Best of E3 2012: PlayStation Sweeps the Game Critics Awards

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Best of E3 2012: PlayStation Sweeps the Game Critics Awards

It truly is an exciting time to be part of the PlayStation family. This morning, PlayStation was recognized by the gaming industry elite, winning an industry-leading seven Game Critics: Best of E3 awards including BEST IN SHOW for The Last of Us, and receiving more awards than any other platform or publisher.

The Last of Us: E3 2012

Receiving critical acclaim throughout the industry, The Last of Us, the new PS3 survival action game from the talented team at Naughty Dog, took home a whopping five Game Critics Awards. In addition to bringing down the house at the close of our E3 press conference, Naughty Dog also showed a behind closed door demo that showcased a totally different way to play the press conference demo and highlighted how choices made by the gamer in the struggle to survive deadly encounters can affect how enemies react and the tactics they’ll employ.

Congratulations are also in order for Unfinished Swan developers Giant Sparrow winning Best Downloadable Game and Sound Shapes’ Queasy Games for Best Handheld/Mobile Game. Notable nominations also include Quantic Dream for Beyond: Two Souls nominated for Best Original Game and Best Action/Adventure Game, PlayStation All-Stars nominated for Best Fighting Game, LittleBigPlanet Karting nominated for Best Racing Game, and Wonderbook nominated for Best Peripheral.

Beyond: E3 2012PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: E3 2012

We are thrilled to be leading the pack following E3 2012 — bringing a strong lineup to gamers throughout the rest of this year and well into 2013 across our PS3, PS Vita and PSN platforms. Again, a massive congratulations to all nominees and winners of this year’s Game Critics Awards: Best of E3!

Check out all PlayStation wins below and the full list of the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 winners available here.

· Best of Show
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Original Game
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Console Game
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Action/Adventure Game
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Special Commendation for Sound
The Last of Us
(Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

· Best Handheld/Mobile Game
Sound Shapes
(Queasy Games/SCEA for PSVita, PS3)

· Best Downloadable Game
Unfinished Swan
(Giant Sparrow/SCEA for PlayStation 3)

What was your favorite game from E3 2012? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • Looks like Sony won E3, not like theirs a winner for E3. But Sony seem to be the only one with the best titles to offer.

  • Congrats Sony! The Last of Us looks fantastic and its really too bad it wont win GOTY this year due to it slipping to 2013.

  • Yeah, I was very impressed with Sony’s E3 conference, but to be fair Nintendo did have to cover a lot of details about their new console and Microsoft… just sucks. The Last of Us looks amazing and It’s my most anticipated game next to Pikmin 3!

  • This can’t surprise anyone who was watching E3. Though it was obviously coming, congrats to all involved with these awesome games making such an spectacular splash at E3

  • #WINNING! Congratulations SCE WWS!

  • Congrats SONY. Nvr had a doubt in my mind. Though strange Assassin’s Creed III won NOTHING

  • release The Last Of Us already December is to long of a wait

  • Sony is the only one trying to make a difference! That’s why I love them!

  • I am not surprised to say the least! Way to go Sony! Proving once again how passionate you are in bringing unbelievable gaming experiences to your customers!!

  • I normally try to stay partial, but Microsoft’s presser this year really was a snoozefest. At least Tomb Raider looks cool, but that’s multi-platform. Nintendo saved all their good stuff until after E3, and Sony mostly talked about stuff we knew about already. At least the execution of Sony’s show was the best, more or less.

    …and by that, I mean you didn’t have Usher performing on stage in the middle of the All-Stars Battle Royale demo. :)

  • Great showing from all companies. Congratulations Sony for presenting some very solid and noteworthy games this year. I cannot wait for the holidays and 2013 to experience some the PlayStation games shown in this year’s E3.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    I wonder.

    …do you think the Last of Us would of won all those awards if Sony had focused on its apparent multiplayer modes?

    I see games like TLoU and Beyond getting all this positive media attention because Sony are doing something different, something more in line with traditional storytelling based gameplay (before every game had to a be CoD MP clone).

    It’ll be very interesting to see how much sony make MP a part of the Last of US, and how the media and gamers react to the final product.

    (I also notice the newly MP GoW Ascension getting largely ignored lawl)

  • Congrats. This is why I’ve always stuck with Playstation. Seems like Sony are the only ones that remember that gamers actually like to play games every once in a while.

  • been with sony for over 10 years now. thay alway have quality products and games. no box u bring home to have it brake 2 days later. good on u sony. last of us is a new step in gaming for sure. ty

  • No God of War: Ascension?? :(

  • Way to go Sony. I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s E3 showing and want to congratulate the team (PSN, Blog, dev’s, etc.) for having the dedication and ability/desire to provide fans what we yearn year after year. From games to a multitude of entertainment choices and a means for a place to convey feedback, not to mention, integrated social event activities (whether through Home, live conference viewing, or forum story give aways, you guys deserve awesome recognition. High-five.

  • I knew The Last of Us was going to get mad props. Kudos to Sony and Naughty Dog.

  • Congratulations to the Sony exclusives which are the best every year.

    Hope Naughty Dog doesn’t let this go to their heads (just kidding. A tradition of excellence from them)

  • BTW tell superbot devs to put ring out mode a la Smash Bros! i will be super mad if only KO death by Supers are the only mode. its takes away all the team work and what made Smash bros special in the hearts of gamers… so BE SURE TO PUT THAT MODE! hope u have it as a nice surprise…

  • Naughty Dog saving SONY.

  • Congratulations Sony, you all did a wonderful and awesome job. Hands down the best conference of E3 for me.

  • @20How is Naughty Dog saving SONY i’ts up to them if a game get’s sold on there system…………..

  • @20: Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. So Sony is saving Sony…

  • We back to the place we’re belong!. Sony, I love you.

  • You guys had some great games shown at E3. I’m especially looking forward to ‘Last of Us’ and ‘Beyond’. I will say I didn’t realize all that was coming out until I watched a bunch of the supplemental coverage. I didn’t really see the excitement of ‘Unfinished Swan’, ‘Sound Shapes’, ‘Ni No Kuni’ and other unique Playstation exclusive offerings that I am really excited for emphasized in the press conference.

    The extra coverage on the Playstation Blog and posted on Youtube was great. I really got to see a personal side to the people reporting on the event, involved in the making of the games and the Playstation executives helping bring this content to us that I never got to see before. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I really began to appreciate just how much this is a work of love for all of you involved.
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing that enthusiasm with a gamer like myself, even if I wasn’t able to come out to E3 to experience it first hand. I gained a whole new respect for all of you involved in bringing these games I love so much to life.

  • So once again, thank you so much for the work you do, from one gamer to another. You really do earn my support.
    I look forward to playing all these wonderful games soon.

  • P.S.
    Naughty Dog Rocks !

  • Well done SONY. Well i want ALL of the brilliant PS3 Exclusives i saw at E3:P But 1 thing missing and that is the PS3 by now should be the number 1 selling console in the US each month but it is still not :( Drop the PS3 price to $199 ASAP! That should do it i bet;)

  • PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS BATTLE ROYALE!!!!!! I’m so excited for this title!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • I’m really glad PlayStation grabbed so many wins. Naughty Dog definitely did a fantastic job, but I’m very surprised God of War didn’t make it to the list. That game looks incredible. But I guess I’m biased…just look at my icon!

    Now if only you guys had left out Wonderbook and added in more Vita, it would have been perfect!

  • I’m expecting Last Of Us on May at the latest. Make it happen!

  • hey you did awsome at E3! i loved every thing you guys did it was a real blast im still replaying on my ps3 again and again cant wait for black ops for the vita to come out im already got my copy reseved for the vita version of black ops ! cant wait for next year!
    Also any word on the game dust514?
    I cant wait for the free games for us ps+ members this month !
    i blog every monday and wednesday!

  • hey thanks for the games this week i love uncharted both of them.
    Also is uncarted 3 coming to the psn? keep us informed!

  • I missed all of it haven’t watched a video!!!
    I have listen to the blog cast every week though Threw my work PC. Been away on vacation for a while not been online much. Just taking a break from all of it.
    I will how ever Be back up online this Friday and I can’t wait to catch up. Zombie9 returns this Friday :)

  • Cant wait to play The Last of Us.

    Congrats to Sony :D

  • The Last Of Us GOTY 2013

  • Sony’s E3 2012 was a shining example of why I’ve become such a PlayStation fan. I started off this generation as one of those guys who bashed the PS3 for it’s high launch price, poorly ported multi-platform games, lack of rumble in the controllers, under-featured online service etc. It all changed when they dropped the price to $499 with 5 free Blu-rays and with my purchase of Uncharted 1. It showed the true power of the PS3 when developers “got it” and it truly was a step above anything on my 360. Fast forward to 2012. PS3, (IMO) has surpassed the 360 & Wii as the true gamer’s platform. The most & best exclusives, built in Blu-ray player, free online service, incredible value with PS Plus, amazing PSN games and best blog/news/feedback site (this one) in the industry. Great Job Sony!

  • Also forgot a major differentiating feature of PlayStation systems – depth and variety of games. You simply CAN’T play games like Heavy Rain, LBP, Mod Nation Racers, Flower, Journey and many more on any other systems. It’s not ALL about FPS, racing games, fighting games & sports games or overly kiddie, simple stuff. PS3 simply appeals to a wider range of both ages and regions in my opinion.

    Now all they need to do is get Kevin Butler back from doing Bridgestone commercials to make better advertising to promote the Vita (also more games for Vita will help) as well as letting the masses know what an amazing deal PS Plus is!

  • Hey Jack Tretton, YOU WON E3!

  • Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

    >> <<

  • While Last of us probably does deserve the great rewards, it did seem like most of the other rewards were all about being better then a competition of one.

    There just wasn’t enough great stuff at E3 for it to have been a truly industry encompassing experience. There were some good things here and there, but it really should have been the best of the best stuff from the whole year.

  • 3yrs in a row we have won e3.. This is one is just a out right whipping. I hate to see this lol :).. and sad thing about these just a few of good games we have this year. From my understand alot of great games are coming before the yr is out!!

    xbx has just given up.. they arent even trying. losing publisher left and right..Its not hitting some one they dnt fight back.. it martahon not a sprint.. This is ironman event of the world a not the neighborhood charity 5k race.. the sad thing about this the journey a psn game has sold copies than most xbox most aaa devs have with there exclusives titles. haha. like sega guy told them xbx is going fail in 5 yrs of it console life..ps3 has 15yr plan.

    vp-ps lehgioniaree group

  • a out right whipping of them this year, i hate to see it happen ,lol i really do. are xbox fools even trying even the nintendo wiis guys are trying.. at least they try and fightlike a man.. xbox is quitting on the stool,, Espn online is not going to save you ..Even the new madden 13 is being made on ps3 hardware and editors around the world sayit look better than any madden they ever seen on xbx build up.

    wii console cant evn build a game..youguys had 2 yrs head start, and got out right whipped this yr.. that hsould never happen. I bet the xbx boy are slipping in the store to buy ps3 consoles.. hahahaha.:) cross gmae chat cant save you in gaming wars.. You have that and still got out right whipped 3 yrs in row at e3…

    psn games are selling better than most wii and xbx exclsuive world wide.. Sad but true,, Its a not fight unless you hit back!!! Sony fights to the end!!

    vp psn legionairee group

  • ps all stars won best fighting game, hmmm…
    was there any other fighting game :P

  • Xbox makes consoles and Halo.
    Sony makes consoles and games to come with it….
    Nintendo makes consoles and Mario and various kid games.

    Sony has the most games, they’re bound to win.
    Sony has more studios than Microsoft and Nintendo combined.
    Sony makes more games than any of the big 3 Activision, Ubisoft, EA.

  • sony has the best exclusives in the gaming industry
    case closed

  • 2 of my favorite PS games at E3 2012 are: 1.Sly Cooper thieves in time 2. Playstation All Stars Battle Royal. Any news on The Ratchet & Clank collection launch date? (I can’t wait for that game)

  • you guys are sure lucky to have naughty dog on your side. i mean WOW! look at all them awards! hope it won’t go to their heads.

  • Congrats Sony & I Will always be a super $onyfan cause thats why I sold my wii for a playstation move controller.Thank you nintendo boredest console ever play.I WILL BE ENJOYING WONDERBOOK BOOK OF SPELLS THIS YEAR.

  • E3 Was great Sony you keep me impressed with all the new games long time fan even my laptop is Sony :D

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