Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Infects PSN Today

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Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Infects PSN Today
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Infects PSN Today

Prepare for some quality zombie slaying while re-living Resident Evil history in high definition! The Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection features Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles in high definition and comes with PlayStation Move support to help immerse you in the horror. You can grab a friend to play or spend your time racking up Trophies.

The collection will initially be available to download as a discounted two-game bundle, but at a later date, each of the titles will be available for purchase separately. PlayStation Plus members will enjoy 10% off retail price of $26.99, bringing it down to just $24.29 for these two Resident Evil classics.

Check out the trailer above… and get your trigger fingers ready!

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD CollectionResident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection

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  • No platinum Trophy and ridiculous discount for PS+ user
    Thanks to save my money Crapcom

  • Thanks CRAPCOM for ruining this collection with the stupid control scheme. You MUST have either a navigation controller or wireless dualshock to play this with the move. This game could have and should have been made to use only the Move. The game requires you to press a certain button to avoid some attacks but guess what, this button is NOT on the move even though not all the move buttons are used in the game. This makes the game almost unplayable as there is no way to avoid certain attacks. WTF!! Take a look at Dead Space Extraction to see how the controls are done properly. I can’t imagine for the life of me why another controller in addition to the move is required to play this game. I looked forward to this collection ever since it was mentioned and bought it the night it was released, sadly I regret the purchase. Capcom had better released a patch to address this issue or alot of people are going to be unhappy.

  • @52 your comment makes no since at all you complain about the move controller and the duelshock, and i doubt there is not a button OR controller motion for the move controller to dodge a certain attack unless you are supposed to get hit by that attack such as in CODE:Veronica how mutated steve hits you twice no matter what, so maybe you cant doge that attack or your playing the game wrong lol.

  • So you play this with the move and the sharpshooter or something along those lines? This looks like the first game to make me want a move.

  • I honestly don’t care about trophies. I play game that are fun. That’s the main reason why people should or shouldn’t buy a game. And, it’s playstation move compatible. Sold.
    “I don’t buy this game because it has no platinum trophy…”
    ?Where were you 10 years ago?
    People bought theses games or Wii without ANY trophies! OMG! The tragedy…
    Get over it.

  • Very Very good.

  • just started playing these games and i got to say its very fun to play


  • BTW only 2 dollars off for PLUS and no platinum? Pass…

  • @53 The game tells you that if you use a shooting attachment with the Move another controller is required and must be paired with the move. While fighting one of the boss monsters there is button that must be pressed to avoid that certain attack. It must be of the L R buttons that the move doesn’t have but the navigation controller does. If I am wrong about this please let me know. My complaint is that the controls are overly complicated for the game. Take the game House of the Dead Overkill for instance, simple controls, and the Move with the shooting attachment works perfect. Dead Space Extraction uses almost the same exact buttons on the Move as this RE game does and that game didn’t require another controller in addtion to the Move.

  • Thank you for working with Capcom and Finally bringing Chronicles to PSN, the main reason I own a PS3 is for RE games… I am glad its finally here, its the only one I haven’t played besides Operation Raccoon City… Now I actually have something that makes me want to go out to buy a PSN card… (and episode 2 of Walking Dead lol man, that took way to long to come out after the first episode…)

  • Oh and P.S. I agree with ccrogers15 on giving us Outbreak Files Please… I honestly don’t give a crap about the Trophy’s though… I’m not a Trophy hunter…

  • What annoys me is the price., They put it up for £16 with a PS+ discount at £14.something, and then a few days later rose it to £18 normal and £16.something ps+, and now its at £22 normal and £19.something ps+ which was done yesterday before the store update. Why 3 price changes in less than a week? Money grabbers. -.-

  • WTH no online play…still?? I bought this in hopes maybe, just maybe something other then HD was added…i rarely use HD and everyone who complains about trophies…apparently you forgot what a game was about. Sure i love the extras with trophies but honestly the thing that should make or break this “addition” should be the online. The game is basically a wii port with trophies and somewhat better graphics. Still for 27$ its not a bad deal…the games for the wii still go for about 10-17$ depending where you buy. Add HD and trophies and i think that makes a decent price. Still was online really that complicated to add…I’d give up HD for online even the trophies the idea was to enjoy this game especially with a friend, at-least that’s how i played the wii versions with all the lights out ^.^

    all and all this collection is nothing more then a DMC MGS HD reboot… so unless you never played these before or dont own a wii that or really have nothing better to do 27$ isnt a bad fetch. If you hate house of the dead avoid this game entirely.

  • I wish theyd stop the gimmicks and make the RE remake in HD instead they made it for the Wii… i would buy it in a heartbeat, as for this….sure ill buy it because i still enjoy it, but i wish it was a little more then a shiny new package on an old product…these HD collections are getting stale very quick.

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