened to & considered.

  • Sine this is a SSM post, can we get pics of what the US version of the Kratos statue for God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition will look like? I found nothing about it except for the Latin America version, unless it will look like that as well??? Please and Thank You!! :)

  • yellowkillsteveC

    Congrats on the job but what exactly is your role.you were undoubtedly contracted for your popularity in the fighting games world but what else can you do?not to be mean or anything I just don’t understand what you bring to the table other than fans

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