Best of E3 2012: PlayStation Sweeps the Game Critics Awards

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Best of E3 2012: PlayStation Sweeps the Game Critics Awards

It truly is an exciting time to be part of the PlayStation family. This morning, PlayStation was recognized by the gaming industry elite, winning an industry-leading seven Game Critics: Best of E3 awards including BEST IN SHOW for The Last of Us, and receiving more awards than any other platform or publisher.

The Last of Us: E3 2012

Receiving critical acclaim throughout the industry, The Last of Us, the new PS3 survival action game from the talented team at Naughty Dog, took home a whopping five Game Critics Awards. In addition to bringing down the house at the close of our E3 press conference, Naughty Dog also showed a behind closed door demo that showcased a totally different way to play the press conference demo and highlighted how choices made by the gamer in the struggle to survive deadly encounters can affect how enemies react and the tactics they’ll employ.

Congratulations are also in order for Unfinished Swan developers Giant Sparrow winning Best Downloadable Game and Sound Shapes’ Queasy Games for Best Handheld/Mobile Game. Notable nominations also include Quantic Dream for Beyond: Two Souls nominated for Best Original Game and Best Action/Adventure Game, PlayStation All-Stars nominated for Best Fighting Game, LittleBigPlanet Karting nominated for Best Racing Game, and Wonderbook nominated for Best Peripheral.

Beyond: E3 2012PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: E3 2012

We are thrilled to be leading the pack following E3 2012 — bringing a strong lineup to gamers throughout the rest of this year and well into 2013 across our PS3, PS Vita and PSN platforms. Again, a massive congratulations to all nominees and winners of this year’s Game Critics Awards: Best of E3!

Check out all PlayStation wins below and the full list of the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 winners available here.

· Best of Show
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Original Game
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Console Game
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Action/Adventure Game
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Special Commendation for Sound
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Handheld/Mobile Game
Sound Shapes
(Queasy Games/SCEA for PSVita, PS3)

· Best Downloadable Game
Unfinished Swan
(Giant Sparrow/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

What was your favorite game from E3 2012? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • I thought e3 all around was good just my opinion! And the games that I thought looked really cool was Madden nfl, which they always wow me and sony’s new idea Wonderbooks, that was awesome just blowed my mind i cant wait 2 see other books that will be jumping off the pages and be virtual playable, though not a big fan of harry potter even though it looked good im hopin 2 see like some disney titles!

  • The last of Us looked truly amazing but wheres the “console gaming on the go” that we were promised with Vita. Dangit I expected to have PS3 and Vita games released together with digital experience giving the option to play on both with one sale. I’m dissapointed overall but I guess yay good for you for winning a show.

  • Last of Us looked fantastic and I am excited to get Sound Shapes on my Vita =)

  • I guess it’s inevitable. You did give everyone there free 1-year PS Plus subscriptions which, I think partly “subsidised” from revenues generated from us, the current PS plus subscribers (not to mention the 12 free games). Oh well, just remember to provide us with great contents in the future and I’ll be happy…

  • after GOD OF WAR ASCENSION, The Last Of Us and Beyond performances there are some stupid video games journalist saying that ubisoft won E3 incredible don’t you think?

  • what is this game coming out for singapore?

  • Here’s A Good Idea. Skyrim…For The VITA!!!! Respond If You Agree

  • So how much did you pay to win those awards Sony? Cuz you don’t deserve them in my opinion. Nintendo is better than you and you know it.

  • honestly i cannot wait for The Last Of Us to be released. in my opinion Naughty Dog will blow our minds off with this game which they already did with the demo at the press conference. im a very big fan of Sony and Naughty Dog. Sony to me will always be on top with everything (:

  • IMHO I think that Naughty Dog creates some of the best games, congratz to Sony and the company that made 2 of my most favorite games (Jak series and Uncharted series)

  • sony is the best . i love you sony .

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