A Quick Slice with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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A Quick Slice with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Leading into the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Kojima Productions tantalized MGS fans with an iconic trailer that depicted a cybernetically augmented Raiden (a la Gray Fox) slicing and dicing hordes of foes using a razor-sharp sword and acrobatic flips. MGS4’s Raiden was a refreshing departure from his whiny, abrasive turn in MGS2: Sons of Liberty, and before long series fans fantasized about controlling him in a dedicated adventure. Luckily, that fantasy will become reality thanks to Kojima Productions and Platinum Games.



Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes place nine years after the fall of the Patriots in MGS4. We played a demo at E3 2012 and tested Blade Mode, which you probably saw in the game’s trailer. Blade Mode is very simple: you activate it using L2, which triggers slow-mo and a zoomed-in camera view while Raiden gets into slashing position. You control the sword with the right analog stick: Everything in the path of the sword will be severed, whether it’s a structure, the body of an unfortunate combatant, a vehicle…even a girl’s dress (ooh-la-la!)

But Blade Mode is even more satisfying when you can work it into a combo by lifting an enemy from the floor and turning him into human sushi. The MGRR controls work to perfection; the game runs at 60 frames per second. Raiden is very fast, and the combo system is simple but visually spectacular, especially when you take hold of the sword with your feet and you slice everything around you to pieces — yes, just like that trailer from MGS4!


At E3, Platinum Games Executive Director and Producer Atsushi Inaba confirmed to us that MGRR will feature many references to the Metal Gear universe. One example: We were tasked with obtaining a code from an enemy, and this was found hidden in a box. The Gekkos from MGS4 also make an appearance, but you have to apply a counter before being able to attack them: press Triangle just before being hit and you’ll be slicing and dicing in no time.

The main advantage that I see in MGRR is that it feels like a completely fresh product. It is a great action game from a series that has millions of followers, and it may also attract a new audience which eventually could become interested in the adventures of the two Snakes.


There is still a long time to wait before MGRR goes on sale (recently confirmed to be early 2013) and we have many questions. Will we learn more about Raiden’s cyborg transformation? Will we see more characters from the Metal Gear universe? What happened to Sunny, the daughter of Olga? We’ll have to wait until 2013 to find out.

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  • Not just what happened to Sunny, but you know he has a SON and a wife.

  • @47 it’s better to be optimistic than pessimistic, don’t u think? lalalalala

  • Will there be any multiplayer to MGSR? Just wondering since konami recently shut down the servers for MGO from MGS4. Me and alot of other true fans of MGS are hoping it comes back in one way shape or form.You are not a real fan of MGS if you did not play MGO.

  • Can’t wait to play the ZOE demo this fall. Heard it will be update demo.

  • I’m not sure about this game. Is it just going to be a blood-swear-gore fest? Will I be able to play through with zero kills (minus bosses I suppose)?

    And a big question is this. Will it support the Move controller?

  • sorry to say i prob wont be playing this.. i have all the mgs’s but if this game is going multiplat 10 to 1 its gonna be weaker than mgs4.. the same crap happened w/ FFXIII when it released on the 360.. that game would have been alot better if it remained a exclusive title to the ps3 but it had to be watered down for the 360..

    not about to make the same mistake again.. multi-platform games are nothing compared to exclusive titles because they loose the potential to be what their supposed to be by being toned down to where their identical on both or all systems that their available on..

  • I have been a Metal Gear fan for as long as it has existed. I have annihilated every single release both weak and strong. I have the action figures, comic books, MSX copies, a signed copy of MGS3 in which I met Kojima himself, and I even appreciated the “Big Trouble In Little China sidekick as main protagonist” dynamic of the Metal Gear Solid 2 version of Raiden back when people didn’t get it and thought the whole game was a failure instead of a genius design choice. I say all of this to establish to those who try to use their longtime fan status as a means to berate the supporters of this title that there are people like me, who have been faithful, who have no problems with this title and are actually looking forward to it. Vanquish’s protagonist actually gave me a Snake feeling ironically. Kojima has not removed himself and has actually oversaw its creation even in the hands of Platinum. It bears his seal of approval and promises us a different experience than what we are used to in the MGS world. I think that both the setbacks and the cooperation with other studios is exactly the kind of refresh that Kojima has needed to lead his franchise into the future. For me, the story of this entire production has been very exciting.

  • Do any of you remember how you felt when you saw kojima walk out on the 360 E3 stage?

    Because I sure do, it murdered my enjoyment for this franchise and its creator…

    Probably because I was much more of a Sony fan than a MGS fan. But its probably EVEN more to do with the fact I know the quality of multi plat games is doubtable at best, also I enjoyed the fact MG was OURS so to speak.

    Will rising be fun? Probably…BUT…

    I think people on here trying to defend Kojima and Rising by bashing the haters just need to deal with the fact that this chapter in Metal Gear is…. AFTER snake gets old, AFTER kojima went 360, AFTER sneaking, and AFTER console exclusivity.

    AFTER all that, i personally believe the creator and his series have earned the backlash they are suffering.

  • After playing this at E3 I can’t wait to purchase this game, the mechanics of this game makes it very fast paste.
    No more sneaking around and taking enemies out slowly, this is straight up slice and dice, the control scheme are suited perfectly for this game as well.

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