All-New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Video Tour

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All-New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Video Tour

Right before the launch of PlayStation Move, I sat down with Anton Mikhailov from SCEA’s Research and Development team to get an in-depth walkthrough of PlayStation Move.

Anton and I are back at it again, and this time he’s here to give you a detailed preview of the latest PS Move peripheral: the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel. Paired with the precise tracking of PS Move, the Racing Wheel is a completely functional unit that offers second-to-none mechanics to control all aspects of your favorite racing games. From the motorcycle twist throttle to the folding grip design, Anton shows us how this new peripheral transforms your PS Move motion controller into the ultimate racing experience.

All-New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Video Tour

As we mentioned before, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will be available this fall for $39.99 and will support upcoming racing games like LittleBigPlanet Karting, in addition to PS3 racing favorites like Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, MotorStorm Apocalypse, and more.

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  • looks awesome.

  • I would love to watch the video but it’s not working :(

  • Bring those triggers to the Dual Shock, Sony!

  • I agree bring the triggers to dual shock.

    The design looks great, but I see it will be a must to sit in a chair with arms on it. It will be tiring to try and hold that sucker up for a long race!

    • We designed it so its comfy to rest on your lap while you play. But even holding it up isn’t as tiring as you’d think actually, because of the way its balanced. The first round of playtesting I did was over 4 hours :)

  • I might need this to get into GT5 and NFS ,I purchased a GT force wheel but its a pain to set up then take down this is easy snappy.
    And why not Mod Nation Racers support ???

  • Will this work for GT5 somehow?

  • Backwards chair for motorcycling. Very innovative transforming controller- thumbs up. I hope the devs take advantage and make some really inventive games for this.

  • The Walking Dead Episode 2? what time today

  • Oh lord its a decepticon it just transformed into a bike handle.kill it with fire
    I can fork the $40,now that I know all the extra stuff it has ,it is not a wii wheel after all

  • Now that’s the way it’s done! How innovative! This is a must buy and thanks for making move even more relevant.

  • i thought this was just a hunk of plastic. glad to see i was wrong. dead wrong. nice to know that it has power going to it froom the PS Move. all the naysayers need to watch this vid.

  • Wow, I could see this as being a great peripheral for flying games as well. Imagine this thing with let’s say a Freespace 3 or equivalent! Pull back to go up lean forward to go down. The dog fights would be insane! The possibilities are staggering.

  • This is an extremely beautiful device. Are you guys releasing a bundle. If you bundle it with Apocalypse, I may just buy it ;). My only concern is how many future games will support it and will it carry over next gen. Releasing stuff like this .. this late in the cycle… well yea :(. The Move Shooter’s support just kind of died out ESPECIALLY with 3rd party support.

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna

    + The_Leducs

    Yes it works for GT5, if you read the article I guess you would know that though.

  • DEVs Now make a FLIGHT SIM GO GO GO!!!! Really cool at first I thought Oh look the move has some plastic to snap into, then I watched the vid and was wowed

  • It looks like nice tech but that is it. I don’t have move and I don’t see the need to pay $100 to maybe play it with motion. You make good games Sony stick to that and leave motion controllers to other companies.

  • I don’t have PS Move or play many racing games, but I will say this peripheral looks like they put some thought in it.

    It could be tiring like some have mentioned on longer races. But, it’s pretty cool that it covers Car, Flight and Motocross..

    maybe sync that bad boy up with Water Vehicles and Sony can bring back Jet Moto or something… or like a BurnOut: Battleship or something I dunno.

    the $39.99 isn’t bad either.. I might have to try move out.. I’ve heard decent things, but I find it hard enough to play all the games I have now.

  • This thing should come packaged w/ a space fighter mini-game like Ninntedo did w/ Link’s Crossbow Training. I want to be The Last Starfighter.

    Anybody else think this thing looks like it was designed as a bow (when opened) for Sports champions archery?

  • I really like this design. Great use of the move controller IMHO. I can’t wait to try it out at some retail store soon.

  • Awesome!!! aaaaaaaaw yeah!!!

  • that is one nicely thought out peripheral.

    I too thought it was just a hunk of plastic to hold the Move controller.

    hope some games become available that make use of the motorcycle and flight mechanics.

  • Is this really gonna be $39.99? For a Move ACCESSORY? That’s brutal. So if I don’t have move and want to use motion steering, I need to buy the Eye Toy ($39.99), a Move Controller ($49.99) AND this wheel? That’s $129.97!! FOR A CONTROL METHOD. Holy crap, Sony…you’ve lost it…

  • Not bad. Do you guys know if my PC accessories will work on the PS3? I have pedals and it would be cool to use with the Move wheel.

  • Slick, cool, and so totally awesome….great idea PS…!!
    Keep up the good work!

  • A very interesting device indeed,but i’ll need some reviews on this 1st.

  • This looks awesome. I liked how Anton really went into depth about the wheel during the interview too. Pretty much showed everything it can do. With a new Need For Speed game coming this fall, Sony should definitely team up with EA and have a commercial for this with that game.

  • Stop throwing away your time and money in crap like this and use those resources to advertise your freaking good games that are flopping left and right (STARHAWK) .

  • This actually looks pretty cool! Hopefully you guys will bundle this with LBP Karting when it comes out.

  • Your know what also works good as a racing wheel? An actual racing wheel woah mind blown! This device looks like a childish plaything anyways I doubt I would actually even use this on GT5.

    • I can honestly say I get better lap times on this than on the regular controller. And unless you’re running a full sled, “real” wheel setups tend to look pretty silly also…still fun of course :)

  • GT5 support… thats all you had to say. I’m sold.

  • Good to see Anton again!

    And the wheel looks awesome, at first I thought it was just gonna be a plastic wheel thing to hold the Move but it actually has rumble and other features.

  • It looks really cool :D

  • Thanks Rey.

    Can’t wait to get this for racing…..handlebars look great too for the bike racing !

  • PS Wheel is a bust for me.

    First of all, the design, it looks like a space invader in the old arcades…

    Look aside, it’s still playable, and move is highly accurate. So the reliability of the product isn’t the issue.
    The main reason I won’t be buying it is the 40$ tag price, for a peripheral of a peripheral.
    It’s only plastic, with a few buttons, it doesn’t have motion sensors or batteries, that’s on the PS MOVE controller itself.

    I’ve bought the Sharp Shooter, It’s truly a great product, massive machine gun, it relays the buttons to the right place, really well designed, it looks and feels like a gun.

    With that wheel, you get less plastic, doesn’t look like a wheel, doesn’t even have an optional analog stick for menu browsing (or playing, it would defeat the purpose, but it’s there)

    Some wheels can be cheaper than that 40$ and All wheels do not need you to buy a PS Move pack for people who don’t have Move.

    The only real advantage of releasing this peripheral is that games will now be PS MOVE compatible.

  • I think motion gaming won’t really take off until developers figure out how not to make me look like a dork while playing. This is a neat device, but I’m not sure if it will really help in that regard.

  • At first i thought this device would just be a waste. Now im really considering getting it.

  • This is the first time I’ve seen the twist-able grip for motocross/motorcycle racing, now the design makes much more sense. I have a Driving Force GT I used with GT5 and it is the only wheel I have enjoyed using simply because it gives you realistic resistance while turning the wheel. I’ve always found it difficult to drive with a wheel controller that just spins freely or that you have to hold in the air because it is far too easy to oversteer.

    The only reason I feel this one may be better is the 1 to 1 tracking. It should be harder to oversteer if you know that you don’t need to turn the wheel completely sideways for the game to respond. The other thing I like about this is the size. Microsoft’s wireless wheel is not only uncomfortable because you hold it in the air the entire time but also because it’s too small and you need to hold your hands far too close together. I might give this a shot if the price is right.

  • @ WilburMonkey – the key is to not care what you look like. If you’re with friends they’re going to look like fools during their turns too. Looking like a fool is actually half the fun with some games, you all get to laugh about it together…no need to be embarrassed.

  • What I would do, I would create a whole new wheel controller.
    If you are to charge me 40$, you might as well charge me 60$ for a new, better synchronized, more accurate, controller.

    Here’s how it would look. Draw a Circle “O”. Then make a Cross in the Middle “+”.
    You place all of the motion sensors inside the “+”, the light bulb at the top “If needed”.
    Place all the buttons at the top horizontal extremities of the “+” and 2 analog sticks just below.

    Here, wasn’t that simple? It even looks better and can be used beyond a steering wheel.

    Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

  • @22….shut up…please just shut up….

    ANYWAY….This thing has more power than i thought!!! i would deff use this in GT5 since i dont have room to have an actual steering wheel on my table.

  • I didn’t think I’d be interested in this until I saw the video. HIGHLY impressed and really looking forward to it.


  • Awesome!!!!

  • so i wanted yo know wll the wheel come budle wifh lbp karking

  • But are you guys gonna actually fixs games like motorstorm to support move because the last update that said it would have move support it did not it just turn on the move light and that is all

    • That update was actually for this peripheral. Move alone won’t be supported, but your updated Motorstorm is already Wheel ready :)

  • I would first like to start by saying “Awesome peripheral; Thanks for the vid”. I won’t go into all the many praises you guys deserve; for this post would never end. However I want to focus on much of the (currently) missed opportunities (for more praises lbs).

    1. Many people (ignorantly) passed up on Medieval Moves for 3 reasons: 1, they didn’t even give it a chance (hence, the ignorance). 2, The visual presentation hinted that it would be a “kiddy” game, with very low skill level requirements. Although accessible to all, the game proved to be a (mature) gamer’s game. 3, though fun once played (especially given the grappling hook), the very notion of the game being “on rails” was a turn off, and further suggested that it would be a “kiddy” game. …
    With these (latter two) things in mind, can we get some move REQUIRED (preferably 2 move controllers) games that look like Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, and/or Resistance 3 (you see what I did there? :D)?
    Taking into consideration that a (single) move … tbc

  • Copy much $ony? This has already been done.

  • I wasn’t too impressed with this when I first saw it, but this vid changed that point of view.

    Quite eager to try this with GT5, Need for Speed, and several other racers.

    You know what would be really great?

    If Road Rash came back.

    And as someone mentioned, a new Jet Moto would be great…those were some of my favorite games, yet playing them now is hard cause’ i can’t really tell what I’m looking at sometimes, lol.

    I hope that most/all racing devs support this, it looks like it would be a blast.

  • @35: If you care “what you look like” while playing a game, then there’s nothing a video game company can do to fix that.

    You’re just immature.

  • Awesome!!!! and nice combination of MOVE and DUAL SHOCK!!

  • So, when will these Move patches for the listed games come out anyways?

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