All-New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Video Tour

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All-New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Video Tour

Right before the launch of PlayStation Move, I sat down with Anton Mikhailov from SCEA’s Research and Development team to get an in-depth walkthrough of PlayStation Move.

Anton and I are back at it again, and this time he’s here to give you a detailed preview of the latest PS Move peripheral: the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel. Paired with the precise tracking of PS Move, the Racing Wheel is a completely functional unit that offers second-to-none mechanics to control all aspects of your favorite racing games. From the motorcycle twist throttle to the folding grip design, Anton shows us how this new peripheral transforms your PS Move motion controller into the ultimate racing experience.

All-New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Video Tour

As we mentioned before, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will be available this fall for $39.99 and will support upcoming racing games like LittleBigPlanet Karting, in addition to PS3 racing favorites like Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, MotorStorm Apocalypse, and more.

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  • I’ve got a Fanatec GT3 RS V2, Logitech DFGT, and I won another DFGT from a GT5 contest, which I then sold and bought a Logitech DF wireless. So I am set for wheels. But if I wanted a wheel and didn’t have one, and didn’t want to buy a really nice dedicated wheel … I’d buy this first-day.

  • I smell potential for a new Colony Wars. ..

  • this along with my Plastation 3D display will make GT5 amazingly realistic, maybe even more fun(If that’s possible)

  • Looks good, just kinda of out of no where. What games support it? r games being developed with this in mind? my sharpshooter experince has been awful, so I will wait a long while to see how this peripheral is supported

  • Looks really cool. But Sony’s support for the Move has been completely sub-par. This new peripheral is not really support because there haven’t been enough fun Move games released. There still isn’t a fun bowling game that uses the Move well, don’t mention High Velocity Bowling because that game was made for Sixaxis in mind and works better with Sixaxis still than Move. SONY make some PSN Move games that are single sports games done well for around $10. Baseball is a must and hasn’t happened yet.

  • Wow. You guys are brutal. At first I dismissed this thinking it was just another plastic holder for the Move. I was a little interested in the ability to flex it for motorcycle play. But now that I see the full low down on this, I like this a lot. The added rumble, the twist accelerators, and paddle shifters? You guys make this thing look really tempting. Bravo. I just might pick this up.

    Any chance you will have these to try out at PAX Prime?

  • two questions first whats the price and two will there be a bundle with lbp carting

  • Perfect! I didn’t wanna buy a racing wheel, but this pepheral looks awesome! And also I’ll the dust off my PS Move. Thanks!

  • The motorcycle handlebars/throttle is a great idea! Now all we need is an above average motorrcycle game.

    Oh how I wish Polyphony would re-master Tourist Trophy in HD with Move support.
    Bar none the best bike simulator I have ever played. Twisting through the Nordschleife on an 8ft screen was one of my greatest PS2 memories.
    Make it so!

  • hope this isnt no 40$ like the sharp shooter was than quickly dropping to 19$ after little bought it. i bought it …now its sitting in my closet cause no one else wants it. the design is not something to admire but if this is under 20$ than maybe it can be.

  • This just looks Amazing! To be honest I’m not really a racing fan but seeing this is going to start changing my mind on racing games.

  • When will I be able to use this on GT5?? As soon as I get an answer… I’m getting it!! Woot! :D

  • I was rather surprised to hear that Burnout Paradise would be supporting the Move Racing Wheel. After all, the game is nearly 4½ years old. Is Criterion actually developing a new update for the game to support this peripheral? It would be interesting to find out if the bikes in that game will utilize the “bike mode” of this device.

  • You mention flight sim games, will this peripheral support Birds of Steel or other sim games out on the market right now or will it only support future games?

    • Anton Mikhailov

      Flight games will have to patch, unfortunately. Their control schemes are too varied for us to make it work “automatically”. I’m pretty hopefully they will patch though, and future games should have no trouble supporting it.

  • Hey Anton, you said that the Motorstorm will not work with move alone. that goes for the others games? like burnout, gt5, will they be Wheel Compatible or Move Compatible? will they suport move alone?

    • Anton Mikhailov

      All listed games will be Wheel Compatible and wont work with Move alone. It doesn’t make much sense to use Move alone, I think. There is simply not enough buttons to make these games work. GT5 for example would need at least break and gas, and Move only has one trigger…

  • I’m getting it!! Woot! Woot! :D

  • after all these messages, anton seems like a down to earth badass. from looking at the picture, i thought i was going to hate it. it just looks bulky, but i like the idea. i played the xbox version of it’s steering wheel with need for speed the run at best buy and i hope that this blows that peripheral out of the water. i just think that the design should probably be alot sleeker and maybe smaller. not too small, but maybe not so wide.

  • awesome

  • You seem like an up and comer in PlayStatoin. Do you know if any more Move accessories are going to be released, or any new revisions? Also can you get the people who produce The Tester know that they need to start featuring more video game usage in the actual show? Season 3 really didn’t feature any PlayStation themed touches that past seasons had such as using the private message to describe challenges, having a full racing setup for Gran Turismo 5, and featuring more challenges using PlayStation products I mean season 3 only had the Twisted Metal challenge, the street Fighter X Tekken challenge and MLB The Show Homerun Derby with the PS Move. Very limited use of the private message system to discuss the Uncharted challenge and God of War challenge I mean none of the past winners or even any of the past cast members from previous seasons were in this season unlike in season 2.

  • WOW! When I first saw this peripheral shown at E3, I believed it was just another stupid plastic waste, but this video truly impressed me! I currently have the Logitech Force Feedback Wheel, but I do not have a setup so playing with it is difficult. I think this is the perfect option for me. It even looks easy and fun to use in comparison. Since I have all the games that this peripheral will support, I am looking forward to the release!

  • As Yoda would say The stink of sockpuppets is strong with this one. Still a good laugh at the faux praise for this piece of dollar store plastic.

  • i want to play with this wheel on a motorcycle game that would have been awsome

  • I love how you can make the handles come out to make it like a motorcycle! This Is AWESOME!

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